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Aluminum Can Recycling Machine

Aluminum Can Recycling Machine Will Speed up your business

If you are the new one in the recycling industry, then start recycling business with aluminum cans or pot will be your best choice.

We can provide you the super support on your business from the beginning, we will share with you all of our aluminum can recycling machine users and full production line configurations.

Meanwhile, your raw material can be the baled aluminum or aluminum pieces. Just send us your details inquiry, we will send you the good proposal within 8 hours.

Just let us know details requirements of your aluminum can recycling machine project.

Aluminum recycling machine

Any type of aluminum such as profiles or aluminum balers can feed to this aluminum recycling machine.

Metal Chip Shredder

Horizontal type design metal chip shredder can control the output material through the bottom screen.

Iron Crusher

Iron crusher suit for the different scrap iron such as car body, roof tile steel or any metal drums.

Horizontal Hammer Mill Crusher

The machine designed by Horizontal structure inside,we can totally guarantee the output size to ensure your expected density.

Dust Collector

This machine designed by vertical shaft structure,it’s a screen-free design. Suitable for all the hard metals such as faucet,the motor rotor and stator/amateurs.Etc

Horizontal Hammer Mill Shredder

Almost Suit for All Different Scrap Metal,The Output Size We Can Customized For You.

Vertical Hammer Mill Shredder

This  Vertical Hammer Mill Shredder Generally Need A Pre-Shredder Because The Smaller Feeding Mouth.The biggest Type We Provide is 350Kw Right Now.

drum magnetic separator

Different Guss Magnetic Separator  For Your Metal Recycling Production Line.We Also Provide The Single Separator For Your Choosing.

Radiator Recycling Machine

We Provide You Different Solution On Your Different Copper Radiator (Industrial Radiator/Home Radiator) Or Radiator From Car. Capacity From 500kg per hour to 4500kg per hour.

Your Leading Aluminum Cans Recycling Machine Manufacture Since 1985

As the great reputation manufacturers for producing the aluminum cans recycling machine from China,

we can provide you different aluminum cans recycling machine according to your aluminum type(For the Baled aluminum or the aluminum pieces).

Meanwhile, the output material size from the aluminum cans recycling machine is adjustable according to screen size and the hammer quantity.

We also can share with you our listed company who bought our aluminum cans recycling machine.
You can get all of our recycling production line video, the drawing, and the price. Huihe is your best choice right now.

Learn more about our Huihe aluminum cans recycling machine, and welcome your inquiry for your feeding applications.

What We Also Provide To Match Aluminum Cans Recycling Machine

Aluminum Cans Recycling Machine Guide:

If you are google for information on the aluminum cans recycling machine, or any type of aluminum recycling machine, whatever it is, here is a guide for your reference.

In this list, we will show you how to get the  from good suppliers from China. So Let’s start.

It is feasible to buy any aluminum cans recycling machine from China, due to the cheap labor and good auxiliary equipment for the production of aluminum cans recycling machines.

If you are a direct buyer, you will get a superb aluminum can recycling machine and a very good after-sales service system.

If you are a trading company, you will also get a great aluminum can recycling machine and an exclusive distribution agreement.

For our metal can recycling machine manufacturers, no matter which business model you are in, we will bring you great quality aluminum can recycling machines.

aluminum cans recycling machine

What is Aluminium Can Recycling Machine?

An aluminum can recycling machine is a piece of equipment, that shreds old aluminum cans into smaller pieces , thus create a new raw material that can be used to create other valuable commodities. This equipment aids in the removal of non-biodegradable elements from the environment. Aluminum can recycling machines are also suitable for a variety of scrap such as scrap cars, radiators, motors.etcAluminum can recycling machines may aid you in getting rid of undesirable items in your office and recycling them to help you collect additional raw resources. This recycling machine is designed to fix issues with packaging and container recycling(for reducing the size and remove the impurity)

aluminum cans recycling machine

What Exactly Is The Use Of Aluminium Can Recycling Machines?

Aluminium can recycling machines aid in the recycling of aluminum, resulting in a nearly 55% reduction in the amount of aluminum that contributes to environmental pollution. Recycling aluminum cuts 95% of the energy required to produce cans from raw aluminium ore, which is a significant amount of energy.

aluminum cans recycling machine

What Is The Process Of Recycling Aluminum Cans?

When the material comes to the facility, the first thing that occurs is separation. In most cases, aluminum gets separated with large amounts of metal or other undesirable materials and must be separated before it can be melted down. generally, the material mixed with aluminum cans is plastic, glasses,dust and iron. the iron can be separated by the magnetic drum in the processing line, the glass and plastic can be separated by the eddy current separator.

