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Hammer Mill Crusher

Hammer Mill Crusher Will Rocket your Recycling Business.

For nearly 40 years manufacturers, Huihe Machine will provide you a quality, reliable and long time using hammer mill crusher.

you will get professional on-site service and maintenance when you using our hammer mill crusher because we have Super experience in the recycling machine experience.You will get Free testing before buying our hammer mill crusher and free besting after buying our hammer mill crusher.

Our professional after-sale service to support your business for your full machine running life and we provide you all the wearing parts

Send your requirements now for getting a good offer

Horizontal Hammer Mill Crusher

The machine designed by Horizontal structure inside,we can totally guarantee the output size to ensure your expected density.

Dust Collector

This machine designed by vertical shaft structure,it’s a screen-free design. Suitable for all the hard metals such as faucet,the motor rotor and stator/amateurs.Etc

metal recycling machine

For Solve And Separation All Your Different Type Scrap Metals Such As Car Shell, Aluminum Profiles, Blaed UBC , Copper Tube, Etc

Horizontal Hammer Mill Shredder

Almost Suit for All Different Scrap Metal,The Output Size We Can Customized For You.

Vertical Hammer Mill Shredder

This  Vertical Hammer Mill Shredder Generally Need A Pre-Shredder Because The Smaller Feeding Mouth.The biggest Type We Provide is 350Kw Right Now.

drum magnetic separator

Different Guss Magnetic Separator  For Your Metal Recycling Production Line.We Also Provide The Single Separator For Your Choosing.

Electric Motor Recycling Machine

For The Smaller Stator And Rotor Crushing,We Also Provide The Whole Line Separating System Until You Get Clean Aluminum Clean Copper.

Radiator Recycling Machine

We Provide You Different Solution On Your Different Copper Radiator (Industrial Radiator/Home Radiator) Or Radiator From Car. Capacity From 500kg per hour to 4500kg per hour.

Cable Granulator

Electric Cable Wire, Copper Cable, Communication Cable, We Share You Different Solutions,You will get Clean Copper Or Plastic Finally With 400kgph to 2000kgph.

Your Premier Manufacturer of Hammer Mill Crusher

As the Your Premier Manufacturer of Hammer Mill Crusher manufacturer based in the middle of China, we can provide you different solutions according to your feeding raw material.

Your material can be scrap metal such as car shells, paint drums, tin cans, roof sheets, aluminum profiles. Etc.

No matter which type of your material, we will provide you the best proposal within 8 hours, all of our staff will serve you for any inquiry.

We not only have the hammer mill crusher, but we also have a pre-shredder, sorting machine for your scrap metal recycling.

Learn more about our Huihe hammer mill crusher, and welcome your inquiry for your feeding applications.

What We Also Provide To Match Hammer Mill Crusher

Hammermill crusher- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In the case of grinding and crushing large materials in bulk, the process is extremely complex.

This is where the Hammer mill crusher becomes useful for crushing metal objects into finer and smaller pieces,then easy for your transportation and melting.

Here i  have compiled an ultimate FAQ guide that will provide you with all the information and answers you need for your coming recycling business.

Let’s begin exploring it.

raw material for hammer mill crusher

What is a Hammer Mill Crusher and Hammer Mill Metal Crusher?

A hammer mill crusher is a metal crusher,   with a thickness of less than 6mm. It disintegrates and scatters all kinds of scrap metal with the help of a hammer.

Moreover, the nature of the hammer mill crusher is to smash a surface with a striking force that could fracture the materials into smaller sizes.

With the continuous evolution, the hammer mill crushers have turned into versatile machines. They are widely used for lightweight metals.

Typically, the hammer mill crushers are cast with solid manganese or metallurgies depending on the needs and type of the job.

It employs energy and force that converts a material which is dependent on the following criteria:

  • Size, type, and the number of hammers.
  • Speed of the rotor.
  • Settings of the grinding plate.
  • Openings that could penetrate screens and grate bars.

Hammer Mill Crusher

Hammermill metal crusher is a special type of machine that adopts the principle of hammer mill crusher.

It specializes in crushing the metal into regular small sizes of high-density materials preparing them for better screening and transporting systems.

Thus, these hammer mill metal crushers produce materials with more precision and durability.

Moreover, the hammer mill metal crushers are manufactured under the strict guidance of shear, impact, and grinding theories for the completion of the task efficiently.

The hammer mill metal crushers are designed for the degradation of a metal material such as scrap metal, ring pull can, copper aluminum, circuit board, and so on.

Thereby, hammer mill metal crushers are involved in the recycling of all kinds of metals and improve the speed of their reprocessing.

Without a doubt, these crushers are the ideal choice for the metal resourcing and steel industry.

