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Waste Hardware And Related Water Heating Fittings Parts Shredding And Sorting System: a Green Transformation From Waste To Treasure.


With the acceleration of urbanization and the booming construction industry, the amount of Waste hardware and related water heating fittings parts is fast increasing. If these waste material are not properly handled, it will not only cause a huge waste of resources, but also cause serious pollution to the environment.

Raw Material feed to Hardware Shredder

The main sources of Waste hardware and related water heating fittings parts mainly come from multiple things, including the following:

1 Replacement and renovation of construction projects: In construction projects,heating systems often need to be repaired, replaced or upgraded. In these processes, old heating pipes such as water pipes, heating pipes, faucets, valves, etc. will be replaced to form waste plumbing pipes.

2 Home decoration and maintenance: With the improvement of people’s living standards, the frequency of home decoration and maintenance is also increasing. During the decoration or maintenance process, some old or damaged plumbing pipes will be replaced to form waste plumbing pipes.

3 Industrial and commercial facility maintenance: Plumbing systems are also essential in industrial and commercial facilities. Due to long-term use or aging of equipment, plumbing pipes in these facilities may be damaged or need to be replaced, resulting in waste plumbing pipes.

Material to Hardware Shredder

Therefore, it is of great significance to recycle and treat waste plumbing pipes and fittings reasonably. By recycling and reusing waste plumbing pipes and fittings, we can reduce resource waste and production costs, and also help protect the environment and achieve sustainable development.

The Waste hardware and related water heating fittings crushing and sorting system is an efficient and environmentally friendly waste treatment production line. As the manufacturer of such hardware recycling equipment, we provide the this system which can finely process the Waste hardware and related water heating fittings.

Hardware Shredder

through crushing and sorting processes. First, the large waste is crushed into small pieces by crusher or shredding machine to facilitate subsequent sorting. Then, advanced sorting technologies such as magnetic sorting and eddy current sorting are used to effectively separate materials such as metals and plastics.

The full Waste hardware and related water heating fittings is include the following equipment:

1 Shredding system-shredding the material into small pieces and easy for the final processing sorting.

2 vibration screen system-to screen the material into different   size,thus easy for next processing.

3 Magnetic System- to remove the iron among the non-ferrous material.

4 Eddy Current system-the effect of separating iron, non-ferrous metals, and other materials is achieved.

Magnetic Sysytem

The process of recycling Waste hardware and related water heating fittings not only reduces the amount of waste, but also lays the foundation for the reuse of resources.

– The separated metal materials can be recycled and made into hardware products again;

-while non-metallic materials such as plastics can be used as renewable resources to manufacture other products.

In this way, the Waste hardware and related water heating fittings crushing and sorting system not only solves the problem of waste disposal, but also provides strong support for the recycling of resources.

Hardware Shredder

The hardware and plumbing parts crushing and sorting system not only has economic benefits, but also has far-reaching social significance. It conforms to the development concept of green, recycling and low carbon, and is an important measure to promote sustainable development.

As a supplier of hardware shredders, we are always ready to provide you with good recycling solutions for your waste raw material, and you are always welcome to contact us for any recycling equipment.
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