Metal Chips Shredder and Crusher

First,let us know what’s the metal chips:

Also known as chips or by various process-specific names (such as shavings, filings, or turnings, swarf), they are pieces of metal, wood, or plastic that are the result of machining, woodworking, or other subtractive (material-removing) manufacturing processes. Here we mainly refer the metal chips.

The demand for eco-friendly machines in the recycling industry has grown rapidly over the years. Our Metal Chip shredders are utilized to process different types of waste materials, not just metal scrap. This is an ideal and reliable machine in the organic waste, paper, and rubber recycling business.

The ability of the metal chip shredder to reduce the size of various waste materials to manageable sizes has made it a must-have machine in any waste recycling plant, big or small.

An industrial shredder is a valuable investment for the recycling business. It is therefore important for you to purchase a shredder that will efficiently serve your operations with minimum setbacks.When choosing a suitable Metal chip shredder to add to your recycling operation, always consider the significant factors that determine the productivity and usability of the shredder. They include;

Metal Chip Shredder Production Line

  • Capacity:

The capacity of a shredder is the amount of metal the machine can shred at a go. Shredders come in different capacities determined by size and cost. We advise our customers to choose a shredder based on the load of metal they deal with and their business schedule.

  • Usability:

The metal chip shredder should be easy to operate and perfectly suit your operation. We advise our clients to pick a shredder they can use on most of the materials they deal with daily. This guarantees value for money and makes their work easier.

  • Installation space:

Our metal chip crushers come in different sizes. The customer should pick a machine considering the installation space available at their workstation.

  • Input material:

Recyclable materials differ, and therefore you should pick a shredder that suits best the material you specialize in. A metal chip shredder that can also handle other waste materials is the best option.

Metal Chips

  • Environmental concerns:

You should opt for a shredder that is eco-friendly in terms of noise pollution and power consumption. There are modern shredding machines with lower noise levels when in use. This is also a major concern due to the various environment conservation regulations in various countries and regions.

  • Maintenance & servicing Requirements:

Like all other industrial machines, metal chip shredders require regular servicing and maintenance to sustain optimal performance and improve their life span. Therefore, you are encouraged to purchase a shredder that you can manage to maintain and service frequently.

  • Affordability and availability of spare parts:

You should ensure spare parts are easily accessible in your location. The price of the parts should also be affordable to you to avoid affecting the profitability of your operations. This will also enable you to run your business flawlessly.

Finally, you should find out whether your supplier will be offering aftersales services such as inspection and regular servicing.

Output Material from Metal Chip Shredder

From the feeding bulk metal chips to the small metal chips, you can see it’s not difficult, as a reliable metal chips shredder recycling manufacturer in the middle of China, we provide you the matched solutions for your different metal chips.

Meanwhile, if you need any metal chips briquette machine, we also have some China Partners for your requirements, we welcome your contact.

Metal Chips Briquette

For the metal chips shredder, it’s also a multifunctional type machine, it’s capable of shredding a variety of waste materials. This makes it a reliable and profitable machine to consider if you are running a waste recycling business. There are various materials our Metal Chip Shredder can shred. They include;

  • Car tires
  • Soft drinks tins
  • Waste paper
  • Kitchen waste
  • Waste wood products
  • Domestic waste
  • Green waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Bulky waste
  • Industrial plastic waste
  • Waste household appliances
  • Home appliances
  • Electrical appliances waste
  • Beer caps
  • Paint jars

If you want to know or purchase metal chips shredder recycling machine, or related metal recycling equipment, we welcome your contact.

We not only provide you the superb quality machine, but we also have complete solutions and in-time after-sale service.

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