How to recycle your Metal Drums?

Two types of Metal drum shredders can help you!

Those who don’t recycle are just throwing away their wealth. Where do we put used paint buckets in our everyday lives? Do you have any good reuse ideas?

By doing good recycling, we will reduce pollution and turn waste into treasure. As a drum shredder recycling factory, The following two methods are available for crushing drums into small particles, and then easy for recycling and melting. let’s see the video:

From the above video(from beginning to 42seconds, it’s shown the first choice for recycling), the big drum was sent to a pre-shredder first, during this pre-shredder, you will get longer and big pieces of metal, but the paint and density no much different than the raw material.  for this shredder processing , it is just a processing of “big to small”. it generally for easy transportation , and easy for feeding to furnace for melting. This metal drum shredder is intended to reduce energy consumption, emission levels, as well as to reduce energy consumption. In the early stages of metal recycling, it is  a necessary piece of equipment.

Conclusion of the first choice of drum recycling:

It will be only the “shredding system plus the auxiliary equipment-feeding conveyor, output conveyor, vibration feeder), the output material will be the longer pieces only.

Drum Shredder

1 Drum feeding to the shredder by a feeding conveyor.(Above)

2 Drum Shredder inside(It’s the blade structure-above)

3 Output from the drum shredder(Above).

But for now, most customers prefer the second recycling method to get high-density output material(still back to the video -from 00:42seconds to the end). the material from pre-shredder, after the vibration feeder to the second hammer mill shredder, then the output material is smaller, almost into ball shape, meanwhile, in the processing of hammer shredder chamber, it will be with high temperature, thus the paint on the surface of drums will be melting directly, in this processing, almost 90% paint can be removed. and when the material drop-down from this hammer is shredded, it will go to the magnetic drum system directly to remove the impurity material.

So you will see clean and high density material finally.

Conclusion of the second recycling method:

1 Pre-shredder+hammer shredder+magnetic system, then you will high density and clean output iron.

Drum Hammer Mill

1 Hammer Shredder

Drum Hammer Mill

2 Magnetic drum system

Drum Hammer Mill

3 Output Material from Hammer shredder

So, the above are two methods from our company for all your recyclers. We recommend the methods for you who have plenty of spent paint buckets and would like to recycle them.

for small amount quantity drums, maybe you can choose to sell the drums directly to your local recycler.

By the way, due to every country with different requirements, thus you can choose the best solutions accordingly. With nearly 40 years of machine manufacturing experience, no matter which recycling methods you are choosing, we always can provide you with the best solutions and the best machines.

For more information regarding drum shredders, or any recycling problem. welcome your contact.
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