Eddy Current Separator
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Eddy Current Separator

Eddy Current Will Speed Up Your Recycling Business

Our eddy current separator will give you a perfect purity-output-ferrous material from your mixing waste.

As a nearly 40years experienced machine manufacturer, we design and develop different waste recycling machine include eddy current seprator, double shaft shredder,single shaft shredder,hammermill shredder,vertical hammer mill shredder.

We can provide customized production lines for our customers, You just need to tell me what your raw material is, what your hourly capacity is and your final discharge requirements, and our team of engineers will give you the best reply.

Metal Chips Shredder

The machine is designed by Horizontal structure inside, we can totally guarantee the output size to ensure your expected density.

Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Line

Almost suit for all different scrap metal, the output size we can customize for you.

Metal Scrap Recycling Machine

This Metal Scrap Recycling Machine Has Running 13 years  in our area, click me to know more about this machine.

Radiator Recycling Production Line

You can throw all your radiator into this radiator recycling line, Whether it is a super large industrial radiator or a very small car radiator, this machine can give you amazing result.

Radiator Separator

We provide you Radiator Separator single machine and radiator recycling line

Car Double Shaft Shredder

We provide different configuration car shredder machines for your choosing, you can feed the full car or dismantled car pieces in.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

The vertical shredder power from 75kw to 350kw, you can choose one according to your feeding material and capacity.

Magnetic Drum

You will get 99.5% clean iron after using this type magnetic drum separator, we also have the matched vibration feeder to match.

Industrial Dust Collector

This industrial dust collector can match any of yours Waste material recycling production line. We offer different models which are depend on your different material.

Why ZZS-HH Eddy Current Separator

There are over 100 workers working in our factory that are dedicated to making excellent eddy current separator for you, and for other recycling machine. you don’t need to worry for anything due to our nearly 40 years experience on the machine manufacturing.

The eddy current seprarator is generally used in the sorting and recycling of various tailing materials, such as scrap metal material tailing material, glass recycling material,aluminum recycling tailing material.

As a eddy current separator manfuacturer,We not only manufacturing such machine, we also have all the upstream recycling and crushing systems.

You will love our eddy current seprator once you have the first time purchasing and using.

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  • Radiator Recycling Production Line

    We can ensure you 99.99% clean output copper and aluminum from our radiator recycling machine.we have two method ways for your waste radiator.

  • Aluminum Recycling Machine

    The waste aluminum recycling machine is now installed in a listed company in our city.  and the production capacity is 7-8t per hour.If you need such equipment, please contact me.

  • Magnetic Drum

    The magnetic drum is used for separating all your mixing magnetic materials and non-magnetic material. The normal guss for this type drum is 3000guss, you can show me your details guss needed, as we can do the customized type.

  • Hammer mill Crusher

    A 450kw Motor Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Production Line As Above, We Matched A Direct Coupler System On This Production Line, This equipment production line we can provide you with customized supporting solutions.

Eddy Current Separator – An Ultimate FAQ Guide

1 What is an eddy current separator?

Eddy current separator is also called eddy current non-ferrous metal separator. It’s Mainly used in garbage tailings material.

It is sorting equipment that can collect non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, and tin.
Eddy current separator is a sorting technology that utilizes different electrical conductivity of materials.


2 The working principle of eddy current separator?

The sorting principle is to use a magnet rotor composed of permanent magnets, and the rotor will generate an alternating magnetic field during high-speed rotation.When a metal with electrical conductivity is passed through a magnetic field,Eddy currents are induced in the metal.
This eddy current itself produces an alternating magnetic field,and opposite to the magnetic field generated by the rotation of the magnet rotor.Non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, zinc, tin) will jump out along their conveying direction due to repulsion,Therefore, it can be separated from non-metallic substances such as glass and plastic to achieve the purpose of sorting.

