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Metalal Recycling Machine

Metal Recycling Machine

We are a professional metal recycling machine manufacturer with over 36 years of experience. We design, develop, and manufacture a wide range of metal recycling machines to suit your different feeding ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal.

We have been supplying high-quality metal recycling machines to other established companies and business owners both in China and abroad, since now, We have already supplied the machine to South Africa, the USA, Mexico, Japan, Portugal, Denmark, Spain, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Hong Kong, Thailand. and More. we strive to give you durable machines for long-lasting use.we welcome your contact for your next metal recycling machine orders.

Double Shaft Shredder

Perfect for tearing hard-to-break rubber, plastic, metal, rubber head material, car bumper, electrical part, circuit board, and many more. It guarantees 100% durability.

Scrap Metal Crushing Recycling Machine

Suitable for separating non-metals and metals in materials, such as car shell, car doors, roof tile steel, paint drum, we provide different capacities.

Light Metals Recycling Machine

They are perfect for purifying large bulk streams or separating non-ferrous metals for reuse. The machine also handles high capacities.

Hydraulic Metal Shear Recycling Machine

We can manufacture metal recycling machines with high efficient and stable functions. They are safe and reliable design, as well as convenient to operate.

Heavy-Duty Metal Recycling Machine

Our heavy-duty metal recycling machine is applicable in the precision casting industry, steel plants, and non-ferrous smelting industry for cutting scrap metals.

Radiator Recycling Machine

This radiator recycling machine is a complete production line. According to the needs of customers, we can provide different production capacities.

Car Shell Shredder Recycling Machine

The machine is heavy-duty, suitable for preliminary crushing. It is available in many capacity options, sizes, designs, and models for your reference.

Double Shaft Shredder

We manufacture double-shaft metal recycling machines with stable performance, durability, and efficiency. It guarantees a friendly-user machine.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

This waste aluminum recycling machine can be used to recycle all kinds of aluminum,include aluminum profiles, aluminum doors and windows(profiles), raw aluminum, etc.

Your Premier Metal Recycling Machine In China

We always your best choice for metal recycling machine needs.
We are committed to supplying the highest quality products to support your recycling business. As your reliable metal recycling machine manufacturer, we can cater to your needs by providing customized products.

Get reliable performance, high-quality, and budget-friendly metal recycling machines only at Huihe. We have skilled and professional engineers to manufacture and design your machine based on your requirements.

Being one of China’s best metal recycling machine manufacturers, we adopt various manufacturing methods through our automated production lines. It could ensure the quality of the machines. Huihe is the right place for your metal recycling machines to satisfy your needs.

Don’t hesitate to message us now for more information!

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  • Car shredder

    This is a heavy steel shredder, You can throw your whole car in there, but without axle and chassis, It can also handle other scrap metal items.

  • Metal Shredder

    Our comprehensive metal shredder line for cars offers a high-performance and long service life. It is available at more competitive price.

  • Metal Chip Shredder

    The Metal Chip Shredder can eat and recycle up to 100ton metal chips. It also a muti type shredder machine for your all different scrap metal.

  • Aluminum cans recycling machine

    Vertical type Aluminum Recycling Machine, it’s a screen-free tye design, you can adjst the output size on the hammer quantity and thickness.

Metal Recycling Machine| The Ultimate FAQ Guide

You can get information about metal recycling machines through this article.

We are here to guide you about the basic details of a metal recycling machine.

The basic purpose of this article is to give our customers a better understanding of metal recycling machines so that they can select the best model and kind of metal recycling machine for their projects and mechanical work.

Metal recycling machines are specifically used for recycling metals. You can use metal recycling machines for different scrap metal.

Metal Recycling Machine 

Table of Contents

  1. What Is A Metal Recycling Machine?
  2. Why Do We Use Metal Recycling Machines?
  3. How Does A Metal Recycling Machine Work?
  4. What Are The Applications Of Metal Recycling Machines?
  5. How To Select A Metal Recycling Machine?
  6. How To Install A Metal Recycling Machine?
  7. How To Maintain A Metal Recycling Machine?
  8. How Much Does A Metal Recycling Machine Cost?
  9. What Are The Disadvantages Of Metal Recycling Machines?
  10. What Is Variant For Metal Recycling Machine?
  11. What Should I Look For When Buying A Metal Recycling Machine?
  12. What Types Of Metal Recycling Machine Does HUIHE Produce?
  13. Can You Customize Your Own Metal Recycling Machine?
  14. What Is The Delivery Time Of Your Metal Recycling Machine Order?
  15. Why Are HUIHE Metal Recycling Machines Better Than Others?
  16. What is the most powerful Metal Recycling Machine?
  17. What Is A Portable Metal Recycling Machine?
  18. What Is The Advantage Of A Metal Recycling Machine?
  19. Are Metal Recycling Machines Durable?
  20. What Other Product Do We Offer At Huihe?