Aluminum can recycling machines are used to shred the metal into a reasonable size, which is necessary for efficient recycling. This aluminum can recycling machines are large, generally, we have the size from 55kw to 350kw (depending on the vertical aluminum can recycling machine)

During operation, the crushing rotors quickly crush and tear apart the aluminum can/metal. then the feeding material will drop down from the bottom of the aluminum recycling machine. this is a critical part of the process. This makes it easier to carry, handle, and melt the material. As an added benefit, crushing the substances makes it easier to store them for future use.

How Reliable Is An Aluminum Can Recycling Machine, And How Is Set It Up?

At Huihe Company, we offer an aluminium can recycling machine that you can rely on. It can also survive for years before needing to be replaced. All of our different types of aluminium can recycling equipment include safety features that safeguard them from catastrophic mechanical failure.

Because magnet separators have minimal moving components, they can withstand a wide range of operating conditions. We guarantee our customers’ aluminium can recycling very durable machines, but they should be examined regularly to avoid future problems. Usually, an professional teams use digitally controlled equipment and technology that is powerful, robust, and efficient, allowing these machines to rapidly process 80-100 tons of aluminum in a day on basic of 350kw machine.

aluminum cans recycling machine

What Is The Benefit Of Using Aluminium Can Recycling Machine Or Extraction Method?

Aluminum extraction from ore necessitates the utilization of hazardous chemicals and extensive energy expenditure. When you recycle, you save money by using less energy and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. The only other steps are sorting, cleaning, and melting the aluminum.(we only do the  crushing recycling,the melting recycling depend on the users)

Why Choose Aluminium Can Recycling Machine?

The importance of an aluminum can recycling machine cannot be underestimated. For converting filthy piles of trash into recyclable flakes or pellets, aluminium can recycling machine is the best option.

Aluminium can recycling machines are simple to operate and maintain, which saves you the cost of regular maintenance and the need for a skilled operator.

Aluminium can recycling machines exist in a variety of designs, including sizes making them flexible and suitable for a broad range of applications.

Our Aluminium can recycling machines are made of high-quality material and skilled personnel that gives them ideal for managing various kind of aluminium can wastes.

Aluminium can recycling is made following a heavy-duty design that ensures their durability.

aluminum cans recycling machine

What Are The Benefits Of the Aluminium Can Recycling Machine?

The aluminum can recycling machine decreases the size of waste aluminium cans, allowing for the recycling of a variety of metallic resources.

This equipment reduces accumulated wastes from refineries, foundries, and steelworks, among other places, to avoid environmental risks.

Our aluminium can recycling machines are long-lasting and dependable. Hence, it will make you realize a high return on investment.

These recycling machines have a high-capacity crushing system that efficiently handles a substantial amount of stiff can materials.

Aluminium can recycling machines are well-designed machines for enhanced performance since they can shred a variety of materials into new raw materials, which would other increase the production and efficiency of your work.


At Huihe Company, our aluminum can recycling machines are excellent for separating other non-metallic materials, enabling you to wash and reuse them.

The aluminum can recycling machine saves approximately 90% of the energy required to manufacture new aluminum, which is excellent since extracting bauxite ore and processing it into aluminum is both environmentally and energy-intensive. Producing new metal requires about twice the energy as producing new plastic.

For a period of up to one year, aluminium can recycling machines enable you to avoid the emission of more than 90 million tons of carbon into the environment.

We also offer our aluminium can recycling machines at flexible prices that depend on the size, capacity, and design. Make your request and our support team will revert to you as soon as they receive your message.

Advantage of recycling

Why Recycling Aluminium Using Aluminium Can Recycling Machines?

Aluminum recycling is economical since mining the metal from aluminum ore is costly, causes pollution, and requires a lot of energy.

Let’s look at how an aluminum can is produced to see how aluminum is utilized in daily goods. We remove the first stages when we recycle an aluminum can, and the recycled metal becomes part of a cycle that may be repeated without losing its characteristics.

Therefore, using our aluminium can recycling machine would greatly save you the cost that you could have used in extracting aluminium directly to make other products.

aluminum cans recycling machine

What Should You Look For When Purchasing Aluminium Can Recycling Machine?

It is wise to take your time and consider the following before you arrive at a final decision of purchasing the aluminium can recycling machine of your choice.

