Magnetic Drum Separator
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1 High Separating Rate.
2 Nearly 40years machine manufacturing expereince.

Magnetic Drum

Magnetic Drum Separator

For your magnetic drum separator needs, you can trust our factory.
We are a leading manufacturer of magnetic drum separators in China with profound experience, strong machining capability, and various machining equipment. Since our inception in 1985, we dedicate ourselves to the unique R&D, manufacturing of recycling equipment, and integrated one-stop solution supplier.
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Magnetic Separator

We can provide a standard Dry Permanent Magnetic Drum Separator or custom your own design according to your needs.above one is the biggest one with 1000 dia. and 1000 length.

Hammer Mill Shredder

The hammermill shredder is used for shredding all different scrap metal and then separating the scrap metal by the magnetic separator machine.

Industrial Waste Shredder

As the pre-shredding of the scrap metal, it can shred your bulk and large scrap metal into small and long pieces, then feeding into the hammermill shredder.

Small Industrial Shredder

A small industrial shredder is almost suitable for any type bulk material no matter it’s scrap metal or the plastic or the textile material.

Scrap Metal Shredder

A 500kw Scrap Metal Shredder suitable for the outside environment, the capacity for scrap metal is about 8-12tph, you can cusmozied the output size.

Single-Shaft Shredder Line

The Single Shaft Shredder suitable for the small and soft material, the output sized decided by the output screen size.

Dual Shaft Shredder

Dual shaft shredder is a primary shredding system before the hammermill shredder,generally it’s easy to operate and strong ability.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

For this Aluminum Recycling Machine, it’s a vertical design, no matter it’s profiles aluminum or the aluminum cans or the cast aluminum,it’s suitable.

Cast aluminum shredder Machine (9)

Made from quality raw materials and mature technology. All are tested and checked before the final process. Avail is affordable machine for your specific needs.

Your Reliable Magnetic Drum Separator In China

Huihe Metal Shredder is your no.1 choice if you’re looking for a durable and efficient magnetic drum separator. This machine is manufacture with a multi-magnetic system that features good separation, large capacity of up to 200 tons or more. Huihe magnetic drum separators are used for broad industry. It has complete specifications, can also be customized based on the customer’s unique requirements.

As your professional manufacturer, we can manufacture universal standard and custom magnetic drum separators. Our rich knowledge and expertise allow us to supply the various needs of our customers. If you wish to have magnetic drum separators of your brand, send your samples, drawings, and layouts to complete the products’ complete customization. 

Before delivery to you, we ensure to 100% test and check every machine we provide. Many clients from 60+ countries benefit from our products and reliable services. Be one of our satisfied customers now!

Related Metal Recycling Production Line

  • scrap metal shredding machine

    The Production Line Include The Metal Chain Conveyor, The Pre-Pressor, The Hammer Mill, Output Conveyor, Vibration Feeder, Drum Magnetic Separator,Eddy Current Separator, This Machine Suit For All Different Scrap Metal.

  • Radiator Recycling Production Line

    This Production Line Include Pre-Shredder,Conveyor,Metal Hammer Mill,Drum Magnetic Separator,Vibration Screen,Density Separator  And Dust Collector.Capacity For This Radiator Recycling Line is Around 500kg per hour.

  • Roof Tiles Metal Crushing Line

    This Production Line Is 2T Per Hour For Roof Tiles Steel, We installed This Production Line in 2015 In Malaysia. Through Change The Screen Size, Our Users Also Crush Tin Cans.

  • Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Line

    A 315kw Motor Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Production Line As Above, We Matched A Direct Coupler System On This Production Line And We Installed This Shredder Production Line In South Africa In 2017.

Magnetic Drum Separators | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Huihe magnet drum separators are designed with a compact structure that improves separation efficiency and higher magnetic field gradient. It features easy operation and maintenance. With this equipment, you can reduce labor, efficiently recover metals, and effectively increase output value.

For more than three decades, we dedicate ourselves to the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of various magnet drum separators machines. Thanks to our skilled engineers and employees, advanced production line, and mature technology, we became a leader in this industry.

