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Huihe provides a car crusher fit for your business. We are your best partner for your scrap metal recycling business.

Car Crusher

Car Crusher

Huihe is a reliable Chinese car crusher manufacturer and provider.

We aim to provide the most outstanding and top-grade car crusher. Huihe has a complete car crusher production line that supplies a thousand car crushers from different countries. We are also known as a trusted exporter for all types of metal shredders and crushers. Whether you need a serviceable car crusher for your business, Huihe is the right option for you to choose.

Car Metal Hammer Crusher

Huine car metal crush can work even in heavy-duty metal applications. Every element and part of the car metal crushers has best performance.

Car body metal crusher for waste steel

Car body metal crusher comprises strong ability in recycling your waste steel cars. It provides an outstanding performance during the crushing operations.

Car iron recycle crusher

Choose a car iron crusher to crush a junk cars.  Car iron recycless crusher form by solid materials that ensures a high-strength and unique function.

Heavy duty waste car engine crusher

Huihe heavy-duty waste car engine crusher has a unique capacity to process and crush all junk cars even those bigger cars. It can recycle car materials ginuinely.

Car shell hammer mill crusher

This is a smart car crusher that can work with stable performance. This is a car crusher equipment that works impressively and professionaly.

Car Motor Recycling Machine

Car Motor Recycling Machine is a crusher can recycle all your motor. This type of car crusher can be avail at affordable and competitive rates.

Small tin can crusher

A Small tin can crusher is a practical device that can install easily to any area since they are smaller, This is a very easy operation crusher machine

Radiator separator

In processing the wasted copper radiator, the Huihe car radiator separator is the ideal device and equipment to use.  It can be customized in capacity and output purity.

Metal Chip Shredder

This type of car crusher has a perfect appearance and operates well during recycling. The Huihe car tire recycles crusher is very useful in recycling junk car tires.

Huihe: Your Reliable Car Crusher In China

Huihe is quintessential in the field of car crusher manufacturing. From 1985 until now, we maintained our good sight by producing world-class car crushers. Over 30 years in manufacturing and distributing services of high-resilient car crushers throughout the country.

As your infinite car crusher provider, we can comply with all the needed car crusher orders as we can give you its lowest rate. We can help you to fulfill your car crushes requirements for your business or projects. Huihe is your practical solution for your long-lasting car crusher.

Directly send us your car crusher layout as we can provide you your limited edition of this product!

  • Car Shredding Eating Car

    Huihe Car shredding eating car is heavy-duty recycling or shredder equipment. It can handle 80×104, 130×11, and 98×104 scrap.

  • Metal Shredder Line for Cars

    Our comprehensive metal shredder line for cars offers a high-performance and long service life. It is available at more competitive price.

  • Rotating Shear Type Shredders

    The rotating shear-type shredders can eat and recycle up to 180 tons of scrap every hour. These can eat different automobile units.

  • Used Cars Shredder Recycling Line

    Featuring end discs and capped spider furnishes, hydraulic pin pullers, reject doors, heavy-duty self-supporting grates, extended skid base, and vibration isolation packages.

HUIHE Car Crusher

Car Crusher

Huihe is a popular car crusher manufacturing company. We manufacture a unique car crusher that can perform impressively. Whether you need a high-tech car crusher, Huihe will be the best place for you to count. We supply the car crusher with the highest quality.

Huihe car crusher is a mechanical industrial device that crushes wasted cars. When you need to relocate all junk cars, a car crusher is very helpful to make the cars smaller. If you crush the junk cars, it will be easy and convenient to carry all wasted cars.

Huihe car crusher is an efficient device when recycling car materials. Car crushers can produce a compact size of materials that enable recycling effortlessly. If you want to make your production or make your job easy, a car crusher will be the perfect solution for you.

At Huihe, we have plenty of types of car crushers available, like car tire recyclable crushers, car bumper crushers, portable car crushers, and car metal crushers. We also offer car iron recycle crushers, car body metal crushers for waste steel, and many more.

We also offer different car crusher parts and components such as motors, reducers, and electrical elements. When you need any features of a car crusher device or a whole device, Huihe will never hesitate to provide that for you.

We give a total commitment to manufacturing and providing a car crusher job. Huihe has a special and unique profession in creating a solid car crusher. We always offer a comprehensive effort in manufacturing our car crusher and any metal shredder.

