Dual Shaft Shredder
Your Premier Dual Shaft Shredder Manufacturer in China

Low Speed, High Quality, and High Torque Dual Shaft Shredders Are Available For You. Ideal For Recycling Projects.

Dual Shaft Shredder

Dual Shaft Shredder

We have 36 years of experience in mechanical production and development, including dual shaft shredder, single shaft shredder,horizontal hammermill shredder, vertical hammer mill shredder. We fully commit to the development and research, designing, and marketing of dual shaft shredders.

As the leading dual shaft shredder manufacturer in China, we export our advanced machines to 600+ clients worldwide. Our professional design team has broad expertise in dual shaft shredder production. We are capable of meeting your specific requirements.

Waste Dual Shaft Shredder

We engineered dual shaft crusher shredder granulator recycling machines with high-quality components like blade sets, gearbox, etc. it features a high strength for various projects.

Organic Waste Dual Shaft Shredder

Our Organic Waste Dual Shaft Shredder  are suitable for shredding different domestic waste no matter iron cans or aluminum cans, waste food or any plastic in.

MSW Dual Shaft Shredder

We offer an MSW Dual Shaft Shredder with broad selections you can choose. It is made of metal to ensure longevity, high strength, and reliable performance.

Aluminum Shredder

We manufacture Aluminum Shredder with high capacity features, low noise, and dust-free features. It has a long service life.any type aluminum cans or profiles is accepted by it.

Industrial Dual Shaft Shredder

Our Industrial Dual Shaft Shredder can shred different waste materials for recycling. It can shred bale aluminum cans, metals, drums or any long profiles.

Scrap Metal Shredder

Our Scrap Metal Shredder offers huge shredding capacity and provide you a pure output scrap metal, any type scrap metal is accepted by this big shredder machine.

Small Dual Shaft Shredder

Our  Small Dual Shaft Shredder with low noise is relevant to different recycling projects. If you have a recycling business that requires low noise, this is a perfect solution.

Iron Crusher

Huihe Iron Crusher is an excellent option for crushing used cars, waste iron products, waste paint cans, waste aluminum products, and more.

Radiator Recycling Machine

Radiator Recycling Machine is customizable in size, configuration, and capacity. It can not only suitable for the radiator, it also suitable for any type brass or aluminum.

Huihe: Your Excellent Dual Shaft Shredder Manufacturer in China

We aim to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction. Therefore, we offer wide dual shaft shredder selections for you.
Different models are applicable in various fields, including biomass power stations, paper mills, landfills, manufacturing plants, etc. If you need a high-quality dual shaft shredder, Huihe can be your perfect manufacturer in China.

As the no.1 dual shaft shredder manufacturer, we make sure every product has undergone strict inspections to ensure quality. We are following the international quality standards and strict guidelines in processing your dual shaft shredders. It also comes with ODM and OEM services for your extra satisfaction. For your custom request regarding dual shaft shredder, you can contact us.

We’re happy to build a strong partnership with you!

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  • Industrial Crushing Machine

    The Production Line Include The Metal Chain Conveyor, The Pre-Pressor, The Hammer Mill, Output Conveyor, Vibration Feeder, Drum Magnetic Separator,Eddy Current Separator, This Machine Suit For All Different Scrap Metal.

  • Radiator Recycling Production Line

    This Production Line Include Pre-Shredder,Conveyor,Metal Hammer Mill,Drum Magnetic Separator,Vibration Screen,Density Separator  And Dust Collector.Capacity For This Radiator Recycling Line is Around 2000kg per hour.

  • Scrap Metal Recycling Line

    This Production Line Is 10T Per Hour For Roof Tiles Steel, We installed This Production Line in 2015 In China. Through Change The Screen Size, Our Users Also Crush Other Scrap Metal.

  • Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Line

    A 315kw Motor Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Production Line As Above, We Matched A Direct Coupler System On This Production Line And We Installed This Shredder Production Line In South Africa In 2017.

Huihe Dual Shaft Shredder

Huihe has broad dual shaft shredder selections suitable for various industrial applications. Reliable products and consistent services are our main pursuits in the industry. We’re operating in China; we always swear 100% satisfaction to your dual shaft shredder needs.

Huihe’s Dual shaft shredder is also called a double shaft shredder or twin shaft shredder. They are specially engineered machines for the paper converting factories, paper mills, landfills, corrugated cardboard factories, biomass power stations, manufacturing plants, stabilization, and other fields.

To the applications that demand high throughput, low speed, and high torque, our dual shaft shredders work ideal. These are relevant to process various materials. It is also fix up with different components such as blade sets, gearboxes, etc.

We built our dual shaft shredders using our advanced machining processes, stringent quality control requirements, and combined revolutionary design concepts. Enable us to ensure dual shaft shredders longevity, capacity, and durable working reliability.

Our complete dual shaft shredder lines have typical applications to assure broad material adaptability. But at the same time, Huihe engineers have full capabilities to custom-design machines to fit specific requirements and materials. Both standard and custom designs are available at more reasonable rates.

You can choose from our wide selections. You can have a dual shaft plastic shredder machine, dual shaft scrap shredder machine, industrial dual shaft shear shredder, metal dual shaft shredder, etc.

All feature a robust crushing ability and cutting force. It offers high torque and low-speed features to complete the crushing process. It also coordinated with cutter shafts for various angle changes and used multi-claw props.

Thus, the available dimension for our dual shaft shredders includes 2.2×0.87×1.45m, 2.2×0.87×1.45m, 3.4×1.2×2.2m, 3.4×1.25×2.2m, to 5.25×1.78×1.45m.

Each Huihe’s dual shaft shredder has undergone rigorous inspection before the shipment. We can offer total support to you. Would you mind choosing Huihe to be your manufacturer for your next project that requires dual shaft shredders?

We’re happy to hear from you. Contact us now!

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