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This radiator separator takes a few cubics in your recycling yard. It is safe and easy to operate.

Radiator Separator

Small Radiator Separator

We are a well-known radiator separators manufacturer and designer in China.
You can order radiator separators in various sizes and designs from us that are both attractive and functional for your business. we can design and manufacture your ideal radiator separator.

Our factory has been manufacturing different recycling machines for 36 years and will provide you with a free detailed proposal and drawing upon receiving your inquiry. We will all support your radiator separator order, from our head manager to our workshop employees.
Submit your requirements in detail.

Radiator Recycling Production Line

That radiator recycling production line is high-volume equipment developed on the basis of a radiator separator. The capacity of the production line can be 4500kgph Max.


Aluminum Recycling Machine

This scrap aluminum recycling machine adopts a horizontal design.the capacity we can provide. 15 tons per hour max.

Aluminum cans recycling machine

An aluminum can recycling machine is a scrap metal shredders machine type. it’s suitable for the loosen aluminum cans or the balers aluminum cans.

Industrial Dust Collector

Our Industrial Dust Collector In general, it is to match our radiator recycling machine line, of course, you can also use it to accompany your other industrial

Metal Recycling Machine

This Metal Recycling Machine is a blade shredder design inside, It is also a scrap metal shredders machine type that has a PLC control cabinet.

Organic Waste Shredder

This organic waste shredder can be used in different industries, You can use it in the garbage recycling yard, or your waste metal recycling plants.

Car shell hammer mill crusher

This hammer mill crusher can be used for different metering, such as car shell, color steel tile, aluminum doors and windows.

Magnetic Drum Separator Machine

This Magnetic Drum Separator is usually used In supporting the use of scrap metal recycling production line.we have the different type for you.

Metal Chip Shredder

This Metal Chip Shredder is the most p0pular type in 2021-2022, It use a small site cubic and is very easy to operate.
The capacity is 6000kgph.

Huihe: The First Radiator Separator In China

As a 36-year recycling machine manufacturer based in China, huihe possesses extensive experience in the field of radiator separators.
With over 20 domestic and international patents, as well as CE, ISO, and SGS certifications, we can assure you of the highest possible quality radiator separator for your company and for your recycling business.

We maintain close relations with clients because we believe we can provide you with an excellent radiator separator project for your business.

Huihe radiator separator is a top-rated product on the market. We can recommend the most cost-effective solution for you. if you need a good machine for your radiator recycling business, then we will be your best choice.

Related Metal Recycling Production Line

  • Metal Shredder Machine Production Line

    The Production Line Include The Metal Chain Conveyor, The Pre-Pressor, The Hammer Mill, Output Conveyor, Vibration Feeder, Drum Magnetic Separator,Eddy Current Separator, This Machine Suit For All Different Scrap Metal.

  • Radiator Recycling Production Line

    This Production Line Include Pre-Shredder,Conveyor,Metal Hammer Mill,Drum Magnetic Separator,Vibration Screen,Density Separator  And Dust Collector.Capacity For This Radiator Recycling Line is Around 500kg per hour.

  • Small Hammer Mill Shredder

    This Production Line Is 2T Per Hour For Roof Tiles Steel, We installed This Production Line in 2015 In Malaysia. Through Change The Screen Size, Our Users Also Crush Tin Cans.

  • Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Line

    A 315kw Motor Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Production Line As Above, We Matched A Direct Coupler System On This Production Line And We Installed This Shredder Production Line In South Africa In 2017.

Radiator Separator | the ultimate FAQ guide

If you need a radiator separator for your business? We are the right place for you. We provide you with the highest quality radiator separator with the help of our skilled engineer, and the designer team can assure you of the best quality radiator separator.
Let’s have a close look of the radiator separator.

Radiator Separator

1 What Is a Radiator Separator?

A radiator separator used to separates the copper and aluminum in your radiator, Because this set machine is relatively small and it’s with power only by 3+4kw,

thus you can not feed any other material in.

For a better feeding to this radiator separator, we also matched a band saw cutter, thus you can use it to cut the iron which both stay in sides of the radiator.

If your old radiator is in better shape and flat., then you can go straight to use radiator separator.please notice, the bend radiator doesn’t suitable for this machine.

If your old radiator is bent and deformed, then you need a radiator recycling line to recycle the copper and aluminum, including stainless steel and iron.

Our Aluminum Copper Radiators Separator is a waste radiator recycle usage. It is great in 19mm, 21mm, and 25mm application scope. if your centerline to centerline is different, you can let us know first.

Radiator Separator

2 Where Is The Waste Radiator From?

The radiator is used for heating or cooling as the heat exchange.

The radiator is generally from the home waste AC(air conditioner), any industrial AC, or from car engine.No matter which type radiator from, this machine can cut and separate the content from radiator(copper and aluminum) directly.

