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Huihe offers a highly efficient scrap metal crusher at a budget-friendly price. We manufacture scrap metal crushers suitable for a broader range of applications.

Scrap Metal Crusher

Professional Scrap Metal Crusher

Huihe is an expert scrap metal crusher with nearly 40 years of experience.
Our professional R&D team has a complete dedication to designing, developing, innovating, and producing your scrap metal crusher.
Here in Huihe, we always guarantee the highest quality products,
Our primary goal is to provide you with quality products at affordable prices and with 100% can check any type car shell crusher, roof tiles steel crusher, radiator crusher, or aluminum crusher on our web.
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Double Shaft Shredder

Huihe manufactures Double Shaft Shredder with strong tearing force, wear-resistant, high endurance, and high-quality steel body construction.

Metal Shredder Frame manufacturing (2)

Our Large Capacity Metal Shredder supports an automatic PLC control system. You can easily change the cutter blade and quickly disassemble the shredder.

Metal Shredder Machine

We manufacture Low Price Metal Scrap Crusher Machine that features low speed, low noise, ample wheelbase, high performance, and low power consumption.

Scrap Metal Shredder

We offer a diverse choice of Scrap Iron Bucket Metal crushers. These machines feature removable chassis, detachable arrester, wear-resisting blade, and hexagonal shaft.

Hammermill Crusher

The suitable materials used in our Metal Scrap Tin Can Shredder Crusher Machine include electrical appliance shells, scrap iron, aluminum, and more.

SCL600 Hammermill Shredder

Huihe manufactures Customize Scrap Waste Metal Crusher Machine that features simple operation, fixed packaging, sound design, and easy transport.

Industrial Dust Collector

Our High-quality Industrial Dust Collector is suitable for your workshop with heavy dust, we provide you different models of this collector to meet your collection requirements.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

We offer an Aluminum Recycling Machine with features of high shredding efficiency and easy operation. any type of aluminum can feed to this machine.

Radiator Recycling Machine Radiator Recycling Machine Radiator Recycling Machine

All our Radiator Recycling Machine features sturdy frame plates so you can ensure long service life. It also has a competitive price and low maintenance.

Huihe: Your Leading Scrap Metal Crusher Supplier in China

Choose Huihe as your no.1 choice for your scrap metal crusher needs. Our commitment to give customers high-quality, excellent services and reasonable cost allow us to be the leading scrap metal crusher manufacturer in China.

We also offer OEM and ODM services to all our customers. Rest assured that our engineers can customize your orders based on your exact specification. Huihe guarantees high-performance and excellent quality scrap metal crushers.

Huihe also engages in exporting scrap metal crushers to over 65 countries around the world. We have more than a thousand satisfied clients. We are also looking forward to working with you.

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Scrap Metal Crusher – An Ultimate FAQ Guide

The scrap metal crusher is used for crushing metallic scrap materials into smaller chunks that can be recycled. The crusher uses pressure to hit, strike and compact ferrous and non-ferrous metallic waste using hammers and rotors. The process leads to the production of safe-to-handle metallic materials that are useful in several areas such as in factories and industries.

You can get all information about scrap metal crushers through this article.

1. What is a Scrap Metal Crusher?

A scrap metal crusher is a machine used for shredding disposed metals such as copper, aluminum, and brass by reducing them into small sizes.

It is also referred to as a metal scrap shredder and can vary in size and design. Our company is a leading manufacturer of metal crushers and shredders.

It’s generally referred to the following(crushing and recycling the bulk scrap metal(left) to (Right) the small size, meanwhile, remove the impurity in the feeding material, the final purpose is to increase the density of the feeding material and increase the melting rate during the melting system.

Scrap Metal Crusher

2. What Types of Scrap Metal Crushers are Available?

There are different varieties of scrap metal crushers. The types can be categorized by cutting systems, speed, and hose power. These are:

  • Horizontal shaft Metal Crusher
  • Vertical shaft metal crusher
  • Single shaft crusher
  • Two shaft crushers
  • Four shaft crushers
  • High-speed metal crushers
  • Medium speed metal crushers
  • Low-speed metal crushers

DIfferent Scrap Metal Shredder

What is The Purpose of a Scrap Metal Crusher?

