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Industrial Recycling Shredder

Recycling Shredder

Huihe brand is a reliable manufacturer and recycling shredder producer in China.
We design different purposes and recycling shredder for your raw material and capacity requirements, such as metal recycling shredders, aluminum recycling shredders, motor recycling shredders, radiator recycling shredders and more.
It is widely used in different size recycling yards, for your different scrap metals, we offer practical solutions.
You also can reach to our customer and partner for more details of the recycling shredder working.
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Automatic Recycling Shredder

Automatic recycling shredders can support a lot of recycling shredding processes. We will produce high-quality and excellent performance.

Cans Recycling Shredder

We manufacture and supply complete selections of recycling shredders for cans. We can customize your drawing applicable to any business.

Double Shaft Recycling Shredder

A double shaft recycling shredder will surely meet your desired specifications. Applicable for waste shredders, light metal, and more processing.

High Capacity Recycling Shredder

High capacity recycling shredder for your extensive application is suitable. High-quality but reliable for plenty of recycling purposes at acceptable prices.

Industrial Recycling Shredder

Our recycling shredders are applicable for industrial applications. Choose standard and custom sizes base on your project’s unique requirements.

Metal Chip Shreder

We have a light Metal Chip Shreder that will meet all types of production. It will be suitable for industrial and commercial purposes.

Multi-Purpose recycling shredder

Multi-Purpose recycling shredder available in various functions and features that you should know for your final application.

Industrial Dust Collector

Get the best industrial dust collector selections for thin irons shredding. The best features and different specifications will provide as per request.

Waste Recycling Shredder

Choose different sizes of recycling shredders applicable for waste recycling. Choose standards sizes and also send your custom sizes.

ZZS-Huihe: Your Trusted Recycling Shredder Machine In China

We are your reliable manufacturer and supplier who builds long-term relationships for nearly 40 years in this recycling field.
We produce all types of recycling shredders for over 65 countries in different regions worldwide. We will test your recycling shredder before we deliver them to your location, ensure strict quality inspection, and provide flexible packaging to secure long-distance travel.
We have an entire hardworking and skilled staff to ensure smooth operations for your orders.

For this type of recycling shredder, we almost have 20 models for your recycling yard. no matter which type of feeding application, our team always can give you the best answer.

We will offer our effective solutions to help your growing business and other purposes.
Don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We will meet your urgent needs.

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  • Aluminum Recycling Machine

    Offers high toughness in crushing or shredding different materials. Scrap aluminum shredder waste recycling line also provides safety performance.

  • We can customize the machine size depending on your applications and requirements. Single-shaft shredder lines are easy and safe to operate, with high torque and low noise.

  • Magnetic separator

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 Recycling Shredder- An Ultimate FAQ

Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective recycling shredder in China? Well, you visit the right place that can solve your problem. Huihe brand is a certified and experienced company that produces and making high-class recycling shredders that offer affordable costs.

In more than 35 years in the field, Huihe always ensured to handle full capabilities. We have complete equipment and staff that support faster production to meet your urgent needs.

We manufacture the recycling shredder that provides all raw materials, and other parts like a reducer, apparatus, motor, and more to meet the standards. We ensure your orders will be under strict inspections before the deliveries.

Here we will introduce our recycling shredder to you all, hope that can help you to know more about the recycling shredder.
Recycling Shredder

What is a Recycling Shredder?

Recycling, metal furniture recycling, window frame, metal door shredding, metal bucket recycling, or steel tiles recycling. A recycling shredder is a machine used to process metal materials requiring disposal or processing before being recycled.

These shredders are intended to help with a material reduction in various recycling applications, such as scrap metal recycling and e-waste; the shredding process yields raw material for re-use in manufacturing and finished products mulch for landscaping purposes.

Granulators, chippers, grinders, and hammer mills are used to describe size reduction equipment. Most of them have the function of reducing the size of a given substance.

Recycling and repurposing products of all kinds are possible. Some examples of recyclable resources include vehicles and scrap metal; metal buckets and cans, computer hard drives, home appliances, and other unclassified metals; steel drums; tubing and cable; and steel drums, tubing, and cable, and of course,due to different material features, you may need different recycling shredder.

As a recycling shredder manufacturer, we have the following type machine for you choose. Horizontal Recycling Shredder, Shaft Recycling Shredder, Vertical Recycling Shredder.

Whether you need a recycling shredder for any purpose, Huihe will fully support and help you save a lot. We will provide perfect solutions to help your growing business.

