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Excellent Quality Iron Crusher

Are you looking for a reliable iron crusher manufacturer from China? Huihe is your perfect choice. Our expertise is a result of over 36 years of experience in the industry.  Thus, we can design iron crushers that have 100% quality design and sturdy body construction. As a leading manufacturer, we meet customer’s requirements by customization—Huihe promises to provide you a one-stop solution and exceptional services. We are your best partner for your iron crusher needs. Please send us your inquiries today!

waste steel shredder

We offer a waste steel shredder that features high crushing efficiency and improved production capacity. Our waste steel shredder also provides a more comprehensive application range.

Vertical Shredder

Our vertical shredders is applicable for different type hardware material. It features high crushing capacity, low maintenance, and simple operation.

Iron Metal Scrap Crusher

Huihe Iron Metal Scrap Crusher is suitable for impurity removal, intermediate crushing, and pre-crushing of scrap iron. It is ideal for crushing motorcycle frames, bicycle frames, and more.

Waste Shredder

We offer Waste Shredder to reduce the material size by extrusion, tearing, and shearing. These are perfect for waste type, thin steel sheets, and more materials.

Industrial Shredding Machine

Huihe offers Industrial Shredding Machine to convert scrap iron into small particles. These machines are suitable for metal recycling and metal recovery.

Iron Garbage Waste Crusher Machine

Our Iron Garbage Waste Crusher Machine features PLC control, computer monitoring, multi-stage separation, labor-saving, and efficient crushing.

Electric Motor Recycling machine

These products are crushing equipment that is ideal for treating scrap metal motor. It offers high-density, tiny impurities and high purity.

Radiator Recycling Machine

We offer a high-quality Radiator Recycling Machine that delivers high torque, low speed, and low noise. It also features effortless operation and low maintenance.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

It features high crushing capacity, low maintenance, and simple operation. These are perfect for waste type, thin steel sheets, and more materials.

Huihe: Your Trusted Iron Crusher Supplier in China

Are you looking for a reliable iron crusher? Huihe can provide your needs. We manufacture iron crushers that are perfect for your scrap yard business. At Huihe, you can guarantee the highest quality iron crushers.

We offer the most extensive lines of iron crushers. All our products have certifications from CE and ISO standards. Rest assured that our products are affordable without compromising quality.

Choose Huihe to design and manufacture your iron crusher. We guarantee hassle-free transactions and a smooth buying experience.

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  • Radiator Recycling Production Line

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Leading Iron Crusher Manufacturer in China

Huihe is an ideal iron crusher manufacturer for your scrap business. As a professional manufacturer, we offer a wide range of iron crushers. Our goal is to meet your requirements and provide a one-stop solution to your needs.

Huihe has professional engineers and an expert technical team. Our R&D team is also responsible for the design, development, innovation, production, and sales of iron crushers. Thus, we can develop a full range of iron crushers.

Whether you need Iron Rod Crusher, Iron Scrap Crusher Machine, or Mini Iron Shredder Machine, Huihe can always provide what you need. We precisely manufacture products to meet your requirements and specification.

Our iron crushers are ideal for crushing waste iron materials. These machines have low noise and dust-free features. We also design an iron crusher with high crushing efficiency, excellent performance, and maximum durability.

We manufacture iron crushers for railway and road construction, mining, and more application. Huihe guarantees a high-quality and professional iron crusher. These products also feature low maintenance and easy operation.

At Huihe, we can customize your iron crusher based on your specification. Would you please send us your desired design, drawing, dimension, and requirements? We make sure to follow all your specification so we can meet your expectations.

All our iron crushers have 100% quality design and sturdy body construction. We manufacture products while complying with certifications from CE and ISO standards. Huihe promises to provide you a one-stop solution and exceptional services.

Besides the iron crusher, Huihe also manufactures a Magnetic drum separator, industrial dust collector, radiator separator, metal chip shredder, Steel shredder, industrial crushing machine, shredder equipment, Aluminum shredder, electric motor recycling machine, and more.

Iron Crusher – An Ultimate FAQ Guide


An iron crusher breaks down materials into small sizes as required for recycling. The mechanism behind its functioning is by application of force using hammers to hit and rotors to strike and crush iron metal. The process leads to the production of safe-to-handle metallic materials that are useful in various areas.

We are an accomplished Iron crusher manufacturer who takes pride in our over 30 years of experience in metal recycling machines production.  As top manufacturers in China, we are always ready to design your favorite iron crusher to meet your demands.