Huihe is a famous car crusher manufacturer and provider located in China. When you have junkyards for cars, Huihe car crusher can help you to do your job conveniently. The car crusher of Huihe has incredible features and desirable characteristics.

Huihe has well-trained and skillful workers to create outstanding car crushers. We can follow your car crusher layouts and designs that meet your standards.

Today, we would like to share you more information about our car crusher and shredder for you.

Car Crusher – An Ultimate FAQ Guide

A car crusher is equipment designed to compress or reduce the car dimensions for easy transportation of old and unused vehicles. The process is done when all necessary parts are removed from the car to be crushed.

Why choose Car Crusher from us?

Car crusher designs have evolved with time and new technology inventions, resulting in new and improved techniques. Because scrap vehicles are too large and too heavy to ship to the destinations turns them into reusable material, the cost of moving them can be uneconomical because, on occasion, it will cost more to ship than the vehicle is worth. Since uncrushed vehicles are thick and occupied more room, in any event, the piece vehicles are worth short of what it cost to convey them for a quick take.


What are the key technical specifications of Huihe car crusher?

Huihe, as the new brand in the market and with nearly 40years car crusher manfuacturer, we have many different car crushers type  for your choosing, below is the biggest car crusher from us,



C*D(mm)-Shredding chamer size

A(mm)-Machine Length


B(mm)-Machine Width


H(mm)-Machine height


Feeding hopper size(mm)


Machine weight(kg)


Blade quantity/material


Blade turning dia.(mm)


Main shaft dia.& Length(mm)


Main shaft speed(rpm)


Blade thickness(mm)


Machine power(kw)


And here is a most popular type car crusher from the us-This one required you to dismantle your waste cars into small pieces first.

Model NO. DS46120 Computerized PLC
Certification CE \ ISO9001 Motor Wannan Electric
Power 75+75kw Voltage 380V 50Hz
Cutting Chamber 1210X1080mm Blade Diameter 580mm
Shredder Weight 18000kg Hopper Opening 2500×1800
Input Metal, Plastic, Solid Waste, Tyres, Wood Output Size 50-150mm
Control System Siemens PLC and Schneider Component Trademark Huihe
Transport Package Shredder Wrapped with Film Into Box Dimensions 5520X2000X2730
Origin China HS Code 8479819000


These days, Splurge is one of the most wasteful behaviors. The measure of splurge coming is in a colossal amount. Aluminum jars and Tin jars and all scrap metal are the essential items that are being reused on an expanding scale.

A car crusher ensures the disposed of vehicles are crushed for recycling reasons and allows easy transportation and storage. this is why the car crusher is the basic using reason in the recycling industry.


What are aspects to consider when purchasing a Car Crusher?

  • Your feeding car size.

We have customers feed the full car to the crusher machine, that’s means you need a very big machine to fit your waste cars. and some customers choosing to dismantle the car into different pieces, such as car door, car body into many pieces, then only a smaller car crusher is enough.

  • Your output material required size

As you know, the output size from car crusher is big and long, it’s just processing from bulk full car body to smaller long pieces.(it’s a volume reduction), for this purpose, only one car crusher is enough, but for some melting factory, they will wish you to remove all impurity in the material, thus a vertical densifier crusher or horizontal hammer mill shredder is necessary, those two machines can more reduce the output size and increase density.

  • Your required cleanness of output material

If need high purity or cleanness of output material, then the magnetic drum separator can help you to remove the impurity which mixing in the feeding material.

  • Budget

The cost and installment strategies for machines usually are considered by the endeavors with monetary imperatives, which are straightforwardly identified with the coherence of the venture. The establishment cost incorporates the expense of supporting steel and substantial materials, work, and lifting equipment.

Notwithstanding the working and inactivity expenses of the pounding and screening framework and the equipment’s upkeep and fixed costs, the impacting creation and activity costs related to the machine ought to be incorporated.

The earlier use is the important and earlier speculation to help the ordinary activity of the machine. The benefit is the expenses of enlistment and preparing of related staff, the bundling, alignment, and certificate of devices, and so on.