Period to tear and wear:  it is a good idea to acquire equipment that would last longer to realize substantial returns from the investment. It implies that the aluminium can recycling machine you should look for must be able to resist mechanical forces that may affect its functioning.

At Huihe Company, we provide aluminum can recycling machines that are durable at affordable prices.

Knowledge: It would be appropriate if you understand the capacity and size of the aluminum can recycling machine that would be the best suit your requirements. It is also advisable that you be familiar with regulations governing the use of the machine in your state. Lastly, you should understand how to use the machine.

We provide you with the user manual that will always guide how to use the aluminum can recycling machine.

Certification: You should check whether you are about to purchase certified equipment so that you will not fall on the wrong hand of policy implementers.


Our aluminum can recycling machines are ISO certified and meet the standards put in place by OSHA  which makes them safe for use.

Suitability: Before you buy aluminum can recycling of your choice, you should look for those that are suitable with the kind input materials to be shredded based on the size and quantity. Always check whether it would be possible to shred a large quantity of aluminum metal at once or in batches.

Cost: After considering other aspects of the aluminum can recycling machine that suits your needs, check your budget to purchase what is within the range of the money you have.

We provide a wide range of aluminum can recycling at affordable prices that vary with the size and design of the machines. So do not worry about large prices because we got you covered.

Aluminum cans recycling machine

Is It Possible To Lease Aluminum Can Recycling Machine or must I buy?

When deciding whether to lease or purchase a metal aluminium can recycling machine, consider the benefits and drawbacks to see which choice is the most cost-effective and efficient.

We recommend that you make a one-time purchase that cuts down on the long-term expenses that you could be using while renting the machine.

Also, having your aluminium can recycling machine will allow you to work conveniently without wasting time looking for the machine to lease from dealers who may not be reliable. Hence, more work will be done when you have control over the aluminum can recycling machine.

Because our aluminium can recycling machine guarantees a high return on investment, it is even worthwhile to look for money to invest in purchasing.

We offer flexible prices varying from the different sizes and designs of the aluminium can recycling machines. Just request with our support team through our webpage and you will be shown various machines that would best suit your needs.

Another advantage of possessing an aluminium can recycling machine is that you can still rent it out and get a good amount of money over some time.

If you depend on hiring for use, your activities may not meet the deadlines and your project will be delayed. This drawback makes leasing costly compared to buying your own because you will have to pay for all the days you will have the machine, even if you will not use it on particular days.

The initial cost may be high when buying, but afterward, you will incur only small costs for maintenance.

However, if you only need the machine for a few days, it is economical to lease. So, to avoid overspending, consider what terms will best suit your needs.Rent for aluminum can recycling machine

Are Aluminium Can Recycling Machines Customizable?

Here at Huihe Company, other than the standard equipment, we deal with a wide range of customized aluminium can recycling machines.

You are free to tell us what you want, and we will make sure you have it in a few days.

Whether it is your company’s trademark or a machine function you’d want to change, our technical staff will make it happen.

To manufacture high-quality aluminum can recycling machines, we have a team of highly educated professionals working with digital equipment.

If you do not have an idea of how your design should look, don’t worry because we offer free samples to our clients that may be modified to meet their particular requirements.

Also, we assist to come up with a design that meets r your requirements.

We excellent and highly trained technical team that designs our aluminium can recycling machine.

inside of Aluminium Can Recycling Machines

What Parts Make Complete Aluminium Can Recycling Machine?

The frame of an aluminum can recycling machine provides support for the whole machine.

It is equipped with a PLC control system that detects any overloads produced by foreign elements.

Small bits of shredded metal materials are collected in a collecting pan.

It also includes a plug-in power supply for when you wish to utilize it. You should not, however, leave the equipment connected while it is not in use.

The aluminium can recycling machine is also made up of rotors, shafts, collection bins, end caps, hammers, breaker bars, feed rolls, grates, drive belts, and drive motors.

parts for making aluminum can recycling machine

What Is The Shelf Life Of Aluminium Can Recycling Machine?

Huihe Company provides you with aluminum can recycling equipment that may endure for over a decade if properly maintained.

Aluminium can recycling machines are long-lasting because they are constructed of high-quality, robust materials that do not readily deteriorate, particularly when properly maintained and utilized for the purpose for which they were intended.

However, if you use your recycling machine too often and don’t maintain it properly, aluminum may quickly shred and wear.

Our aluminum can recycle machine comes with an easy-to-follow user handbook that outlines the maintenance services that you should do on your unit regularly.

maintenance of aluminum can recycling machine

Are There Risks Associated with Using Aluminium Can Recycling Machine?

