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Metal Chips Shredder Will Speed Up Your Recycling Business

Our metal chips shredder will provide you with a professional solution for your bulk metal chips.

As an over 36years experienced machine manufacturer, we design all the metal chip shredders according to customer needs, we can sure you the best output material size from the metal chip shredder, and we also can provide you the full production line from metal chip shredder until the final metal chip pressing machines.

Other relevant metal chip shredders you may need from us include Pre-Shredder,Feeding conveyor,  magnetic drum, output conveyor, screen, screw conveyor, etc.

metal turning shredder

The machine is designed by Horizontal structure inside, we can totally guarantee the output size to ensure your expected density.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

Our aluminum recycling machine will help you to get clean aluminum,your material can be casting aluminum or the profiles.

Horizontal Hammer Mill Shredder

Almost suit for all different scrap metal, the output size we can customize for you.

Metal Swarf Shredder

Capacity from 1ton per hour to 20 ton per hour. it’s a multifunctional type shredder machine for all your different scrap metal or metal swarf.

Metal Scrap Recycling Machine

This Metal Scrap Recycling Machine Has Running 13 years  in our area, click me to know more about this machine.

Radiator Separator

We provide you Radiator Separator single machine and radiator recycling line

Car Shredder

We provide different configuration car shredder machines for your choosing, you can feed the full car or dismantled car pieces in.

Aluminum Shredder

The vertical shredder power from 75kw to 350kw, you can choose one according to your feeding material and capacity.

Magnetic Drum

You will get 99.5% clean iron after using this type magnetic drum separator, we also have the matched vibration feeder to match.

Why Huihe Metal Chip Shredder

With more than 66000 sqm of self-owned manufacturing area in Henan province in China, over 100 employees in our factory are always ready for making excellent metal chip shredders for you.

We have a very flexible metal chip shredder production line for you, the output material from the metal chip shredder can meet your fixing requirements, and it can go to the meta chip briquetting machine directly.

We not only have the metal chip shredder,we also have the briquetting system and sorting machine for your metal chips.You will love our metal chip shredder Once you try, Whether you are the end-user or trader, you will find our metal chip shredder valuable.

Send your inquiry for the metal chip shredder from now.

Related Metal Recycling Production Line

  • Radiator Recycling Production Line

    We can ensure you 99.99% clean output copper and aluminum from our radiator recycling machine.we have two method ways for your waste radiator.

  • Aluminum Recycling Machine

    The waste aluminum recycling machine is now installed in a listed company in our city.  and the production capacity is 7-8t per hour.If you need such equipment, please contact me.

  • Magnetic Drum

    The magnetic drum is used for separating all your mixing magnetic materials and non-magnetic material. The normal guss for this type drum is 3000guss, you can show me your details guss needed, as we can do the customized type.

  • Hammer mill Crusher

    A 450kw Motor Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Production Line As Above, We Matched A Direct Coupler System On This Production Line, This equipment production line we can provide you with customized supporting solutions.

Metal Chip Shredder – An Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re about to start your scrap metal recycling business, then the metal chip recycling business I trust it’s a good idea for you to start.
Anyway, this metal chip shredder is a multifunctional shredder supporting 90% metals, thus no matter you want only to recycling the metal chips or any other scrap metal, this shredder can help you.

Here is a guide about our metal chip shredder for your reference, In this list, we will show you how to get the metal chip shredder from good suppliers

So Let’s start.

Metal Chip Shredder

What Is a Metal Chip Shredder?

Metal Chip Shredder machine is utilized in the shredding of metal chips turning them into tinier particles. The metal scrap recycling industry has grown significantly over the years creating a huge demand for machines suitable for the various operations in that industry.

Our Metal Chip Shredder comes in different sizes and also unique designs to suit our customer’s needs. We have different sizes and designs to suit other customers’ needs. Our machines are also capable of handling various waste materials and perform exemplary well in diverse industrial environments.

Metal chip shredder is a machine for shredding all different chips,no matter your metal chip is Continuous chips, Discontinuous chips, or Continuous chips with a built-up edge (or BUE chips),it doesn’t matter to use the same metal chip shredder machine.

You will get a small metal chip after the shredder machine, the pieces are enough for you to go to the next processing, whether for smelting or briquette.