  • Technology advancement

The unwavering quality of utilization is a significant factor for assessing the procedure and execution of the car crusher. As a general rule, it is necessitated that the car crusher machine can work for 2,000 to 2,500 hours constantly with no mechanical disappointment. The assembling method is significantly essential for guaranteeing the unwavering quality of the car crusher. It reflects and gauges the specialized and the board level of the producer.

  • The establishment sites

In the event that the car crusher machine is introduced at a site with a specific slant, it is advantageous to diminish the earthwork. While choosing a car crusher, the attention is on the regular drop stature of the taking care of machine and gear, just as the shape and space of the car crusher machine establishment floor.

The site range is generally dictated by variables, for example, car crusher establishment floor space, feed and release ports, item stockpiling techniques, item determinations and capacity, generator room, distribution center, and monitor room.

  • Equipment terms

Before the car crusher purchase, the following should be determined, whether the equipment is purchased or rented. As a manufacturer of quality car crushers, we offer also lease, buy and rent the equipment on agreeable terms.

  • Equipment maintenance

For equipment to have long performance life, regular maintenance routines are essential. Also, it would be best if you determined the availability and accessibility of car crusher maintenance, spare parts and other services such as equipment repair and replacement.

  • Environment conditions

The working conditions of a car crusher are essential. Despite that the equipment can work in various work environment conditions, the equipment can cause noise disturbance and dust during car crushing processes. Ensure the equipment operate in an area where no other activities will be affected by the car crusher operations and noise.

What does the Car Crusher safety checklist include?

The car crusher safety checklist ensures both equipment and the operator are in good condition.

A safety checklist ensures daily, monthly, and yearly equipment routines are carried out.

  • Availability of the operator training and competency certificate in training records.
  • The overall appearance of the equipment
  • Any emission indicated
  • Are all warning and caution labels in place?
  • Are car crusher parts in good conditions? (Note any worn-out parts)
  • Availability of approved fire extinguishers in the working area
  • Condition of conveyor belt
  • Are the moving parts greased and functioning?
  • How stable is the iron crusher chamber?

What are Car Crusher accessories and options?

Our car crusher has different high-quality accessories,normally include the following:

  • Complete car crusher systems
  • End discs
  • Feeding conveyor
  • output conveyor
  • An electronic control unit
  • Diesel and hydraulic option
  • Dust Collector

What areas require Car Crusher applications?

A car crusher is unique amongst other crushers because it’s explicitly designed to crush and reduce the size of car scrap metal.

  • Car assembling industries
  • Scrape metals industries
  • Waste management industries
  • Melting factory


How does a Car Crusher operate?

  • The arrival of vehicles in the junkyard

Vehicles arrive at a scrap yard and go through several stages before finally being destroyed and turned into scrap metal. The car is deprived of all functioning parts.

For instance, a vehicle may have a broken motor square. However, the transmission is fine. Rescue groups pull out the functional components for resale. One can exchange countless parts bodyboards, haggles, suspension parts, and whole motors can be renovated and offered to do-it-yourselfers.

  • Elimination of harmful materials

In addition, the battery has been removed, and the synthetics visible all around the molding framework have been depleted of their materials. Remove the fuel tank and empty its content. In a junkyard, the car is abandoned until it’s an ideal opportunity to be squashed. It could be there for a few hours or even a few months, depending on how large the accumulation of vehicles is.

  • Placement of the vehicle on car crusher chamber

The vehicles to be crushed are stacked onto a car crusher chamber with a forklift, a backhoe with a gigantic paw on end, or a magnet.

Then the hooks will catch the feeding cars, on the driving of motor and reducer, the car will be slowly shredding and crushing in to small pieces,

then it will be dispatched from the bottom or car crusher. In the bottom of the car crusher, we will put an output conveyor to match the crusher machine, and transport the output material to other places.

  • Vehicle storage

There might be an extra stockpiling period before the vehicles are transported to a car crusher.

Stack the vehicles onto tractor trailers or rail lines, which are then taken to a recycler and reduced to scrap. This process is often skipped. Instead, the entire vehicle, tires and all, is loaded into the smasher and then transported to the car crusher, where the resulting chunks are sorted.

  • Security

The car crusher process is done in a spacious and secured area. Tight security for both equipment areas and car disposal area. The site should be away from frequent public interactions.

Since the process involves valuable parts of vehicles, we should observe safety and security at all times.

