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Huihe is a certified ISO 9001 Metal Briquetter manufacturer and supplier in China. Huihe is your no.1 producer.

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Huihe is your professional and expert manufacturer of a Metal Briquetter. Huihe is your perfect choice. We hold full capabilities in a Metal Briquetter, which supports us to offer you a one-stop solution for OEM/ODM customers. Choose Huihe services as your one-stop solution for your Metal Briquetter requirements. Get 100% original Metal Briquetter Now. Contact Us!

Efficient Roller Type Coal Briquette Machine

Briquettes have features of high density, high strength, high hardness, high performance, and the main rollers adopt hard wear resistance materials, which improve the roller’s service life greatly.

Metal Briquette Machine

This machine is used for banqueting fluorite powder, iron ore concentrate, coke powder, and sulfurizing gypsum who need stronger power and high pressure.

Metal Chip Briquette Machine

The hydraulic pressure briquette machine is equipped with a hydraulic system that can provide high and stable pressure, which is suitable for raw materials like DRI powder, mineral powder, etc.

Metal Briquette Press Swarf Briquetting Machine

The metal briquette has features of hydraulic drive, operation stability, no vibration, safe and reliability. High-quality, simple foundation needed.

Briquette Making Forming Machine Line

The briquette machine is mainly used to compress powdery materials that are difficult to form. It is characterized by high briquetting pressure, adjustable revolutions.

Industrial Used Briquetting Press For Metal Scrap

Industrial Used Briquetting Press For Metal Scrap is mainly used for steel scrap,iron scrap ,cooper scrap and aluminum scrap and other costs of high-density cylindrical.

Metal Dusts Mineral Powder Charcoal Briquette

Metal Dusts Mineral Powder Charcoal Briquette  machine is widely used in power plants, chemical, energy, heating industry. Choose Huihe services as your expert manufacturer.

Iron Briquette Machine

Briquette machine is equipped with hydraulic system and feeding device which can provide with high and stable pressure, which is suitable for all kinds of dry powders.

Biomass Briquette Machine

Biomass Briquette Machine is mainly used for briquetting some powdery material which is difficult to mo lading. It has characteristics of big molding pressure, adjustable engine revolution.

Huihe: Your Professional Metal Briquetter In China

Huihe is a highly offered top-rated Metal Briquetter for all customers nationwide. Our Metal Briquetter is full of high-quality materials that suit your requirements. All of our Metal Briquetter products, including all types of Briquetter have got ISO certified.

Huihe has professional experience in manufacturing Metal Briquetter for more than a decade. Besides, Huihe has expert and trusted engineers and workers. After a lot of experience, we can make all kinds of Metal Briquetter of our industry and quality is no doubt.

If you are looking to establish a long-term business relationship, we are your best choice. Request your Metal Briquetter now!

Related Metal Recycling Production Line

  • Scrap Metal Chips Briquette Machine

    Metal briquette machine presses the metal waste under high pressure into a briquette form. It is usually used to reduce the storage cost and the conversion ratio in the furnace for metal recycling.

  • Horizontal Metal Briquetting Machine

    A horizontal Metal Briquetting Machine is the ideal equipment for processing copper chips, iron chips, aluminum chips. It has a larger pressure, which can press the metal chips into a high-density block under the action of a hydraulic punch.

  • Briquetting Recycling System

    The most profitable aspect of briquette forming can be found during the briquette process, where more than 90% of the oil and water components are pressed out.

  • Metal Chip Briquetting Machine

    We initially specialized in hydraulic and industrial filtration over several years. Huihe has developed a complete range of machines and equipment to treat and recycle machining chips, including sludge and cutting liquids.

  • Meal Baler Scrap Metal Briquette Machine

    Metal baler is also called metal briquette machine, horizontal metal baler, hydraulic metal baler, etc. Its primary purpose is to press the metal scraps into a specific shape to reduce the volume to facilitate storage, transportation, and recycling.

HUIHE: Metal Briquetter

Huihe is a certified Metal Briquetter manufacturer and supplier in China. We can be your best partner to boom your business. That can provide customized Metal Briquetter in different types.

Our briquette machine adopts advanced technology with reliable quality. And this briquette machine can be used to process many kinds of raw materials, such as coal powder, metal powder, mineral powder, lime powder, etc.

Furthermore, we made our briquette machine from qualified steals, and the key parts are made from special alloy steels and advance heat-treated to ensure lifespan. The high-pressure briquette machine has high assembling precision, runs stably, low noise.

Easy maintenance briquette machine, made from high-quality steels, high rigidity, high assembling precision, and high pressure without vibration.

Huihe supply an extensive range of Metal Briquetter for all kinds including, Efficient Roller Type Coal Briquette Machine, Metal Briquette Machine, Metal Chip Briquette Machine, Iron Briquette Machine, Biomass Briquette Machine, etc.

We made it with the sound and best quality and used smooth material for our Metal Briquetter. If you need the best provider of Metal Briquetter, Huihe is the best partner business that you can trust.

We tried different elements to make the Metal Briquetter has good-looking. Huihe makes sure that our Metal Briquetter is accurate, exceptional, and high-quality products. You can rely on our non-compromising Metal Briquetter to assure you that Huihe services are good.

Huihe OEM/ODM wholesaler and manufacturer worldwide. For more inquiry for our Metal Briquetter. You can feel free to contact Huihe now. We promise that your Metal Briquetter wants or needs will be provided in time.

Suppose you are looking for permanent businesses of Metal Briquetter. We, Huihe, are the perfect solution for your Metal Briquetter requirements. We are good to present our professional services and our expert team workers.

You can trust us when it comes to Metal Briquetter production. If you are interested in our Metal Briquetter production. Please send us an inquiry Now and Let us grow your business or project.

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