What we refer to below is a Hammermill metal crusher.

Do You know The Content Part of Hammer Mill Crusher?

Generally, the parts of the hammer mill crusher are:

  • Hammer Chamber

It is the chamber to introduce the material in the mill for grinding and crushing.

  • Rotor

A rotor consists of a series of discs mounted horizontally with the shaft.

  • Hammer

Hanging hammers are suspended with rods running parallel to the rotor and shaft.

Hammers perform the main function of crushing and grinding.

  • Screen

Perforated screens are incorporated at the bottom to filter out the required sizes of the particles.

  • Discharge port

The filtered particles drop down once it in certain screen size.

In the discharge port of the hammer mill crusher, generally, there is a conveyor to catch all types of material. through the conveyor to send crushed material to the next processing.

Content Of hammer mill crusher

How Does a Hammer Mill Crusher Work?

Hammermill crusher works with a speedy rotation of the high-impact hammer. It involves the following steps:

  • FeedingOf Raw Material

The primary processing is feeding all of your scrap metal into the hammer mill crusher through the belt conveyor, Then through the feeding port to pass the feeding material to the  inner wall of the casing hammer disk.

  • Crushing

Then, the subject is proceeded for further crushing into the second plate crushing.

  • The Action Of Hammers

A continuous crushing procedure of crushing and grinding is carried out by the hammers to obtain the desired material size.

  • Discharge

Lastly, the qualified sizes of the target material are discharged from the grating section.

Besides, the larger particles left in the grinder are again subjected to crushing unless the desired sizes are obtained.

Consequently, to avoid the clogging in the comb of the required sizes of the materials in the hammer mill crusher the moisture content is maintained.

Ideally, the moisture content is not more than 10% so that the distorted sizes must not obstruct the escaping channel.

How the hammer mill crusher works

What is the Basic Principle of a Hammer Mill Crusher?

The basic principle of a hammer mill crusher is to aggregate and crush the materials into smaller parts.

Moreover, the process is carried out through a series of crushing events to obtain the required sizes of the particles.

Usually, four different types of hammers act on the basic principle depending on the material placed in the inflexible metal case.

Target substance is struck in the mill between the rectangular bits that move into the inside chamber.

Besides, these swinging hammers move at high precision speed causing the breakage of the subjected materials.

The resultant material produced is decreased in size by the impact.

Normally, the Hammer Mill Crusher is widely utilized in grinding mills for steel scrap, wasting aluminum products, and motor vehicle scrapings,and more.

Hammer Mill Crusher Inside

4 What are the Types of Hammer Mill Crusher?

There are various types of hammer mill crushers depending on the size, productivity, and screens used.

According to the shape of the screen used, the hammer mill crushers are divided into the following types:

  • Horizontal Hammer Mill Crusher with Screen

This type of hammer mill crusher contains a horizontal rotating shaft or drum inside the machine.

This Hammers inside the machine rotate to crush the scrap material.

It has a toothed plate on the upper side; thus, all materials are grinded through the tangent line of the crusher part.

This hammer mill crusher is pretty convenient to use. Not only this, but it is also cost-effective for all types of industries.

  • Vertical Hammer Mill Crusher without Screen

Here is another type of hammer mill crusher which is also known as a vertical densifier

All materials are released after proper crushing under the action of gravity.

This sub-type of the hammer mill crusher is based on the working direction of the rotor, when feeding material turn into the certain size, it will be dropped from the bottom of crusher. Due to this vertical hammer mill crusher doesn’t have a screen, thus the output material size decide by the hammer quantity, the rotation speed and the hammer size .

This type hammer mill crusher we designed a holes on the hammer, thus you can lock the hammers when you want to get the big material. When you need a smaller material, then you can release all type hammers in.

Contact me to know more about this vertical hammer mill crusher .

Hammer Mill CrusherVertical hammer mill crusher

Horizontal hammer mill crusher                               Vertical hammer mill crusher

What is the Production Capacity of Hammer Mill Crusher?

The production capacity of the hammer mill crusher depends on the type and amount of material to be crushed.

Following are the production capacities of some of them:

  • The production capacity of a hammer mill crusher is about 5-40Ton Per Hour, this part is mainly for different scrap metals such as car shell, car body, aluminum, profiles. And this one mainly refers to the horizontal type hammer mill crusher.
  • The production capacity of other types of hammer mill crushers is 500kg per hour to 8000kg per hour, this one is mainly suit for the radiator, baled UBC, motor,Etc.

Above 2 type crusher capacity is depend on Customer preference, As well as the customer’s type of feeding material.

You can send me your specific feeding material, we will recommend the most suitable hammer mill crusher according to your feed.

