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A wide range of metal shredder machines is highly customizable to meet your needs. All Metal shredder machines guarantee full certifications.

Metal Shredder

Metal Shredder Machine

Huihe is an expert metal shredder machine manufacturer and designer with 36 years of experience. Through years of experience, Huihe is supplying high-torque, low-noise, and high-quality metal shredders machines, allowing us to earn an excellent reputation in different markets. Many companies from foreign countries are trusting Huihe for metal shredder needs. welcome all your contact.

Heavy-Duty Metal Shredding Machine

It has functions of stop, reverse, start, and overload reverse automatically. The machine features return and overload return automatically.

Auto Shredders

We manufacture automatic metal shredding machine with low noise, low speed, and high torque technologies to shred different metal materials.

Double Shaft Shredding Machine

It is effective for size reduction and pre-shredding of a wide range of tough to shred materials. It features low speed and high torque rotor.

Scrap Metal Shredding Machine

The machine is consists of a hammer disk and motor. It is accessible in color white, blue, and grey. We also provide free testing for this machine.

Vertical Shredder Machine

It has waterproof and dustproof features, you can feed any hardware material or even any scrap metal in to this vertical shredder.

Twin Shaft Metal Shredding Machine

Twin Shaft Metal Shredding Machine is applicable for shredding and recycling metal, electronic, and plastic materials.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

The machine is consisting reducer,feeding inlet, inner cavity, safety mask, discharging outlet, and electric motor, all are of high-quality.

High-Quality Scrap Metal Shredding Machine

It is applicable for crushing and recycling wastes. It can reduce the size of all kinds of waste materials such as medical, waste plastic, iron.

Metal Chip Shredder

Applicable for shearing and compression of various thin and light materials, especially for metal chips, turning, scrap cars, non-ferrous metals, plastic, and many more.

Huihe: Your Premier Metal Shredder Machine In China

Huihe, operating in China is over three decades in manufacturing and supplying metal shredder machine. We have been providing specialized solutions since 1985. For the past 36 years, we have become experts in providing a full range of customized and automated metal shredding machines to our customers worldwide.

As your leading metal shredding machine manufacturer and supplier, we ensure to deliver high-efficiency, low-noise, high-quality metal shredders suitable not just for metal but also for plastics, wood, tire, aluminum, cable, textile, E-waste material, and more.

Huihe is committed to research, designing, and rapid development of metal shredding to meet customers’ satisfaction. no matter for scrap metal shredder machine, or scrap hammermill shredder, or vertical shredder machine, We will be your reliable metal shredder machine partner for your scrap business and projects.

We will be your go-to source to get the highest quality metal shredder machine. Would you mind not hesitating to message us if you have any questions or concerns? Our friendly customer service is ready to help you once we receive your inquiry.

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  • Car Shredding Machine

    Huihe Car shredding Machine is heavy-duty recycling or shredder equipment. It can handle Max.2500mm width cars.

  • Metal Briquetter

    Our comprehensive metal briquetter offers a high-performance and long service life. It is available at more competitive price.

  • Magnetic Drum Separator Machine

    The magnetic drum separator machine suit for all your ferrous separated from non-ferrous material, we provide you different Gauss for your choosing.

  • Radiator separator

    The radiator separator is a smaller machine, the capacity around 250kg per hour, we also provide radiator recycling line for your choosing.

Metal Shredder Machine – An Ultimate FAQ Guide


A metal shredder machine is a device used to process metal waste by reducing all kinds of items that are designed in different sizes, capacities, and varieties to suit the requirement they were made for. The waste metals are usually crushed and shredded to be further used as valuable new raw materials.

The metal shredder machine is made of high-quality materials, durable materials enabling the machine to last longer and have a high-torque shearing technology that efficiently processes rigid materials that increase efficient operation. It is widely used in scrap-yards, and metal-recycling applications.
Metal Shredder

It’s a heavy-duty machine that reduces the dimensions of metal scrap by shredding it into smaller pieces so as to achieve a new raw material with a higher value.

Meanwhile, recycling not harmful to the environment, because it has low noise and less dust. Furthermore, the metal waste is recycled, thus preventing pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials.

What Is the Purpose of a Metal Shredder Machine?

They increase the value of the metal and quality by eliminating contamination in the metal by crushing and shredding into smaller sizes to be reused as a valuable raw material with a greater value. They generate revenue by processing a wide range of materials by reducing the waste into new raw materials. They improve the efficiency of industries and industries by destroying materials that are no longer in need. Shredding metals improves furnace feeding because the efficiency for remelting the metals is increased. The use of metal shredder machines reduces pollution and ecological dangers as waste dumped into the environment is minimized. It assists in recycling since it enables waste materials to be reused or repurposed for further handling.

Output from metal shredder machine

What’s the General Working Principle of a Metal Shredder Machine?

The material to be shredded is fed into the machine vertically. It crushes to reduce its size then passed through the feeding system that controls the movement of the material into the shredding blades.

When the materials contact the rotating cutters or blades, they powerfully grab the feed material and easily shred them into small pieces.