What types of shredders work as Recycling Shredder?

The main aim of the Recycling Shredder is that waste materials size is minimized and allows recycling processes. Here are shredders that can play a similar role with Recycling shredders:

  • Pre-shredder/Double shaft shredder: As the name implies, shredded material into long and big pieces, such as metal shavings or flakes. In recycling and reprocessing materials, pre-shredder is particularly useful since they produce such consistent bits. Pre-shredder can be installed permanently and portable machines can move around.
    The output from the pre-shredder is below.

utput from double shaft Recycling Shredder

  • Hammer Shredder: this type of hammer shredder generally using after the pre-shredder(we show you a drawing as below), due to some big bulk material can not feed in the hammer shredder, then they choose pre-shredder, then add a hammer shredder to get high purity and high-density output material.
    The output material from the hammer shredder is as below:

Output from hammer shredder

How can we categorize the Recycling Shredder?

Recycling Shredder can be categorized into two groups as follows:

  • Industrial Recycling Shredder and Consumer Recycling Shredder

Shredders are divided into two types based on their intended use: consumer shredders and industrial shredders. As a result, a small scrap metal recycling shredder is usually classified as a consumer shredder because consumers primarily use it.

It is common for industrial shredders to process recycling material streams such as e-waste, metal cans and buckets, home appliances, and scrap automobiles. There are various cutting systems available for industrial shredders, including vertical shaft design and horizontal shaft design.

Of course, a the recycling shredder manufacturer, we mainly and only manufacturing the industrial type.
Recycling Shredder

How is Recycling Shredder used in Waste Management and Recycling?

Recycling Shredder is used in both recycling processes and waste management and all other related recycling industrial.

Recycling shredders for waste materials serve a critical role in waste management. It can crush scrap metals and other similar materials to a fraction of their original size in a matter of seconds by utilizing mega-shredders in large-scale rubbish disposal systems, municipal landfills, and recycling centers.

Communities and corporations constantly seek innovative methods to minimize expenses in today’s economic situation, and shredders bring new strategic possibilities. In the waste recycling process, shredding materials serves two roles.

For starters, by minimizing the volume of material, storage costs and transportation are reduced. In the meantime, the automated Recycling shredders free recyclable elements and allows value-material recycling.
Recycling Shredder

What are the benefits of having a Recycling Shredder?

The following are various benefits of having a recycling shredder as business equipment.

  • With automated monitoring and controls suite, you can take control of the process.
  • Ensures minimized volume of waste materials and transporting cost.
  • Upgrade molecule size with a wide choice of cutters to fit explicit applications.
  • Provide theft and safety protection of essential scrap metals.
  • Help you achieve an automated environment.
  • Reduces production; for example, you can use shredded metal materials in the production of essential steel.
  • Minimizes waste disposal costs.
  • The landfill’s life span is extended.
  • The shredding and recycling process enables one to earn income or revenue.

Output FROM Recycling Shredder

How does a Recycling shredder work?

Recycling shredders work in a relatively easy manner. Operators load the waste material into the loading area conveyor by hand or by machine and then let a compacting mechanism of a hammer reduce it. Once the material has been shredded or pulverized, operators can package it for delivery to its next destination.

The Recycling hammerhead hits the feeding waste material through the gaps between the liner plate and hammers through the high speed of rotating hammers that hit the waste materials into required particle sizes.   Also, the equipment ensures dust-free during its operations.

The Recycling shredder conveyor belt contains a powerful magnet that allows the shredded material into more delicate shreds and removes the metals. The equipment can recycle up to 30,000 tons of waste materials.

Recycling Shredder Inside (2)

What are Recycling Shredder Applications?

The Recycling shredder has a lot of uses. The following are various application areas for a recycling shredder:

  • Window frame and metallic doors shredding and recycling
  • Household appliance shredding and recycling
  • Steel waste recycling
  • Scrap vehicles shredding and recycling
  • Can and bottle shredding and recycling
  • E-waste recycling
  • Paint buckets recycling
  • Steel tiles shredding and recycling
  • Metallic furniture shredding and recycling


What are the features of a Recycling Shredder?

Here are Recycling shredder machine features to look for in equipment:

  • Has a solid and durable construction
  • Automatic reversal capability
  • Conveyors for discharge
  • Mechanisms with one, two, or four shafts are available
  • Less noise disturbance
  • Allows equipment customization
  • Industrial machinery

Recycling Shredder Full Line

What are the advantages of a Recycling Shredder?