How much cars can be processed by one car crusher?

car crusher crushes only the vehicles in a junkyard and those marked for recycling. Once the cars are destroyed, one can suit the metal parts for recycling purposes. The recycled metal or steel is ideal for reducing the energy used in making metals by 74% than producing steel from scratch.

Our car crusher’s different designs can accommodate as much as many cars to be crushed. The standard car crusher crushes one vehicle at a time due to its speed and space. Other designs allow multiple vehicles to be destroyed at the same time.

Roughly 100million to 220 million vehicles are crushed yearly. So, this makes a car crusher also a widely used industrial equipment.

The main features of this scrap-metal shredder are:

  • High torque, low-speed rotor that allows for processing of difficult materials
  • Blades are available in different steel grades to provide the best solution for your particular material. The blades are precision and high-quality thanks to the 13 process steps.
  • It is powered by a Siemens motor and power unit, enabling automatic reverse to overload protection, thereby minimizing blade damages.
  • Individual electrical panel with Siemens PLC control system to ensure that the machine works properly and safely.
  •  The machine is virtually indestructible and easy to maintain thanks to easily replaceable wear parts.
  • Huihe-ZZS is the most reliable and cost-effective recycling system provider.

How much force does a car crusher need to crush a car?

With the availability of new technology, nowadays car crusher integrates hydraulic pressure to crush the vehicles. Our car crusher comes with an AC motor power supply that pumps hydraulic fluids in cylinders. The car crusher hydraulic systems can generate pressure between 2000 to 2500 psi.

Also, the car crusher has a crushing impact of up to 220 tons. Once the vehicles are stacked on the bed of a car crusher, The crushing plate creates room for vehicles, and the crushing force is then applied. The engine distributes the force to the car crusher hydraulic system. When the crushing plate aligns well, the crushing force is applied evenly.


What are aspects to consider before using a Car crusher for profit?

Vehicle-pounding organizations and industries have been around for many additional years, and the business gives no indications of disappearing. Even though it may appear obvious, squashing vehicles parts far more than a scrapyard. To make earnings and profits crushing vehicles, you’ll need to put in a lot more effort as an owner.

  • Understanding the process

Preceding beginning your business, you should have plentiful information about vehicles, especially concerning This is fundamental if you plan on salvaging reusable components and selling them to sellers who repair comparable models of cars.

Use a  forklift or crane to place a vehicle on a crushing bed, and then use pressure to crush it into a shape that is about 10 percent smaller than its original size. Then, at that point, figure out where the finished result twists up. Typically, after a metal block, the squashed vehicle is moved to a car crusher for additional reusing.

  • Equipment regulations

It is best to do more research about the equipment licensing policies put in place by your local regulatory authority. In your state, determine the amount of land that is reasonable to rent or buy and abide by the laws and regulations that govern land disposal. If you’re interested in water and air contamination, contact the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Permits and Equipment

Before the car crusher is purchased and put in place, a scrap yard should be available through land purchase or lease. After determining your junkyard, car crusher, tow truck and trailers are needed. A driver’s license and a business license are required for a car crushing industry.

  • Security and Safety

To avoid or reduces injury cases in the work area, establish the employees’ and customers’ safety guidelines. Acquiring personnel insurance cover should be ideal. The storage of vehicle spare parts and crushed vehicle steels should be placed in a secure warehouse to avoid theft.

What car hazardous materials are removed before car crusher operations?

The initial step of the car crusher operations is ensuring the discarded vehicles are readily in the junkyard. All hazardous car fluids should be drain first. These car fluids include transmissions, fuel and radiators.

Also, remove the following fluids and batteries in the car before crushing it:

  • Diesel fuel, gasoline
  • Refrigerants
  • Battery
  • Brake fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Engine oil
  • Power steering fluid.
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Battery connectors


What is health, safety and security precautions for car crusher operator?

Car crushing and dismantling activities can include various perilous substances presenting labourer and public wellbeing concerns. Subsequently, managers ought to guarantee that their labourers are prepared in a safe work environment.

Among these are exceptional care of and capacity necessities for hazardous materials, emergency treatment, and crisis strategies. Businesses should likewise give labourers the essential individual defensive gear (PPE) to do their tasks safely.

