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Aluminum Recycling Machine

Aluminum Recycling Machine Will Rocket Your Business.

During nearly past 40 years of manufacturing experience, we will provide you a quality, reliable and long time using aluminum recycling machine. Because of our machine with features of durability and easy maintenance. When you come to send your inquiry for our aluminum recycling machine, all of our 120 workers start to serve you from the first time.

Send your requirements from now.we will send you the good proposal within 8 hours.

Aluminum Can Recycling Machine

We have a vertical aluminum recycling machine and horizontal type aluminum can recycling machine for your choosing.

Aluminum Profiles Recycling Machine

Our aluminum profiles recycling machine will help you to get clean aluminum due to the suitable design and separating system.

Horizontal Hammer Mill Shredder

Almost suit for all different scrap metal, the output size we can customize for you.

Aluminum Motor Crusher

For Aluminum type motor crushing, we provide the full production line until you get clean aluminum.

Metal Scrap Recycling Machine

This Metal Scrap Recycling Machine Has Running 13 years  in our area, click me to know more about this machine.

radiator recycling machine

The radiator recycling machine also refers a radiator recycling production line.

Small aluminum recycling machine

This small aluminum recycling can reach 5ton per hour for the cast aluminum, for the profiles aluminum, capacity can reach 2.5ton per hour.

Double Shaft Shredder

A heavy double shaft shredder can solve your 90% scrap steel material question, it can turn the big bulk material into smaller one and remove the impurity.

Single Shaft Shredder

This is a single motor shaft shredder, inside its consists of shaft and blade, the output material is uniform and small, it’s suitable for most non-ferrous material.

Huihe:Your Trusted Aluminum Recycling Machine Supplier

Whether you’re starting your own aluminum scrap business or a stable company to boost your brand, you come to the right supplier. You can choose from our standard or custom aluminum recycling machine based on your designs, samples, configurations, and budget.

As your trusted aluminum recycling machine manufacturer, here you can also find a comprehensive range of machines for recycling, involving multiple recycling industries such as ferrous metal, nonferrous metals, hazardous waste disposal, plastics recycling, radiator recycling machine, etc.

Our factory with nearly 40 years of manufacturing experience, choose us, chose the best aluminum recycling machine for your coming recycling business.

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  • Metal Shredder Machine Production Line

    The Production Line Include The Metal Chain Conveyor, The Pre-Pressor, The Hammer Mill, Output Conveyor, Vibration Feeder, Drum Magnetic Separator,Eddy Current Separator, This Machine Suit For All Different Scrap Metal.

  • Aluminum Recycling Machine

    The waste aluminum recycling machine is now installed in a listed company in our city.  and the production capacity is 7-8t per hour.If you need such equipment, please contact me.

  • Magnetic Drum

    The magnetic drum is used for separating all your mixing magnetic materials and non-magnetic material. The normal guss for this type drum is 3000guss, you can show me your details guss needed, as we can do the customized type.

  • Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Line

    A 450kw Motor Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Production Line As Above, We Matched A Direct Coupler System On This Production Line, This equipment production line we can provide you with customized supporting solutions.

Aluminum Recycling Machine | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Among the word, especially now in the western world, recycling is considered the most important activity such as eating, exercising, and doing different healthy activities.

Aluminum material is considered the most cost-effective material that should be recycled.

If you are looking for some efficient equipment to help you recycle aluminum then this article is going to help you a lot.

As the first aluminum recycling machine manufacturer based in the middle of China,Our aluminum recycling machine is manufactured by highly skilled workers to help you get the profitably recycled aluminum within no time. You can save up to 95% energy by simply through the process of aluminum recycling that can be quite easy if you have the perfect equipment.

So, let’s get the start of the technology for the aluminum recycling machine.

Aluminum Recycling Machine


1. What Is Aluminum Recycling Machine?

The Aluminum recycling machine is the latest product that has been introduced into the market for beneficial purposes.

This machine helps to recycle the aluminum in the most efficient way. you can put almost all type of your aluminum in the machine, no matter it’s the cast aluminum or profiles, or some radiators, or related aluminum products, after the recycling machine, and separator machine, you will get clean and small aluminum balls, meanwhile, it’s with high density and clean output surface, the output aluminum can meet most melting factory requirements as well.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

Our factory has manufactured this machine in such a cost-effective way that it can help to save energy.

The efficiency of our machine is up to 99% while other impurities are about 1%. The recycling process for aluminum takes 95% less energy than reproducing aluminum from raw material.

You can save your environment from harmful emissions by using an aluminum recycling machine to recycle and reuse the aluminum material.

