Hammermill Shredder Handle a Wide Range of Materials

With the current situation of decreased mineral resources, the status of scrap metal as an economically important secondary source of recycled metal has gradually improved, as it has become one of the most important industries in the secondary recycled metal industry as a whole.

Currently, there are different sources of waste scrap metal, namely scrap steel, iron, iron sheets, aluminum, home appliances, color steel tiles, end-of-life cars, paint buckets, etc. Metal scraps have been growing over the past century and can be seen every day in our everyday lives, including scrap steel, iron, iron sheets, and aluminum.


Scrap metal like these that cannot be recycled not only poses a serious problem in terms of resource waste but also pose a huge problem in terms of environmental pollution.

Now the scrap metal will be unified purchasing, sorting, shredding, dust removal, from which to obtain reusable, valuable metal, the process of these scrap metal through the hammermill shredder beaten and broken into metal particles, after those processing, it will send to the furnace for recycling.Hammermill Shredder plays an indispensable role in the recycling business, It has achieved the effect of using scrap metal resources again.The content of scrap metal material determines the hammer mill shredder model, different material content , the size and the hardness ,those plays a vital role in choosing different types of hammermill shredder.

Hammermill Shredder

output from hammermill shredder
output from hammermill shredder

So in order to send the end scrap metal directly to the smelting furnace, what equipment do we need ?
1 Feeding Conveyor-In order to send your waste scrap metal into hammermill shredder

2 Hammermill Shredder-In order to break the incoming material.

3 Output Conveyor-For conveying crushed materials.

4 Magnetic Conveyor-In order to pick out the magnetic materials, the remaining non-magnetic materials are garbage(Non-ferrous).

5 Dust collector-In the process of crushing, dust will be generated, and he is to collect dust.

If you have some relatively large materials, such as cars, you can also use it with our dual-shaft shredder. The main function of the dual-shaft shredder is to reduce the bulk size,you can check this machine here.

There are many models of hammermill shredder produced by ZZS-Huihe Company, there are small, medium and type for customers to choose.
The smaller models are SC6050, SC7080, SC8010, it used to crush cans, paint buckets, rotors, bottle caps, hard disks, etc.
The medium models are SC1210, SC1280,SC1214,SC1680,SC1690, It’s used to crush paint buckets, bicycles, colour steel tiles, light materials, tin, steel Motorbikes, electric vehicles, tricycles, metal scraps, etc.

The type models are SCL600,SCL750,SCL900 hammermill shredder used to crush scrap steel, scrap iron, end-of-life cars, engines, etc.

Because of the different models, the production capacity will also be different. Our company will also recommend you Different models Hammer mill shredder accordingly.

ZZS-Huihe in these years of development, and constantly a variety of models of hammermill shredder for all recycler.it’s like below:

Aluminum Shredder 

Radiator Shredder 

Motor Shredder 

MSW Shredder

Metal Chip Shredder

Double Shaft Shredder 

Single Shaft Shredder

If you need to purchase any of the above recycling shredders, We will be your best choice from China. Just contact from  now on for your coming new recycling business!
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