How we guarantee your metal shredder safety during the sea shipping?

As a metal shredder manufacturer, Every year we will ship more than 40 times to our recycling customers by sea. Because the shredder generally is large and heavy, Even our smallest model of equipment weighs 1.5 tons, Then we will choose an economical and applicable method to transport, that’s “sea shipping”, Usually the shipping time is long, Depending on the country, the sailing time is approximately 5 to 60 days.

With such a long shipping time, How do we keep all metal shredders safe? And make sure it won’t be damaged along the way to guarantee the Benefit of customers?
1 Our equipment is usually used the full container loading method.
2 In the factory, the first packaging for film packaging or wooden box packaging is usually used depending on the metal shredder type.
3 Before loading, we will carefully measure the weight and size of the metal shredder, and then put the goods in the right place.
4 We only use our most experienced workers to use the forklift and crane with care to take the container of your cargo.
5 When the goods arrive inside the container, We will use wire rope( Sometimes it’s also iron wire) to tighten your metal shredder.
6 When all the strapping action is done, The sales will take photos for you and the shipping company to review.

Metal Shredder Shipping
The above actions will ensure that your goods will not be bumped or damaged due to strong winds and waves during transportation. At the same time, we ensure all our customers that We will purchase Insurance for all your metal shredders, So even if the goods have an accident in transit, We will also do our best to ensure yours benifit.

Of course, as a of metal shredders manufacturer, we do not only have metal shredders. There are the following goods, Whatever your cargo,  We will ensure that your goods will be dispatched under the safest conditions.

Aluminum Shredder 

Radiator Shredder 

Motor Shredder 

MSW Shredder

Metal Chip Shredder

Double Shaft Shredder 

Single Shaft Shredder

If you need to purchase any of the above recycling shredders, We will be your best choice from China. Just contact from  now on for your coming new recycling business!
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