Different Model of Vertical Shredder for Your Recycling Business

Entering our workshop, you will see different models of vertical shredders,  Their power ranges from 22 kW to 350 kW, These different models of vertical shredders are custom-made for various raw materials and output production capacities.  For the same production capacity of waste car shells, their production capacity ranges from 300 kg per hour to 5000 kg per hour for different models of vertical shredder, So you can choose a suitable model according to your capacity needs.

Vertical Shredder
The working principle of this vertical shredder is to use the high-speed rotation of the hammer to hit the feeding materials. So it doesn’t matter if yours is any kind of metal, it can effectively shred the feeding material into a suitable size. The feeding material can be the rotor, stator, radiator, UBC, cast aluminum, copper pipe, or different scrap metal(car shell, roof tile stell, truck shell Etc), depending on the output material size requirements, we will design the different inside layer and hammer quantity/hammer type to get what you need.
OuTPUT from vertical shredder
As a scrap metal recycling factory established in 1985, we provide the full production vertical shredder lines, Including conveying system, sorting system, and dust removal system. We can also customize the entire production system according to your needs. So what are the benefits of using a vertical shredder and complete system?
1 The biggest type feeding mouth size is 1600mm, thus suitable for your different large scrap metal.

2 the machine is designed with a two-layer structure, after the first pre-shredding, then feed into the second chamber for the fine-shredding, you will get more uniform output material.

3 Depending on the output material size requirements, the machine is designed with different hammer layers inside, thus you can decide the output size by yourself.

4 Full line matched with dust-collector system, can meet your local enviromental requirments.

5 the vertical shredder matched with the Automatic oil filling system, can Appropriately extend the service life of the bearing.

6 The whole production line of vertical shredder can guarantee you the pure output material.

Vertical SHredder

Regarding the model of the vertical shredder, we have the following types for you to choose from.
1 VSC800-Suitable for the small sized material such as beer caps, tin cans…
2 VSC1000-Suitable for the material such as different cans, radiators, and small rotors.
3 VSC1500-Suitable for the material such as stator, rotor, radiator, small scrap metal
4 VSC4-1200-Suitable for the Baled UBC, big radiator, scrap metals, aluminum , glass, etc(capacity 2-3tph)
5 VSC4-1600-Suitable for the baled UBC, Car shell, etc (Capacity 4-8tph).
All type of our vertical shredder is easy to operate and easier to control, no matter the capacity or the output material, it’s much more easily control than all the old type one. Thus you can choose one of the most suitable type of vertical shredder for your recycling yard. or you can send us your details requirements, we will show you how to choose and which model is the best type for your business.
Vertical Shredder

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