The tear blade is loaded on the box, pulling it through the rotating blades changing whole large materials into small pieces, and discharges from the lower part of the box.

What Are The Components Of A Metal Shredder Machine?

A metal shredder machine is made up of the frame, which is the supporting member that provides support to the entire shredding machine.

Has a PLC control system, which senses any overloads caused by over-sized materials or over-thickness material.

Has a bottom tray that is used for collecting small pieces of the shredded meatal, an electric motor that is a power source connected which reduces the speed of the main shaft and has rotating stacks with hardened steel cutters.

It is also made up of a shaft, gearbox, feeding hopper , coupling, blade.Etc. see the below it is a general structure of a metal shredder machine.

Metal shredder

What Kinds of Metal Shredder Machines Are There?

Metal shredder machines come in a variety of styles designed to suit the requirements by determining which type best fits your business needs. They are:

  • Double/dual shaft shredders
  • 4 shaft shredders
  • Light shredders
  • Medium to heavy-duty shredders

 Double/dual shaft metal shredders

A double shaft shredder has two inbuilt rotors suitable for the crushing of various materials with high toughness and viscosity to reduce the size of metal scrap by processing materials into different sizes.

It is also used to recycle a wide variety of bulky materials and industrial metal waste that can be recycled directly or further refined according to requirements for various industries.

Two shaft metal shredder is characterized by:

  • It has a low speed, low noise, and less dust
  • It is dual shafted with hardened steel cutters
  • It is easy to use and require minimum supervision
  • It is equipped with a PLC control system that detects any outages caused by foreign substances.
  • They are durable and reliable
  • Has advanced strong crushing capacity
  • It has a high and steady quality, which results in longevity

double shaft shredder

Four shaft metal shredders

It is made of high-torque shearing technology that efficiently processes various tough materials and shreds large and hard objects into small, consistent particle sizes.

They are widely applicable for the most size reduction and heavy-duty applications. They are characterized by:

  • It has a high-torque shearing technology efficiently processes rigid materials
  • It is made of a sturdy heavy-duty material
  • It is a high-torque, four shaft shredder
  • Has shock protection and minimum footprint and foundation requirements
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Has low noise, dust, heat generation, and maintenance costs are minimum

Light metal shredders

A light shredder is designed to shred soft metals. It is widely used in industry waste recycling and is also appropriate for other uses that necessitate the shredding of a variety of materials.

It also has a programmable logic controller (PLC), which controls the shredding process automatically It is economical, has high efficiency, and has low noise.

Light metal shredder

Medium to heavy-duty metal shredders

Medium to heavy-duty shredder is made of robust design and is usually used to shred medium to thick materials resistant to cutting. It is also used in recycling metal waste for further handling. It is low maintenance and uses little power.

They are economical, easy to use and easy to maintain as they are built for the highest level of performance and reliability.
Metal shredder machine

 Why Choose a Metal Shredder Machine?

  • They enhance easy handling when the metal is shredded, and the volume gets reduced, thus conserving space.
  • They are easy to use, maintain, and require less workforce
  • They are versatile and ideal for a wide range of requirements as they come in various designs, including different lengths and sizes.
  • Through compacting the size of metal scrap by processing materials into different sizes, we obtain a new raw material with a higher value.
  • They are made of heavy-duty construction, which guarantees longevity of metal shredder machine.
  • Shredding helps to deflate the size of a material, hence allows for recycling of various metallic materials.
  • They prevent environmental hazards and efficiently manage the wastes in the best ways through reduction of accumulated wastes ranging from refiners, foundries, steel mills, among others.
  • They are durable and reliable
  • Has advanced strong crushing capacity, which efficiently processes rigid materials
  • They are optimally designed machines for better performance because metal shredder machines increase productivity levels and efficient operations since they can shred various materials to new raw material.
  • Metal Shredder Machine

Where Is A Metal Shredder Machine Used?

Their application fields are in scrap yards, steel mills, municipal solid waste, industrial waste and metal recycling applications where materials are collected, crushed and melted down to be used as a valuable raw material. It is advantageous because it enables materials to be recycled, reducing the need for waste disposal, processing materials into smaller sizes that make the metal transportation and handling easily, eliminating the contamination in the metal, and enhancing easy transportation due to their small size.

Junk Yard

How and What Does A Metal Shredder Machine Shred?

In a shredder with a feeding system, the material to be shred is fed in, and then the tear blade is loaded on a box pulling it through the rotating blades, which powerfully grab the feed material and easily shred them into small pieces.

Certain shredders are more appropriate for different materials, but it depends on which type of metal, type of item, the structure, or if the metal contains confidential material.

It shreds materials such as coal, tires, aluminum, wood, ferrous and nonferrous scrap, glass, ash, chemicals, limestone, biomass, concrete construction and debris, plastics, powders and medical waste.