The output material from the metal chip shredder-(some also refers a hammermill shredder) is adjustable according to the hammers and screen quantity. Generally, a metal chip shredder refers to a production line.

The purpose of the Metal Chip Shredder?

Our Metal chip shredder is used to reduce the size of metal chips into smaller pieces suitable for briquetting. This makes handling and bulk transportation easier. It also enables safer production in industries by reducing the size of metal scrap. Metal chip shredders are very effective in metal turnings recycling thanks to their efficiency, reliability and easy maintenance. This machine is applicable in various waste recycling operations such as Electric waste and Metal scrap recycling which saves our environment from very toxic pollution. The use of a metal chip shredder plays a significant role in the global war against environmental pollution.

Why Choose a Metal Chip Shredder?

Our Metal Chip Shredders are very durable and easy to operate and maintain. They have a high-volume capacity suitable for industrial use and perform well under immense pressure. The energy consumption of the machine is also affordable compared to its performance.

Our Metal Chip shredder is the ideal machine for shredding metal turnings and chips into more refined and smaller pieces. This process can lead to a volume reduction of up to 90%. This translates to a significant reduction in labor costs.

Reusable fluids are also extracted in the shredding process. Our shredder has a low speed and high torque. This plays a major role in reducing the energy costs involved in recycling of metal scrap.

This shredder will streamline your metal recycling operation and improve your profits by reducing the transportation, storage and manpower costs involved. Additionally, our shredder can comfortably handle a good volume at a go plus it performs equally well under intensive pressure and heat.

Metal Chip Shredder

How Does a Metal Chip Shredder Function?

Our Metal Chip shredder contains a horizontal rotating shaft with hammers mounted on it. The central rotor spins at a high speed inside the drum where the waste material is fed. Several hammer rings attached to rotating arms rooted to a high-speed rotor shaft crush metal chips and turnings to smaller finer pieces. This creates a clean product which is of high bulk density and easy to store and transport.

Metal Chip Shredder Inside

-What is the Metal Chip Shredder Production Line Include:

1 feeding conveyor, whatever you need is metal Metal feeding conveyor, Rubber feeding conveyor, We can provide you with the most perfect conveying system.

2 The key machine-metal chip shredder, We provide power from 55 kW to 450 kW,capacity from 1t per hour to 10ton per hour.

3 Discharge conveyor, In general, the discharge conveyor is completely sealed, This is to prevent the dust from the hammer mill crusher.

4 Dust removal equipment-There will be a lot of dust in the process of crushing by the hammer mill crusher, and our dust collector will remove the dust in your hammer mill crusher.

5 Vibrating feeder-Effectively and evenly send the crushed materials from your hammer mill crusher to the magnetic separation drum.

6 Magnetic separation drum-It can effectively separate iron and other garbage from your crushed material from hammer mill crusher,then you will get clean iron

7 output conveyor-for purity iron and mixing scrap metal.

Metal Chip Shredder Production Line

What is the Finished Product Size From Metal Chip Shredder?

The finished product size from metal chip shredder is generally 20mm below because most users want to briquetting the metal chip into briquettes, then easy for transportation and get high ratio smelting. Learn more about size reduction options with our experienced metal chip shredder engineer team.
Output of metal chip shredder

What Is the Capacity of the Metal chip Shredder?

The Metal Chip Shredder capacity ranges from 0.2 – 12 tonnes per hour. The capacity is determined by the model, size and the features of each machine. You should pick a machine that can comfortably handle your daily load without having to push it to its maximum capability.

Model Feeding size(mm) Motor power(kw) Capacity(t/h)
SC8010 1000 55 1-1.5
SC1280 1200 110 2-3
SC1210 1200 160 3-5
SC1680 1600 200 4-6
SC1690 1600 315 5-8
SC1614 1600 400 6-9
SC600 1600 450 8-12

And More….,If you are interested in any model metal chips shredder, please feel free to contact us .

What Is the Price of a Metal Chip Shredder?

The cost of the Metal Chip Shredder ranges from $18000 – $280000 for the whole production line. The cost varies depending on the model, volume capacity, capability, and customization of the shredder. Our shredders are very durable and easy to operate and maintain. They also have a long productive life span and are worth the price.

