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Over 10 Years of radiator recycling machine manufacturing experience,  you will get 99.96% purity Copper and Aluminum At the end of processing.

Radiator recycling machine

Radiator Recycling Machine

As a leading Radiator Recycling Machine manufacturer based in China, we can provide you super clean end copper and aluminum at the end of production, the purity of copper can reach 99.96%, the aluminum we can sure you 99.9%.

Our factory with 36 years manufacturing recycling machine, we will provide you free details proposal and drawing when your inquiry comes. from our boss to our workshop workers, all of us will support your radiator recycling machine order, just send us your details requirements.

Contact with us from now for your new radiator recycling business.We always here to help.


Aluminum Can Recycling Machine

You can choose our Vertical Hammer Mill Shredder for your industrial radiator or home radiator for your business.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

Our aluminum recycling machine will help you to get clean aluminum,your material can be casting aluminum or the profiles.

Horizontal Hammer Mill Shredder

Almost suit for all different scrap metal, the output size we can customize for you.

Aluminum Motor Crusher

For Aluminum type motor crushing, we provide the full production line until you get clean aluminum.

Metal Scrap Recycling Machine

This Metal Scrap Recycling Machine Has Running 13 years  in our area, click me to know more about this machine.

Cable Granulator

Electric cable wire, copper cable, communication cable, we share you different solutions, you will get clean copper or plastic finally.

Waste shredder

For feeding all your different waste from the trye waste to your waste cars, the Max. feeding port size is 2500mm.

Car Shredder

This machine with 132+132kw motor, it’s the biggest shredder recycling machine in our factory, suitable for all small cars.

1600mm dia drum hammer mill crusher, inside is two-layer structure, first layer for course crushing, then for fine crushing,suitable for

Huihe:Your Reliable Radiator Recycling Machine In China

As a 36 years manufacturing factory from the middle of China, Huihe has Rich experience on your radiator recycling machine manufacturing.

We have More than 20 domestic and international patents and CE ISO SGS certificates, we can guarantee you the superb quality radiator recycling machine for your business. As you see,we also have a strong and big factory -93000㎡ Standard manufacturing workshop for your radiator recycling business, just send us your exact requirements.

We always maintain a close relationship with our customers, Because we believe, We can bring you a very good radiator recycling machine project for your business.

For the radiator recycling machine,we have three different type for you,Whatever your needs are, we have the right radiator recycling machine for your waste radiator,

just let us know your details requirements.


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Radiator Recycling Machine | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are looking for a radiator recycling line, then this is the best guide for you.

today’s guide has all information you need ,when you want to start your radiator recycling machine or any recycling machine business.

It will help you to know the radiator recycling feature, the cost, the recycling method, testing, Etc.

Let us learn in detail about radiator recycling machine.

Radiator Recycling machine
What Is a Radiator Recycling Machine?A radiator recycling machine means recycling or separating or your different type radiator, the end purpose is to get the clean copper and aluminum at the final processing.

Radiator Recycling machine

What Are The Types Of Radiator included?

Generally, it has two types of radiators.

1 copper and aluminum radiator (from home using air-conditioner-AC or industrial AC)

2 aluminum radiator (mostly from home using cars)

What’s The Difference Between Two Type Radiators?

1 Copper and aluminum radiator-mostly include 49% copper and 45% aluminum, the left its iron.

2 Aluminum radiator-few % iron attached.

they all different in size, copper and aluminum radiator, mostly from home using AC or industrial AC or Truck AC, It’s with features of long and big.the size generally 700-800 length,1 layer or 2layers (this data for China AC,) big-size industrial radiator mostly in 4000mm with more than 10 layers(as far as I met till now)

but the car radiator, mostly with smaller size, like 300-500mm width.

For details of car radiator and heating radiator difference, pls refer Here  .

Radiator Recycling Machine

How Much a Radiator Worth?

Here i will show you three models of radiator price per ton.  as the copper price and aluminum price changed by the international/outer index, due to the different copper or aluminum content in different countries, the following price and data only for your reference.

Name air conditioner external unit Water-cooled air conditioner unit air conditioner internal unit
Details description One and half 4layers 28 tubes
Total weight 6600 8400 2625
Cooper weight 3126 z4536 1387.5
Aluminum weight 3274 3034 1120.5
Iron 200 830 117
Copper ratio 47.36 54.00 52.86
Aluminum ratio 49.61 36.12 42.69
Iron ratio 3.03 9.88 4.46
Price CNY 34576/TON






Notice: the data above on the basics of FEB-March,2021 based in China.