1. What Is A Metal Recycling Machine?

metal recycling machine is a product used to make metal scrap smaller in size and recycle it. The metal recycling machine is sometimes refers to a hammer shredder, and sometimes refers a blade shredder, the final purpose is the same, just the working method is different.

Hammer recycling shredder: The interior design is mainly designed for the hammer structure, The final output will be smaller, purer and denser.
Blade recycling Shredder: Most of the internal structure is Blade structure. The output of this machine is only to realize a process of changing from large to small.
The following pictures are of the future showing the interior of the two shredder.

In This Article, we mainly refer to a blade shredder. If you are more concerned with hammer crushers, please click here to watch.

Blade shredder metal recycling machines crush all the metal pieces going inside them by tears, stress, and strains.

You can feed your material such as cars, metals, canes, and iron pieces, it can be easily crushed and converted into small metal scrap, after this processing, it’s easy to be transport or melt.
Metal Recycling Machine Raw Material

Simple processing of this metal recycling machine will be :

The metal objects are fed into the feeding system, or without this step, feed to the tear box/shredding box directly. The Tear box is responsible for the tearing, breaking, and crushing of the metal.This is done by applying stress and proper levels of force on the metal so that it breaks into small pieces.

When choosing a metal recycling machine, Most of our customers will choose a blade shredder first for coarse shredding, then adding a hammer shredder for the second step recycling, the purpose is to increase the density of the feeding material and remove the impurity of raw material.

Metal Recycling Machine

2.Why Do We Use Metal Recycling Machines?
metal recycling machines are used to recycle old and useless metal to produce something new and useful.

The metal recycling machine enables us to preserve the metal while requiring less fuel and energy consumption.
The crushed scrap of the metal is used to prepare something new using a raw material produced by crushing.

The metal recycling machine is used to make sure that the ground metal doesn’t become litter and could be utilized for something that is a benefit for others.

These machines are used to convert the coarse and brittle metal objects into sMachinesOurmall finely crushed pieces of metal.

In this way, such powdered metal pieces can be recycled for future use.

The  metal recycling machine has been used in many industries such as Ethanol Plants and Setups for recycling purposes.
metal recycling machine is used to prevent any wastage of old metal objects and helps in the recovery of metal.

Output Metal Recycling Machine

3. How Does A Metal Recycling Machine Work?

The Metal recycling machine works on the principle of Shredder.

Metal recycling machines are very efficient in working and produce a very good output.

You can get a very proficient  Metal recycling Machine at the our company.

Metal recycling involves the following steps:

  • First of all the metals that are required to be treated are collected.
  • The next step in the  metal recycling machine is the processing of the metal in the machine.
  • After processing, the metal is then shredded.
  • In the next stage, the metal is melted in boiler at a very increased temperatures to produce boxes to be sold to creators of metal products.
  • You can make your metal perfectly ground into pieces by using metal recycling machine.
  • Metal recycling is a very effective method in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The production of new products using raw metals releases a great amount of carbon dioxide and sulfur compounds as compared to the recycled metal that was treated beforehand

Metal Recycling Machine

4.What Are The Applications Of Metal Recycling Machines?

HUIHE metal recycling machines are well needed in the industrial sector.
They produce a very fine material that is to be processed again to gain benefit from it.

Some other applications of  HUIHE metal recycling machines in electronic shredders may include crushing of :

  • Television sets
  • Washing machines
  • Refrigerator
  • Waste electrical

Feeding Material of Metal Recycling Machine

5.How To Select A Metal Recycling Machine?

Selecting the best metal recycling machines can be an easy process for you if you know which factors to consider while choosing or selecting a metal recycling machine for your work and project.

Our metal recycling machines are present in different varieties and are made on different standards.

You can select a  metal recycling machine by considering some important factors which are as follows:

  • What is the shredder rating?
  • What is the market demand?
  • What is the shredding capacity sufficient to generate an output of a desired powdered form?
  • What is the crushing rating for solids and liquids differently?
  • What is the appropriateness of the model, design, and cutter chamber of the HUIHE meta recycling machine?
  • Is the power capacity adequate?
  • Is the HUIHE metal recycling machine equipped with adequate objects?
  • What are the maintenance requirements necessary?
  • What robustness of shredder design is adequate to support long-term dependability and durability?
  • What is the availability of manufacturers’ help and support during the selection and installation of a HUIHE metal recycling machine?
  • Is adequate support provided by the manufacturers during troubleshooting?

After answering ANY of these questions you will be able to select the best option for your work.