Model Feeding size(mm) Motor power(kw) Capacity(t/h)
SC8010 1000 55 1-1.5
SC1280 1200 110 2-3
SC1210 1200 160 3-5
SC1680 1600 200 4-6
SC1690 1600 315 5-8
SC1614 1600 400 6-9
SC600 1600 450 8-12
SC800 1800 600 15-20
SC1000 2200 750 20-25
SC1200 2200 900 25-30

And More…,

You can send me an inquiry to info@steelshredder.com, our sales engineer team will contact you within 8hours, and please also share the following information when you send an inquiry:

1 what’s your exactly feeding material? It can be in different types of feeding material

2 what’s the capacity you are looking for per hour?

3 Output size required?

Message us your desired designs and product requirements!

Output Processing of Hammer mill crusher


-What Is Your Hammer Mill Crusher Production Line Include:

1 feeding conveyor, whatever you need is metal Metal feeding conveyor, Rubber feeding conveyor, We can provide you with the most perfect conveying system.

2 The key machine-Hammer mill crusher, We provide power from 55 kW to 2000 kW.

3 Discharge conveyor, In general, the discharge conveyor is completely sealed, This is to prevent the dust from the hammer mill crusher.

4 Dust removal equipment-There will be a lot of dust in the process of crushing by the hammer mill crusher, and our dust collector will remove the dust in your hammer mill crusher.

5 Vibrating feeder-Effectively and evenly send the crushed materials from your hammer mill crusher to the magnetic separation drum.

6 Magnetic separation drum-It can effectively separate iron and other garbage from your crushed material from hammer mill crusher, then you will get clean iron

7 output conveyor-for purity iron and mixing scrap metal.

Production line of Hammer Mill Crusher

What is The Features of Your Hammer Mill Crusher

Huihe hammer mill crusher is a popular choice when it comes to reducing your waste material size.

For our hammer mill crusher,

1 it comes with hydraulic pump system, thus when you make the maintenance and change the wear parts, it saves you lots labor and cost, this is easy to maintenance.

2 we adopt High Mn steel material, we can guarantee you the working life of the hammers-this is long working life and save your money.

3 All the production lines with the magnetic drums to remove your impurity material, then it can provide you clean excellent end-products- this is to guarantee you can get high price from smelting factory, or you can get high smelting ratio when you smelting.

For more features of our hammer mill crusher, click to contact me from now.


What Is The Certificate Of Hammer Mill Crusher? 

So far, we have CE ISO,We welcome all the third parties to check us, to learn from us, and to advertise for us.


Is Your Hammer Mill Crusher Durable?

Yes, we provide you amazing type of hammer mill crusher for your business. Our whole production line will have strict quality control, meanwhile,our QC has worked for 9 years in our factory, he knows how to operate and how to check all the parts for your hammer mill crusher.

The details checking as below:

1 1Feeding conveyor- to check if the material leak from the side, the speed, the motor and bearing temperature, the angles.

2 hammer mill crusher-to check bearing temperature, hammers material, lining plate material, the fixing screw tighten situation, the distance between the bearing and cover, the key spindle distance with the hammer. More……

3 Magnetic drum separator- mainly check the magnetic gauss, to see if that’s strong to remove the iron first.

More testing, welcome your call or inquiry.

Durable hammer mill crusher

What is the Particle Size From Hammer Mill Crusher?

The particle size of a hammer mill crusher ranges from 5mm-250mm.

Generally, a hammer mill crush is used to crush the material which thickness less than 6mm and recycling it.

Because there is a screen design at the bottom of the hammer mill crusher, The size of the Internet can be customized.The size of the screen usually ranges from 5mm to 250mm. According to customer feedback, the 50 mm casualty is the most commonly used in a smelters recycling yard, You can choose any size you want. And of course, the output size has a great impact on the capacity, such as a 315kw motor, the output size you choose 50mm, the capacity around 5ton per hour, however, if you choose a 100mm output size, then the capacity will be 7-8ton per hour.

In other words, the smaller the screen size you choose, the raw material will stay a long time in the crushing chamber, the capacity will be lower.

The bigger screen you choose, raw material will stay a short time in the crushing chamber, the capacity will be higher.

output from hammer mill crusher

 Where to Find Hammer Mill Crusher?

China is one of the leading producers of Hammer Mill Crusher in the world due to its continuous production of high-quality materials at reasonable rates.

China consists of several magnificent hammer mill crusher manufacturers that are specialized in constructing customized, reliable, and durable hammer mill crushers.

One of the famous manufacturers of hammer mill crushers in China is Huihe. They are known for manufacturing high-quality and efficient machinery.

With an experience of about 36 years, the company owns a complete support system to satisfy the customer experiences.

Without a doubt, the major goal of the company is to make sure to deliver the right quality hammer mill crusher to the client.

