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Huihe Car Shredder Provide You Full Production Line Solutions For Your Waste Scrap Cars.


Car Shredder

Car Shredder Will Supoort Your Waste Recycling Business

We can provide you a complete set of scrapped car recycling solutions.

The whole system we mainly supply you a heavy-duty car shredder from the beginning,  Then send your shredding scrap metal to hammer crusher, through magnetic separation, the iron will be separated. The other non-ferrous metal and plastic are separated by an eddy-current separator.

We will share with you low energy consumption, large processing capacity, good economy, low maintenance cost, and good treatment effect car shredder machine.

You will get professional on-site service and maintenance from us when you decide to buy your next car shredder.

Hammer mill Crusher

Feeding capacity from 5000kg per hour to 40000kg per hour hammer mill crusher.

Metal Chips Shredder

For shredding all your type chips into small pieces, then easy for next processing

Double Shaft Shredder

For all your different feeding ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

Iron Crusher

Almost Suit for All Different Scrap Metal, The Output Size We Can Customize For You.

Vertical Hammer Mill Shredder

This  Vertical Hammer Mill Shredder Generally Need A Pre-Shredder Because The Smaller Feeding Mouth. The biggest Type We Provide is 350Kw Right Now.

drum magnetic separator

Different Guss Magnetic Separator  For Your Metal Recycling Production Line. We Also Provide The Single Separator For Your Choosing.

Electric Motor Recycling Machine

For The Smaller Stator And Rotor Crushing, We Also Provide The Whole Line Separating System Until You Get Clean Aluminum Clean Copper.

Radiator Recycling machine

We Provide You Different Solution On Your Different Copper Radiator (Industrial Radiator/Home Radiator) Or Radiator From Car. Capacity From 500kg per hour to 4500kg per hour.

Roof Tiles Metal Crushing Line

Small Radiator Separator machine, it can separate your waste radiator into aluminum and copper.

Your Trusted Car Shredder Supplier

Huihe knows car shredder, and knows your requirement on the car recycling business, over the last 12 years, Huihe only focused on different customer requirements of all different car shredders and related recycling machines.

Our customer only starts from 4 people from the beginning, and now we are 125 people, with 90000m2 workshop for all your car shredder order.

We will provide you a good solution for all your cars and all your scrap metals. We start from a 10 employees factory and grown with 150 employees. We will provide you a one-stop solution for all your car and scrap metal recycling machines.

Order or no order with us, we are always happy to help your business.

For help deciding which type of car shredder machine is right for your recycling business, contact our engineers’ sales at +86-15515540620.

More Material We Can Recycling

  • Cast Aluminum recycling machine

    For the cast aluminum, we use the horizontal type hammer mill to recycle, the output size you can adjust as you want.

  • Aluminum Cans

    During the recycling processing, the paint can be removed efficiently, we provide you the full production line solutions.

  • scrap metal shredder

    First feeding the scrap metal into pre-shredder, then feeding the shredding material to the hammer mill to increase the density.

  • plastic drum shredder

    Blue drums, for shredding it into expected material, then easy for transportation, and it’s saving your much space for a store.

Car Shredder: The Complete FAQ Guide

If you are looking for a suitable car shredder for your metal recycling business.

Or you would like to learn more about car shredders.

In this guide,  you will find all information about car shredders such as design, specification, running site, and our factory for manufacturing.

So if you want to be an expert on car shredder shredders, read this guide. 

What’s The Car Shredder?

A car shredder is a machine that can shredding or crushing your full car shell into small pieces, then separating the clean iron from the shredded mixing material, the clean and small iron, it’s easy for your to make transportation or smelting. And in this way, brings you more money.

Most time, a car shredder machine is a pre-shredder used before a hammer mill.


What’s The Structure Of Car Shredder?

The car shredder include

1 steel frame, 2. Motor, 3. Reducer, 4. Coupling, 5. Shredding chamber, 6. Feeding hopper, 7. Coupling guard, 8. Belt guard, 9. Guardrail,  10 .ladder, 11.fixing blade, 12. Moveable blade, 13. Discharge hopper

What’s The Principle Of Car Shredder?

The motor is driven by the belt to rotate the high-speed shaft of the reducer, and the low-speed shaft of the reducer drives the main shaft to rotate through the coupling, and the movable blade installed on the main shaft rotates accordingly; after the two motors are started at the same time, the two groups of movable blade rotate in reverse and pass the blade. Tooth shearing achieves the function of shredding materials.
Car Shredder

Who Using The Car Shredder?

All the recyclers or any melting factory.
This car shredder not only suits the car shell but is also suitable for all different light materials such as roof tile, wood, waste, profiles, etc.
This shredder is versatile, it can adapt to your different scrap materials.
If you are not sure your raw materials suitable for this machine? you can email us with specific requirements.

How About the Materials Comes Out from the Car Shredder?

