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In the circular economy of aluminum,The recycling of “waste aluminum cans,-can making-and canning consumption”, can form an optimized industrial cycle chain that never disappears, It’s Not Only the economic benefits are huge, but the social benefits are even greater.

Aluminum Shredder

China is a big consumer of aluminum cans and a big country in the recycling of waste aluminum cans, The recycling rate of waste aluminum cans is the highest in the world, it’s more than 99%, But until 2018, the waste aluminum cans recycled in China were not regenerated to 3104 alloys, The recycled waste aluminum cans are generally used for the production of castings with low added value.
Waste aluminum cans cannot be recycled in the most effective way, which is undoubtedly a waste of resources.

Aluminum Melting

“The raw materials used in the production of domestic cans are all electrolytic aluminum, No waste content. The recycled cans are processed into castings with relatively low added value, The added value of recycling and reprocessing into cans is much higher than that of castings.”-a Chairman which is in a listed aluminum recycling industrial said, Realizing the recycling of used cans is the optimal cycle in this industry. This is also a big trend in the world.

The company held a technical exchange meeting on the project of using waste aluminum cans to produce aluminum alloy ingots, The experts participating in the meeting came from the melting and casting field of the national aluminum processing industry, Global and domestic casting equipment and aluminum scrap production lines, manufacturing suppliers, etc. Judging from the current local market situation, the annual transaction volume of used cans is about several hundred thousand tons, However, due to the poor equipment foundation of some enterprises, low technical level, high smelting cost, poor product quality and backward technology, As a result, these recycled waste cans are downgraded and used, and the resource consumption is large and the utilization rate is low.

Waste cans or waste aluminum alloys can be cast after recycling crushing, sorting, melting, refining, blending, degassing and impurity removal. After sawing and baling, it is processed into an aluminum rod. according to customers’ requirments, it can be made into aluminum products of different strains and thicknesses.
Aluminum Ignot

We act as a member of parliament participating in the meeting.Based on the above facts, for Recycling waste aluminum cans. we made the following proposal:
1 First, we pack the collected aluminum cans.

2 We provide aluminum can shredders to shred these packaged aluminum cans.
Aluminum Shredder

3 through the trommel to sort out powders and flat pieces.

4 Sort out the plastic from the aluminum flat pieces through an eddy current separator.

The above steps are for better sorting and cleaning of waste aluminum cans.

See the video of the line of aluminum recycling shredder here:

As the front end of the production line, The sorting system is mainly used for sorting out the “waste” from aluminum cans. That is to say, it is necessary to filter out metals such as iron, copper, stainless steel, and non-metals such as plastic and rubber, It can be said that it has a key decisive role in the subsequent process and even product quality.

At the meeting, experts fully communicated analyzed and demonstrated the project equipment layout and installation, environmental protection and energy conservation requirements and other aspects, A consensus was finally reached and a set of scientific, complete, detailed and reliable project technical solutions were formed, It has laid a solid work and technical foundation for the smooth implementation of the project.

Aluminum Shredder
If you also have the same material and want to get high recycling rate, we welcome your contact, we not only provide you the aluminum shredder, we also can provide you the full-line solutions.

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