What is an Iron Crusher?

An iron crusher is a machine used for crushing disposed metals such as iron, aluminum, copper, and zinc by reducing them into small sizes.

The Iron crusher has several sizes and designs. Our Iron crushers are of unique designs made of high-quality and durable components enabling the crusher to last longer. Also, have high-torque shearing technology that efficiently processes rigid materials increasing efficient operation.

Iron Crusher

What Types of Iron Crushers Are Available?

There are various types of iron crushers categorized in; speed, cutting system, and hose power.  They are:

  • Horizontal hammer crusher
  • Vertical hammer crusher
  • Double shaft shredder
  • Single shaft shredder

But refers to the iron crusher, we always talked about the horizontal hammer crusher or double shaft shredder.

What is the Purpose of an Iron Crusher?

The primary use of an Iron crusher is to reduce the size and compress big blocks of iron ore into finer and small particles. The crusher increases the iron quality value by eliminating contamination by crushing it into smaller sizes to be reused as a valuable raw material with a greater value.

This also helps in managing surrounding metallic waste. The iron crusher does this by hitting and thrashing iron into tiny manageable pieces.

Iron Crusher

Why Choose an Iron Crusher?

Our iron crushers operate in crushing iron materials outlined by high productivity, ease of operation, and low energy consumption. Additionally, they are adaptable and versatile to hold a good volume at a time.

Surprisingly, they can sustain tremendous pressure, frictions, and heat. They can also meet various feeding materials made of iron.

Iron crushers provide high-quality products for recycling and are perfect for industrial use. There are a variety of designs to fit our client’s needs and combine personalized ideas.

What is the Importance of an Iron Crusher?

Every day, there is an increase in the urge to process scrap metallic materials from human disposal of metallic cans after use. For this reason, an iron crusher is undoubtedly an essential machine in the recycling procedure for waste iron.

Also, the iron crusher machine provides affordable ways of handling iron metal material refuse that tamper with water and pollution of soil in the Environment.

Processed iron waste iron acts as a source of raw material needed in industries at a lower expenditure.

In addition, the process is a maintainable and dependable way of recycling metallic refuse. As a result, with scrap metal reduced into tiny sizes, their density makes them heavier after crushing, since the scrap metal iron are made smaller and are in ball-like shape. Subsequently, this makes it secure to manage the risky metallic litter.

Output metal

How Does an Iron Crusher Function

An Iron crusher is a hammer-type crusher with a hammer without blade or shears or shredders. Next, the motor spins at high speed to commence striking of the hammer. Eventually, the hammers hit the metallic materials and crush them into particles of similar size. The iron crusher sieves the released particles of non-shredded refuse.

Every day, there is an increase in the urge to process scrap metallic materials from human disposal of metallic cans after use. For this reason, an iron crusher is undoubtedly an essential machine in the recycling procedure for waste iron.

Also, the iron crusher machine provides affordable ways of handling iron metal material refuse that tamper with water and pollution of soil in the Environment.

Processed iron waste iron acts as a source of raw material needed in industries at a lower expenditure.

In addition, the process is a maintainable and dependable way of recycling metallic refuse. As a result, with scrap metal reduced into tiny sizes, their density makes them heavier after crushing, since the scrap metal iron are made smaller and are in ball-like shape. Subsequently, this makes it secure to manage the risky metallic litter.

Which is an Iron Crusher Applicable?

There are various scrap materials that an iron crusher can shred. These materials include:

  • Beep caps
  • Aluminum waste
  • Soft drink tins
  • Home appliances
  • Iron waste
  • Electrical appliances waste
  • Television and washing machine metal parts
  • Scrap steel
  • Old coins
  • Metal drums and tanks
  • Computer accessories
  • Paint containers

What is the price of an Iron Crusher?

The cost depends on size, function, capability, customization, among other factors. Industrial iron crushers cost approximately $15000-$800000. There are high-quality and are cost-effective and available for all clients across the globe.

What should You Consider When Choosing an Iron Crusher?

Purchasing an iron crusher saves cost on hire and outsourcing services. The conclusion on what type of crusher to buy to meet recycling conditions needs to be accurate the first time. Good shredding equipment has a high price label.

Although, it is essential to note that you purchase a practical and durable machine by examining the following factors.

