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industrial Shredder

Industrial Shredder

If you plan on starting a recycling business, then the best choice for your recycling yard is to invest in an industrial shredder. Huihe is your perfect partner for your Industrial  Shredder business from China,
We are a certified manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Shredder. We hold total capacity in Industrial Shredder, which supports us to offer you a one-stop solution for OEM/ODM customers.
Choose us as your one-stop solution for your Industrial Shredder. we will assure you 100% new and quality industrial shredder.

Scrap Metal Crusher

A middle type scrap metal crusher machine with 475kw motor is the most popular type, it’s a hammer blade inside the machine, the capacity is around 8-12tph.

Steel Shredder

The blades are made of H13 Or 55CiSr which is tougher, more durable, and can be adjusted. The electrical parts ensure stable running and liability of the machine.


Blades are made of high-quality alloy steel with forging, quenching, high hardness and wear resistance. Optimize the design of the tool she’ll force conduction to reduce vibration and strain.

Electrice Motor Recycling Machine

Electrice motor recycling machine adopting vertical design system,which can be ensure the rotor shaft can be discharge from the bottom without protection.

Double Shaft Shredder Machine

Double Shafts Efficient Shredding Machine has features of low noise, low energy consumption. Unique power design, detachable, and convenient for cleaning, maintenance, and service.

Single Shaft Shredder

The Material from Single Shaft Shredder Machine with great output shape, almost all type soft material can be feed to this machine. It’s easy clean and moveable in your site.

Radiator Recycling Machine

Radiator Recycling Machine used to separat the copper and aluminum from your waste radiator, the feeding material can be big and long pieces include stainless steel and brass and plastic, we will provide you the matched line to remove all the waste material.

Aluminum Can Recycling Machine

Aluminum Can Recycling Machine has been specially designed for your waste aluminum or any used beverage cans. the machine with big capacity and purity output particles.

Hammer Mill Shredder

Hammer Mill Shredder reduces material size by hammering , the output material size adjustable according to customer requirements. it’s generally matched a pre-shreder machine.

Huihe:Your Original Industrial Shredder In China

We have professional experience in producing Industrial Shredder worldwide. Besides, Huihe has expert and trusted engineers and workers. We offer you a one-stop solution for Industrial Shredder that can make different types of shredders for your recycling yard.

Huihe is a highly offered top-rated Industrial Shredder for your project. Our Industrial Shredder is full of high-quality shredder that suits your requirements. As the industrial shredder manufacturer, the shredder we designed with very high impact strength and toughness, are easy to use and good machinability, and have stable dimensional stability.

Please feel free to contact us for your customized Industrial Shredder plan.

Related Metal Recycling Production Line

  • A metal Briquetter is mianly used to briqeutting the material from the metal shredding machine. the raw material refers to the metal chips, turnings, no matter it’s copper or aluminum or iron.

  • Magnetic Drum Separator

    Equipped with high-Gauss, to make sure the output material from the hammer shredder %, we have different type and design magnetic drum separators to meet your different designs.

  • Industrial dust collector

    Independent industrial dust collector is provided for you, no matter you are going to connect your hammer mill shredder or use in other industries, we always show you the best design.


  • Radiator Separator

    This is a small radiator separator machine, it’s only 7kw in total, the capacity is about 200kg per hour, and you must cut the iron before you feed it to the separator machine.

Industrial Shredder– An Ultimate FAQ

In the manufacturing industry, an industrial shredder is a machine used to reduce large pieces of material into smaller ones. For various applications, industrial shredders are available in a variety of sizes and designs.

The term “industrial shredder” refers to any shredder that can be used in a commercial setting rather than a consumer application. Various cutting systems can be fitted to them, including horizontal and vertical shaft designs, single and double shafts, three and four-shaft cutting techniques, and so on.

It doesn’t matter if the shredder is slow or fast; it can still be classified as an industrial shredder regardless of how much horsepower it has. Mobile shredders have been developed that are both small and inexpensive enough for personal and small-scale industrial use.

Industrial Shredder

What Exactly Is An industrial shredder?

