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Auto Shredder

Auto Shredders

As the leading factory and manufacturer of auto shredders in China, Huihe has earned over 36 years of experience in the recycling industry. We manufacture auto shredders with 100% machine quality and standard designs.
We can also customize auto shredders according to your requirements. We promise to handle the design process to product delivery. Our daily mission is to provide the best auto shredder designs for you.
Just share your ideas or designs, and allow our engineers to process your auto shredder.
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Radiator Recycling machine

You can select our Radiator Recycling Machine for your recycling business, the capacity from 200kg per hour to 4000kg per hour.

Radiator Separator

The smallest Radiator Separator in our factory, capacity is 200kg per hour to 300kg per hour, it’s a very easy operation machine for your yard.

Heavy Duty Auto Shredders

Our Heavy-duty auto shredders are environmentally-friendly equipment. Mainly separates and crushes waste steel, waste iron, etc.

Medium Hammer Mill Shredder

You can select our high-security medium Hammer Mill Shredders from custom and standard designs. The best solution to conveniently recycles and melts used automobiles.

Metal Chip Shredder

Our metal auto Metal Chip Shredders are based on your specific technical requirements. Available at a more reasonable rate.

Organic Waste Shredder

Choose Huihe to custom yourOrganic Waste Shredder needs. We have full capabilities in making equipment based on your applications.

Double shaft shredder

Our modular automobile shredder plant line is perfect for your auto recycling lines. It offers high performance and the best quality.

Industrial Shredding Machine

The premium Industrial Shredding Machine is ideal for auto parts recycling, used vehicles, motorcycle racks, bicycle racks, metal cracks recycling.

Vertical shredder
Huihe Superpower Vertical Shredder is a heavy-duty recycling machine. Most prefer to recycle and separate car shells and Non-ferrous material.


Huihe: Your Premier Auto Shredders Machine In China

Are you here for a high-quality auto shredders machine?
Huihe auto shredders are ideal if you are planning to start a scrap recycling business.
Choose Huihe to be your manufacturer and supplier of auto shredders in China. We can always guarantee the highest quality machines for your applications.

We offers comprehensive lines for auto shredders. We make sure our machine line, including auto shredders, meets CE and ISO standards. Here, you can get a total solution for your projects at a reasonable cost.

We can accommodate all your needs, from making designs, material sourcing, mass fabrication, and packaging to delivery.
Enjoy a stress-free and one-stop purchase experience with us!

Related Auto Shredders Production Line

  • Car Shredder

    Huihe Car Shredderis heavy-duty recycling or shredder equipment. It can handle you full feeding cars, and you also can feed some other feeding material.

  • Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Line

    Our comprehensive metal hammer shredder line offers a high-performance and long service life. It is available at more competitive price.

  • Double Shaft Shredder

    The Double Shaft Shredder can eat and recycle up to 180 tons of scrap every day. These can eat different automobile units.

  • Aluminum recycling machine

    You can throw your loose aluminum or aluminum balers into this aluminum recycling machine, or any other type aluminum is also acceptable.

Auto Shredder: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Recycling technology has elevated the practice of crushing autos to incredible new heights by enabling environmentally friendly activities such as the use of auto shredders. The auto shredder is going green in a variety of ways, from earning greenbacks from the materials separation process to increasing green environmental standards by shredding and recycling materials like plastic, aluminum, and copper with care.

Because certain auto shredders can cost millions of dollars to buy and install, banks and financial institutions are collaborating with scrapyard owners to better understand the financial implications of adding this equipment to their operations.

Owners may now provide this green service thanks to the appropriate funding provided by these organizations; the result is a win-win situation for all parties concerned.

What Is An Auto Shredder?

When the depolluted, flattening vehicle wreckage is shredded by an auto shredder, it is one of the final phases in recovering value from an End-of-Life Vehicle.

In a matter of minutes, these shredders can reduce automobiles to fist-sized bits, allowing various downstream technologies to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals (including copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, and tin).

Auto SHredder

 What Is The Cost Of An Auto Shredder?

Generally, shredders may cost anywhere from $20000 and $900,000 to buy depending on the size and type.

At Huihe Company we offer affordable prices for various types and sizes of the auto shredder. If you need a perfect machine that will serve you for a longer time visit our webpage and make your request.

We also offer a 12 months warranty period for our products, so you should not worry because you have over up to twelve months of testing for any faults.

What Is The Service Life Of An Auto Shredder?

The life expectancy of a shredder may range from five to ten years or more, based on how it is used. Of course wearing parts are excluded.   We used to have installed an auto shredder in 2008,This is the earliest one we installed, and it still works normally until now. Of course, we help customers replace wearing parts every year.

Our auto shredders are constructed of tough materials that will endure a long time. We offer these long-lasting machines at competitive rates; place your order now while supplies remain to take advantage of these cheap costs.

Auto Shredder

What Are The Types Of Auto Shredder Residue?

The Raw material to auto shredder generally is a different type of light scrap metal which attached some non-ferous and plastic material in, the scrap iron will be sorted by the magnetic separator, and the left material/residue:  non-ferrous pieces and plastic.

 Auto Shredder

What Is The Application Of An Auto Shredder?

Auto shredders are used in many fields some of which include:

-Vehicle/car body shredding: A typical vehicle shredder can handle a broad range of materials, including entire or flattened automobiles but without gas tanks, various loose devices, and a wide range of scrap metal.

-Protection of documents against theft: Documents including, identity cards and credit cards, financial statements, and clients’ data which are printed on the hard copy can be destroyed by an auto shredder so that information written in them cannot be put together again. As a result, it helps against data theft.

-Another daily scrap metals-Such as paint buckets, color steel tiles.

Waste car body(except engine,gear,tyre),recommend cut the car 80*80cm around size to guarantee capacity.