Eddy Current Separator

3 What’s Model do You Have on Eddy Current Separator?

Because we are mainly a  metal hammermill shredder manufacturer, We produce Eddy Currents just to optimize our production lines, So we only produce the following three most popular and best matching models to our hammer shredder line.
If you want a bigger and more comprehensive model, you can also contact us, as a nearly 40 years manufacturer of recycling machine,we always have the best partner in China for this eddy current separator.

Model                                      Feeding Conveyor parameter Power(kW) Overall dimension
Width Lenght Feeding particles size Capacity(m3/h)
ZZS-500 500 1500 ≥1mm 6 7 4600x1760x1700
ZZS-800 810 1500 ≥1mm 20 7 4600x2060x1700
ZZS-1000 1015 1500 ≥1mm 25 7 4600x2260x1700

4 What’s the Scope of Application to Eddy Current Separator?

1 Scrap shredding plant – sorting non-ferrous metals from scrap shredding materials.

2 Automobile dismantling and crushing plant – sorting non-ferrous metals from crushed materials.

3 Electronic circuit board recycling plant – recovery of non-ferrous metals from scrap electronic circuit boards.

4 Glass recycling industry – removal of aluminum bottle caps and aluminum or copper alloy parts from broken glass materials.

Domestic waste pre-sorting treatment – sorting aluminum can bottle caps and copper-aluminum alloy parts from domestic waste.

6 Recycling treatment of domestic waste powder slag – sorting non-ferrous metal particles from domestic waste powder slag.

7 Waste paper recycling industry – sorting of non-ferrous metals from paper residues.

8 Others – other non-ferrous metal fragments are separated from non-metallic substances.

You can check the eddy current separator works from 1:46 to the end.

5 What’s the Technical Features of Eddy Current Separator

1 The eddy current Using eccentric pole technology. The change of the magnetic field is concentrated in the concentrated force area of the material, and the sorting effect is the best.
2 The eccentric magnetic level is adjustable, and the position of the concentrated force area of the material can be adjusted according to the different characteristics of the material. Then the eddy current separator will achieve the best sorting effect accordingly.

3 Eccentric magnetism and technology are concentrated in a fixed area due to the location of the magnetic field. It can effectively prevent the magnetic material from scratching the belt caused by the rotation of the drum. Eventually, the roller skin is scratched and the equipment cannot be used.
4 50-100 models type eddy current separator-The motor power of the high-frequency sorting rollers is 4kw. Thus it’s a Power saving and reliable equipment.
5 The centralized control interface can be reserved according to user, then you can realize remote operation.

Eddy Current Separator

operating instructions.

1 When installing the eddy current equipment platform, ensure that it is stable and level, so as to avoid equipment offset damage and safety accidents.

2 Before start the eddy current running, check whether the screw fasteners are loose. Eddy current separator is a high-speed running machine, it is recommended to check the main roller fasteners and main stick support frequently as fasteners.

3 If abnormal conditions are found during operation o f your eddy current separator, such as smoke and odor, abnormal working current and voltage, and sudden increase in equipment sound, it should be stopped immediately for investigation.

4 When the belt is found damaged during use, it should be replaced or repaired in time.

5 Check the operation of the belt every shift, if there is any deviation, it should be adjusted in time

6 Regular dust removal when the eddy current using for a period, use strong wind or brush to remove the surface of the equipment, especially the dust iron powder inside the belt.

7 Check the cables regularly for damage. Check whether the terminal connecting wire has poor contact, etc., so as to avoid circuit failure.

8 Before and after the eddy current is turned on, pay attention to whether there are magnetic conductive tools around and above it. Any maintenance in operation is prohibited during machine running.

9 It is forbidden to enter a large amount of magnetic substances into the eddy current separator. If it is necessary,the operator need to stop the machine and change the Last iron removing processing.

10 The eddy current main roller is equipped with an automatic oiler, which should be checked every week or every shift. If it is found that there is no oil filling phenomenon, it should be replaced in time or changed to manual oil filling. The oiler rotating pointer can only be rotated clockwise under any circumstances, and counterclockwise rotation will cause damage to the oiler.

11 Please abide by the above operating regulations, and it is strictly forbidden to overload to the eddy current seperator.

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