A metal crusher’s main goal is to transform big chunks of disposing of scrap metal into smaller shreds with the objective of metallic waste management in the environment. The metal crusher does this by crushing and hitting metals into smaller manageable portions.

Scrap Metal Shredder

Why Choose our Scrap Metal Crusher?

Our metal crushers are used widely in crushing ferrous and non-ferrous metallic materials and are characterized by low energy consumption and high output. In addition, they are flexible and adjustable to hold a good capacity at a time.

Interestingly, they can meet different feeding materials made of steel and withstand great pressure, abrasions, and heat.

Our scrap metal crushers are ideal for industrial use and provide quality products for reuse.

We offer different designs to suit clients’ needs and incorporate customization ideas.

Why is a Scrap Metal Crusher Important?

The need to process scrap metallic materials is increasing every day from human disposal of metallic cans after use. Therefore, a scrap metal crusher is inevitably a crucial machine in the recycling process of metallic waste.

Also, scrap metal crusher machines provide less costly means of handling scrap metal waste that interferes with water and soil environmental pollution.

Processed scrap metal acts as a source of raw materials required in industries at a reduced cost.

Additionally, the process is a sustainable and reliable way of recycling metallic waste. Therefore, with scrap metals reduced into small sizes and in weight, it makes them easier and safer to handle the risky metallic waste.


How does a Scrap Metal Crusher Work?

The working principle of a scrap metal crusher is based on several processes. First, the machine uses the concepts of impacting shearing, shredding, striking, and grinding. Next, the motor rotates at high speed to initiate striking by the hammers. Finally, the hammers beat the metallic materials and crush them into granules of similar sizes. The granules are then discharged to the sieve as the non-shredded waste is disposed of from the machine.

How Much does a Scrap Metal Crusher Cost?

The cost of a scrap metal crusher depends on size, function, capacity, customization, among other factors. Industrial scrap metal crushers cost $6000-500000.

We provide cost-effective, quality scrap metal crushers to our clients across the globe.

What Factors do I need to Consider When Choosing a Scrap Metal Crusher?

Buying a scrap metal crusher saves cost on rental and outsourcing services. It is therefore important to ensure that you buy one that is efficient and durable by considering the following factors:

Input material.

The type of material is the first thing you need to check since different crushers are used for different materials. Materials can range from plastic, paper, food to metallic waste. For this case, you will need a crusher that can shred metallic materials to suit your needs. Also, you can choose a crusher that can shred two or more input materials.
Scrap Metal Crusher

Size of the crusher.

The capacity of a crusher to process at a given time is an important factor to put in mind. An overloaded crusher is not only unsafe but can also lead to malfunction. Remember to enquire if the machine you intend to buy is adjustable to hold more materials at a time. We customize metal crushers to accommodate a clients’ needs.

Storage Space.

Scrap metal crushers are generally big and require quite a large space for operation. Therefore, ask your manufacturer for the machines’ dimensions and also the climatic conditions required around the space.

Maintenance services.

Operation equipment and machines such as the crusher need regular maintenance to enhance function and longevity. Before purchase, consider maintenance services required, accessibility of spare parts, and technicians. Importantly, find out if your manufacturer offers services. We provide after-purchase services to our clients through a highly qualified technical team.
Maintenance Scrap Metal Crusher

Environmental friendliness.

Recycling machines are prone to environmental pollution during operation. It is important to ask the degree of pollution expected from the machine, such as dust and noise. Find out recommendations to curb any form of pollution that may emanate from pollution.

What are the Merits of a Scrap Metal Crusher?

Generally, scrap metal is used to recycle metallic waste by reducing it into small sizes. Other advantages of the machine are:

  • A scrap metal crusher can separate ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • It is fast and efficient in producing large amounts of crushed materials at a given period.
  • Reduces air and ecological pollution caused by disposed of metallic items
  • Reduced cost of scrap management as compared to other forms
  • It is easy to control the machine through automation as one operator is enough to operate it at a time
  • The machine is durable as it is made with plated materials such as steel and manganese
  • Provides stable performance as the metals are thoroughly crushed and produced in uniform sizes

The machine is adjustable and can be customized to suit a clients’ needs
Scrap Metal Crusher

Which Applicable areas is the Scrap Metal Crusher Used?

