Magnetic Separator Machine
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We provide efficient solutions for your Magnetic Separator Machine requirements. Ideal for different shredding applications.

Magnetic Separator Machine

Magnetic Separator Machine

Huihe is a well-recognized magnetic separator machine and other recycling equipment manufacturer. We have earned 36+ years of experience, specialized in developing, design, and originate magnetic separator machines of any kind.

Huihe exports exceptional quality magnetic separator machines to established business owners or other companies. We keep doing our best to provide you long-lasting machines with durable use. 

Magnetic Drum

We designed the different type  magnetic separator, the drum dia. from 50mm to 1100mm, different capacity to meet your requirments.

Suspend Magnetic Separator

This Suspend-Magnetic-separator generally used for the second time separating in the metal recycling yard.

Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Line

We manufacture the Hammermill Shredder with different capacity, it can be a single machine or a production line.It’s reliable, convenient, and safe designs.

Organic Waste Shredder Equipment

Organic Waste Shredder is a double shaft shredder design, this machine generally by 75+75kw motor.

Automatic MSW Shredder

We engineered MSW Shredder with efficiency, stable performance, and reliability. It is one of the friendly-user equipment.

Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Line

a Scrap Metal Shredder is used for shredding the bulk scrap metal, the output material is adjustable.

Double Shaft Shredder

Double shaft shredder is a multifunctional type, Whether it is scrap metal, scrap plastic, textile,tyre or glass is accepted for this machine.

Car Shredder

You can drop your entire car into this car shredder machine, the width of this shredder is 2500mm.

Radiator Recycling Machine

The home used AC radiator, or the industrial radiator is suitable for this Radiator Recycling Machine, you can get pure copper and aluminum at the end of the line.

Huihe: Your Premier Magnetic Separator Machine In China

Huihe is your first choice for your magnetic separator machine demands. We are 36+ years committed manufacturer, delivering the highest quality magnetic separator machines to support your projects & business. As your no.1 manufacturer in China, Huihe can accommodate your custom needs regarding your ideal magnetic separator machine.

You can discover budget-friendly, stable performance, and excellent quality magnetic separator machines at Huihe! We are comprised of professional and skilled engineers to design and manufacture your magnetic separator machine depending on your applications.

As one of the world-leading magnetic separator machine manufacturers and suppliers, we adopt various manufacturing techniques to ensure each machine’s quality. Go to Huihe for satisfying quality magnetic separator machines!

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Related Production Line

  • Car shredder

    Huihe Car shredding eating car is heavy-duty recycling or shredder equipment. It can handle the car without axle, Chassis.

  • Metal Shredder Line

    Our comprehensive metal shredder line for cars offers a high-performance and long service life. It is available at more competitive price.

  • Metal Chip Shredder

    The Metal Chip Shredder can eat and recycle up to 100ton metal chips. It also a muti type shredder machine for your all different scrap metal.

  • Vertical car shredder

    Vertical type car shredder, it’s a screen-free tye design, you can adjst the output size on the hammer quantity and thickness.

Magnetic Separator Machine

You are in the right place where you could find the best quality magnetic separator machine for a specific recycling application. we can produce all types of machine that is perfect for different industrial and commercial purposes. In any types we provide, all are 100% quality guaranteed.

The magnetic separator machines provide accurate self-cleaning industrial magnetic separator systems solutions. Also, it provides several features and quality characteristics for your applications.

Included features are low maintenance, easy operation and installation, 100% duty cycle construction, rugged, high strength, high efficiency, and can operate in unsafe environments. we also manufactures a wide range of magnetic separator machines with custom paintwork accessible.
Magnetic Separator machine (10)

magnetic separator machines are self-developed solutions suitable for numerous industries, like the recycling industry, food processing, minerals & mining, slag & steelworks processing, powder & ceramic processing, wood processing, packaging, glass & plastic manufacturing, quarrying & aggregate, pharmaceuticals, power stations, etc. Depending on your application, we can recommend the best and right one for you.
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Due to numerous advantages of our magnetic separator machines, these have become best-selling in the market. The advantages include simple construction, versatility, portability, and can be adjusted when during use.

Why choose us to custom your magnetic separator machine orders?

We have more than 36 years of experience developing and designing recycling machine designs, especially the magnetic separator machine. We have full ability to custom the machine according to your sizes, designs, and more specification. So, you can always count on us.
Magnetic Separator machine

We offer magnetic separator machines with long service life and the best quality.

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Magnetic Separator machine

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