Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic drive in Blade shredder and Hammer Shredder

With the development of industrialization and the demand for environmental protection, the demand for industrial Blade Type Shredder And Hammer Shredder is increasing. In driving the Shredding of domestic and industrial waste, there are 2 forms of drive, one is a motor with a large speed ratio planetary reducer, to achieve the purpose of driving the Shredder shaft, and another with a high-power hydraulic motor with a small speed ratio planetary reducer, to achieve the purpose of Shredding.

so what is the difference between these 2 kinds? First of all, we first understand the working principle of the shredder, when the material to reach Shredder blade through the conveyor belt, through the rotation of the shaft to shred the material, when you put less material, due to the small loading of the blade shredder, you can adjust the conveyor appropriate faster.

When you put much more material, the conveyor feed speed can appropriately slow, and when the feeding volume is overloaded, the blade shredder shaft will reverse, the jammed material will run out. It’s Such a working principle.

The disadvantage of choosing a hydraulic motor with a reducer is to increase the hydraulic system hydraulic pump, due to the power loss of the hydraulic system, the motor power also needs to increase, generally need to mention 10% to 15% of the loss, the cost increased a lot.
Hydraulic motor shredder.

The advantage of using a motor with a reducer is that the motor is directly starting, that is to save the other processing, thus it with low cost and easy to running and operate the machine.

The motor is directly running, so it is easy to damage the motor when the shredder is within the material inside.

Motor Drived shredder

The biggest advantage of the hydraulic motor is that when the shaft is driven by the hydraulic motor to work, the hydraulic system is turned on first and then pressurized to the motor. At the same time, the motor only has one direction of rotation. Blade shaft forward and reverse is through the hydraulic system in the electromagnetic reversing valve to achieve, so that in the case of repeatedly stuck material many times, it is easy to achieve forward and reverse, the operation of the shredder is very smooth, It’s not easy to burn the motor, that is to say, the shredder is not easy to break down, meanwhile, it’s power saving. So, you see the advantage of the hydraulic motor is here.

The selection of hydraulic motor and hydraulic system, by the required torque and speed, when the shredder working, we can select the required working power, hydraulic motor selection, select the rated maximum output torque, select the motor needs 1.4 ~ 1.5-time impact torque, supporting the planetary reducer in 2 times the rated torque plus 1.3 times the maximum torque, reducer impact torque in 2.6 times, so that in the hydraulic system set Good relief valve overload pressure to achieve protection. For The Specific needs, technical parameters in the technical drawings are explained.

Output Material

So no matter whether the shredder is directly started by a hydraulic motor or an electric motor, The equipment can works fine, You can do it according to your budget or local voltage situation to choose. As a manufacturer of shredders, we will provide you with a variety of options. Your inquiry is welcomed.

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