Aluminum Profiles Shredder Recycling Line

In today’s environmental climate, the importance of recycling cannot be overstated.This article is about the The Importance of Aluminum Recycling Shredder Production Line in the recycling industry.

Feeding Material to aluminum shredder

The primary reason why recyclers prefer this type of shredder production line is because of its efficiency and effectiveness in producing high-quality output. This helps to reduce waste and promote sustainability, making it an ideal choice for recyclers.

Another reason why this type of shredder production line is preferred is because of its ability to handle a wide range of materials and produce high-quality output, which in turn contributes to reducing waste and promoting sustainability.
This production line is the customized color and going to export to South Africa in July.2023.

Aluminum Profiles Shredder (2)

Let’s see what’s exactly why the recycler like such a shredder production line;

1 The main purpose of the aluminum recycling shredder production line is to recycle different types of aluminum doors and windows. The size of the final output is customizable according to the customer’s requirements, and the purity of the end product can be as high as 99.95% through the suitable production line including shredding, magnetic system, trommel system, and the eddy current system.

Aluminum Profiles Shredder

2 This aluminum shredder production line is also multi-functional and can be used for other types of waste materials such as UBC, copper-aluminum radiator, and scrap steel cars Etc.

3 The aluminum shredder line include the feeding conveyor, the shredder, the output conveyor, the magnetic separator, the trommel, the eddy current system and the dust collector,each part usage is as follows:

3.1 The feeding conveyor is used to transport the materials into the shredder

3.2 the shredder system is the place where can shred the feeding materials into smaller pieces.

3.3 The magnetic separator works to separate any non-ferrous metals, (remove the iron which contains in the aluminum)
Magnetic System of aluminum shredder Line

3.4 while the trommel separates out any unwanted material.

3.5 The eddy current is then used to remove any plastic material

3.6 Dust collector is used to collect all the dust during the processing line.

Aluminum Profiles Shredder

The use of shredder production lines like these helps to promote a circular economy, where waste is reduced, and useful materials are repurposed. This has a positive impact on the environment, creating a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Output from the aluminum shredder

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