The Recycling shredder as equipment has a lot of advantages to consider, such as:

  • The recovery of manufacturing by-products

There is a limit to how much waste may be produced by any production process. Although most businesses implement policies or improvements to reduce waste, the tiny amount of raw material wasted in production processes is frequently regarded as an essential loss.

However, modern Recycling shredder technology can help recoup most of this loss.
Recycling Shredder

  • Monetary benefit

Firms and organizations are under pressure to discover new methods to minimize expenses while increasing income in today’s economic recession. Recycling Shredders may open up new investment moves for easing financial strains and creating new markets.

  • Lowering the costs of recycling

The impact on the environment is a big worry, so much so that several states have passed legislation requiring households and companies to recycle various waste goods. Many firms are beginning recycling initiatives to save money. Generally, businesses generate a significant amount of recyclable metal garbage in their services and operations.

The expense of disposal can be considerably reduced, if not eliminated, simply by putting in the right shredders for the materials that come through your firm. You can use recycling often to offset operational costs by re-using or selling shredded waste.

The expense of disposal can be considerably reduced, if not eliminated, by installing appropriate shredders for the types of materials that come through your firm. You can often use recycling to offset operational costs by re-using or selling shredded waste.

Recycling Shredder

  • Creating new business opportunities

Recycling shredders can generate additional cash for businesses by producing new products or raw materials. Later, you can use these items and materials in company processes, develop new product lines, or be offered directly.

  • Environmental Benefits

Being “green” is becoming increasingly important in today’s environment. Our individual, organizational, and communal impacts on the environment significantly affect how the general population and our clients see us. Today’s consumer is more likely to do business with a company that has a strong commitment to the environment. Recycling shredders are crucial in meeting the challenges of being more ecologically conscious.

Advantage of recycling

  • There will be fewer and cleaner landfills.

Shredding makes it easier to handle recyclable garbage, resulting in more consistent recycling. You can often repurpose shredded materials within the operations or communities where you discard them, resulting in lower overall waste output. The entrance of heavy metals, poisons, and other hazardous elements into landfills is considerably minimized when shredding technology is combined with hazardous waste disposal and recycling.

  • Natural resource conservation

Shredding garbage allows metals to be re-used, reducing the need for additional ore mining and assisting in conserving our natural resources and landscapes. You may re-use metals thanks to rubbish shredding, which eliminates the need for new ore extraction and contributes to maintaining our natural resources and landscapes.

Can reduce toxic and greenhouse gas emissions in a variety of ways by industrial waste shredding.

Which industries need a Recycling shredder for phototypes destruction?

During the development of a new product or product line, several industries create working prototypes and models.

  • Metal fabrication industries
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Communication Authority
  • Space exploration
  • Machine industry
  • Military equipment Firm
  • Automobile manufacturer
  • Electronics industry
  • Architecture and engineering

Recycling shredder site

The sort of prototype destruction shredding equipment used is, of course, determined by the materials used in the production process. Companies that specialize in shredding and recycle may be able to provide this service, which may be sufficient for your needs. It’s essential for business owners to examine the security risks, how often they need to destroy products, and the expense of shredding equipment before choosing a strategy.

What follows after the Recycling shredder processes are done?

Once your shredded scrap metal waste materials are in the required sizes and particles, they are recycled and turned into various products.

Another advantage of these processes is that theft protection and security of the large metal waste materials are assured.

What capacity do you need for a recycling shredder?

The capacity of any equipment plays a vital role in the amount of work to be done and achieved by the equipment. The frequency use of the Recycling shredder determines the capacity needed and selected. The capacity of the machine is essential if your firm generates a lot of metal waste every day. This means that you’ll be able to feed more metal into the device at a faster rate.

Check the shredder’s cool-down time. Because shredders heat up quickly, they consume a lot of energy. Make sure you can use the shredder you’re considering as often as you’d want.

Parameters of recycling shredder

What are two ways to minimizes the waste materials size?

They are two ways of minimizing the size of waste materials, namely:

  • Strip-cut by a shaft shredder : ensures the shredded materials are into strips.
  • Grinder-by a recycling shredder:to shred the output material from shaft shredder or shred the raw material  directly.

The sort of waste materials you’re handling, as well as how you plan to transport it once it’s processing, will be crucial in determining which of these shredding techniques is ideal for you.