Well, the material that comes out from the car shredder is determined by shredder blade thickness and blade hooks.
In some parts of Europe, if the product is sold outright, they usually just choose to the big blade to Achieve size-reduced affection. Because the materials produced in this way are more convenient to transport and save storage space.

Car Shredder
But there are some smelting plants that prefer material that comes out is clean and dense, In this case, the cleanliness of the smelting and the rate of smelting increase.If you want to achieve clean and high density Materials, You need to be equipped with a metal hammer shredder. Below is the material sent from Metal hammer Shredder.
output from hammermill shredder

The Parameters of the Car Shredder?

Type DS61250
A(mm) 5200
B(mm) 3400
C(mm) 2570
D(mm) 1600
H(mm) 3400
Feeding hopper size(mm) 3100X2400
Machine weight(kg) 37500
Blade material 55SiCr
Blade quantity 32pcs
Blade turning dia.(mm) φ800
Main shaft dia.& Length(mm) φ390/3682
Reducer type P2KC19-200-MH90+B42-B52+F280
Main shaft speed(rpm/Frequency) 7.5
Blade thickness(mm) 75
Machine power(kw) 90+90

Our Voltage is Different With Yours, How You to Match Our Situation?

China’s industrial voltage is 380V/50hz/3ph.

Based on our many years of production experience and delivery experience, The low voltages and high voltage we encountered were :
220v/400v/415v/440v.6600v, 10000v.
If your voltage is different from ours in China, we will go to the manufacture and purchase the matched motor to match your voltage.
Motor Of Car Shredder

What Do You Need To Focus On When You Choose a Car Shredder?

The gearbox, the motor, blades, and bearing’s quality are very important to a car shredder machine.
as a qualified manufacturer, We have been based on customer requirements as well as customer feedback and always make the most suitable machine.
Car Shredder

What Are The Wearing Parts Of Your Car Shredder?

For a car shredder machine, the main wearing parts including the belts and  blade, Depending on the feed and the thickness and hardness of the feed scrap metal as well as nd blade material type, The lifespan of machine wearing parts will also vary. Under normal circumstances, the tool will need to be replaced when it uses about 8,000 tons, You can also welding the wear electrodes on the blade to extend the lifespan of car shredder.
blade of car shredder

What Should I Check Before I Start a Car Shredder Running?

You should make sure every part of the machine installed fasten, adds enough and the correct type of lubricating oil, and make sure the power cable connecting in the right way. And then start the car shredder machine with a professional.
Car Shredder
What Are Your Quality Guarantees?

One-year guarantee not including the wearing parts.
In one year, if any parts(not including wearing parts) are broken, we will send you new parts to exchange and guide you in installing for free.
Car Shredder

How Does Your Company Keep The Manufacturing Quality?

All machine manufacturing materials must be tested when bought from the supplier and record every data.
Then every process will be tested when the car shredder machines are manufactured.
And also must test the machine with the customer’s real material before delivery.

How Should I Order This Car Shredder Machine?

1 sign a sales contract

2 30% down payment by t/t, then we start manufacturer your car shredder.

3  after the car shredder is completely manufactured and tested well, we prepare the dismantled car shredder.

4 70% balance paid by tt(balance payment methods is negotiable)

How Long It Will Take To Get The Car Shredder Machine?

Usually 45 working days according to your requirement. The production date of a single machine and the entire production line is different.

As a car shredder manufacturer which start from 1985, we know what is the most popular type shredder, sometimes,we have the matched machine for you in stock, because we have a large workshop, 90% popular type car shredder or related recycling machine in stock.
Car Shredder Manufacturer

How Do You Pack The Car Shredder Machine When Delivery?

Usually, plastic film covered and steel rope fastens to fixing and cover your car shredder.
Because machines are usually big and bulky,  Therefore, when shipping, we will remove the part that exceeds the size of the container, Well, the dismantled shredder parts will be marked so that they can be easily installed when they arrive at your site.
For parts that are easily damaged, such as motors and reducers, we will pack them in wooden boxes.
But for the frame part of the main shredder, we just wrap it with lamination. You can also tell us your requirements when shipping, and we will load the goods  as required.

How Should I Keep The Car Shredder Machine Running Well?

We would send you an operation manual together with the car shredder machine.
yours shredder operator, must have certain recycling or shredder operating experience, At the same time, a detailed understanding of manual is required.please you need make a detailed maintenance plan according to the operation manual and keep doing it every shift.
Car Shredder

How To Control The Output Material Size Of The Car Shredder Machine?

The output size is mainly decided by the hooks number of the blade and the space of the shaft.
We generally provide the teeth number with 6teeth, and the blade thickness is around 60mm.
For the car shredder, the shaft space we provide to you is 64mm. Tell me your specific requirements, we can customize it according to your requirements.
blade of car shredder
The above information is the simple content of our car shredder. For detailed requirements or quotations, please contact us in time.
We will provide you with solutions for the entire line.

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