Metal Chips Shredder

What Are the Advantages of a Metal Chip Shredder?

The main role of a Metal chip shredder is reducing the size of metal scrap to smaller manageable size. Other than that, Metal chip shredders also play a pivotal role in observing several recycling targets. These include;

  • Reducing the impact of metal waste on our environment.
  • Shredded metal chips and turnings are easy to transport.
  • Shredding metal chips make it easier to handle and store metal scrap.
  • Metal chip shredding enables the recycling of various waste materials.
  • Shredding metal chips helps to sort waste accumulation concerns.
  • Metal shredding helps reduce waste and minimize the chemical impact to our environment.

Advantage of recycling

What are the features of a metal chip shredder?

The metal chip shredder is used the harsh industry environment therefore requires to be strong and capable of withstanding the tough conditions. Our machine is made to thrive in the scrap metal business. It consists of the following features which makes it very durable and efficient in metal scrap shredding;

  • Auto lubrications were installed for automatic greasing of the bearings.
  • Improved automatic reversing features that enable reversing of hammers.
  • Low speed/High torque which lowers energy costs.
  • Low noise level creates a quieter working environment.
  • Low-speed operation therefore less heat generation. This improves safety levels in the working station

Metal Chips Shredder

How is the metal chip shredder used?

The process of using a Metal chip shredder is as follows;

-The waste materials to be crushed are fed into the feeding zone of the metal chip shredder.

-Once the machine is switched on, the material enters the shredding box. The shredding begins, and the metal chips and turnings are turned to smaller, more refined, and flowable chips.

-This reduces the metal chips and turnings volume and greatly improves the metal scrap handling safety, storage and transportation process.

Metal Chips Shredder

How can I order a metal chip shredder?

You can order our Metal chip shredder through our Website or contact us for any inquiries. You can request a detailed quotation from our sales team. We deliver nationwide and internationally. Our sales team are available 24/7 and can be reached through our email address  or     

How is the metal chip shredder installed?

The metal chip shredder is an industrial, therefore you will require mechanical and electrical expert assistance to install the machine perfectly.

This is because the process requires appropriate positioning of the shredder, delicate electronic connections and running automated tests to ensure optimal performance of this machine.

We have a professional installation team that guides and handles the installation for our clients.


How much energy does the metal chip shredder use?

Our metal chip shredders use between 18.5 to 315 KW depending on the model and size of the shredder. However, this is very efficient considering the advantages of the shredder in a recycling plant.  The higher the capacity of the shredder the higher the energy consumption rate.

What protective gear should be worn while using a metal chip shredder?

The Metal chip shredder can also easily injure the operator in case of a malfunction or cause a major accident in the industry e.g. A fire accident

We recommend all operators wear the following gear while operating shredders for maximum protection;

  • High quality helmets
  • Overalls
  • Industrial safety boots
  • Gloves
  • Gas masks
  • PPEs
  • Hearing protection
  • Industry safety glasses
  • Safety masks

You should also consider having emergency first aid kits nearby as a safety measure.

Metal Chips Shredder

Do I need a license to operate a metal chip shredder?

You will require an operating license from your local authorities to carry out industrial metal shredding operations.

Liaising with the regional environmental control organizations is also advised. They will advise you on the various restrictions and permits required to run such an operation in your area.

What delivery options do you provide?

Due to the big dimension and high weight of metal chip shredder,We deliver locally and also internationally by sea mostly. Our delivery services are secure and swift, ensuring the shredder reaches the customer’s location as fast as possible and in perfect condition. Local clients get free same day delivery service.

What precaution measures should be taken when handling a metal chip shredder?

The industrial metal chip shredder, like all other machines, is a threat to the workers. That being the case, it is necessary to enforce various regulations to avoid unfortunate incidents.

We recommend the following measures when operating the Metal chip shredder to avoid workplace accidents and injuries;

  • Ensure the Machine chip shredder is installed correctly by a professional.
  • Ensure all machine operators are professionally trained and well experienced before being allowed to handle the machine.
  • You should wear hearing protectors due to the noise exposure.
  • Avoid leaving the machine unattended while it’s in use.
  • You should not wear loose clothes, hair or jewelry when operating the machine.
  • Our safety team recommends all operators should wear full protective gear.
  • Machine operators should take regular breaks in between operations to reduce fatigue which can lead to mishandling of the shredder.
  • Frequently conduct safety training lessons in the workplace.