In China, most people like the material from the recycling shredder, due to the material is pure and smaller, and the dust in the recycling shredder line also can be removed. Because the final scrap is to be taken to the steel mill for melt, So smelters prefer this type material.
So which you can choose which method is better for you according to your country’s melting requirements
output from recycling shredder

What are various parts of the Recycling shredder?

The Recycling shredder is one type among other shredder types. Here are different parts that make up a recycling shredder:

The Assemblies for rotors Strong, durable primary shaft made of forged steel and

Completely welded end disk assemblies with caps.

The feed shafts and rolls ensure that Weld repair and downtime are eliminated with integrally cast teeth. In the most complex applications, proven performance

The Shredders hammer ensures the fed scrap waste materials is compressed into smaller size and particles.

With minimal flexing and bowing, steel double beam grates shred when hammers are used on them. Designed to match your rotor for maximum efficiency, these parts maximize throughput and densities.
Recycling Shredder

For example, shafts that permit relative motion between the contact surfaces of materials while carrying a load are supported by bearings.

The rotating hammers of the Recycling shredder allow the fed waste materials to be compressed

into smaller sizes or particles for further use.

The liner plate directly impacts the waste materials being processed and the equipment wall conversions.

What are maintenance measures needed by a Recycling shredder?

A well-maintained Recycling shredder not only has long performance life but also saves time and costs by avoiding total equipment replacement.

The equipment maintenance practices can be scheduled in three ways: weekly, monthly, or yearly. But frequent equipment inspections are advised.

When planning the equipment maintenance measures, you should refer to your recycling shredder manufacturer’s manual guide.

  • Physical inspection of the shredder.
  • Inspect the fluid levels such as the battery, engine, and hydraulic oil.
  • Remove debris around the equipment.
  • Clean the motor air cooling system.
  • Tighten and replace the loose nuts and bolts.
  • Inspect that you have enough spare parts of the equipment.
  • Defect hammers should replace liners with new ones.
  • Regularly check the waste material fed rolls or shafts to avoid damaged or stacked scrap metals.

Recycling Shredder

What are tips for selecting a suitable Recycling Shredder?

Choosing the right shredding equipment is crucial even before you decide to invest in it. The decision-making process should include more than just knowing what tasks your equipment will need to do and what materials it will be handling.

  • Material type

In picking a shredder, it’s crucial to consider the type of material you’ll be shredding since this will have a significant impact on the type of shredder you’ll require. You will likely use your shredder in home applications or industrial applications.

The sort of material will determine a shredding action to be shredded. It’s a good thing that modern shredders are designed and made for specific types of materials, so the guesswork has been eliminated, which eliminates much of the guesswork.

  • Equipment Capacity

The physical size and weight of the material to be handled will determine the capacity. A recycling shredder with a feeder that is large enough for heavy machinery, for example, might not have a drum or cutters large enough to accept the waste materials. Other considerations, such as hopper size, may limit capacity. Make sure to double-check the rated capacity.

  • Type of Feed

There are two fundamental forms of feed: manual and automatic. Because the feed for this equipment comes in spurts from forklifts, trucks, bins, or by hand, multi-purpose shredders are often manually supplied. Manually fed shredders may be a more cost-effective option. As a result of the automatic feed, there will likely be less clogging and reduced wear on cutting or grinding surfaces.

  • Transportability

When choosing a recycling shredder, portability is typically a consideration. While traditional recycling centers aren’t required to be mobile, deconstruction companies, construction companies, landscapers, and other businesses may profit the most from the option to shred on-site.

  • Concerns about health and safety

When choosing shredding equipment, health and safety issues are sometimes disregarded. Numerous shredding procedures generate a lot of dust and particles in the air. To safeguard people and operations, shredding or grinding machinery may require dust containment and removal systems.

  • Noise factor

Noise is another important factor that is frequently overlooked. As much as wearing hearing protection is a good idea and is generally mandated by OSHA, it is critical to understand that your neighborhood may have regulatory noise limitations that limit the type of shredding equipment you can employ in your facility.

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Above is very important for you to get a match recycling shredder, when you send an inquiry,pls notice, you also can ignore some factors if you don’t have an idea, according to your general information, our engineer team will provide you a very good solutions.

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We, Huihe Brand, are a professional manufacturer and supplier of all recycling shredder, including related recycling machines. We can reach over 65 countries and regions around the world. We assure you that we produce certified and versatile industrial crushing machines that will help you generate excellent profits.

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