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Huihe offers high-quality, high-torque, and low-speed iron shredders for volume iron material reduction and recycling.

Iron Shredder

Professional Iron Shredder

We have more than 36 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality iron shredders. Our expertise guarantees that we can provide the best solution for you. Thus, Huihe is known as the leading iron shredder manufacturer and supplier in China.

We manufacture iron shredders with a wide range of designs and exceptional performance. Our engineers have the expertise and broad knowledge in manufacturing iron shredders. Rest assured that Huihe can meet your requirements.

iron Double shaft shredder

We manufacture Iron Double Shaft Shredder Machine with high-quality steel welding. It features high strength shaft for aggressive cutting.

Iron Aluminum Can Shredder

Our Iron Aluminum Can Shredder is perfect for crushing a wide range of aluminum cans. It features a double shaft design to ensure high performance.

Single Shaft Shredder

Huihe manufactures a single shaft shredder with a wide selection. It has a steel iron body construction to ensure durability and high strength.

Iron Scrap Metal Shredder with Planetary Reducer

We offer Iron Scrap Metal Shredder with Planetary Reducer that features efficient solid iron shredding. It features high torque and excellent shredding.

Scrap Metal Steel Iron Aluminum Shredder

Huihe Scrap Metal Steel Iron Aluminum Shredder is suitable for scrap metals such as aluminum can, irons, and so on. It is an entire automatic shredder machine with high productivity.

Radiator recycling machine

Huihe offers Large Capacity Radiator Recycling Machine  with a multifunctional design. It has a vertical design for crushing waste copper and aluminum radiator materials.

Car Shredder

We manufacture Scrap Cast Iron Shredder Machine for crushing waste cars, waste paint cans, iron, refrigerators, aluminum products, and more.

metal briquetter

Our Metal Chips Briquetter features high capacity, less dust, and low noise. It also has PLC automatic control design, it’s with different  capacity.

Iron Shredder

Huihe offers Multifunctional Double Shaft Scrap Iron Shredder with a precise thick plate combination frame. It also has a hopper with a large diameter for large raw materials.

Organic Waste Shredder

We design an Automatic organic waste shredder with a high-quality rotary knife, sharp blade, and strong shear. It also features effective multiple combination sealing.

Fully Automatic Industrial Shear Shredder

Our Fully Automatic Industrial Shear Shredder can effectively crush waste metals and irons. It has a double shaft for a more comprehensive application range.

High-quality Vertical Densifier

Huihe designs a High-quality Vertical Densifierwith special alloy hammers with holes in, it’s with the pre-crushing system. Thus, it can offer precision cutting and iron shredding.

Huihe: Your Excellent Iron Shredder Manufacturer in China

Do you need high-quality iron shredders for your scrap yards? Trust Huihe as your manufacturer. We are a trusted manufacturer in China with more than 36 years of experience. We ensure high-quality and high-performance products. Huihe also aims to provide customers with 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, we offer excellent services and the best purchasing experience.

As the leading manufacturer in China, we offer a broad selection of iron shredders. We make sure to follow strict guidelines and international standards. Our iron shredder comes with OEM and ODM services. Our engineer’s design products based on your requirements, drawings, or ideas. Please send us your inquiries today!

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An Iron Shredder is equipment designed for waste management of metal material and iron materials. The iron shredder processes involve the reduction of metallic waste material sizes; as a result, the blade is torn and sheared and is discharged from the box’s lower part, or it’s torn and discharged from the hammer shaft shredding chamber.

In our daily industrial life, we can call the iron shredder a blade shredder, or hammer mill shredder, this article meanly refers to the blade shredder.

The details information of hammer mill shredder pls refers to other articles in our web.

Well, following the name of “blade iron shredder”, it’s divided into the single shaft, double shaft, and four-shaft. As the iron shredder manufacturer, we designed a very low speed iron shredder due to the mixing of different thickness feeding material, but also please kindly notice, the shredder is mostly suitable for scrap metal such as the thickness less than 10mm.


Iron Shredder-An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Iron Shredder is one type of shredder mainly used in various recycling applications such as iron and scrap metal recycling. Also known as first metal processing, it’s used in large industry that processes metal waste.

It also called by other recycling name. For example, grinders, granulators and chippers are all terms that are used to describe size reduction equipment. As their name suggest, they are employed largely to minimize the size of a metallic wreckage.

What are the fundamental components of an Iron Shredder?

The Iron shredder comprises at least eight elements with different functions.