By the way, we’ve got all you want to know whether you’re likely to do this type of recycling business.

Radiator Recycling machine

Can You Get Money From The Old Radiator?

As everybody knows the material of aluminum is distinct, thus the buy price is considerably more different.

Let us state the air-conditioner outside the system, Let us still take the aforementioned date for reference. The material of this radiator chiefly is aluminum and aluminum,(add just a tiny part iron including 6% or more attached aluminum or stainless steel or plastic”
Radiator Recycling machine

Name Air Conditioner External Unit
Details description One and half
Total weight 6600G
Cooper weight 3126G
Aluminum weight 3274G
Iron 200G
Copper ratio 47.36%
Aluminum ratio 49.61%
Iron ratio 3.03%
Amount for total USD5403/TON

Following all Abroad customer feedback, the pure profit (remove the transformer price, the location cost, the Electricity, the Labour, the operation cost)of per Bunch radiator is around USD351.for the production line of 2ton per hour, the whole day profit will be USD390*2ton*8hours=USD5616/Day(Of course, minus the input cost of Buy the machine)

Radiator Recycling machine

How To Separator The Copper And Aluminum From Radiator?

There is 3 types radiator recycling machine on the market right now as below:

1 The radiator cutter and separator recycling machine.

2 The vertical radiator recycling machine

3 the horizontal radiator recycling machine.

For the first type radiator cutter and separator recycling machine,it’s only two machines. First ,you need feed your big radiator into the radiator cutter first,after cutting , you will get the small pieces radiator,now it’s time to feed the small pieces radiator to the separator, this separator with the blade and rows on,through the sharpen blade to separate the copper and aluminum.

Notice: you must waste time cutting the iron on the two sides of the radiator.

Radiator Separator

The second vertical radiator recycling machine, it’s also a radiator recycling production line.

You can feed your waste radiator into the feeding conveyor first, through the feeding conveyor, your radiator will go to the vertical hammer mill shredder, during this process, your bulk radiator not need to remove the iron, or the Stainless steel attached, just feed it into the shredder, on the high-speed rotation working, you will get small pieces mixing copper and aluminum, iron, Stainless steel, then we will go to the next density separating system to get the clean copper and aluminum, iron, and Stainless steel.

For the third horizontal radiator recycling machine, the processing system is the same as the vertical recycling machine, just change the vertical hammer mill shredder into the horizontal hammer crusher.

Whatever your needs are, we have the right radiator recycling machine for your waste radiator,

just let us know your details requirements.

Copper And Aluminum Recycling Machine

How The Copper Radiator Recycling Machine Working?

Copper radiator recycling machine is a production line, which includes a feeding conveyor, vertical hammer mill crusher, discharging conveyor,  Magnetic separator, Air separator and density separator.

First of all, the material enters the vertical hammer mill through the feeding conveyor, The vertical hammer mill rotates at high speed to crush the incoming material, At the same time, the vertical crusher has the function of Rubbing, thus it makes your feeding material become fluffy and solid, In order to facilitate the later separation.

Your crushed material will go to the next step, for removing the iron first through the magnetic drum, after the iron removed, then your crushed radiator will go to next processing, size screeing, we generally suggest you make 2-3 different size for easy separating on the last processing.

Now, it’s the most important process, it’s separating, we have two types separating system, one is blower separating, one is density separating, both two separating system is too make your mixing radiator separated clean.

We can guarantee you 99.96% clean of copper and 99% clean aluminum.

Below is a video of radiator recycling machine, we installed that in 2017 in Japan.

Is Radiator Recycling Machine Durable?

Yes, for sure.

the radiator recycling machine with a strong steel plate, For all other accessories, we use the best brand in China.

Meanwhile, we will test all your order of radiator recycling machines in our factory before it send to you.

You can use the radiator recycling machine outside or inside your workshop.

if outside, you need keep the motor and control cabinet dry or cover it.

Radiator Recycling machine

Can Scrap Radiator Recycling Machine Feed Material Attach SS?

Yes, Stainless steel is easy for crushing also.

After all, stainless steel belongs to the steel type material.

