SCL600 Hammer Shredder

SCL600 hammer shredder is the most popular type in our factory.

600 means the horsepower is 600HP, this machine rotor length is 1600 , And the rotor working Dia. Is 1400mm.

In a middle to the large metal recycling plant, the SCL600 hammer shredder is an excellent choice, because it can shred large scrap materials directly.

If you are going to match a double shaft shredder, then that’s the best choice as well, the result for adding a double shaft shredder, it’s can increase capacity around 1.3-15.times

SCL600 Hammer Shredder
Power(kw) 475
Feeding part size(mm) 1600
Speed(RPM) 730
Hammer Qty① 18pics*41kg/hammer/Mateiral:high Mn steel
Hammer Qty② 18pics*33kg/hammer/Material:high Mn steel
Outside Thickness 30mm
Inside Lining Thickness 60mm
Screen plate 4pics*550kg/plate
Linning plate 20pics-total 1622kg
1 NBSX Feeding Conveyor(Metal Conveyor) 1set 15
2 Pre-Pressing Machine System 1set 7.5+7.5
3 Hammer Shredder(475kw) 1set 475
Damping basement 1set /
4 Vibrating Feeder 1set 0.75+0.75
5 Magnetic Drum Separator 1set 3
6 0.8×15 m Moveable Discharging Conveyor 1set 5.5+1.5
7 Iron Separator( Hanging Type) 1set 1.5
8 0.5×8 m Belt Conveyor 1set 3
9 De-dust Collector System(144bags) 1set 22
10 Cyclone Filter System 1set /
11 Hydraulic Station 1set /
12 Connection Way(Directly Connect) 1set /
13 Electric Control Cabinet 1set /
14 Operation Cabinet 2set
15 Water Sprinkler System 1set /
16 Monitoring System 1set /
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Features of SCL600 hammer shredder:

1 hammer shredder body adopts the reinforced structure of an extra-thick steel plate with inclined support to ensure that the equipment meets the overload operation.

2 The liner plate and hammers are processed by heat treatment, natural stress relief, more stable chemical composition, and the service life is increased by more than 30%.

3 Pre-compression of material by pressing device, expanding the feeding range to improve production efficiency.

4 The safety door is set, after the unbreakable material enters the crushing chamber, the operator can open the safety door and discharge it from the machine to avoid damaging the crusher.

5 The hydraulic cover opening device, which saves time and labor for replacement and maintenance.

6 PLC control system and hydraulic power system, intelligent production saves time and effort, and the operation of the equipment is clear at a glance.

We always suggest our users to take the full hammer shredder production line as below
feeding conveyor, hammer shredder, discharging conveyor, magnetic separation conveyor, moveable conveyor, dust removal system and operating cabinet


The working processing will be :

The crushed materials coming out from the hammer shredder will go through the belt conveyor and magnetic separation system, to separate the ferrous metal particles from the non-ferrous and non-metallic materials.

Then the residue non-ferrous plus litter ferrous metal will go to another separating system to take out the iron again. After this processing, the recovery efficiency can be improved.

Hammermill Shredder


-Waste car body(except engine,gear,tyre),recommend cut the car 80*80cm around size to guarantee capacity.

-Tinplate(pop-top can)

-Home appliance (remove motor,Compressor,shaft)

-Bicycle,track’s guard railing and other similar daily metal waste

-Empty can .Other metal scraps(density not thick than 0.65 ton/m 3)

Steel plate and structure with thickness not beyond 6 mm
Output From Auto Shredder

We Using All China Brand Parts For Normal Inquiry Of Vertical Shredder ,But We Also Can Do All The Parts As You Need.

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√ Reliable Quality √ Lower Power Consumption
√ Low Noise √ Higher Output Capacity
√ Siemen/Abb/Weg Motor √ Skf Bearing
√ Schneider Component √ Siemens Plc
√  Guomao Or Tongli (China Top Brand) All Other Customized Parts


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