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Heavy Duty Industrial Shredder works for all kindly of your waste material such as scrap metal car, the white goods, the tyre or wood.

Heavy Duty Industrial Shredder

Heavy Duty Industrial Shredder

Count on Huihe if you need a Heavy Duty Industrial Shredder for your following projects or business. We’re operating in China with 37 years of total experience in the industry. We mainly specialize in the overall production, design: research, and marketing of industrial Metal Shredder.
So far, we have the shredder machine with 15+15kw,45+45kw, 75+75kw,90+90kw and 132+132kw. At the same time, our hydraulic type shredder has been officially launched in 2020.

You are welcome to contact us anytime for your next Heavy Duty Industrial Shredder order.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal to achieve. We promise never to disappoint you while you’re in partnership with Huihe!

2-Axis Industrial Metal Scrap Shredder Machine

We manufacture Rubber Machine Shredder with Conveyor Belt using high-quality raw materials. It has different models, sizes, and other specifications for your selection.

Multi Purpose Steel Industrial Metal Shredder

It is suitable for Electrical wires, domestic garbage, Waste fabrics, small barrel, metal cans, cans, and many more. It is a friendly user machine.

Industrial Recycled Twin Shaft Metal Shredder

We can guarantee durable and tough Multi-Purpose Steel Industrial Metal Shredder for your applications. It is perfect for the metal drum part and car waste part.

High-Quality Industrial Metal Shredder

Huihe can manufacture a sustainable Industrial Recycled Twin Shaft Metal Shredder. It can guarantee full certifications for your different applications.

Industrial Mini Aluminum Cans Shredder

Our high-quality industrial metal shredder is perfect for shredding and crushing different metal materials. The machine guarantees high performance.

Industrial Motorbike Shredder

We offer an industrial mini aluminum can shredder with many options for your selections. It is accessible at budget-friendly rates.

Food Waste Industrial Scrap Metal

Huihe industrial motorbike shredder is low-noise, low power consumption, suitable for a different recycling projects. It is also highly customizable to meet your different needs.

Single Shaft Metal Shredder

Suitable for rubber, plastic waste, wood, and other bulky waste. It is available in many different models for your choice.

Rubber Machine Shredder with Conveyor Belt

Our Single Shaft Industrial Metal Shredder is customizable in configurations, sizes, designs, and capacities. It is suitable for shredding different materials.

Huihe: Your Reliable Industrial Metal Shredder Machine In China

Huihe is a long-established manufacturing company in China. We are the best place to manufacture your industrial metal shredder orders. We can support your product development from design, material sourcing, mass production, packaging to shipping.

Huihe, as your leading industrial metal shredder producer, can offer numerous high-torque, low-speed industrial metal shredders for the recovery and volume reduction of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal materials. Whether you’re an established scrap business or new to the industry that needs an industrial metal shredder, Huihe is the perfect place to be.

If you wish to have your version of an industrial metal shredder, you can share your ideas, drawings, and layouts for the custom industrial metal shredders. Please send us your product requirements now!

Related Metal Recycling Production Line

  • Metal Shredder Machine Production Line

    The Production Line Include The Metal Chain Conveyor, The Pre-Pressor, The Hammer Mill, Output Conveyor, Vibration Feeder, Drum Magnetic Separator,Eddy Current Separator, This Machine Suit For All Different Scrap Metal.

  • Radiator Recycling Production Line

    This Production Line Include Pre-Shredder,Conveyor,Metal Hammer Mill,Drum Magnetic Separator,Vibration Screen,Density Separator  And Dust Collector.Capacity For This Radiator Recycling Line is Around 500kg per hour.

  • Roof Tiles Metal Crushing Line

    This Production Line Is 2T Per Hour For Roof Tiles Steel, We installed This Production Line in 2015 In Malaysia. Through Change The Screen Size, Our Users Also Crush Tin Cans.

  • Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Line

    A 315kw Motor Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Production Line As Above, We Matched A Direct Coupler System On This Production Line And We Installed This Shredder Production Line In South Africa In 2017.

Huihe Industrial Metal Shredder

Are you looking for a trusted, reliable industrial metal shredder for your business? Huihe is the perfect choice to manufacture your need. We have over 36 years in manufacturing and providing high-quality industrial metal shredders in China.

More and more clients were trusting industrial metal shredders from Huihe for the operation of scrap metal recycling. Our professional design team manufactures industrial metal shredders based on quality, detail, and longevity.

Huihe industrial metal shredder is a low-speed, high-torque shredder with a unique cutter configuration, enabling efficient operation. Our industrial metal shredder guarantees efficient operation with sparking, low noise, heat, or dust rise.

If you’re a company dealing with how to dispose of accumulated scrap metal waste, then the Huihe industrial metal shredders are the best choice. It allows the material to transform into small pieces and creating the disposal process easier.

Huihe is a reliable industrial metal shredder manufacturer and supplier in China. We stock thousands of industrial metal shredders for your selections, and all are ready to ship. It can be single-shaft shredders, double-shaft shredders, primary shredders, secondary shredders, mobile shredders, and more.

In China, most companies relying upon Huihe industrial metal shredders for different applications, including sheet metal, steel drums, construction waste, aluminum scrap, and discarded parts like motherboards, hard drives, etc.

For 36 years, Huihe has been a trusted leader in volume reduction technology, involving shredders, crushing, wastewater treatment systems, grinders, and more.

Huihe industrial metal shredders become famous for pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, minerals, foodstuffs, and many more. Without a doubt, Huihe will be your best partner for your next project.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for an industrial metal shredder inquiry. Our application engineers will be glad to answer any of your concerns. Huihe can help you solve your applications problem.

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