Aluminum Slag Shredder Testing in Our Factory

Our customer consulted on a shredder machine for aluminum slag last week after entering our website, after adding our sales Wechat and talking about lots information of this recycling machine.
Since we have so many different models in our catalog, we have had several opportunities to communicate with customers, After a general understanding of how metal crushers and shredders operate, as well as what type of material they need recycling, we recommended tearing first and then shredding.

Customers prefer this suggestion also. so, In response to the Customer’s needs, we have tested a double shaft shredder DS46120 in our factory on yesterday.

Aluminum slag is the feedstock supplied by our customer, and the aluminum slag is sourced from his factory.

Aluminum Slag Shredder Recycling Machine

Aluminum Slag Shredder Recycling Machine

This DS46120 shredder is 75+75kw motor and it’s with 1200mm length-1080mm width in design. This is a small and medium-sized shredder.

See the shredder parameter we provide to customers as below:

Aluminum Slag Shredder

Model DS46120
Overall dimension(mm) 5520X2000X2730
Feeding hopper size(mm) 2500×1800
Feeding chamber size(mm) 1200*1080
Blade turing dia(mm) φ580
Spindle speed(r/min) 11
Rotor blade quantity(pcs) 20
Blade thickness(mm) 60-Customized
Spindle length(mm) 1963
Spindle dia.(mm) 240
Transfer method Pin gear coupling
Gearbox ZSSH400
Machine power(kw) 75+75
Machine weight(kg) 17500
Container Loading 1*40OT

In our experience, the DS46120 shredder machine ran quite well with the aluminum slag, the output materials as shown in the picture.

Aluminum Slag Shredder Recycling Machine

Meanwhile, this shredder is not only suited for the aluminum slug, but also suit for any other scrap metal such as car shells, roof tiles, brass, radiator, or any aluminum cans.

Accordingly, the aluminum slag shredder possesses the following main characteristics:

1 In addition to its small size and lightweight, it is quite noiseless, easy to install, and extremely convenient for maintenance.

2 The output material particles size is customized.the output material size depend on the blade thickness and hooks quantity. if you need big pieces output, then we can design 4 hooks on the blade, if you need smaller size, then we can design blade hooks as much as you want.

3 The shredding system with very low over-shredding features.

The aluminum slag shredder and recycling machine designed by our company can meet different requirements of you. Unlike other electronics industries and fast-moving goods industries, scrap metal recycling and processing deal with a variety of materials.if you want join this industrial,you need pay attention much to the policy and trency, meanwhile, you need to find a good supplier with super quality shredder to meet your requirments.

From our factory, we not only provide the aluminum slag shredder recycling machine, but we have UBC shredder, aluminum profiles shredder, scrap metal hammer shredder, vertical shredder and more.
Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Line

If you have any similar material,we welcome you to contact,our engineer team always can give you a good solutions.

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