SC1280 Hammermill Shredder

SC1280 type hammer mill shredder is a horizontal design shredder.
S means scrap. C-Means Crusher

Specifically, the number 1280 means that the rotor length of the hammermill shredder is 1200 millimeters and its diameter is 800 millimeters.

This Hammermill Shredder Is Used To Recycle All Kinds Of Scrap Metal Into A Form Of Balls. The output comes out at a density of approximately 1.0-1.8 tons per cubic metre and the purity can be as high as 98% (depending on the raw material).


-Scrap metal Less than 6mm./ Tinplate(Pop-Top Can) /Home Appliance (Without Motor, Compressor,Shaft) / Bicycle, Track’s Guard Railing, And Other Similar Daily Metal Waste / Empty Can / Metal Chips/aluminum chips, turnings.


SC1280 Hammermill Shredder:
Power(kw) 110-160kw
Capacity(tph) 1.5-2t
Dimension(m) 3.2×2×3.2m
Weight(kg) 6000
Hammer Quantity(Pcs) 12pcs
Hammer Weight(Kg) 16kg/hammer
Lining plate quantity 6pcs
Hydraulic station 1set included

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Features of SC1280 Hammermill Shredder:

1 In addition to having a large crushing chamber, this hammermill shredder is available in large feeding sizes, which makes it suitable for use in small to mid-size recycling yards.

2 Besides being suitable for handling bulky materials, it is also suitable for handling materials with high density

3 The Hammermill shredder rotor made from heavy-duty material to ensure high quality.

4 With HQ cast steel bearings, the bearing holder perfectly supports the shredder and increases the degree of density to the radial direction.

5  The hydraulic system can be opened easily from the top, which will reduce service and maintenance requirements as well as the downtime.

6 This unit will have a small structure, strong rigidity, and its rotor will have high rotational inertia.

We Using All China Brand Parts For Normal Inquiry Of SC1280 Hammermill Shredder,But We Also Can Do All The Parts As You Need.

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Please feel free to take this sheet for reference once you have all the details you require.

Scrap Metal Recycling Machine Certificate

√ Reliable Quality √ Lower Power Consumption
√ Low Noise √ Higher Output Capacity
√ Siemen/Abb/Weg Motor √ Skf Bearing
√ Schneider Component √ Siemens Plc
√  Guomao Or Tongli (China Top Brand) All Other Customized Parts

SC1280 Hammermill Shredder

It is not only suitable for the recycling of old metals, but also for the crushing and recycling of some special materials, such as metal chips, Radiators. Aluminum. here is some video of the machine.

SC1280 Aluminum Hammermill Shredder

SC1280 hammermill shredder for metal chips

Generally speaking, sc1280 hammermill shredded is a small to medium-sized recycling machine,

For scrap steel, there is a capacity of about 1.5 tons to two tons per hour.

For waste iron metal chips, with the previous shredder system, capacity about 4 tons per hour.

For waste copper aluminum water tanks, the production capacity per hour is about 1 ton to 1.5 tons.

If you want larger equipment or smaller equipment, or a comprehensive processing production line, please contact us.

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