  • Housing: This acts as an outer part of the iron shredder. It’s made of heavy iron material. It encloses all other components of the iron shredder.
  • Blades: Selection of the right blade for Iron shredder is vital. The iron shredder blade is made of alloyed steel others may be coated for longer performance life.
  • Iron shredder rotor: Has seen teeth cutters that work with knives to shred debris and trash.
  • Motor & Reducer: Since it operates at low speed allowing the Iron shredder to shred different scrap materials.
  • Iron shredder feeding: The two types of feeding are meter and batch feeding. Meter feeding involves even materials placement on the shredder, and conveyor is applied, while batch feeding involves shredding of large material quantities.
  • Power systems:Iron shredder uses two types of power system that is, Hydraulic and electric. The electric system is most preferred since it requires less space and shreds more scrap materials, while the hydraulic system handles overload well and is preferred for heavy-duty machines.
  • Grabbing Function: Involves movements of scrap materials within the shredder, from cutting blades to cutting hooks that determine the material’s size and shape.

What is the application of an Iron Shredder?

An Iron Shredder is commonly used in scrap metal recycling. Apart from reducing the size of metals into sizeable fragments, it also allows easy transportation of metals and scrap materials. The following are materials that iron shredders can also recycle:

  • Iron
  • Coins
  • Home appliances
  • Electronic such as TV and computers
  • Copper tube
  • Aluminum scrap materials
  • Tin materials
  • And more ….

What’s the iron shredder model we have for your recycling business?

As the iron shredder manufacturer,So far, we have models of :



DS: Double Shaft

First two no.:two shaft centerline-centerline distance.

the last two or three no.:the working chamber Lenght.

Below is our most popular type of iron shredder in the current three years, we welcome your comments, and we also welcome your customized iron shredder.


DS46120 DS46150 DS61250


5520 5880


B(mm) 2000 2000



1210 1570 2570
D(mm) 1080 1080



2730 2730 3400

Blade turning diameter

Φ580 Φ580


Main shaft speed 11 13


Machine power(kw) 75+75 90+90


What is the key aim of an Iron Shredder?

Its applications are commonly utilized in the waste management of metals, iron and steel. The equipment enables scrap iron, steel and metals to be reduced into sizeable fragments.

Iron Shredder OUTPUT

Iron Shredder OUTPUT

The other reason for having an Iron Shredder is recycling purposes. Reducing the scrap materials into small sizes enables easy transportation and reduces the cost and time to manufacture steels and metals from scratch.
They are designed for heavy use and are made with high-quality components, ranging from special stainless steels to systems with anti-wear treatments, allowing for a significant reduction in maintenance interventions.
Iron Shredder

How does the shredding process happen in an Iron Shredder?

The shredding process of an Iron Shredder involves four steps.

  • Material Feeding

The hooper is used to introduce shredding materials into the iron shredder.

  • Material grabbing

After the material is in an iron shredder, the blades grab the materials into the cutter panel. The force is then evenly distributed in order to shred the scrap materials.

The iron shredder shreds the scrap material into small-sized granules and particles.

  • Shredded material collections

An Iron Shredder can reduce the sizes of material as much as possible. After the materials feed on the shredder are gridded into small sizes, the final stage of the process is the material collection. The shredded materials are stored in the Iron shredder cylinder, and once the process is done, the operator needs to empty the Iron shredder cylinder.

What Are The Key Features Of An Iron Shredder?

An Iron Shredder as industrial equipment has various features to consider:

  • Simple to use
  • Accuracy functionality
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Longer performance life
  • Durability
  • Low running cost
  • Robust construction
  • Easy Installation

Features Iron Shredder

What Are The Advantages Of Having An Iron Shredder?

  • You can regulate or monitor the amount of scrap metal present and the activities of the shredding machines.
  • The Iron shredding machine’s time efficiency is accurate, and it delivers shredded raw materials in a short amount of time.
  • The shredded iron or metal’s capacity or durability is improved.
  • Recycling has the advantage of reducing pollution and environmental dangers.
  • The Iron shredding machine’s design is flame resistant; thus, it can withstand adequate mechanical damage.
  • The ferrous and nonferrous elements are automatically separated from the shredded scrap.
  • Allows easy handling of metals.
  • Iron shredder processes create a feedstock.

Output of Iron Shredder

What are factors to consider when buying an Iron Shredder?

Before purchasing an Iron Shredder, one should first consider the various factors.

  • Material type

The first thing to consider is what type of matter is being shredded, as this guides the business to choose the right Iron shredder. Materials such as iron, home appliance, copper tube and coins will determine the Iron Shredder can fit the business needs.

  • Equipment size and capacity

Both Iron shredder capacity and material size are vital when selecting the Iron Shredder.  to have a large capacity will mean the large size of the scrap materials Iron shredders. Understanding the capacity of the Iron shredder and the size of the material to be shredded enables one to avoid machine overload.