There are varied scrap materials that a metal crusher can shred. These materials include:

  • Soft drink tins
  • Old coins
  • Computer accessories
  • Metal drums and tanks
  • Home appliances
  • Copper wires
  • Iron waste
  • Aluminum waste
  • Electrical appliances waste
  • Television and washing machine metal parts
  • Scrap steel
  • Beer caps
  • Paint containers
  • Barrels

 Scrap Metal Crusher Feeding Material

What are the Features of a Scrap Metal Crusher?

Several scrap metal crusher components are fitted and reinforced to play specific roles during the crushing process. These components include:

Hammers: Heavy belly-shaped hammers weighing half a ton or more rotate at high speed to crush metal materials in a crusher

Grates: they are located at the bottom part of the crusher to prevent large pieces of metal from leaving before they are crushed into small sizes.

Alloy plated liners protect the internal part of the machine from abrasion and damage by the moving metallic objects and hammers.

Rotor caps: they protect the rotor from damage by hammers during rotation.

Anvils: form the internal surface where input material is introduced to the feed. They protect the internal surface from heavy impact.

Pins: they put scrap metals in place for shredding and crushing.

Reject doors: they allow waste material that is not shredded from the machine.

Scrap Metal Crusher

Do you Offer Customized Scrap Metal Crushers?


We customize scrap metal crushers to suit the clients’ needs. All you need to do is give us your custom ideas, and we will involve you in the design and manufacturing process.

How Long does it Take to Manufacture and Deliver a Scrap Metal Crusher?

The manufacturing of a scrap metal crusher depends on the type and size of the machine. If you require a personalized metal crusher, it may take longer than the available machines.

Delivery can be done sea. This is determined by a clients’ preference. We do deliver globally to our clients.

What Safety Precautions Should be Taken When Handling a Scrap Metal Crusher?

Operating a scrap metal crusher requires careful handling to avoid accidents. The following safety measures should be adhered to;

  • Operators should ensure they wear the necessary personal protective equipment such as tough boots, heavy hats and gas masks for health safety.
  • Ensure machine operators are thoroughly trained on operation processes, assessment of potential breakdowns and accident management strategies
  • Use of hearing protection in cases where the machine is noisy such as earmuffs.
  • Train employees on first aid and medical care if they cut or scrape themselves during operation.
  • Install fire and explosion detectors that inject water immediately when a risk is detected.
  • Operate scrap metal crushers at lower speeds to reduce noise pollution and dust emission.
  • Take regular breaks between an operation to breathe fresh air, re-energize and rest.

Scrap Metal Crusher

What Maintenance Services are Required for a Scrap Metal Crusher?

  • Regular tighten bolts
  • Replace hammers and ensure a balance of their weights inside.
  • Replace liners regularly
  • Clear scrap stuck on feed rolls
  • Clean motor and air-cooling systems to prevent dirt and windings that can cause fire sparks.
  • Ensure the machine is switched off when not in operation to avoid overheating, leading to a breakdown.
  • Plan for regular equipment checkups to avoid sudden breakdown or shut down.
  • Buy replacement equipment that is compatible with your scrap metal crusher.

Do I need a License to Operate a Scrap Metal Crusher?

Industrial scrap metal operation requires adherence to laid out standards in your country. Therefore, it is important to acquire certification and to license the machine before starting to operate. Also, consider liaising with environmental specialists in your area to recommend ways of curbing dust and noise emanating from the machine operations.

What Materials do I need to Operate a Scrap Metal Crusher?

The following materials should be available to ensure the smooth running of a scrap metal crusher.

Waste metal scraps

Scrape metals that you can collect from the environment are the primary materials in the whole process.  It can be tins, bottle caps, household items, and automotive parts.


Availability of lubricants is crucial to ensure all moving parts are functional.

Electric supply

Scrap metals are made with modern technology and therefore require constant power. For smooth operation, it is advisable to have power back up in case of power loss.

Scrap Metal Crusher

Is the Scrap Metal Crusher Harmful to the Environment?

Scrap metal crushers pose two major threats to the environment. First, dirt particles from sieving shredded materials may contain carcinogenic health problems. Also, if this dust is let free into the air, it may cause environmental effects to plants and humans. We advise our clients to adapt ways of reducing the dust effects by gaseous reduction into less harmful gases.