Profile aluminum

2 . What Is The Working Process Of an Aluminum Recycling Machine?

The basic purpose of the aluminum recycling machine is to separate aluminum from all kinds of waste products.

This process is also known as separation and our aluminum recycling machine has the higher efficiency to separate the aluminum from trash products.

The ratio of waste impurities is less than one percent after the separation effect.

The aluminum recycling machine creates an aluminum foil when the aluminum material is sent into it.

It effectively separates the aluminum from the waste product after foil creation.

This machine performs aluminum recycling without wasting the original properties of aluminum.

3.What are The features of an Aluminum Recycling Machine?

Our aluminum recycling machine has amazing features that will lt you prefer our machine over any other brand.

As the top aluminum recycling machine factory, we have created it in such an efficient way that it can recycle your aluminum without losing its original properties.

The following listed features are the specialty of our aluminum recycling machine :

  1. Automatic separation of aluminum from other waste products
  2. Heavy-duty frame
  3. Easy to manage
  4. Easy to operate
  5. High efficiency
  6. Highly durable
  7. Variable speed conveyor
  8. Available in different output size.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

What is bad about Aluminum Recycling machines?

Although aluminum recycling machine produces the best output of aluminum, there are also some major disadvantages of our aluminum recycling machine.

The aluminum recycling machine produces may cause pollution.

For these issues, our factory will match you a good dust collector to collect them. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

And the second issue: maybe it’s a little noisy. due to its recycling the big aluminum into smaller size by the hammer and material hitting, it must with some noisy.

For this issue, some of our customers will put the cover around the machine to avoid noise.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

 What is the most valid reason for recycling aluminum?

Recycling aluminum has so many benefits for the environment as well as living organisms.

Some major benefits are listed as under :

  1. It reduces the amount that needs to be buried in landfills up to 55%. Hence reducing underground pollution.
  2. It saves almost 95% of the energy that is required to manufacture cans and other such materials.
  3. The recycling process of aluminum removes contaminants from the aluminum and makes it pure.
  4. Recycling aluminum can help to make so many products such as furniture, airplanes, and more.
  5. Aluminum can be recycled forever.
  6. The best valid reason is that aluminum never wears out and recycling makes it pure than before.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

What is the difference between an aluminum recycling machine and a scrap metal recycling machine?

There is nothing different in general. just sometimes the output material size different.

For these issues, you can change the screen of the recycling machine, through the hydraulic system of the machine, to open the top of machine, and change the matched screen, then it’s solved all.

Screen Of Aluminum Recycling Machine

What Safety Measures Should Be Taken While Using an Aluminum Recycling Machine?

The main safety measures can be seen on our user manual to guide our users.

However, some main safety measures are listed as under :

  1. Avoid contact with molten aluminum as it can cause severe burns
  2. Avoid creating dust.
  3. Try to wear masks to avoid burning in such polluted air.
  4. The location should be ventilated where you have put the aluminum recycling equipment.
  5. Be fully aware of the functioning of our aluminum recycling equipment.
  6. Don’t forget to read the user guide before using it.
  7. Consult the manufacturers for further guidance.

What factors should I consider before buying an aluminum Recycling Machine?

Before buying an aluminum recycling machine, few things should be kept in mind.

You must have to decide on the following features of your machine as we can customize them as well :

  1. Size’
  2. Power
  3. Capacity
  4. Working hours

You should not forget to consult our manufactures so that they can give you the right possible machine to get the high-quality output.

Always prefer quality over quantity.

This implies buying your aluminum recycling equipment from a good manufacturer.

You must know the output specifications for your aluminum final product.

Test the machine before buying it. It will help to figure out if it works fine or not.

Aluminum Recycling Machine testing before delivery

What companies use Aluminum Recycling machines?

The aluminum recycling process is being the most useful process for various businesses.

It helps the companies to reduce the cost of production and get very pure aluminum to manufacture their products.

There are so many companies using aluminum recycling machines, especially for Any melting factory/any scrap yard/any trading company .

So far, as the machine manufacturer, we only have the machine for crushing and make your aluminum clean, the other process we have some partners based in China, we can show you any good supplier for you to choose if you need.

Advantage of recycling

Is recycling aluminum profitable?

Recycling aluminum is not only profitable but is also advantageous on the same side.

The reason behind this fact is that aluminum is the most recyclable product of all time.

Aluminum is one of the most sustainable elements that can be recycled without any harmful effects.

Another reason for its profitable property is that aluminum is most widely consumed by most customers worldwide.

