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Hammer mill Shredder

Hammer Mill Shredder

Huihe-zzs, China, we can offer a variety of hammer mill shredders. This type of hammermill shredder will allow you to shred and recycle a wide range of materials. You can feed it with different scrap metals like car shells, roof plates, or aluminum profiles, as well as white applications.

Huihe can provide the right hammermill shredder to fit your needs, whatever you need the hammer mill shredder for yourself using, or for your customer using, we always can find a good balance between you and your customer and with our factory, Huihe Can always satisfy your different needs, we have more than 25 types of hammer mill shredder for your choosing.

We believe we are the best choice of all hammer mill shredder manufacturers.

Steel Shredder

Steel Shredder type from 22+22kw to 132+132kw, you can choose any type depend on your power situation.

Car Shredder

The feeding chamber size is 2500mm, the motor is 135+135kw, every 90S’ to recycle one of your waste cars.

Metal Shredder

Metal shredder for shredding all your type scrap metal include iron car, aluminum, pop cans, roof tile steel.Etc

Pre Shredder

One of our Pre-shredder with 75+75kw motor, model is DS46120, capacity is 5ton per hour for your scrap metal.

Hammer Mill Shredder

One of our middle type hammer mill shredder, it’s with 475kw motor and coupling system is matched for you.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

This is a vertical type aluminum recycling machine from Huihe Machine, we also provide horizontal type for your recycling business.

Radiator Recycling machine

The capacity we provide you from 500kg per hour to 4500kg per hour, and the feeding radiator can be smaller one or in 5m length

metal chip shredder

From metal chip shredder to the hammer mill crushing , to the final briquettting, we provide you the full line solutions.

Aluminum Can Recycling Machine

This Aluminum Can Recycling Machine running in our China List company for 2 years.Capacity 8-10tph.

Hammer mill Shredder Can Feed All Your Different Material

We manufacture hammer mill shredders through innovation. Our advanced technology and state-of-the-art production facilities allow us to produce superior quality hammer mill shredders. Huihe also has expert engineers that focus on the design and production of your recycling business.

Huihe has nearly 40years of experience in mechanical production, development, and marketing. This includes all different hammer mill shredders, cone crusher,double shaft shredder, even the sand shredder line. in nearly 20 years, we only focus on the scrap metal recycling machine, thus we are the leading status in China.

So far, we have export our machines to more than 600 clients around the world. Our experienced design team is well-versed in the production of any type hammer mill shredder. We can meet your requirements.

Stay with huihe, stay safety.

Relevant Metal Recycling Line and Auxiliary Equipment

  • Feeding Conveyor

    We mainly have three types of conveyor belts for your choose, including rubber conveyor belt, chain conveyor belt, and PVC conveyor belt.

  • Aluminum Shredder

    The waste aluminum recycling machine is now installed in a listed company in our city.  and the production capacity is 7-8t per hour.If you need such equipment, please contact me.

  • Magnetic Drum

    The magnetic drum is used for separating all your mixing magnetic materials and non-magnetic material. The normal guss for this type drum is 3000guss, you can show me your details guss needed, as we can do the customized type.

  • Horizontal Hammer Mill Shredder

    A 450kw Motor Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Production Line As Above, We Matched A Direct Coupler System On This Production Line, This equipment production line we can provide you with customized supporting solutions.

Hammer Mill Shredder – The Ultimate Guide

Aggregating bulk materials in industries is a pretty time-consuming and complicated task.

Not only this, reducing the size and shredding the large materials into small compartments is also not possible without a hammermill shredder.

This is the reason many industries have added hammer mill shredders to their essentials.

But the FAQ guide below about hammer mill shredders contains some helpful questions to solve your queries.

Let’s dive in to explore what’s ahead.

Output from Hammer mill Shredder

1. What Is A Hammer Mill Shredder?

A hammermill shredder is a particular type of crusher; it’s used to shred or crush significant materials into minor pieces.

Hammer mill Shredder

2. What Are The Uses Of Hammer Mill Shredder?

The prominent uses of hammer mill shredder are listed as under:

  • They are used in industries to scrap metal, including invalid cars in small pieces
  • The crap of automobiles is also done with the help of hammer mill shredders
  • Hammermill shredders are also used to make numerous equal size distributions of an object
  • They are also used for primary, secondary, and tertiary grinding of an instrument or an object
  • It divides the car components into small components ranging up to 600*600mm
  • Hammermill shredder is used to compress the tinplate, home appliances, bikes
  • It is used to compress truck fences and empty cans

3. What Are The Main Components Of A Hammer Mill Shredder?

The main components of a hammer mill shredder are listed as under:

  • Shredding Chamber

It is the main structure of the hammermill shredder where all the other parts of this helpful equipment are integrated.

It holds all the other components in one place, thus making the hammermill shredder perform better.
Shredding Chamber of hammermill shredder

  • Rotating Shaft

Inside the steel drum, an adjusted horizontal or vertical rotating shaft contains the mounted hammers.

It moves continuously with a uniform speed to crush the materials into equal sizes.

Almost all the hammers mounted on the rotating shaft are free to move in all directions, thereby efficiently crushing the materials in equal proportions.

  • Central Rotor

It is also one of the essential components of the hammer mill shredder that spun at high speed on the inner side of the central rotor.