Secondly, noise pollution is expected during the crushing and grinding of metals. The noise may vary depending on the type of materials being processed. The noise can be reduced through the installation of soundproof walls and constant lubrication of rotors. We provide our clients with machines that have minimal noise production and ways of minimizing excess noise.

Does the Company Offer Warranty on Scrap Metal Crushers?

Yes. Scrap metal machines have a warranty period to ensure efficient functioning. We offer a 365 days warranty period from the date of operation. The warranty will cover maintenance services and equipment checkups by our technicians.


How Long does a Scrap Metal Crusher Last?

The longevity of a scrap metal crusher can be achieved through quality machine selection, regular maintenance services and adherence to necessary precautions. This ensures that the machines run for a long period without breakage or shutdown.

We have years of experience in the manufacture and maintenance of scrap metal crushers; hence our machines are built to last for years. the earliest scrap metal crusher we was installed in 2007, till now,it’s still running well.

Scrap Metal Crusher

How is the Scrap Metal Crusher Installed?

The installation process of scrap metal is detailed and requires specialists and technicians. This entails electronic connection, equipment testing for efficiency, site placement of the machine and ground fitting for stationing. Our technical team are experts in these processes and will ensure our clients are sorted.hammer mill shredder installation

What Potential problems can cause a Scrap Metal Crusher to Malfunction?

Regular maintenance services are a great way to curb constant metal crusher malfunction. However, the following factors can lead to reduced efficiency and malfunction.

Too much material feed

Every scrap metal has a maximum shredding capacity at a given time. If the crusher is overloaded with material, it may cause a breakdown or jam up of equipment hence malfunction. It is advisable to buy an adjustable machine and adhere to the maximum capacity required to avoid malfunction. Also, you can order a customized machine to accommodate the capacity you require at a time.


High temperatures from electric circuit and poor ventilation cause overheating of the crushing machine. These lead to worn out and deformation of lining and grinders. Therefore, it is important to regulate heat, ventilate well, and switch off the machine when not in use.

Poor thread lubrication

This can cause machine equipment to get stuck, reduced rotations and breakdown. Eventually, the crusher may fail and shut down. Dusting and constant application of lubricants act as preventive measures.


What are the Delivery Options for Clients from Other Countries?

We are a leading producer of scrap metal crushers in the country. Our delivery options vary from air to sea for clients outside the country. Clients who place orders within the country can receive their machines via road within a few days after manufacture.


What are the Drawbacks of Using a Scrap Metal Crusher?

Like other machine operators, scrap metal crushers have several disadvantages:

  • Working equipment such as hammers, shredders, and rotors wear and often tear; hence regular maintenance services are required.
  • The shredding process is likely to be noisy and emit dust and gases. These are environmental pollutants that require some form of modifications within the machine to control.
  • Machines use a high electric voltage that poses potential fire and explosion risks to employees and the environment.
  • Site installation requires a big space. More space is required for offloading and heaping of materials.
  • Continuous use of the scrap metal crusher can lead to cracks on walls due to constant vibrations during the crushing process.

What Process is Involved in Crushing Waste Products?

The process of recycling scrap metallic products takes place in several stages as follows;

Site selection and separation

During this stage, scrap metals are sorted according to size and density. Then, they are heaped separately into piles for easy loading to the feeding stock.

Weighting and control

Before the scrap metals are introduced into the feeding area, they are weighed to ensure correct measurements are obtained to fit in the machine at a time. This is important as some metals appear few but weigh more.


Metals are introduced to the feeding stock at this stage, where they are shredded into pieces by the rotor for easy molding and compacting. Next, the blades rotate at high speeds to cut the metals into the required sizes.

Primary crushing

Crushing of the shredded pieces begins here. Hammers that weigh more than half a ton are driven to hit and strike the shredded metallic scrapes. The constant hitting brings the shreds together into a compact.

Steel separation by magnetic means

Ferro-magnetism is utilized at this stage to separate ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Steel, iron, copper, and aluminum products are grouped separately and prepared for crushing.

Secondary crushing

Rotors and hammers swing with enormous density to hit the separated materials. Here, the materials compact so well into small sizes since they are of similar materials.


The compacted sizes are subjected to sieving off dust particles. Finally, the product is discharged and packed for use. The non-shredded waste is removed through separate doors.

Magnetic systmer of scrap metal crusher

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