Scrap Metal Shredder
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We are a leading scrap metal shredder manufacturer for more than 36 years. We offer scrap metal shredders with a diverse range to meet your requirements.

Scrap Metal Shredder

Scrap Metal Shredder

We have nearly 40 years of experience in manufacturing the best quality scrap metal shredder. As an experienced manufacturer, we can provide all kinds of scrap metal shredders to meet your recycling requirements. No matter the manufacturing capacity or machines’ capacity, We offer a one-stop solution to offer you 100% customer satisfaction. Our personnel ensures to provide weekly production reports. Undoubtedly, We are your trusted scrap metal shredder manufacturer from China.
For this type of scrap metal shredder, we have the capacity from 500kg per hour to 30ton per hour. no matter for the single key machine or the full production line, we always can provide you the matched machine. meanwhile,the customer site of the scrap metal shredder is also provided as you wished.

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Double Shaft Scrap Metal Shredder

We manufacture Detachable Blade Double Shaft Scrap Metal Shredder to shred a variety of metal materials. These are applicable for the large scrap yard.

Double Shaft Shredder Machine

We manufacture Double Shaft Metal Scrap shredders with blade shaft combination design. It has removable two shafts for easy maintenance.

Shear shredder

We offer Shear Shredder with a multifunctional design to shred different kinds of metal scrap. It can shred heavy and thick scrap metal, you also can feed your cars into this shear shredder.

Iron Metal Scrap Crusher

Our engineers design Multifunctional Scrap Metal Crusher with stable performance, minimal maintenance, easy operation, and high functionality features.

Industrial Crushing Machine

Our Industrial Crushing Machine features in easy maintenance, lower maintenance cost, great output shape, meanwhile, you can adjust the output material size accordingly.

Metal Chips Shredder

Our Metal Chips Shredder are easy to operate and easy to maintain. It also features dust generation, low noise, and low speed. You can choose our different metal chips shredder according to your yard.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

We offer High Effective Aluminum Recycling Machine that features high corrosion resistance. It also comes with custom design, size, and features based on your specification.

Shredding Chamber of hammermill shredder

We supply Hammermill Shredder for the recycling of any kind of metal scrap, and we can guide you through sorting out your large-scale metal waste with a Hammermill Shredder shredder .

Radiator Recycling Machine

We offer a Conventional Radiator Recycling Machine with a multifunctional design. It’s not only suitable for the radiator, but also suit for the any metals such as brass, aluminum

Your Reliable Scrap Metal Shredder Supplier in China

We aim to support your scrap yard business and projects from our heart. Thus we offer all kinds of scrap metal shredders for your recycling yard business. All our scrap metal shredders have certifications from CE, ISO, .and more standards. We also welcome you to use different third-party organizations to test the quality of our products.

As the scrap metal shredder manufacturer,We use advanced technology and modern production technique to manufacture your machine. Thus, you can assure that all your orders with have high-quality and exceptional performance. Customized services are also available.

Rest assured that your products are durable and long-lasting. Contact us today for more information about our scrap metal shredder.

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  • Scrap Metal Shredder

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  • Radiator recycling machine (6)

    This Production Line Include Pre-Shredder, Conveyor, Metal Hammer Mill, Drum Magnetic Separator, Vibration Screen, Density Separator, And Dust Collector. Capacity For This Radiator Recycling Line is Around 500kg per hour.

  • Roof Tiles Shredding Line

    This Production Line Is 2T Per Hour For Roof Tiles Steel, We installed This Production Line in 2015 In Malaysia. Through Change The Screen Size, Our Users Also Crush Tin Cans.

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Scrap Metal Shredder | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The following article explains everything you need to know about scrap metal shredders.

It is very common for scrap metal yards to use scrap metal shredders in order to reduce the size of your scrap metal so that it can be collected in fine pieces.

The fine pieces with high density and purity content, thus you can easy to transport or melt with good in feeding.
You will learn the scrap metal shredder from the manufacturing processing, structure, who is using it, material feeding, testing, delivery, installation, maintenance, and how to find a suitable scrap metal shredder, Let us take a closer look at scrap metal shredder in detail.

Scrap Metal Shredder

 What Is The Scrap Metal Shredder?

Scrap metal is recognized as a perfect raw material for steel-making, The scrap metal shredder is necessary for scrap metal mills factories.
So what is a scrap metal shredder?
It is a kind of machine that can crush all your scrap waste metal materials into granules. It is mainly used in all kinds of recycling yards or smelting factories.

The purpose of crushing is just to turn large pieces of material into small pieces, and then easy for transportation and smelting. in the process of crushing, the waste paint and miscellaneous materials are removed at the same time, Improve the smelting rate in the smelting process.
Depending on different materials feeding in, it can be called a different material name plus scrap metal shredder, such as car shell scrap metal shredder, white goods scrap metal shredder, etc.
Usually, a Scrap metal shredder is displayed in the form of a production line in all different recycling yards or melting factories, therefore In daily life, we also call it like scrap Metal shredder production line.
Of course, you can choose a scrap metal shredder production or just a key shredder according to your actual situation.

What’s It Include In The Scrap Metal Shredder Production Line?

The whole Scrap metal shredder production line consists of

1 incoming conveyor,

2 Scrap metal shredder-key machine

3 output  conveyor,

4 magnetic separation conveyor or magnetic drums.

5 dividing conveyor,

6 dust removal

7 Iron Conveyor

8 Residue conveyor.

9 operating cabinet.