Size of the Crusher

The crusher’s volume to process at a given time is an essential factor to put in mind. An overfilled crusher is not only risky but also leads to breakdown. Remember to enquire if the crusher you purpose to buy is changeable to hold more materials at a time.

We custom iron crushers to adjust to client’s needs.

Above is two different size iron crusher, the price is 15times difference, thus you can choose the one depending on your capacity and budget.

Storage Space

Iron crushers are usually big and need quite an abundant space for operation. Due to this, ask your manufacturer for the machine measures and the climatic conditions required around the area.

Input Material

The material is the initial thing you need to inquire about since various crushers have different functions for other materials. Materials range from plastic, paper, food to metallic waste.

For this case, you will require a crusher that can shred metallic materials to fit your needs. Also, you can select a crusher that can shred a couple of input materials.

Environmental Friendliness

Recycling machines exposed to environmental conditions during operation cause pollution. It is essential to enquire about the length of pollution anticipated from the device, such as dust and noise. Be aware of the recommendations to check any form of pollution that may come out of corruption.

Maintenance Services

Operation machinery such as the crusher requires regular maintenance to boost function and longevity. Before purchase, observe maintenance services needed, availability of spare parts, and technicians.

More essentially, find out if your producer offers services like after-sales support service provided to all clients through a highly qualified technical team through the company’s website.

Space for your iron

What are the Benefits of an Iron Crusher?

Mainly, an iron crusher recycles metallic refuse by reducing it into tiny sizes. Other benefits of the machine are:

  • Reduces air and ecological pollution caused by disposed of metallic items.
  • It is easy to control the machine through automation as two operators are enough to operate at a time.
  • Reduces the cost of iron management as compared to other forms.
  • The machine is adjustable and can be customized to suit a client’s needs.
  • An iron crusherproduction line can separate ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • It is fast and efficient in producing large amounts of crushed materials at a given period.
  • Provides stable performance; the metals are thoroughly crushed and produced in uniform sizes.
  • The machine is durable as it has plated materials such as steel and manganese.

Advantage of recycling

What are the Drawbacks of Using an Iron Crusher?

Like other machine operators, iron crushers have some disadvantages.

The shredding technique is likely to be noisy and produce dust and gases. These are environmental pollutants that need some form of moderation within the machine to control.

Machines use a high electric voltage that causes potential fire and explosion risks to workers and the Environment.

Continuous use of an iron crusher can lead to cracks on walls due to persistent vibrations during the crushing procedure.

Operating equipment such as hammers, shredders, and rotors wear and often tear. Hence systematic maintenance services are required.

Site installation needs adequate space for offloading and heaping of materials.

Can I get a Personalized Iron Crusher?


Various designs of iron crushers that meet client’s needs are available at our factory. However, for those who may need them customized, we collaborate with our customers and develop them depending on your preference and needs.

What are the components of an Iron Crusher?

The components of iron crusher consist of the following parts:

  1. Feeding mouth/feeding hopper/feeding partsis where materials are fed in and are compressed from their original sizes to produce small and finer particles.
  2. The rotor disk is a high-duty metal disk consisting of the heavy shaft, the hammer, and smaller pins to lock the bottom and top of the hammer.
  3. Motor is used to crush various materials with high toughness and viscosity to reduce the size of metal waste such as iron by processing materials into different sizes.
  4. Screen decide the output material size, you can choose different size from 30mm-180mm, For a same machine,smaller size means the small capacity, and bigger size means the big capacity, as the iron crusher manufacturer, we are familiar with the output material density, and knows which one is the best size, you can tell your option, and we will show you the best size also depend on the melting factory feedback.

Liner Plate-this plate will be installed in the full chamber, the reason is during the crushing time, there is superb strength to hit the wall of iron crusher, because it’s the normal Q234 material of the wall,  in order to keep the wall doesn’t break down fast, we add this liner plate in to prevent the wall break, and it’s made by high manganese steel material.Iron Crusher inside

Other accessories in the iron crusher production line:

1 Conveyor-no matter which type conveyor, it’s used for transfer the feeding material into the crusher, or transfer the output material.


2 Dust-collector system-Depend on the iron crusher capacity, we choose different type dust-collector in, such as 36bags,48bags,64bags,72bags,144bags, and more. This machine used for collect the dust during the crushing system.

pulse dust collector for the scrap metal crusher

3 Magnetic separator system-Depend on the crusher capacity and Gauss, it’s separate into 50600-70800-80100-10100 type. It’s Used for remove the impurity in the feeding material, and you will get clean iron in the end.

