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We Offer Wide Industrial Metal Shredder Selections For You To Choose From. All Are Highly Customizable To Meet Your Requirements.

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industrial Metal Shredder

Count on Huihe if you need a industrial Metal Shredder for your following projects or business. We’re operating in China with 37 years of total experience in the industry. We mainly specialize in the overall production, design: research, and marketing of industrial Metal Shredder.
So far, we have the shredder machine with 15+15kw,45+45kw, 75+75kw,90+90kw and 132+132kw. At the same time, our hydraulic type shredder has been officially launched in 2020.

You are welcome to contact us anytime for your next industrial metal shredder order.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal to achieve. We promise never to disappoint you while you’re in partnership with Huihe!

Double Shaft Shredder for Roof Tiles

We manufacture double shaft shredders for roof tiles due to this type material is too hard to feed to horizontal shredder, (generally the roof tiles length above 2m above)

MSW Industrial Metal Shredder

All machines we offer, including MSW Industrial Metal Shredder, provide solid Shredding functions, high torque, reliable quality, and durability.

High Strength Industrial Metal Shredder

In Huihe, you can have high strength High Strength Industrial Metal Shredder with extreme torque and excellent crushing/shredding ability. Relevant for metal and plastic sheet waste, electronic scraps, etc.

Small Industrial Metal Shredder

Our Small Industrial Metal Shredder is also applicable for crushing or shredding metal sheet waste, production waste, industrial waste, biogenic waste, etc.

Car Crusher

Our Large Doubel Shaft Car Crusher is accessible in different sizes, applications, and configurations. Custom option is also available at more competitive rates.

SC1690 Hammermill Shredder

Both custom and standard designs for Hammermill Shredder are available for you. We can custom the machine according to your reference.

Radiator Separator

Huihe can produce a Radiator Separator or radiator recycling line in different sizes and designs. It provides satisfying performance and excellent quality.

DS46 Double Shaft Shredder

We manufacture multi-application double shaft shredders using our advanced production line. A hundred stocks are available in the factory, ready to ship anytime.

Aluminum Can Recycling Machine

Consider as top-selling recycling machines in the worldwide market. It is engineered from raw materials to ensure long service life and quality.

Huihe: Your No.1 Industrial Metal Shredder Supplier In China

Being the no.1 manufacturer and supplier in China, Huihe manufacture Industrial Metal Shredder with longevity, less dust, and noise-free advantages. Due to the high-quality recycling equipment we offer, we have earned a good reputation in international markets.

Started in 1985 and during the past 36 years, we have become professionals in manufacturing complete Industrial Metal Shredder selections. Both automated and customize shredders are available to you. No matter where you are, we promise to deliver double shaft shredders safely and on time.

Huihe commits to designing, research, and swift developing double shaft shredders to surpass customers’ requirements. Without any doubts, Huihe will be your reliable double shaft shredder partner in business. Contact now for more inquiries.

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  • Iron Crusher

    Our comprehensive Iron Crusher offers a high-performance and long service life. It is available at a more competitive price.

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