Tinplate(pop-top can)

Home appliance (remove motor,Compressor,shaft)

Bicycle,track’s guard railing and other similar daily metal waste

Empty can .

Other metal scraps(density not thick than 0.65 ton/m 3)

Steel plate and structure with thickness not beyond 6 mm

What kind of material is not suitable for auto shredder?

Dangerous articles:

-Closed vessel and tube

-Explosives,inflammable or toxic materials

-Cars’ body except passenger car


-storage cylinder or gas cylinder

-Heavy parts,with weight beyond 150 kg


-Stell Plate in excess of 6 mm thick, weight more than 20 kg

-Structural steel, steel railΦ250×500L

-Tube 6.5 mm in thickness x 250 in diameter x 500 in length

-Electric wire, steel wire

-Mechanical Shaft,

-Whole  Motor, compressor
Material Can not Feed Into Auto Shredder

What’s the configuration in your auto shredder machine?

As a auto shredder manufacturer, each of our product lines and models has a fixed configuration original, Of course, because there are some customers such as insufficient space or insufficient capital budget, we will remove certain products configuration according to customer requirements. Our general configuration is as follows:


NBSX Feeding Conveyor(Metal Conveyor) 1set 15
2 Pre-Pressing Machine System 1set


3 Hammer Shredder(475kw) 1set


                                                 Damping basement 1set /


Vibrating Feeder 1set 0.75+0.75
5 Magnetic Drum Separator 1set



0.8×15 m Moveable Discharging Conveyor 1set 5.5+1.5
7 Iron Separator( Hanging Type) 1set


8 0.5×8 m Belt Conveyor 1set



De-dust Collector System(144bags) 1set 22


Cyclone Filter System 1set


11 Hydraulic Station 1set



Connection Way(Directly Connect) 1set /
13 Electric Control Cabinet 1set



Operation Cabinet 2set
15 Water Sprinkler System 1set


16 Monitoring System 1set


Auto Shredder

How Does The Auto Shredding Process Happen In Car Shredding?

The auto shredding process follows two main steps that include; selecting the appropriate type of machine best suited for breaking down the car materials into smaller pieces. Then reduced the size of the materials is converted to other uses, mainly as raw materials.

Crushed vehicles are transported to a recycling facility, where auto shredded can be used in making the shredding process easier and simpler. The auto shredder breaks the car bodies into smaller bits.  The pieces of shreds produced are then sorted into a different metal group for use in the industries.
Auto Shredder

What Are The Technical Specifications Of An Auto Shredder?

Feeding port size 1800*650mm
Rotor working size Φ1500*1800mm
Screen thickness 120mm
Lining plate thickness 40-60mm
Hammer thickness 100mm
Hammer Weight/Hammer 39kg/hammers
Pre-Pressor Parameter
Feeding size 1800*4000
Roller working size Φ700*1800mm
Roller working distance 1800*200-700mm
Hydraulic pressure 2*80kn
Motor 7.5*2
Total weight 48T

Auto Shredder

 What Is The Maintenance Routine For An Auto Shredder?

Routine maintenance is crucial in ensuring the long service life of the machine. The following are maintenance activities that you should consider doing for your auto shredder.

-Lubricating the moving part of the auto shredder: However, there are varying views on whether or not shredder oil may prolong the life of an older shredder. Huihe Company, a leading auto shredder manufacturer, advises lubricating the machine should be a routine activity each time .

– Tighten the screws-Because the shredding is constantly vibrating and shredding material during the working process,During this process, the screws may loosen. Therefore, workers need to check every shift, and the operation of the screws is in the first two weeks.
-Check the wear situation of wearing parts-Like a hammer, liner plate.
Auto Shredder

What are the wearing parts of the auto shredder?

-Hammer-Because auto shredder working principle is to use the hammer to hit the feed scrap metal,Therefore the hammer is a part that needs to be easily replaced frequently. Well, our hammer  is made of high manganese steel, which has been subjected to high temperature. Generally speaking, the hammer needs to be replaced every six months.

– Liner-Strictly speaking, liner is not a wearing part, it usually takes about two years to replace.

-V-belt(If you choose a series driven by a V-belt)-It needs to be replaced about every three months.
Wearing Parts of auto shredder Wearing Parts of auto shredder

How to Replace Wearing Parts?

As a professional supplier of shredders, every step we do is to make customers have a better experience. Replacing consumables is an easy things because we have equipped with a hydraulic system on every set auto shredder.
When you need to replace the wearing parts, you only need to click the button lightly, push the machine up through the hydraulic cylinder, then take out the hammer part and replace it.
If our installer is there, he will teach you carefully, if he is not there, then we will provide you with detailed instructions.
Wearing Parts of auto shredder

How to choose a suitable auto shredder?

As a material recycler, you are very knowledgeable about materials, but how to choose a suitable machine for your recycling yard to help you get more benefits? Here’s what you need to tell the auto shredder manufacturer.

1   What materials do you specifically need to recycle? It would be better if there are pictures.

2   How many tons of material can you shred each month?

3   What are the requirements for the output material ?

4  How big of a transformer do you have?

5  If possible, what is your budget?

The above information will help us recommend a suitable Auto Shredder to you.
Output From Auto Shredder

We will provide you with auto shredder for both your business and your customers as a leading manufacturer in China. We will check all accessories of auto shredder to ensure they meet international standards.
And Of course, all of your auto shredders will check and test before delivery.So you don’t need to worry about anything about your orders.
We have the following shredder recycling equipment for you to choose from.send us your raw material and capacity per hour requirements right now, we will give you a very good feedback.
Aluminum Shredder

The above is the basic information of the auto shredder, If you need more parameters- quotations, please contact us in time.

Customer for auto shredder

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