Magnetic Drum Separator

What is the Process of Crushing Waste Products?

The crushing of waste products processing will be as follows;

The raw materials to be crushed are fed into the iron crusher through the feeding conveyor; the feeding particles fall into the crushing chamber ; Next, the hammers hit the metallic materials and crush them into particles of similar size; then through the screen/sieves to release the required size material;

During crushing, dust particles are collected in the dust collector. The output material is processed for magnetic waste metal separation where the remaining ferrous matter is removed and only purified iron remains,The finished raw material could meet the final demand significantly.

In some conditions, if the feeding mateiral is too big to the iron crusher, we will suggest customer to take a pre-shredder to shear the big bulk material,then feeding to the iron crusher,

Complete iron Crusher Production Line

What is the Difference Between Iron Crushers and Impact Crushers?

An iron crusher is a machine that uses pressure to split metallic products such as aluminum, copper, steel, lead and crush them into small blocks. Iron crushers recycle metals by crashing them into achievable sizes.

However, impact crushers hit metallic scrap materials and crush them in a cage into tiny materials through beating.

How Can I Order an Iron Crusher?

You can request to order an iron crusher from the information given on our company website, or contact us) Contact us for your inquiries. You will get a free quotation from us.

How is an Iron Crusher Installed?

The installation procedure of an iron crusher is detailed and needs specialists and technicians. Crusher installation requires electronic connection, machinery testing for effectiveness, site replacement of the machine, and ground fitting for stationing.

The technical team is highly skilled in this process and will ensure they sort our clients.


What Environmental Challenges Does an Iron Crusher Seek to Solve?

The recycling procedure is very supportive of environmental conservation and durability. An iron crusher is a machine that helps to control metallic refuse in the following ways:

Recycling used metals minimizes mining practices in the search for new metals. Hence preserving landscapes left barren and environmental hazards.

Saves the cost of metal shipment from other countries through train or ship.

Uses less power as compared to smelting metal ore.

Reused metal is light and easy to manage hence solves the issue of binning that produces landfill sites.

Recycling used metals lessens pollution and emission of greenhouse gases produced when smelting metal ores.

Recycling safeguards natural resources like water catchment areas from misuse. For instance, metallic dumping in water resources contaminates water, kills aquatic life, and may lead to flooding.

Feeding Material

How to Determine Energy Consumption on an Iron Crusher?

Figuring out how much power you can utilize can be a bit challenging. That is why to save on energy invented a kWh electricity calculator, and a simple formula is all you need;

Calculate the watts each machine uses in a day.

Change watts into kilowatts. A kilowatt has 1000 watts.

Find out the kilowatt an iron crusher utilizes in a month.

Figure out the cost.

Most crushers have a label stating the number of watts they utilize. You can find this wattage label either on the machine. (Generally on the bottom or back) or in your manual.

Multiply the number of watt-hours utilized every day by the number of wattage on the iron crusher.

Machine wattage (watts) *hours utilized

Per day = watt-hours (WH) in a day

Change watt-hours to Kilowatts

Machine usage (WH) /1000 (wh/kWh) =machine usage in kWh

Consumption in a month

Daily consumption (kWh) * 30 (Days) = Approximate Monthly consumption (kwh/Month)

Recycling can save up to 95% of its energy to make aluminum and steel from raw materials. Making aluminum cans from recycled metal is 20 times more energy-efficient than using primary metal.

Electricity power

What Precaution Measures Should Be Taken Handling an Iron Crusher?

  • Operating an iron crusher requires careful handling to avoid accidents. The following safety measures should be adhered to;
  • Use of hearing protection in the case where the machine is noisy such as earmuffs.
  • Install fire and explosion detectors that inject water immediately when a risk is detected.
  • Operators should ensure that they wear the necessary personal protective equipment such as tough boots, heavy hats, and gas masks for healthy safety.
  • Ensure machine operators train thoroughly on operation processes, assessment of potential breakdown, and accident management strategies.
  • Operate iron crushers at a lower speed to reduce noise pollution and dust detected.
  • Take regular breaks between an operation to breathe fresh air, re-energize and rest.

Iron Crusher Operator

Do I Need a License to Operate an Iron Crusher?