The industrial shredder is heavy-duty machinery used to shred complex and unused scrap materials to be ready for recycling or destruction of unusable commodities.

This environmentally-friendly equipment converts otherwise useless materials into their original form, which can be reprocessed or used for waste management.

Industrial shredders come in all shapes and sizes, from small personal shredders used in offices to massive commercial shredders used to prepare waste for disposal or recycling. Using shredders in production and manufacturing has become an indispensable part of wastage management, as they have proven to be an effective tool in reducing waste dumped into dumpsites.

Our Industrial Shredders come in various designs and sizes, and their make ensures high quality and durability equipment that fits customers’ business needs.

Industrial Shredder Input

Industrial Shredder Input

What Types of Materials Can Be Shredded By An Industrial Shredder?

Limitless materials such as televisions, computers, and hard disk drives can be shredded along with all kinds of other things, such as cars and metal and aluminium containers that are no longer useful.

There is a specific shredder design for each type of material that can precisely grind scrap materials and prepare for reusing recycling and reuse, or waste management.

  • Tires

Disposal and recycling of old tires are made easier with tire shredders. There are size restrictions on where tires can be disposed of and repurposed, so make sure your old tires aren’t too big.

When it comes to tire shredding machines, there are two basic types: single-hammer shaft machines and dual-hammer shaft machines. Greater pieces are reduced to one-inch fragments or smaller in the secondary shredder, known as a grater, and any wire fragments are removed from the final product.

  • Metals

For the most part, the goal of a metal shredder is to compress and tear large metal pieces that aren’t suitable for disposal or transportation anymore. Different types of metal shredders are available depending on the metals they can handle. Large models with 10,000 horsepower motors can rip trucks and cars apart. Metal shredding is a rapidly growing industry due to the global demand for recycled metals.The metals include almost all type  Ferrous Metal and Non-Ferrous Metal.

  • Timber/wood

The Industrial wood shredders are also known as Chippers. They recycle wood by reducing it to fine chips, particles, or sawdust. The high torque roller, disc, and drum, wood shredders are common.

  • Textiles

Shredding textile fibers is difficult because of the variety of materials used in their creation. These include manufactured synthetics, natural fibers, and even some that are naturally woven. To remove and detach the various components, textile shredding is used.

Discarded fabrics, clothing, and other textiles are shredded into flakes or powder. Textile shredder waste is reused for insulating material and added comfort.

  • Discarded Medical Waste

Disposal of sterile, toxic, or unsafe medical waste necessitates the use of medical waste shredders. Poisonous gases released during the burning process make it impossible to dispose of glucose bottles with caps still on, syringes with needles still attached, blood bags, sharp objects, and gloves. The shredder ensures the med waste is destroyed and reduced into safe fragments.

The material in details name as below:

1 There are twenty-one different types of plastic, including buckets, tubes, bottles, cloths, bags, aluminum plastic bags, and trash cans and more.

2 Waste from paper mills, plastic mills, plastic product factories, electronic waste, medical waste, garbage, rubbish, garbage, garbage;

3 garbage such as metals, scrap steel, scrap iron, steel shavings, iron shavings, wire, barbed wire, tire rings, rebar, cans, briquettes, containers;

4 waste papers, cartons, tubes, tubes, cardboard, cartons and kraft papers;

5 5 waste cloth, waste clothes, waste cloth strips, waste, waste carpet, waste nylon;

6 scrap car, scrap car, scrap car body, bicycle, motorcycle, car shell;

7 waste furniture, waste bed, waste sofa, waste table, waste chair, waste door and window, waste bed board, waste mattress;

8 Waste appliances, waste refrigerators, waste computers, waste mobile phones, waste batteries, waste cables, circuit boards, TV casings;

9 waste wood, building templates, wooden boxes, planks, wooden pallets, braid rope, rope, straw, pasture;

10 Rubber, waste tires, rubber sheets, rubber pads, rubber sleeves, rubber rings, sealing strips, large tires, automobile tires.

What’s the output material looks like from the industrial shredder?