  • Gloves
  • Emergency First aid kit
  • Safety boots
  • Eye goggles
  • Dust coats /overalls
  • Helmets
  • Fire extinguisher

How can an operator prevent environmental damage from car crusher operations?

The car crusher operators can further prevent injuries and environmental exposure in the following manner:

  • Disable the car battery first.
  • Remove any fluids and refrigerants.
  • Ensure you are well-ventilated and away from the fire area before removing gasoline.

Also, during the car crushing process, the consideration of public safety should be in place.

  • Ensure the public is not exposed to hazardous waste.
  • Explosions and fire.
  • Working area protection from public access.
  • Working hours consideration to avoid disturbances.
  • Ensure proper labelling of hazardous materials removed from vehicles.

What are key maintenance routines for a Car crusher?

Equipment maintenance is vital for its daily operations. The maintenance routine can be grouped into three: daily and weekly, monthly and yearly.

  • Physical equipment appearance inspection.
  • Replace faulty power switch
  • Regular lubrication
  • Replace lost nuts and bolts
  • Tighten loose nuts and bolts
  • Regular check on fluids levels
  • Replace or add hydraulic fluid
  • Ensure there is no dust buildup
  • Check all necessary labels are intact

What is needed to operate a car crusher?

Owning a Car crusher is ideal for business, but understanding what is needed apart from having the equipment is crucial.

  • License of operation
  • Approval from necessary authority
  • Junkyard
  • Discarded car supply
  • Power supply
  • Employees PPEs
  • Authorized and trained personnel

Does a Car crusher need a manual and warranty policy?


For every equipment purchase, such as a car crusher, its package includes the manual from the manufacturer that also guides the buyer on how to install and operate the equipment.

As car crusher is regarded as industrial equipment thus warranty is vital for both the buyer and the manufacturer. Warranty policy guides the equipment buyer on how to handle any equipment faulty within provided time.

A car crusher warranty can be between 1year to up to 2 years.


What are possible car crusher malfunctions?

  • Bearing overheating:This could be caused by vibration effects, poor installation, wearing out and inadequate lubrication. Ensure proper installation and lubrication.
  • Lids are not closing: the cause may be leaving the cover open and unattended for too long.
  • Equipment knocking sound: caused by a worn-out elastic ring and loose nuts, pin and nuts. Ensure the elastic ring is replaced, and the pin and nuts are tightened well enough.
  • Car not crushed enough: This may be due to lack of enough hydraulic pressure; the car crusher bed does not crush the vehicle evenly. Check the level of fluids such as hydraulic and battery fluid.
  • Overheating: This is due to overloading of feeder and the car crusher bed, oversupply of power to the equipment. Ensure the car crusher bed is loaded with the correct capacity and the proper power supply is available.

What is the duration of a car crusher?

Car crusher performance life depends on a lot of factors, such as proper maintenance and inspections. A well-maintained car crusher can have a life span of 25 to 30 years. Another added advantage of our car crusher is that you get equipment lifetime assistance.

If your car crusher needs spare parts for replacement, contact us for quality car crusher spare parts.


What key precautions does one need to consider when using a Car crusher?

  • We should well secure the equipment installation and junkyard area.
  • All emergencies and instruction labels should always be intact.
  • When handling flammable fluids such as gasoline and transmission fluid should be in a well-ventilated area.
  • The car crusher operators should always be in protective clothing and safety boots.
  • Availability of fire extinguishers in the working area.
  • Regular equipment inspections.
  • Trained and authorized operators should operate the car crusher.

More material can be crushed by this car crusher:

  • All types of tires — Car tires, van tires and truck tires; mining tires, OTR tires, etc.
  • Metal — Car body, Baled aluminum, Scrap steel, Paint bucket
  • Cables— Copper and Aluminium cables, etc.
  • E-waste—Home appliance( Refrigerator, Printer, Washer,Air Conditioner),PCB board;
  • Wood/Timber — Pallets, Waste wood borads, Stalk or biological straws
  • Solid Waste— Mixed Commercial & Household Waste – RDF/SRF production
  • Paper & Cardboard — Confidential Documents, Production Waste, Packaging Materials etc.
  • Plastics — A variety of rigid and flexible plastics such as Mouldings/Lumps, Profiles, Films, etc.
  • And  more material doesn’t shown in the list, we welcome your contact .

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