 Metal Recycling Machine

6. How To Install A Metal Recycling Machine?

metal recycling machines can be installed easily with the help of proper technicians crews.

The following steps should be kept in mind while installing a   metal recycling machine:

  • First of all, make sure that the machine is switched off and not plugged in  plus the circuit is not completed..
  • Eliminate hopper assembly by removing the four knobs to give some support in the installation
  • Hold  the disc with white backing, and remove the shredder plate knob, doing this will help you to remove the entire back plate and  crisher plate dics assembly from the drive hub.
  • When the assemblage is eliminated, make it lose, do not exclude it, the eight screws which hold the crusher disc plate in place, this would disbalance the whole structure.
  • With the disc not plugged in, place your new crusher disc plate on the back disc androtate it in a clockwise direction , then fix  the 8 of the screws tightly, this would reunite the structure to some extent.
  • Place the backed disc assembly onto the machine driver hub, re-attach the crusher disc knob and fix it in place.
  • Fix the hopper assembly on the place, re-attach the 4 black knobs on the fourholes on the disc and make them rotate to get them fixed on the place.

Metal Recycling Machine

7. How To Maintain A Metal Recycling Machine?

HUIHE metal recycling machines are easier to maintain than any other metal recycling machine.

One of the biggest advantages of maintaining your HUIHE metal recycling machine is that it can be used very efficiently.

Some of the things that should be kept in mind while maintaining a metal recycling machine are as follows:

  • The bin should be dumped frequently.
  • Run the shredder in reverse to remove any stuck particles.
  • Clean the shredder blades.
  • Do proper lubrication of the blades.

CusTomer site for teaching

8. How Much Does A Metal Recycling Machine Cost?

HUIHE metal recycling machines are in great demand in the industrial market because they are of are  several important for recycling metal.

The cost of HUIHE metal recycling machines fluctuates from place to place.

These cost prices may change due to the strength of the tearing blades that come in varying sizes.

Metal recycling machines have different power levels and blade cutting capacities that may increase or decrease their prices.

The cost of metal recycling machines  between 10000-500000 USD depending on the different capacity and configuration,you can get the product at a reasonable price from us .
Metal Recycling Machine

9. What Are The Disadvantages Of Metal Recycling Machines?

HUIHE metal recycling machines are best for metal crushing but certain factors must be kept in mind to prevent any sort of problem in the usage of the machine.

Some of the disadvantages of such machines are as follows:

                   Disadvantage                         Description
                Smoke Metal recycling machines are massive structures and produce a lot of smoke including greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur,and nitrogenous waste.
                Noise pollution Noise pollution is another disadvantage of a metal recycling machine. The crushing and shredding of metal pieces produce a lot of noise.
               Wearing of parts Tearing out of the shredder blades is a frequent thing. Some metals are hard to crush resulting in often wearing of blades of the shredder.
                Broken Cavities Shredding may produce broken cavities. When the broken cavity drops into a metal block that is not easily broken, there are high chances of accidents.

BLADE OF Metal Recycling Machine

10. What Is the Variant For Metal Recycling Machines?

Our metal recycling machines have different types depending on the type of blades used in the shredder system and different kinds. And created in many different forms based on changing the internal structures. Meanwhile,we have different internal features such as cut styles and the number of blades shafts

The most common variant types of cutting systems that metal recycling machines include:

  • Horizontal shaft
  • Vertical shaft
  • Single-shaft
  • Two-shaft
  • Four-shaft cutting systems  we welcome all your inquiry for different metal recycling machines
         Cut Style          Security Type            Security Level
      Strip-cut           Basic              P-2
      Cross-cut          Secure              P-3
      Super-cross cut          Confidential              P-4
       Micro-cut           High              P-5

11. What Should I Look For When Buying A Metal Recycling Machine?

The metal recycling machines are very efficient in their work.These machines effectively grind the metal into fine pieces and use them for recycling.

Some factors should be kept in mind while buying a  metal recycling machine which are as follows:

  • Load Size of the machine.
  • Cutting Type of the metal recycling machine.
  • Shredder Speed of the metal recycling machine.
  • Noise Levels should be kept in mind.
  • Security Levels of the recycling machine should be taken into account.
  • Advanced Features are very important while buying a machine.
  • Power Saving is a key factor that informs you about the power supply needed to run a metal recycling machine.

Metal Recycling Machine

13. Can You Customize Your Own Metal Recycling Machine?

Yes. HUIHE gives you the opportunity to customize your metal recycling machine on a very reasonable budget.

Our metal recycling machines are very different from other metal recycling machines, they are prepared according to the customer’s needs.