Metal Chips Shredder

What is the lifespan of a metal chip shredder?

A good metal chip shredder should serve you efficiently for the several years with minor malfunctions issues. Our metal chip shredder is built to withstand the tough industrial conditions and workload. With the recommended regular servicing and maintenance steps observed, our shredders can last over 15 years.

We recommend you apply the following measures in order to leverage the longevity of the shredder;

  • Ensure all worn out parts are frequently replaced.
  • Avoid overwhelming the machine beyond its performance capacity.
  • Use genuine spare parts when replacing the worn parts.
  • Ensure the machine is repaired by professional mechanics only.
  • You should immediately fix or replace any broken parts of the shredder.
  • Ensure the machine is only operated by experienced workers.
  • Carry out inspection of the machine to detect and fix any breakdowns.

What may cause malfunctions in a metal chip shredder?

Failure to properly maintain an industrial machine leads to malfunctioning or in the worst-case scenario a total breakdown of the machine.

The Metal Chip Shredder may also malfunction due to the following causes;

  • Inadequate lubrication – Metal chip shredders require frequent lubrication of various parts to avoid malfunctioning and improve performance. All moving parts are very delicate and should be lubricated regularly. You are also advised to only use genuine lubricants as recommended by your supplier.
  • Too much material feed – Trying to shred excess materials at a go can overload the machine and cause a malfunction or reduce the performance of the shredder.
  • Over Usage – Pushing the machine for long hours and at maximum performance can cause the shredder to die prematurely. It’s always advisable to run the shredder just under the set maximum capability.
  • Poor maintenance – All industrial machinery requires professional maintenance to maintain optimal performance. Ignoring subtle signs of machine failure can lead to serious malfunctions.
  • Operator errors – Workers with inadequate training may mishandle the shredder and cause a breakdown. Only experienced workers should operate the machine.
  • Improper Usage – This can easily lead to accidents and even destruction or future malfunction of the shredder. The metal chip shredder should only be used in shredding the intended waste material otherwise you risk a major breakdown or lower performance.
  • Overheating – The shredder should be positioned in a properly ventilated spot in order to regulate the heat emitted when it’s in operation. Overheating can cause malfunction of various components and reduce the output quality of the shredder.

Grease lubrication

Do you offer aftersales service for a metal chip shredder?

We do offer aftersales services for all our machines. Our professional team of well-trained and experienced technicians is always available to attend to all maintenance and repair issues encountered by our customers. We also offer basic machine operating training to our customer’s workforce.

You can also access all genuine spare parts at our company. They are readily available for shipping both locally and intentionally.

Is there any warranty on the metal chip shredder?

As a metal chip shredder manufacturer,we offer a warranty guarantee on all our Metal chip shredders and other waste recycling machines. Our 1-year warranty period from the date of purchase is inclusive of professional servicing and maintenance checkups.

We also offer discounted rates on spare parts for the 1-year period.

Metal Chip Shredder

Which other material is the metal chip shredder suitable for?

The metal chip shredder can also be utilized in various waste recycling processes other than metal scrap. It is a multipurpose machine also suitable for shredding the following materials;

  • Pipes
  • Electronic waste (WEE)
  • Mattresses
  • Beverage cans
  • Wooden pellets
  • Animal carcasses
  • Medical waste
  • Plastic pellets
  • Iron cans
  • Packing boxes
  • Residual wood

Is the metal chip shredder harmful to the environment?

The Metal chip shredding process poses the following threats to the environment;

Noise pollution caused by the loud shredding of metal. We are tackling this problem by making improved shredders with low noise production while being operated.

We also control air pollution in metal shredder facilities through the use of modern filtration technology such as baghouses and scrubbers.

Suppression technologies such as water and foam injection are also utilized in safeguarding the environment from metal recycling operations.

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The above is the basic information of metal chips shredder, If you need more information about it, welcome your contact to our team.and Send us your inquiry now!
Huihe helps you save time, money, and headaches.

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