The central rotor is responsible for distributing the material evenly over the surface of the hammermill shredder.

  • Hammer Rotor

In addition to all these parts, hammer bars are also an essential part of the hammermill shredder, impacting the materials.

All materials are shredded and impacted on the hammer bars while inspected through the screens to ensure their equal shredding.

Hammer Rotor of hammermill shredder

4. How Does Hammer Mill Shredder Work?

The primary working principle of the hammer mill shredder is related to the fact that all materials are crushed or shattered when the impact is applied.

The working of the hammer mill shredder consists of the following steps:

  • Grinding

The first step in the working of a hammer mill shredder is grinding.

The shredding material is fed into the grinding chamber of the hammermill shredder.

The feed chute does this by using the concept of gravity.

  • Ganged Hammers

When the material is slightly crushed in the grinding chamber, it is then transferred into the ganged hammers, where they are attached to a shaft.

This shaft rotates at the highest speed in the mill chamber to further reduce the size of the ground material.

  • Collisions

The grinding process doesn’t end here, but the material is kept on grinding by recurrent collisions against the grinding chamber walls.

The particles are reduced in size by the continuous movement of the particles with a prominent impact.

  • Passing Through Perforated Screens

After profound grinding of the material, it is then sent into the bar grates, where there is an opening that retains the coarse material.

The coarse material in the bar grates undergoes further grinding, whereas the crushed or shredded material is passed as the final product.

5. What Are The Types Of Hammer Mill Shredder?

Some of the main types of hammer mill shredders are given as under:

  • Horizontal Hammer Mill Shredder

This type of hammer mill shredder contains a horizontal rotating shaft or drum.

This horizontal shaft helps to crush the scrap material.

It has a toothed plate on the upper side; thus, all materials are grinded through the tangent line of the crusher part.

This hammer mill shredder is pretty convenient to use. Not only this, but it is also cost-effective for all types of industries.

Horizontal Hammer Mill Shredder

Here is another type of hammer mill shredder which is also known as a vertical hammer mill shredder.

It contains an integrated shaft positioned vertically, but all the screens and hammers are adjusted in a horizontal direction.

All materials are released after proper crushing under the action of gravity.

This subtype of the hammer mill shredder is based on the working direction of the rotor, either a clockwise direction or counterclockwise direction.

Vertical Hammer Mill Shredder

6. What Are The Certifications That A Hammer Mill Shredder Manufacturer Must Have?

The primary certifications that a hammer mill shredder manufacturer are given as under:

  • CE Certification(It is one of the most important certificates that a hammer mill shredder must contain to determine the EU safety requirements.)
  • ISO Certification(This certificate is required for determining the quality management of the construction process at the manufacturing site.)
  • BV Certification
  • SGS Certification


7. How To Check The Quality Of A Hammer Mill Shredder?

You can check the quality of a hammer mill shredder. You can follow the given steps:

  • Check the Proper Working

The working of the hammer mill shredder is one of the most critical factors for determining the quality of the hammer mill shredders.

Make sure that the hammermill shredder is working properly.

The rotor of the shredder should smoothly move in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction depending on the type of the shredder.

  • Quality of Materials

The quality and the type of materials play the leading role in impacting the quality of the hammer mill shredder.

Thus never compromise on the quality and the grade of stainless steel used in constructing the hammermill shredder device.

  • Quality Standards

The fulfillment of all quality standards and certification determines the quality and lifetime of the hammer mill shredder.

Don’t forget to check whether the hammermill shredder is manufactured under ISO, CE, SGS, and BV certifications or not.

  • Availability of Worn Out Parts

The presence of damaged or worn-out parts in the hammer mill shredder significantly decreases the quality.

Thus, make sure about the absence of all types of damaged or non-functional parts in the hammermill shredder.

7. Do Hammer Mill Shredder Manufacturers Offer Customizations?

As a  of hammer mill shredders manufacturer. More than just our hammer shredders are custom made, We can also customize according to the size of your workshop.

Huihe is considered one of the leading hammermill shredder manufacturers in China since we have many products to offer its customers.

It doesn’t matter whether you want different sizes, colors, or types of hammer mill shredder; you can call us to manufacture the desired product for you.

We will deliver the customized product in less than the estimated time.

Processing of hammermill shredder

8. What Other Services Do Hammer Mill Shredder Suppliers Offer?

Some of the additional services that hammer mill shredder suppliers in addition to their products are listed as under:

  • One-to-One Customer Service

Besides producing the highest quality hammermill shredders, the suppliers provide regular production reports to the customers during the manufacturing process.

  • Customization Services

The manufacturer also customizes the product according to the demand of the customers.

The production line of the customized line products is also available at the hammermill shredder manufacturers.

  • After-Sale Services

There is no need for you to worry about installing or repairing the hammermill shredder.

The efficient suppliers in China provide the best after-sale services to customers around the world.

9. What is the keypoint to get a right hammermill shredder?

  • Think of the Material to be Processed
  • Working Capacity Per Year.
  • Output Size Needed
  • Local Voltage

Hammer Mill Shredder Line (2)

Above is the general information of the hammermill shredder,if you want to know more, we welcome your contact as below:

Email: info@steelshredder.com  +86-155-15540620

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