For different materials, it may not only have one solution, such as the first photos of scrap metal, it also suits for the hammer mill crusher, for the copper brass, it also suit for the vertical densifier, for the wood log, it also suits for the wood crusher machine, for the metal chips, but you can also choose a metal chip shredder.

no matter for which type of material recycling, as a metal shredder manufacturer, Huihe always can provide you the best solutions. And most of our customer also choose a hammermill shredder after the metal shredder machine, because they want more higher density output material. The following video will show you a hammermill shredder.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Metal Shredder Machine?

  • Oil lubrication system that reduces the wear and tear
  • Strong crushing capacity
  • Reversing systems for overload and low power consumption
  • Durable with low maintenance needs
  • Easy to operate and has low noise
  • Has a low speed, low noise, and less dust
  • It has shafts with hardened steel cutters
  • It’s easy to use and require minimum supervision
  • Has a PLC control system, which senses any overloads caused by foreign materials
  • Has a high and steady quality, which results in longevity
  • It has a high-torque shearing technology efficiently processes tough materials
  • Has emergency features to ensure safety and has the lowest operation costs.

Metal Shredder Machine (

How Much Does a Metal Shredder Machine Cost?

The price of our shredding machine ranges according to different types and specifications. We offer affordable prices according to the sizes and types needed. Our cost is flexible depending on the shredder machine you want.

All you have to do is submit a quote request through our website, and you will receive a detailed quotation that applies to both local and abroad.

Get Money

 Should One Buy or Lease a Metal Shredder Machine?

Deciding whether to lease or buy a metal shredder machine is a matter of weighing the advantages and disadvantages and determining which option is most cost-efficient and effective.For convenience use. It comes as a one-time investment and saves the time required to shred materials which means more work is completed quickly. It is even worth taking a loan to invest in buying because of high returned investments.

One also recoups the money spent buying it within months and can rent it out to other industries on short term leases allowing it for a specific project and returning it when done.

Hiring is time-consuming as it delays the project. On most occasions, it is always more expensive than purchasing it, and you are obligated to make payments for the entire lease period even if you stop using the equipment.

Hiring cuts, the costs of the shredding machine and maintenance because the owner takes care of all the costs and the shredding process.

Is It Possible To Obtain A Customized Metal Shredder Machine?

We provide free samples to our customers that can be customized to according to the specification of customers.

With our innovative product design technology, we can provide customization to help people reduce metal scrap size by processing materials into different sizes for separation to obtain a high value.

We provide various types, shapes, and sizes, and we have an outstanding and highly qualified technical staff that creates metal shredder machines that suit and meet your needs.

You can order it from our online site; we offer the best metal shredder machine locally and abroad. As you also can see, for the metal shredder machine, it can used for the metal chip shredder,(we changed a little design in processing) , it also can used for recycling metal drums. thus you can tell your details requirement to us,then we will make a customized metal shredder machine for your recycling yard.

Contact us and you will get an immediate response from our team.

What is the Metal Recycling Process?

You start with gathering various metals then segregate them out then allow further processing, metals are shredded, then melted into a large furnace, then they are purified to ensure a high-quality, contaminant-free final product.

It is then solidified further before being transported to where they are required.

Approximately, How Long Does A Metal Shredder Machine Last?

The best shredders should last up to 15 years as long as you take good care of them. Metal shredder machines are long-lasting as they are made from high quality and durable material so they do not get damaged easily, especially if they are properly maintained and used properly for the job for which it was designed. It can last a very long time. as a 15years metal shredder machine manufacturer, the longest using life of our machine is 15years.

Metal Shredder Machine

Do You Have Any Certificate of Metal Shredder Machine?

Yes, we have CE to meet your requirements.For the users,All companies dealing in the shredding of waste metals are required to abide by the laid regulations. This cuts from being registered, and be identified as metal waste handlers, as well as have their licenses renewed annually. They must also not exceed the regulated levels, and should observe all OSHA occupation rules.


How Long Does It Take for The Metal Shredder Machine to Be Delivered?

When it comes to offering high-quality metal shredder machines, we have a specialized team of certified technological professionals and deliver the exact requests. Our technician may call you at a certain time.It takes a few days after the shredder ready, and it takes 8 hours for it to be tested if it is fully functional.


Do You Offer Metal Shredder Machine After-Sales Services?

Yes, with our advanced product design technology, we provide aftersales services worldwide by providing the best quality services you may need.

What Maintenance Services Do I Require For A Metal Shredder Machine?

Ensuring that regular inspection is conducted before use to check for any defects and ensure they can be repaired as early as possible.

By servicing it regularly by ensuring it is fully functional and ensuring that it is handled by professional and skilled personnel.

Cleaning them after use eliminates contamination because the materials to be shredded may vary.

Repairing any defect that may have occurred by the constant use of a metal shredder machine to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Determine the maximum amount of material that the metal shredder machine can shred at any given time without overloading it.

Ensuring the metal shredder machine is properly stored in a designated area when not in use.

Grease lubrication

Final Conclusion:

Above is the general information about our metal shredder machine, hope it can help you to know us, to know our machine, and we welcome all your comments.

Any questions, please contact at:  or click contact us to know more.

Thank you for your time.

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