Furthermore, the company carries out the final tests before sending the product and it rests assured to deliver the machine on time.

Certainly, the maintenance of quality and client satisfaction is their main purpose.

raw material for hammer mill crusherv

Price Range Of Your Hammer Mill Crusher?

We have nearly 30 different crusher models for you to choose from, According to your different capacity and design requirements, The price range is from $15000 to $1 million. When we receive your inquiry, we will give you a comprehensive quotation.

The hammer mill crusher prices are different depending on the type of the hammer mill crusher and its quality.

Many manufacturers offer different discount rates as well as different rates for customized products.

The price range of some types of hammer mill crusher types are as follows:

  • The price of the small hammer mill crusher ranges from US $15000.00 to the US $ 98975.00 per set.
  • The Medium hammer mill crusher costs US$100,000.00 to US $897000.00 per set/complete production line.

You can contact me for your coming recycling business.

Or send me inquiry to info@steelshredder.com, our sales engineer team will contact you within 8hours , and please also share the following information when you send inquiry:

According to the above questions, we will give you a matching equipment.

Huihe helps you save time, money, and headaches.


Do You Provide After-Sales Service For Hammer Mill Crushers?

Yes, we provide after-sales services for hammer mill crushers.

Huihe is one of those companies in China that provides genuine and authentic warranty on its products.

A warranty claim is provided to the buyers that allow the repairing and replacement of the part in case of malfunctioning.

The technical staff elaborates the details and other important specifications to the customers to make sure they can fully benefit from the equipment.

Consequently, we provide discounts on certain repairing services to protect our customers from the burden of extra payments.

Our after-sales services reinforce the client to buy from our company and building trust relationships with them.

Pre shredder installation

Who’s the best manufacturer of Hammer Mill Crusher Online?

Several manufacturers are operating as the best manufacturers of Hammer Mill Crusher Online but the best supplier amongst them is Huihe.

To serve their customers, they have been developing high-quality hammer mill crushers over the past few years.

Furthermore, the company is manufacturing various types of hammer mill crushers such as:

  • LHS Hammer Mill Shredder.
  • Metal Shredder.
  • Scrap Metal Baler.
  • Briquette Press.
  • Metal Alligator Shear And So On.

In addition to the production of good quality machines, the company owns a responsibility to maintain the ecological factors to protect our environment.

Delivery of hammer mill crusher

How to order Hammer Mill Crusher from China?

To order the Hammer mill crusher from China you need to follow the steps stated below:

  • Selection Of Machines:

Begin by searching for the China machinery you will need. You should make a list of machines and products you are interested in purchasing.

  • Search Manufacturer:

Once you have finalized the list of products, start searching for qualified manufacturers. You must select those who have good ratings and authentic reviews.

  • Contact The Supplier:

Then, contact the supplier to make them understand your requirements in detail. Negotiate with the rates and make a deal with them.

  • Ask For TheMachine Sample:

Before placing an order you can ask the suppliers to send you some samples first then place the order in bulk.

It is helpful to analyze other factors as well such as the time required for the delivery, extra charges on shipment, and durability of the product.

  • Go Through Legal Matters

It is also important to go through the legal laws and regulations beforehand to avoid difficulties in the future.

  • Place The Order Of Required Machinery

Once you’re done with all the matters, place an order. Make sure to keep a file to maintain the records.

Hope above all can help you to find a good hammer mill crusher for your coming recycling business or your big recycling yard. Any more needed, Send us your inquiry now!


A Small Knowledge for you.

Here is a Comparison Between Hammer Mill vs Impact Crusher for Your Reference.

The difference between hammer mills and impact crushers are as follows:

  • Hardness Of The Material:

The material used in the impact crusher is of medium hardness along with the moisture content while hammer mills use medium harness material with no moisture.

  • Crushing Cavities:

The impact crusher consists of large crushing cavities while the hammer mills have small crushing cavities with good sealing.

  • TheDirection Of The Plates:

In impact crushers, the plates move from bottom to top for crushing while in hammer mills the material is crushed in the direction in which it falls.

  • Wearing Parts:

Impact crusher uses the wear of the plate facing the material but in hammer mills, wear occurs from all the sides i.e., front, back, up, and other sides.

  • Rotor Links:

Rotor and plate hammer are strongly connected in the impact crusher. In hammer mills, the head of the hammer crushes material separately.

Thus when you choose a metal hammer mill crusher, you must know which type of machine is the hammer mill crusher, which type is the impact crusher.then choose a good machine from China Manufacturer.

Huihe, as a new brand of ZZS, with nearly 40 years experience on machine manufacturing, we always can share you the best solutions on your coming metal recycling business. Contact us for your coming hammer mill crusher orders.



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