3 What Is The Radiator Recycling Production Line?

As its name, the radiator recycling production line is a complete line which include many sets machine to achieve the final purpose (to separate the iron, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum). the full production line may include the following:

1 Conveyor system to connect each part of the full line.

2 radiator hammer mill shredder system to shred the radiator into small pieces.

3 sorting system to sort out the iron and copper and aluminum.

Here is a video of the radiator recycling production line.

4 What’s The Difference Between Two Type Radiators Recycling Machine?

The main difference between the two is that the radiator separator can only handle complete flat radiator. But the radiator recycling line can be used for different types raw radiator.

Another different point is the equipment output capacity.

The capacity of the radiator separator is about 200 kg per hour.and it’s only has this one model.

But the radiator recycling line has 4 capacity.Capacity respectively is 750kgph,1500kgph,3000kgph,4500kgph.

You can choose what kind of machine according to your different needs.
The Below Material To Radiator Separator machine and also Feed to Radiator Recycling Line

To Radiator Recycling Line only-Because it is curved.

Radiator Recycling Machine

The 3rd point is that the purity and density of the final discharge is different.

The material from the radiator separator machine is only the pipe shape as below.it’s much more light and it’s bulk type material,the material shape as below:

The material from the radiator recycling production line is round and small shape.it’s much more higher density, the material shape as below:

5 What Is Radiator Made Of?

Most radiator are made by the aluminum, copper and brass, stainless steel,plastic. The ratio of copper to aluminum is the largest.These two content occupy about 90%~100% of the entire radiator depend on the different radiator.

For now, the copper price around $10769(China Market Price), thus you can image if you separate the copper with other material from radiator, Its profits are huge.


6 What’s The Capacity You Have For The Radiator Separator?

Machine name Machine size Capacity Power(kw) Weight(kg)
Radiator separator 1760*950*1350mm 200-300kgph 4+3kw 750kw

Notice:the normal radiator Center line of two copper pipes in radiators shall be 19mm or 21mm or 25mm.if your raw radiator is different, then you need tell us before you place an order.

Radiator Separator

7 How Does a Radiator Separator Machine Working Processing?

Iron heads of radiators must be cut off the two sides of radiators;

Radiators must be cut with a band saw according to the width of each Material Inlet;

Radiators that are more than 2 layers must be cut into one layer and two layers with the band saw;

Do not feed radiators into wrong Material Inlets (three inlets each are for 19mm, 21mm, 25mm radiators respective);

This machine is suitable for processing one layer radiators when it is shipped to customers. When you need to process two-layer radiators, just remove the iron covers from the Lower Blade Roller to expose the blades.

When two-layer radiators are processed, the left side of the radiators shall touch the left side of each Material Inlet, and the first copper pipe in the Upper Layer to the left side of each Material Inlet must be nearer than the first copper pipe in the Lower Layer to the Left Side of each Material Inlet.

For both one-layer and two-layer radiators, the left side of radiators must touch the Guiding Rulers and are radiators must be fed into Material Inlets along the guiding rulers.

When radiators are fed into Material Inlets correct, each Feeding Gear at the Material Inlet must be at the middle of each two copper pipes; or copper pipes and aluminum will not be separated.

Twisted radiators can not be processed.

8 How Many People To Operate This Radiator Separator?

Actually, this radiator separator only need two people to operate.

You can see the video as above.

9 How Long Need Your Radiator Separator Manufacturing?

As the radiator separator machine is a very small machine, and our factory with 65000m2,thus we have large amount machine in stock.

If your voltage is same with China,then the machine can be sent out within 10 days because we need extra testing and wooden case packing before delivery.

If your voltage is different with China, then we need extra 20 days to place your matched motor,(such as 400V,220V,415V Etc). we also need the extra testing and exporting wooden case packing for your radiator separator machine.

Radiator Separator

10 How To Install Radiator Separator?

None installation.

Just need you put your radiator separator in the flat place and connect the cable wire,then testing it and start manufacturing.

We will send you the users manual once you buy the machine to help you have a better understanding.

Radiator Separator

11 How To Control The Output Purity For This Radiator Separator?

First you need to keep the sharpness of the blade on the radiator separator. Usually this blade is changed every six months.As a radiator separators manufacturer, we will provide this kind of accessories all year round.

Second, you want to make sure the blade tightness is appropriate.The machine can be adjusted by adjusting one of the rods on the machine.
Of course, we will give you a detailed instruction manual when shipping, which can also ensure the purity of the material.


12 What’s the Wearing Parts of your radiator separator?

There are two main types of wearing parts for this equipment.
One is the blade above the radiator separator.Usually this blade can last for 6 months.
The other is the saw blade on the band saw machine.This saw blade can usually be used for one month depending on the proficiency of the worker and the thickness of the raw material.
We will give you accessories for a year to use before shipping.

Blade Radiator Separator

The above is the approximate information of the radiator separator, if you need more content and price, please send an inquiry.

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