The materials  from the industrial shredder are as follows. These materials are as you can see, it is big and long. When you purchase our industrial shredder, in fact, you can put forward your requirements for discharging. We can Customize the shredder blade according to your material requirements to determine the shape of the final material.

To deal with scrap metal, we also have many customers to choose a hammer shredder, The density of the material from the hammer shredder will be higher, Purity will also be high.More convenient transportation, Some smelting plants in China will directly select one industrial shredder and add a hammer shredder at random, and then send the materials directly to the smelting furnace. If you want to know more about the choice of models, please contact us.


What are the Benefits of Using an industrial shredder?

Acquiring an industrial shredder for your business comes with various benefits.

  • Ensure that federal privacy laws are followed:Certain professions, such as law and medicine, have federally mandated obligations regarding the secure disposal of wastage.
  • Before being sent to the landfill, an industrial shredder saves space by reducing the volume of bulky waste.
  • To prepare materials for combustion, consider using an industrial shredder.
  • It’s possible to sort the trash using an industrial shredder, removing anything that could leak or contaminate the process later on.
  • Reducing waste saves money in the short term and ensures that materials destined for disposal are recovered more effectively.
  • The industrial shredderprovides a shredding and recycling service in one package.
  • Employee Productivity Is Boosted with Shredding Services.
  • You Can Save Money with Industrial Shredding Services.

Advantage of recycling

Where Can an industrial shredder Be Used?

The industrial shredder has a broad area of application as discussed below;

  • Waste from hospitals, pharmacies, and cosmetics
  • Plastics materials
  • Automobiles and vehicle scrap metals
  • Unused electronics such as TV sets, computers, and hard disks
  • Textile Industry
  • Bottling Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Shipping
  • Food production and services
  • Locomotive tires Industry

Selecting An Industrial Shredder Machine, What Should You Keep In Mind?

The Industrial Shredder Machine is an excellent investment for the business. It would be best to buy a shredder that will efficiently serve your operations while causing the least amount of downtime.

Be sure to think about all of the important factors that will affect the shredder’s productivity and ease of use before making your final decision. These are a few examples:

  • The Shredder Capacity

The capacity of an industrial shredder is usually calculated by the amount of material it can shred per hour. The amount of material that needs to be shredded is compared to the physical size and density of the material. A shredder’s service life will be reduced if overworked, so determining the desired output is critical. Check the shredder’s capacity rating before buying it, and ensure it has an extra capacity provision.

  • Material feeding type

There are two types of feed-in industrial shredders: manual and automatic. Conveyors are used in mechanical shredders to keep a steady supply of material flowing through the device. In most cases, hand-fed shredders have hoppers and are fed by hand. If the material is heavy or bulky, however, a forklift is needed to manually provide it.

  • Recyclable Materials

Because recyclable materials vary, you should choose a shredder best suited to the material you work with. The best option is to use an industrial shredder that can also handle other types of waste.

Industrial Shredder Cabinet

  • Requirements for maintenance and servicing

Like all other machines, industrial shredders require routine service and maintenance to operate at peak efficiency and extend their service life. As a result, you should buy a shredder that you can maintain and service regularly.

  • Working Environment

When making a decision, consider the shredder’s location, its operations, and noise level. That’s because the loudness or a simple air-borne practical that the shredder emits during the shredding process could harm the workplace.

  • Output Expected

You must first determine the scale of operations for which the industrial shredder will be used to select the best shredder for your company. A compactor is more appropriate than a single-pass shredder when the material is processed in both shredding and compression.

  • Spare parts are affordable and readily available.

Make sure that spare parts are readily available in your area. To keep your operations profitable, the components must be within your reach financially.

What’s the blade type you have for the industrial shredder?

The industrial shredder blade is mainly designed for the claw-type blade. According to the design of each company, installed in the two-axis or four-axis shredder, generally can be divided into 3 claw shredder blades, 8 claw shredder blades, 12 claw shredder blade, etc., used to crush, tear and squeeze to reduce the size of the material, this shredder blade is widely used in waste plastics, waste rubber, wood and other large volume of waste shredding.