  • Iron Shredder Maintenance

Shredders, like any equipment, require regular maintenance. Industrial shredder systems require frequent lubrication and oil changes to ensure maximum performance and output material. Furthermore, if not maintained, grinding blades can wear out over time.

  • The fragment size of the discharge

All of us have a specific requirement for the size of shredded shreds to meet our packaging and shipping needs, which is mostly determined by the thickness of the blade, the number of claws on the blade, and the number of claws on the blade and the spindle speed. As a result, one element to consider when selecting a shredder is the particle size of the discharge. However, if the size of the pieces must be very small, the technical requirements, such as machine accuracy, will increase substantially, resulting in a loss in cost performance.

Personal suggestion is to utilize low-accuracy shredding equipment in conjunction with a fine grinder to decrease costs significantly.

  • Iron Shredder blades

Iron shredders have various kinds of blades. We must select appropriate blades according to the things we wish to shred, as proper blade usage extends the blades’ service life.

The blade quality determines the shredder’s application impact. The blades’ resistance to wear of a decent shredder is quite important since they are in close touch with the things that need to be shredded and might be worn away.

  • Methods of material feeding

There are two ways to feed our Iron shredder: manually and automatically. A manual shredder can be used to shred items that are low in weight. Heavy goods such as automobiles, metals, and other large items can be transported by the automated Iron shredder machine’s conveyor belt.

Does The Size Of Scrap Iron On The Iron Shredder Matter?

The Iron Shredder have a variety of size and designs to choose from. In the industry dealing with large-sized scrap materials, the Iron shredder selected should accommodate them.

When feeding scrap materials on the Iron shredder, you should consider factors such as scrap material size. For small-sized scrap material, one should consider shredding them first since they require less time and power consumption than a large one.

Also, when dealing with the Iron shredder, you should consider the equipment’s capacity to avoid overloading it. The size of the shredded metals depends on the size and diameter of the Iron shredder blades.
Feeding Material Feeding Material

How do we check the quality of the iron shredder blade?

An Iron shredder blade has a thickness of more than 50mm. To ensure the equipment works effectively without cracks or bends.

  • After the whole welding process is done, the spindle body box is removed and ensures the box body’s flatness.
  • Cutter shaft installation: The inner ring is hexagon-shaped for effective radial positioning. The designs ensure fit installation and disassemble more convenient.

The Iron shredder machined blade and space effectively control the error and ensure the axial position of the blade.blade of Iron shredder

What is the maintenance routine for an Iron Shredder?

For your Iron Shredder to have a long service life, you should carry out a maintenance routine without failure.

An Iron Shredder is a piece of equipment that comprises different parts that require different maintenance attention.

The following are highlighted maintenance routines for an Iron Shredder:

  • Grease gearbox and chains
  • Dust your equipment
  • Oil the shredder blades
  • Lubricate the friction points and bearing
  • For the anti-jam module, recalibrate
  • Inspect all the electrical connections
  • Trained and authorized operators should carry out maintenance services
  • Check the oils levels and refill if necessary.

Grease lubrication

What Are The Benefits Of Maintenance And Inspection Services On Iron Shredder?

Apart from the long service life of an Iron shredder, the maintenance and inspection routine has other benefits such as:

  • Ensure there is low power consumption
  • Excellent overall efficiency
  • Reduced noise sounds and frictions
  • Equipment durability
  • Reduce the chance of complete equipment replacement
  • Avoidance of equipment downtime

Iron Shredder

What Are Safety Measures For Iron Shredder Operators?

  • Always ensure the Iron shredder capacity is observed
  • Turn off the Iron shredder when not in use
  • You should do regular maintenance and repair services.
  • Ensure you are operating the Iron shredder on a stable ground
  • Avoid placing your hands, feet near the Iron shredder
  • Do not move your Iron shredder system when the engine is on
  • The discharge area should be clear


What Kind Of Approvals Does Iron Shredder Need?

The Iron shredder is considered industrial equipment. Various approvals are needed for its operations. To operate an Iron shredder business, you need to have a scrap material yard, whether leased or owned. The equipment should be approved and certified by the authority of your state.

Since the Iron shredder doesn’t operate alone, other machines like the trailer and forklift need to be licensed, too, and the operator needs to have a driving license.

You should train employees to operate the equipment well.  Also, business practice licenses are necessary.
Iron Shredder

As a nearly 40years iron Shredder manufacturer based in China, We know what’s most important for our customers, and we take care all the step of iron shredder manufacturing as well.
if you have any questions or you are looking for a new iron shredder for your coming new recycling project, we welcome your inquiry all the time!

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