You can customize your metal recycling machines in terms of the following properties :

  1. Size
  2. Sharpness of blades
  3. Types of blades
  4. Load Capacity
  5. Efficiency of motor
  6. Material size to be crushed

Different kinds of shafts and blades are present that can be customized according to the type of metal materials that have to be crushed.

Metal Recycling Machine

14.What Is The Delivery Time Of Your Metal Recycling Machine Order?

The delivery time of products can be varying depending upon the demanded customization of the customer.

If the customer requirements are complex and have some kind of location issues then the delivery of your  metal recycling machines may take a little bit longer time as compared to usual timings.

If you have chosen any other additional equipment or any other shaft, rotor, or blade type then the delivery time of the product can be thirty to ninety days.

On the other hand, if you have chosen an existing model of metal recycling machines, then it will take ten to fifteen days.

We always considered it a priority to facilitate their customers.
Manufacturing of Metal Recycling Machine

15. Why Are HUIHE Metal Recycling Machines Better Than Others?

Our metal recycling machines are more durable and advantageous than any other metal recycling machine. We once had a customer who bought a set of equipment and used it for 12 years. Still in using now.Meanwhile, our  metal recycling machines have a higher product shredding rate than any other product out in the market due to which its demand is increasing over time are,

We always tries to make sure that its products are performing better than any other manufacturer and have always received success in this concern.

The following features of metal recycling machines make them stand out:

  • It ensures the highest and maximum crushing of the metal.
  • It requires minimum maintenance and is very handy.
  • This product doesn’t require huge space.
  • HUIHE metal recycling machines can be operated simply.
  • This equipment is easy to be applied for various purposes.

Manufacturing of metal recycling machine

16.What is the most powerful Metal Recycling Machine?

Our metal recycling machines are of very good quality and have very high torque.

Cross-Cut metal recycling machines are the most powerful shredder as tested by the professional of HUIHE

Other metal recycling machines struggled with heavy-duty bigger metal pieces, this shredder chewed right through them.

The cross-cut metal recycling machines have an impactful cutting system that enables them to produce finer powder

                   PRODUCT PROPERTY                   DETAILS
                    Power               Electricity
                    Automatic grade               Automatic
                    Capacity(kg/hr)               500
              Automation grade               Automatic
              Material               Metal
              Warranty               24
               Color              As per customers requirements
               Size              Medium
               Voltage              220 VOLTS
               Motor start or off              Through electricity
               Speed              Good
               Number of shafts              Dual Shaft
               Bag volume in liters              100 LITRES

Car Shredder Double Shaft Shredder

17. What Is A Portable Metal Recycling Machine?

We always gives priority to the production of portable and best quality products that are easy to manage.

A  Portable metal recycling machine is a so-called mini metal shredder that doesn’t require too much space.

Such metal recycling machines are smaller in size, and have a less powerful yet enough cutting system.

The smaller size makes it more advantageous.

small portable metal recycling machine

18. What Is The Advantage Of A Metal Recycling Machine?

Metal recycling machines are very advantageous and have a number of useful purposes.You can easily shred any metal object using it and convert it into small long pieces. After it turn to the long pieces, You can easily load it, Also easier to store, saving space.or you can send it directly to smelting.
Metal Recycling Machine

Advantages of metal recycling machine are as followed:

  • Metal recycling machine is used for reducing the amount of metal, for getting the purpose of recycling, and for recycling materials.
  • Shredded metal causes a reduction of volume, it will be easy to handle.
  • The use of the  metal recycling machine has reduced transportation problems and will be made easier and due to their small size, the price of transporting also will become less, hence becoming portable.
  • Another advantage of the metals crushed is used to improve boiler focusing so that the proficiency of again can be increased.
  • The most important benefit of the  metal recycling machine is to eliminate the contaminated metal. After this process the quality and purity of the metal is increased.
  • The product made by such purified metal is used to produce a better product.

19. Are Metal Recycling Machines Durable?

The metal recycling machine is very durable due to good quality and excellent design and experienced worker., thus we can guarantee it’s very durable and efficiency. It doesn’t matter that its price is more but it has a great efficiency level.

Maintenance of the metal recycling machine is one of the key factors to increase the lifespan and prolonged functioning of the product.

We provide its customers with the warranty of their products. Our metal recycling machine is also provided with a warranty card which helps the customers to purchase the machine and ensure durability.

The longest metal recycling machine in our company was installed in years of 2008.

Metal Recycling Machine

20. What Other Product Do We Offer At Huihe?

We are becoming famous day by day, another famous and useful product is vertical hammer mill shredder and horizontal hammer mill shredder. We also provide full solutions for your different feeding materials. we welcome your visit and comments forever.

As a new brand of  ZZS, China, we trust all of our group will be your best partner from China.

Contact us now for all your metal recycling machine needs.
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