Industrial Shredder Blade

The material generally 9crsi, Cr12MoV, SKD-11, of which 9CrSi is an alloy tool steel, this material tool hardness, wear resistance is good, but brittle, suitable for rubber, fiber, paper, and other soft material scrap, Cr12MoV and SKD-11 for cold work mold steel, these two materials have similar performance, with strong wear resistance, impact resistance, suitable for shredding wood, scrap furniture, high hardness of plastic, etc.

Blade Of industrial shredder

Depend on your different material , you can choose different type or the material for your machine. our engineer team always here waiting to provide you the best design as well.welcome you contact.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An industrial shredder?

Industrial shredder plays a key role in material recycling and waste management. Other benefits include;

  • Metal and scrap materials that have been shredded are easy to transport.
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of metal waste.
  • Shredding the scrap metals ensures easy storage and handling.
  • industrial shredder allows various waste materials to be recycled.
  • Metal chip shredding assists in resolving waste accumulation issues.
  • industrial shredder contributes to waste reduction and chemical reduction in our environment.

Industrial Shredder

What Are The working Features Of The industrial shredder?

The selected industrial shredder for your business should be durable and work effectively. Our industrial shredders are made with high-quality materials and with the latest technology. Customer needs are our priority. Here are features to look for:

  • Low speed/high power output reduces energy consumption.
  • Noise reduction for a more peaceful working environment.
  • Due to its ability to regulate speed, thus safety is observed.
  • Safety precautions are included. Every industrial shredder should have some safeguard. These machines are extremely dangerous and can cause injuries even if you are very careful. Safety features include interlock switches, automatic shutoff, and paper overfeed indicators. Make sure you shred with as much caution as possible, regardless of what features your device has.
  • Ability to have operated with a Motor.
  • Features for Automating,A manual or automatic feed system can be used with an industrial shredder.
  • low speed with high torque of pre-recycling,and add a hammer shredder to grinding your scrap metals into fragments, let’s turn your bulk scrap metal into 1.0ton per cubic meter above.


What Is The Power Consumption Of The industrial shredder?

Depending on the model and size of the shredder, our industrial shredder uses anywhere from 15.5 to 320 KW. Considering the benefits of a shredder in a recycling plant, this is very efficient. The capacity of the industrial shredder also determines the amount of power the consumption of the equipment; the higher the capacity, the higher the consumption power rate.

To determine the best fit shredder for your business based on the power consumption rate is by identifying the amount of scrap material needed to be shredded, the capacity of the shredder, and the duration of the shredding process.

Also, our shredder accommodates the use of the motor, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the equipment.

What Protective Clothing Is Required When Using An industrial shredder?

The industrial shredder is regarded as heavy machinery, and precautions should be taken when in use.

During the shredder operations, injuries and damages can be experienced. So, it advised the operators should always be in protective clothing.

The following are the protective clothing needed when operating an industrial shredder;

  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Safety Boots
  • Reflective jackets
  • Safety Overalls
  • Helmets
  • Gas masks
  • First aid kits
  • Eyeshield

With the above-mentioned protective clothing, injuries cases number will be reduced.however, no matter how you do your protection,you must careful  ensure your equipment operator safety.

How Long Does It Take An industrial shredder To Wear Out?

This is all customer concerned question, Heavy machinery investment comes with a lot of caution, quality check, and lots of questions. Our shredder expert team ensures that all the essential questions concerning the equipment are answered.

If you buy a good industrial shredder, it should last for many years with minimal system failures. Our industrial shredder is designed to withstand the rigors of industrial use.

As the industrial shredder manufacturer, Our shredders have a 15-year life expectancy when properly serviced and maintained regularly.

But just like you buying a car, you need make the good maintenance and change the wearing parts all the time. And don’t worry , all the industrial shredder machine from us, we provide full wearing parts in your machine running life.

Industrial Shredder

What Are Precautions To Use For The Longevity Of An industrial shredder?

The life expectance of the machinery is always key for any buyer since the heavy machinery is considered an investment.