Magnetic Drum



1. What Is A Magnetic Drum Separator?

A magnetic drum separator is a product used to remove any non-magnetic material , and at the end you will get pure metal.

Magnetic Drum Separator

2. How Does A Magnetic Drum Separator Work?

The HUIHE magnetic drum separator works in a very efficient manner and gives a product that is free of ferrous particles.

Inside the HUIHE magnetic drum separator, When the product flows onto the drum, a tactic magnetic chamber inside the shell captures all the magnetic materials and holds them securely onto the drum’s stainless-steel surface.

After the magnetic waste particles are removed, the contaminants-free material falls on a discharge point where it is transferred to a separate container.

The HUIHE Magnetic Drum Separator rotating causes the waste Debris to collect and is moved outside and the cleaned product is collected.

The metal is discharged separately leaving behind a clean residue.

You can make your products free of any sort of ferrous waste materials using a HUIHE magnetic drum separator.

Drawing of Magnetic Drum Separator

Who Use a Magnetic Drum Separator?

HUIHE magnetic drum separator may remove any magnetic particles such as nuts, bolts, and ferrous from our working material, And be used in the industrial like any type material which include the magnetic material:

  • Minerals and Chemicals
  • Food and Flour
  • Plastics
  • Grains
  • Abrasives
  • Slag
  • Ores
  • Rock
  • Refractory

Magnetic Drum Separator

What Are The Manufacturing Kinds Of Magnetic Drum Separators?

As the magnetic drum separator manufacturer, Huihe has manufactured, magnetic drum separators of different kinds. we create in many different forms based on changing the internal structures.
HUIHE magnetic drum separators have different internal features.
The following are the various types of magnetic drum separators:
●High-gradient magnetic separation (HGMS)
●High-intensity magnetic separation (HIMS)
●Low-intensity magnetic separation (LIMS)

You can see below for the different type of separator machine

What Is The Difference Between The Magnetic Current Separator And The Eddy Current Separator?

HUIHE Eddy current separators are used to remove non-ferrous materials from the raw materials.

Non-ferrous metal separators are produced to use conductors to generate eddy currents in high-frequency in order to automatically separate non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, zinc, etc.) from non-conductive materials.

You can get good-quality HUIHE Eddy current separators for better removal of non-ferrous waste from your raw material.

Following are certain differences between Eddy current separators and HUIHE magnetic current separators.


      Eddy Current


    Magnetic Current


            Structure ● It consists of a simpler structure. ● It consists of a simpler structure.
           Usage area ● It can be used for domestic waste disposal, recycling of waste electrical gadgets. ● Used in different metal using industries; fertilizer, chemical e.t.c
      Material separated ● Non-Ferrous Materials (aluminum, copper, zinc) ● Ferrous Materials (Fe) particles
      Installation ● Easy to install on production lines or existing production lines. ● Mechanically installed in between any machinery.
         Maintenance ● Easy maintenance ● Easy maintenance
                Cost ● Expensive ● Cheap

What’s The Output Purity Ratio From The Huihe Magnetic Drum Separator?

HUIHE magnetic drum separators are very efficient, you can get a very filtered and clean product.

HUIHE magnetic drum separators product is a 99% pure product and is free of any ferrous particles.if need 100% clean purity material, we also have a double magnetic design for you.

It removes 100% all the magnetic particles and has a pure output with a double design.

HUIHE has always produced a very fine product in the same way HUIHE magnetic drum separators are also very efficient and give a very high purity rate.

Magnetic Drum Separator

What Is The Delivery Time Of Your Magnetic Drum Separator?

The delivery time of HUIHE products can be varying depending upon the demanded customization of the customer.

If the customer requirements are complex and have some kind of location issues then the delivery of your magnetic drum separator may take a little bit longer time as compared to usual timings.

If you have chosen any other additional equipment or any other magnet type then the delivery time of the product can be thirty to ninety days.

Magnetic Drum Separator

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