Radiator Recycling machine

Can Radiator Recycling Machine Work For Any Other Type Feeding Material?

this radiator recycling machine also suits all different steel, different scrap metals.

you can feed the Light metal such as car shells, tin pop cans, aluminum plates, profiles, baled UBC, Etc to this radiator recycling machine, it’s valuable for you.


Where Can I Visit Your AC Radiator Recycling Machine Running Site?

So far, we have over 10 lines overseas, mostly running sites in Japan, In Taiwan, In Korea,

due to business privacy, most customers don’t want to show the site to their competitors, thus we can share all of our machine information for you if you need.

And we also welcome you to China, to our factory for checking radiator recycling machine. we have a production line nearby our factory, and we as the radiator recycling machine manufacturer, our factory build a radiator recycling machine also for your visiting.

Radiator Recycling machine

How Many People To Operate This Radiator Recycling Line?

Generally, 3-4 people are enough for operating the radiator recycling machine.

one for feeding material, one for looking around, one for stand on the copper output side, to see if the output material clean,  Another man was standing in front of the aluminum conveyor output side to see if the aluminum was clean.

The radiator recycling machine production line , can’t make sure that the materials are 100% clean. So we need the right people to make it clean.

Radiator Recycling machine

How Long Need Your Radiator Recycling Machine Manufacturing?

most key parts in stock right now, the most time you need to wait is testing. totally around 35-40days.

when the full line ready, we will have 2 times testing for your radiator recycling machines.

Radiator Recycling machine 

How To Check The Radiator Recycling Machine Production Line When Its Ready?

Generally, the production line includes the feeding conveyor, radiator hammer mill shredder, magnetic separator, the density separator. You need we will testing your radiator recycling machine line one by one,

1Feeding conveyor- to check if the material leak from the side, the speed, the motor and bearing temperature, the angles.

2 Radiator hammer mill shredder-to check bearing temperature, hammers material, lining plate material, the fixing screw tighten situation, the distance between the bearing and cover,the key spindle distance with the hammer. More.

3 Magnetic separator- mainly check the magnetic guess, to see if that’s strong to remove the iron first.

4 Density separator- to check the blower capacity, the vibration frequency, the screen angle, the feeding hopper angles.

Radiator Recycling machine


How You Pack Radiator Recycling Machine When Delivery?

In general, the radiator recycling machine will be covered with film when it is delivered, and some important components will be packed in wooden cases. The important parts include the motor and reducer, Electric control cabinet.

We understand that you are worried about your radiator recycling machine delivery condition due to long-distance transportation,  and afraid the radiator recycling machine will be damaged during transportation, No worries,hen we deliver the equipment, we will also strictly fix it in the container to prevent deviation.


How To Install Radiator Recycling Machine?

Again,radiator recycling machine generally refer to a production line.

The whole production line contains the following things.

1 Double shaft shredder.

2 Discharge conveyor.

3 Radiator recycling machine,hammer mill shredder

4 Discharge conveyor.

5 Vibrating feeder.

6 Magnetic Drum

7 Feeding conveyor.

8 Vibrating screen.

9 Gravity separator.

10 Blower Separator

When you receive the whole line, First of all, we need to check whether each piece of equipment in the production line is flawed. At the same time, according to the drawings, Are all machine parts complete or not. If there are no such problems, then our engineers will give you online guidance installation or provide door-to-door installation service. If you want to install it yourself,First of all, the location of the radiator crusher host should be determined the place, According to the position of the main machine, place the position of the auxiliary equipment of the crusher in turn.

Your installation workers need to be patient and understand the equipment, At the same time, we will provide 3D drawings for process installation.

Running Site

How To Keep Recycling Machine Working Running Well?

Check the machine regularly for any changes. Generally, include if the parts of radiator recycling machine connection well, All the parts screw is fixing,if all the lubrication oil smooth.the most important parts is in the separating system, you need pay attention to the density separator output situation always. we have details operation manual for our customers.

How Many Workers Need for This Radiator Recycling Line?

The full production is automatic type, generally we need 3-4 people to control full line. one for feeding material, one for looking around and see machine running situation,and two stand by the side of the output conveyor to check if the output clean always.

How To Control The Output Size From Radiator Recycling Machine?

You can control the output size by the hammer quantity of radiator crushing machine.

Radiator Recycling machine

As a professional radiator recycling machine manufacturer, we are not only the machine manufacturer, we also the users of this production line. Thus we know clearly about this product line. we welcome all your contact info@steelshredder.com    +86-15515540620

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