All machine using with some risks, but we have try to make this risk to lowest.

Mishandling may lead to accidents, such as feeding flexible material. To prevent mishaps, the operator must be of sound mind, competent, and able to focus on the task at hand. and you need pay attention to the feeding material,Unskilled people operating this equipment may not know how to handle it properly, putting them at risk.

Overworking the machine or leaving it connected to the power socket while not in use may cause it to overheat.

What Are the Payment Options for Aluminium Can Recycling Machine?

We offer a variety of payment methods to make buying our aluminum can recycling equipment as simple as possible. Clients from all over the world may pay for their purchases using simple payment options that are both affordable and simple to use.

Our sales specialists are available all the time to answer any questions you may have about payments for aluminum can recycling equipment. If you have any problems or queries, please contact us. We’re here to assist you. Please let us know if you need our help.

How Long Does It Take For The Aluminum Can Recycling Machine To Be Delivered?

Huihe Company accepts orders from clients all around the globe through our easy-to-use webpage. If you have any problems, our support team will be glad to assist you.

After your order for an aluminum can recycling machine has been confirmed, all you have to do now is wait a couple of days or weeks for your aluminum can recycling machine to be delivered.

Our team will start manufacturing and arranging the aluminum can recycling machine as soon as you make your order. Your order will be sent out after everything is finished.


What Are The Delivery Options For Aluminium Can Recycling Machine?

For delivery of our aluminum can recycling equipment, we provide local and international shipping options.

Our clients often anticipate delivery within a few days or weeks. due to the machine is super heavy,only a key machine,it’s about 25tons, thus we generally sending goods by sea container,but no worries, we always choose the fast ship and direct ship without transhipment, meanwhile, we always buying the insurance for your orders.

We offer the finest and most dependable services to our customers all over the world since we work with the top logistics and distribution firms in the world.


What Are The Services Offered When Buying Aluminium Can Recycling Machines?

With our aluminum can recycling machines, we promise you top-notch, efficient equipment for your job. We assist our clients in receiving their goods by using faster modes of transportation such as airplanes.

We can modify these devices to meet client needs, such as adding a logo or other special promotions. We can not only manufacture your selected aluminum can recycling machines, but we can also assist you in designing a design that will fit your recycling needs.

Our price is both fair and affordable for the broad variety of aluminum can recycling equipment we provide. Reap the benefits of our low prices while supplies last by making your order now.

Each purchase you make from Huihe Company comes with a 12-month warranty.

Customer Using Site

Does Your Factory Only Manufacture Aluminum Can Recycling Machine?

For our factory, we not only manufacturing the aluminum cans recycling machine, we also provide you the related aluminum recycling machine, such as your profiles recycling, your scrap metal recycling, your motor recycling, and your radiator recycling, Etc.

Whatever which type of material you are going to recycle, we will provide you the best solution from our experienced engineer hands.

Does Your Factory Using This Type Aluminum Can Recycling Machine?

We are not only manufacturing such aluminum can recycling machine, but we also the users, due to we have big square meter factory, but we can also share you how to operate, only after you have profit from our aluminum can recycling machine, then we can have more actions for next step.

How To Choose a Right Aluminum Can Recycling Machine?

Depend on your final purpose for buying an aluminum can recycling machine, may you need to choose a different design aluminum can recycling machine.

1 what’s the final purpose for you to buy such a recycling machine? For getting a strong density output material? Or to remove the paint color on your aluminum cans? Or for easy to feeding the end aluminum to your smelting stove?

So, if for getting a strong density output material, then we will design you a line for helping to get the strong density aluminum goods, such as the design with two hammer mill shredder or let’s start the production line with pre-shredder.

If just remove the paint color-then we will design a machine for you to remove the paint color.

If just for feeding your smelting stove, then we will design you a machine with great capacity and big output size(you will get the pressed aluminum cans from our aluminum can recycling machine)

More points for choosing a good machine, you can send your detailed requirements, we will share with you the best aluminum cans recycling machine solutions.

Does Your Factory Only Manufacture Aluminum Can Recycling Machine?

For our factory, we not only manufacturing the aluminum cans recycling machine, we also provide you the related aluminum recycling machine, such as your profiles recycling, your scrap metal recycling, your motor recycling, and your radiator recycling, Etc.

Whatever which type of material you are going to recycle, we will provide you the best solution from our experienced engineer hands.


Above is the general information of our aluminum can recycling machine by vertical type. More details information of this aluminum can recycling machine, we welcome you contact.

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