Cast Aluminum Shredder
High Purity Output Cast Aluminum Shredder

1 Material Easy Feeding in.

2 High Purity Output.

Cast Aluminum Shredder

Cast Aluminum Shredder

Huihe is your ideal choice for your Cast Aluminum Shredder needs.
Would you please choose Huihe to be your long-term partner to custom your Cast Aluminum Shredder? We can always assure you to get the best quality machines for your projects here.With our professional engineers, we can send you a complete cast aluminum shredder line. Thousands of clients from 60+ countries worldwide always trusting our machine quality.
From us, We don’t just give you the cast aluminum shredder, we also provide you the profiles aluminum shredder and aluminum can recycling shredder and related non-ferrous shredder machines, you always can contact us for what you need.

Aluminum Can Recycling Shredder

This Aluminum Can Recycling Shredder is a vertical design, suitable for the loose aluminum cans or the baler aluminum cans.


We bring you the complete Double Shaft Shredder to fit your applications. Different gearbox and blade type is avaible for this machine.

Vertical Double Shaft Shredder

If your projects with lots longer material such as roof tile steel,then this Vertical Double Shaft Shredder will be your best choice to turn the long material into short.

Small Industrial Shredder

Huihe offers different high-class disposal units, including Small Industrial Shredder for agricultural waste or plastic Drum. It is cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Recycling Shredder

Customized solutions for Waste Recycling Shredder are accessible at more competitive prices. It offers stable quality, performance, and reliable quality.

Hydraulic Shredder

This Hydraulic Shredder is the biggest shredder in our factory, the machine by 4x75kw, any type scrap metal shredder can feed to this machine

Aluminum Recycling Machine

Huihe is capable of meeting your small to large orders. Waste ALuminum Recycling Machine is a versatile machine where reasonable size variation is acceptable.

Organic Waste Shredder Equipment

We can customize the output size for Organic Waste Shredder based on your specifications. Commonly applicable in the government recycling business.

MSW Industrial Metal Shredder

Our Metal Shredder features low noise, low speed, and ample torque. Standard designs are accessible, and also custom models based on your needs.

Hammermill Shredder

The Hammermill Shredder can shred all kinds of scrap metal or hard plastic,or any ferrous material waste. It has reliable quality and good shred performance.

Metal Chips Shredder

This metal chip shredder is a Multifunctional shredder. steel chips or aluminum chips or any scrap metal is available for this machine.

Magnetic Separator

Different size Magnetic Separator is provided for your recycling business, the separating rate can reach 99%.

Your Best Partner for the Cast Aluminum Shredder

Find the best cast aluminum shredder in China with Huihe.
In more than 30 years in service, we gain a good reputation and trust from long-term business partners and newbies from over 65 countries.

Our cast aluminum shredder  is applicable for various applications produced at a reasonable price. You can get double shaft industrial crushing machines, single shaft, waste crushing machines, and more selections.

We offer complete selections offer for you, such as different features, specifications, dimensions, and more. We ensure to use popular and reliable materials and parts, including accessories, to produce long-life and high-class cast aluminum shredders for your business.

Contact us immediately regarding your recycling inquiries and concerns. we can help you with your all recycling requirements.

Related Waste Shredder Recycling Production Line

  • Radiator Separator

    We have sold our Radiator Separator to more than 65 countries worldwide—the ideal machine for shredding your waste radiator.

  • Scrap Aluminum Shredder Waste Recycling Line

    Offers high toughness in crushing or shredding different materials. Scrap aluminum shredder waste recycling line also provides safety performance.

  • Single-Shaft Shredder Line

    We can customize the machine size depending on your applications and requirements. Single-shaft shredder lines are easy and safe to operate, with high torque and low noise.

  • Shear Shredder

    Our waste-to-energy Shear Shredder line is composed of superior quality materials—a perfect machine for shredding various wastes.

What is cast aluminum shredder?

The cast aluminum shredder can shred and sorting your different cast scrap aluminum. The last section of the line will get pure aluminum.
Output from cast aluminum shredder
What is the structure of the cast aluminum shredder?

The cast aluminum shredder It is a horizontal structure design, it’s with a screen in the bottom, thus you can control the output size easily when you need the certain size.
Usually, the discharge size of the output cast aluminum is mostly controlled between 50mm and 80 mm. If it is too small, it is easy to cause loss. If it is too large, there are requirements for smelting time.
Cast aluminum shredder Machine (9)
Inside of the cast aluminum shredder

What is the content of full cast aluminum shredder production line ?

For Cast aluminum shredders, we provide services for the entire production line.The entire production line usually includes:
1 Feeding conveyor.
2 Cast aluminum Shredder.
3 Outlet conveyor.
4 Magnetic Separation Conveyor.
5 Dust removal system.
6 Hydraulic pumo system.
We can customize your cast aluminum shredder line according to your requirements.
Cast Aluminum shredder

What is The most popular type cast aluminum shredder?

The model below is one of our most popular at the moment, The production capacity is about 4 tons per hour(On the basis of 60mm discharge)

Cast aluminum shredder:shredding The Feeding Material
Power(kw) 200
Capacity(tph) 3-4t
Dimension(m) 3.2×2×3.2m
Weight(kg) 11000
Hammer Quantity(Pcs) 15pcs
Hammer Weight(Kg) 11kg/hammer
Hydraulic station 1set included

For more information needed of the cast aluminum shredder, we welcome your contact.

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