How to Select the Right Scrap Metal shredder

As a developing market with prices fluctuating all the time, does scrap metal offer a good investment opportunity? Yes. China is a highly industrialized country, with a huge amount of demand for steel.

Due to the demand for scrap metal recycling, lots of workers from the steel industrial turn to the scrap steel industry.

Steel mills will also produce scrap steel regardless of the price, so whether steel is going up or go down, the price we recycle will also change. Therefore, regardless of what happens in the market, your profits stay relatively constant. From China to abroad, the difference is on the labor cost, the electricity cost and your land site only, from the company strategy, you need to pay much attention to those matters.
Of course, it is also very necessary to choose a suitable scrap metal shredder for your recycling business,but how to select?Scrap Metal Shredder

As a very good analysis of the market and a scrap metal shredder manufacturer, we would like to give the following suggestion:

  • As a first step, customers should consider the material to be crushed when going for a scrap metal shredder. These are the main materials to be crushed as well as the amount to be processed. our scrap metal shredders are available in variety of types for handing all different material such as car shell, paint cans, drums, roof tiles steel.Etc.
  • After you’ve selected the materials you want to recycle, You have to decide how much waste material you want to recycle on a daily or monthly, or annual. As a manufacturer of scrap metal shredders, we have nearly 20 models of shredders for you to choose from.
  • What is your transformer capacity available? If you choose a model but don’t have enough transformers, it’s going to be a losing choice.
  • Feed mouth size-For example, if you want to smash color steel tiles or car shells, it is impossible for you to use a small shredder Because small shredders generally have a small feed opening.  Of course, if you must do this, we can match the pre-shredder to achieve your purpose.
  • The size of your site footprint-When we provide you with a complete solution, drawings will be attached for your reference.
  • What are your specific requirements for product discharge from scrap metal shredder?-.we generally can provide you the size from 20-200mm output screen.

The above points are very important for you to choose a suitable scrap metal shredder.
So when you choose a suitable type of scrap metal shredder, Be sure to know these points clearly.

Output Material

Our scrap metal shredder is integrated so that operations from material feeding to material discharging can be completed by one or two people per day.

In order to facilitate the crushing process, we place the scrap metal on the conveying device and let it continue to the steel shredder, As part of the shredding process, the scrap metal will be squeezed into the sieve by the hammer and friction from the liner.

You can change the size of the bottom screen and the size of the metal particles of the material hole according to their needs.

By using a magnetic drum separator or the belt magnetic separation system, the mixing metal is separated into non-ferrous and iron particles, and then separated by the magnetic drum separator, you will get clean iron here.

Steel mills prefer the metal particles crushed by scrap steel shredders to ordinary scrap steel, so we can sell our scrap steel particles at a competitive price.

Different Parts of scrap metal shredder

As a nearly 40years machine manufacturing experience factory, We always can have full solutions for your recycling business. If you still don’t clear what to pay attention to when choosing a scrap metal shredder, you can always send a message to our sales team, we will be your best partner in China.
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