To attain industrial shredder longevity, the following measures should be considered;

  • Ensure the equipment capacity is always considered
  • A mechanical expert should do all maintenance of the shredder.
  • Immediately replace the worn-out parts of the industrial shredder.
  • Ensure regular maintenance routines are done on the shredder.
  • Ensure genuine spare parts are obtained from the equipment manufacturer/supplier.
  • Physical equipment checks and performance observation ensure the breakdowns of the equipment are noticed and rectified.
  • Allow only trained operators to operate the shredder.

What Could Be Cause The industrial shredder To Fail?

Many factors may lead to industrial shredder experience malfunctions. The major contributor may be a lack of proper maintenance. Which, in many cases, may lead to downtime of the equipment operations.

Other factors that may lead to industrial shredder malfunctions include;

  • Excessive feed material:Avoid overloading your shredder during the feeding. This ensures the equipment performance ability is attained.
  • Overuse:Using the shredder at full capacity for long periods can shorten the life of the machine.
  • Lack of proper maintenance: For equipment to have a longer service life, proper care should consider.
  • Not using experts: Both maintenance and operation of the shredder require well-trained experts.
  • Using the shredder incorrectly increases the risk of an accident and the shredder becoming damaged or malfunctioning in the future.
  • Shredder Overheating:To regulate the heat emitted when the shredder is in operation, it should be placed in a well-ventilated area. Frequent overheating of the equipment may reduce its performance with time.
  • Insufficient lubrication: To avoid malfunctions and optimize performance, industrial shredders require frequent lubrication of various components.Because all moving parts are so delicate, they should be lubricated regularly.

Industrial Shredder

 What Are The Maintenance Measures Of The industrial shredder?

Regular shredder maintenance routine ensures the performance of the equipment is intact and malfunctions are done within a short time.

As a trusted shredder manufacturer, we recommend the following maintenance measures;

  • Lubricate all the shredder’s moving parts regularly.
  • Remove all debris around and within the shredder feeder.
  • Ensure regular maintenance routines are carried out.
  • To reduce the injuries and damages, ensure the operators are well trained.
  • Tighten and replace the loose nuts and bolts.
  • When the shredder is not in use, unplug it from the power supply and ensure ventilation.
  • Avoid overloading and misuse of the shredder as this may lead it to overheat.
  • Ensure all required labels and stickers are well in condition on the shredder.
  • Always ensure that the spare parts are available.
  • When using the industrial shredder, ensure you have a fire extinguisher spot.
  • Note down small changes or difficulties experienced when using the shredder. This helps solve them fast and avoid downtime.

Grease lubrication

Is It Necessary To Have A License To Operate The industrial shredder?


Before purchasing any shredder or industrial machinery, understand the requirements needed to operate the industrial shredder in your state. As a shredder manufacturer, we receive various clients from different locality and conditions. Thus, machinery operating requirements may differ from one state to another.

Heavy Machinery license is termed a global requirement. So, ensure the equipment operators are well trained and approved by the authority to operate.

Does The industrial shredder Have Any Warranty Policy?


All our shredders and waste recycling equipment come with a one year warranty period. The equipment warranty policy begins from the purchase date up to its expiry date. The warranty also includes the following; quality maintenance and servicing of the shredder from our technical experts.

Any industrial shredder purchased from us guarantees you a warranty and some discounts on spare parts purchase.


 Why Should You Use Our industrial shredder?

The industrial shredder from us meets all legal and authority requirements; high quality is key, and Customer business needs are in mind. They have a large volume capacity and can withstand extreme pressure. In comparison to its performance, the machine’s energy consumption is also low.

Our industrial shredder ensures that the waste disposal is shredded into small, fine fragments later used in reprocesses and production activities. Up to 95% of the volume can be removed using this method. This has a significant impact on labor costs because of the lower demand.

Our shredder has a powerful motor and speed control. This contributes significantly to lowering the energy costs of metal scrap recycling.

Meanwhile, as a nearly 40years experience on the machine manufacturing factory, we with very much experience on it.

Booming your business with China’s great wholesaler and supplier for your industrial shredder needs.

If you are looking for permanent businesses,  We will provide it for you without any problems, and we make sure that our industrial shredder is a unique, high-quality product.

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