Industrial scrap metal running requires abidance to lay out standards in your country. So, it is essential to acquire documentation and to license the machine before beginning to operate.

Also, think about liaising with ecological specialists in your area to approve ways of curbing dust and noise emerging from the machine operations.

What Materials Do I Need to Operate an Iron Crusher?

The following materials should be accessible to ensure the smooth running of an iron crusher.


Availability of lubricants is essential to ensure all operating parts are functional.

Waste Metal Scraps

Scrape metals that you can gather from the Environment are the primary materials in the whole procedure. It can be tins, bottles, caps, household items, and mechanical parts.

Electric Supply

Scrap metals built with modern technology require constant power. For smooth operation, it is wise to have the ability to reinforce in case of power loss.


Protective equipment such as gloves, hats, earmuffs, footwear, and face shields are thoughtful to protect employee’s health operating at the plant.


Is Iron Crusher Harmful to the Environment?

Iron crushers pose two significant threats to the Environment. First, dish particles from sieving shredded materials may contain carcinogenic health problems. Also, if this dust is let free into the air, it may cause environmental effects to plants and humans.

Clients should adapt to reducing the dust effects by gaseous reduction into less harmful gases.

Therefore, expect noise pollution during the crushing and grinding of metals. The noise may differ depending on the type of materials processed.

The installation of well-insulated walls and constant lubrication of rotors can reduce noise. The iron crusher company provides their customers with minimal noise production and ways of minimizing excess noise.


Is There any Warranty Offered for an Iron Crusher?

Yes. All our products have a warranty period to guarantee efficient performance of our machines including the iron crusher. We offer company a 365 days warranty period from the date of operation. The warranty encompasses maintenance services and equipment evaluation by our technicians.

What is the Lifespan of an Iron Crusher Last?

An iron crusher can last long through quality machine selection, regular maintenance services, and adherence to necessary precautions. This precaution ensures that the machine operates for an extended period without malfunction or shutdown.

Following our vast experience in this heavy machine manufacturing industry, our technicians have the requisite experience when it comes to producing iron crushers that last for decades. For instance, we have a customers’ iron crusher video link attached that has been running for 13 years.

Do You Offer Aftersales Service for an Iron Crusher?

Yes, we do.

We have well-experienced operators and technicians that help with machine installation, consultation, services, and maintenance. Feel free to contact and raise a point of concern or seek assistance from us any time via our website.

What Potential Factors Can Cause Malfunctions?

Regular maintenance services are an important way to check constant metal crusher malfunction. Nevertheless, the following components can lead to reduced planning and malfunction.


Harsh temperatures from the electric circuit and inadequate ventilation cause overheating the crushing machine; overheating leads to worn out and deformation of lining and grinders. Therefore, it is essential to control heat, ventilate well, and switch off the machine when not used.

Poor Thread Lubrication

Inadequate thread lubrication can cause machine equipment to get stuck, reduced spinning, and break down. Eventually, the crusher may fail and shut down. Dusting and consistent application of lubricants act as preventive measures.

Too Much Material Feed

Easy scrap metal has a maximum shredding volume at a given time. If you overload the crusher with materials, it might cause a breakdown or jam up of equipment hence malfunction.

It is advisable to buy an adjustable machine and adhere to the maximum capacity required to avoid malfunction. Also, you can order a designed machine to accommodate the power you need at a tile.

Too much feeding material

What are the Delivery Options of Clients from Other Countries?

There is high production need for iron crushers in the country. Our delivery options range from air to sea for clients outside the country. Clients who place orders within the country receive their machines through the road within a few days after production.

Iron Crusher Shipping

What Maintenance Services Do I require for an Iron Crusher?

  • Replace liners regularly
  • Ensure you switch off the machine when not in operation to avoid overheating leading to a breakdown.
  • Regularly tighten the bolts.
  • Clear scrap stuck on feed rolls.
  • Clear scrap stuck on motor and air-cooling systems to prevent dirt and windings that can cause fire sparks.
  • Plan for regular equipment checkups to avoid sudden breakdown or shut down
  • Replace hammers and ensure a balance of their weight inside

Iron Crusher Operation


Above is the general information about an iron crusher, hope it can help you. As a nearly 40 years machine iron crusher manufacturer, We can be your trusted business partner. Choose Huihe as your primary manufacturer and supplier. Our professional sales team offers 24/7 immediate response to your inquiries. Rest assured that we will cater to your needs accordingly.

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