Recycling aluminum saves more than 90% of the energy that can be used to create the same amount of metal from the raw materials.

Recycling aluminum also reduces the cost of production of different products.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

How to deal with recycled aluminum cans and profiles aluminum?

The recycled aluminum material gains 95% purity after is processed through aluminum recycling equipment.

Recycled aluminum cans and profiles can be sent further to the companies having a greater demand for manufacturing aluminum products.

If the company pays for natural raw aluminum, they will have to spend more money while recycled aluminum is cheaper than that.

It will reduce the production cost of the company if they use recycled aluminum material such as aluminum cans as well as profiles.

Meanwhile, for recycling aluminum cans and profiles, it’s a little different in processing.

1 for the aluminum cans,due to it’s smaller material , then just feed to the aluminum can recycling machine directly.

2 for the aluminum profiles, due to it’s bigger and longer material, you need feed to the pre-shredder first, after it’s coming out from pre-shredder, then you can feed the material to the same machine of aluminum can recycling machine.

How much energy can be saved by an aluminum recycling machine?

According to experts, the aluminum recycling process tends to be the most beneficial process to save energy in a large amount.

It has been estimated that more than 95% of the energy can be saved by the recycling process of aluminum.

Recycling aluminum proves to be such a boon to the environment.

It can be seen that being a sustainable metal, the aluminum material can be recycled again and again.

It costs less energy to manufacture the products from recycled aluminum than to manufacture those products from virgin aluminum.

The energy that can be saved by recycling only one aluminum is capable of powering a TV set for three continuous hours.

Why Is It Important To Recycle Aluminum?

There are a lot of reasons to explain why it is important to recycle aluminum.

Three main reasons behind recycling the aluminum are listed as under :

  1. Saves energy
  2. Reduces cost of production
  3. Most sustainable element to recycle.

The main purpose of any developed country is to achieve a sustainable environment that is capable of saving a lot of energy.

When aluminum is not recycled and wasted in landfills, it means that a large amount of energy is wasted.

To save this energy and ensure a sustainable environment, it becomes important to recycle aluminum material.

There is no limit to the recycling process of aluminum so this can be beneficial for a country’s growth, economy, and health.

Aluminum Recycling Machine raw material

Can Aluminum Recycling machines give any benefits to the environment?

The aluminum recycling process is considered the most beneficial process for the environment as well as humans.

The most valid benefit that can be achieved through aluminum recycling is that it can it is capable of reducing the 97% of greenhouse gases in its primary production process.

Recycling one ton of aluminum helps to save 9 tons of CO2 emissions as well as four tons of bauxite.

Manufacturing aluminum products from recycled aluminum proves to be 20 percent more efficient than manufacturing from unrecycled as it increases its purity.

Aluminum is a permanently recyclable source.

Humans can take benefits from it by producing products that can be more expensive if manufactured from raw aluminum.

Can Huihe Customize Aluminum Recycling Machine?

Our company has a large number of talented engineers that are capable of providing the best possible products to our customers.

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority that’s why we prefer customization of the machinery products.

You may have different requirements of final output through the aluminum recycling machine.

Before buying a machine by yourself, you should tell your requirements to our manufacturers so that they can design the best suitable machine for you.

We can customize your machine in terms of various factors such as :

  1. Size
  2. Power
  3. Specifications
  4. Features
  5. Color
  6. Capacity
  7. Weight

Aluminum Recycling Machine raw material

Does Aluminum Recycling Machine are a multifunctional type?

Our Aluminum recycling machine is manufactured by experienced and skilled workers so it has some extra amazing features as well.

One of the best features of our machine is that it is multifunctional.

The multifunctional capabilities of our machine allow it to be productive for aluminum as well as other products as well.

It is not only suitable for aluminum only but also suitable for other materials such as scrap metal cars, roof steels, baled UBC, even solid waste, and more.

You can perform different amazing functions through our machine.

Our manufacturers can guide you about its multifunctionality.

Aluminum Recycling Machine


We have explained basic knowledge about our aluminum recycling machine and the aluminum recycling process. However, if you still have some queries then you can contact us at

Other topic you may interest in the aluminum recycling.

Aluminum recycling is performed in the form of few steps to achieve the best aluminum after the recycling process.Those steps of aluminum recycling are listed as under :

  1. Sorting of material that will be put into the plant for final recycling
  2. Shredding of material to reduce the volume so that it is easy to recycle.
  3. Cleaning of the material
  4. Melting of the recycling material
  5. Removal of byproducts to get the pure aluminum as a final product.
  6. Creation of alloy
  7. Compounding process.
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