10 ESC(optional one)

Hammer Shredder Line

The working principle and processing will be:

The materials to be shreded are transferred to the scrap metal shredder through the a feeding conveyor, In the process of high-speed friction and shredding of metal in the scrap metal shredder chamber,After the waste materials are shred to a certain particle size,it will be Discharge at the sieve hole. Because the shred material with temperature is relatively high,So nextThe process is Vibrating feeder, The vibrating feeder will average the material to the magnetic drum for next sorting, In this step, scrap iron and some impurities will be separated. This step will get some iron and impurities.

In fact, it is a very simple production line. Just FEEDING,SHREDDING,AND SORTING.

Scrap Metal Shredder Line

Which Type Material Is Suitable For Scrap Metal Shredder?

As it’s name, scrap metal shredder, means all different types of scrap metal. The materials that the metal shredder can handle include the following categories:

1 Waste household appliances.

2 Waste automobile/car shell.

3 Large colored steel tiles.

4 Waste aluminum

5 Waste scrap Windows and doors, tables, and chairs.

6 Metal packaging containers.

7 More…

Because the metal shredder is mainly used to work by hammers, and he feeding mouth sometimes not to bigger, Therefore, sometimes we recommend customers to add pre-treatment(Pre-shredder) equipment.
If your materials are different from the above materials, your inquiry is welcome, and our department will give you the best scheme and drawings for your recycling business.

Whats the output look like from a scrap metal shredder?

The material from the metal shredder is usually a “round-ball” shape, Materials of this shape usually have high-density characteristics. This type of material is also usually easier to sort, At the same time, it is also more convenient for transportation and smelting in smelting plants.
Of course, it is will be the different output shape according to the material, the final output shape will come out in a slight difference. As a manufacturer of scrap metal shredders, we will provide you with the most perfect solution and output to boom your recycling business.
Output Of Scrap Metal Shredder

The Capacity of Scrap Metal Shredder

Model Feeding Inlet Size(Mm) Power(KW) Capacity(T/PH)
SC8010 800 55 0.8
SC1280 1200 75-110 1-1.5
SC 1210 1200 160 1.5-2
SC-1680 1600 200 3-5
SC-1690 1600 315 5-7
SCL-600 1600 600 7-10
SCL-750 2200 750 12-15
SCL-900 2200 900 15-20
SCL-1200 2200 1200 20-30

What’s The Structure Of Your Scrap Metal Shredder?

The main components of scrap metal shredder are: feeding port, Wear-resistant lining plate, hammer, rotor, Bearing, motor, basement, screen, and connection parts. All the components is in the same important rules when the scrap metal shredder in manufacturing processing.

The shell of the scrap metal shredder machine is made of a heavy and thick steel plate, inside,it’s full fill of the Wear-resistant lining plate, thus it’s strong and durable. During the production of your scrap metal shredder, our staff will Closely connect the various parts together according to the drawing. After production, our Q-C technicians will also conduct further testing.
Scrap Metal Shredder

You don’t need have any worry about your scrap metal shredder orders. As a scrap metal shredder manufacturer for nearly 40years, We put our reputation first.

We manufacture scrap metal shredders with robust and versatile construction. Thus, it can offer complete capability in shredding, crushing, and recycling various scrap metals. It can shred strong toughness, extra thick, and oversized materials.

Sturcture of scrap metal shredder


What’s The Wearing Parts Of Scrap Metal Shredder ?

The wearing parts of the scrap metal shredder include:

1 Hammers- can last 4000-6000tons for the metal car shell.The hammer is made of high manganese steel.

2 Vice-shaft-the shaft which connection hammers, it’s normal material, The vice-shaft depends on the way you change the hammer . If it is cut directly, then you need a new one. If just open the machine inside by hydraulic, and lifing the whole hammers rotor,then it’s not easy to broken.

3 V-Belt(Depend on which type connection way you choose, only the smaller machine which a motor less than 315kw, then we will choose the v-belt. All bigger machine we adoput the direct coupler system.

4 Screen-It determines the size and density of the final discharge.

To all the scrap metal shredder users:After the wearing parts has been running for a certain period of time, the above four parts need to be checked. For the wearing parts that have reached the end-of-life standard, customers can replace the relevant wearing parts through the operating instructions provided by our company.
Scrap Metal Shredder

  What’s The Warranty Of Your Scrap Metal Shredder? 

The scrap metal shredder Is Guaranteed For One Year After First Time Testing In Running Site. Malfunctions Which Are Caused By Machine-Self And Quality Will Be Responsible For Our Manufacturer. Other Malfunctions Which Are Caused By Operation Mistakes, Man-Made Problems, Etc Will Be Responsible For Clients-Self.

Even  our warranty period is only one year for your scrap metal shredder, we provide you with the full life-long maintenance and service.
Our engineers designed scrap metal shredders with noise and dust-free properties. Usually, these products also feature a high-quality cutting disc, sharp blade, and rigid knives for exceptional shredding performance. Huihe also manufactures scrap metal shredders with steel body construction for durability and longevity.

 Does Scrap Metal Shredder Can Work For Any Other Type Feeding Material?

Yes,it’s available.

Something like Glass or some hard plastic or hard disk materials. It is very easy for such materials to enter the scrap metal shredder And very easy to shred.

If you have more material, want to enter the scrap metal shredder And when you’re not sure, please feel free to contact us.

 Is Scrap Metal Shredder Durable?

For nearly 40 years Development of equipment Manufacturer, Our equipment can be listed in the Chinese market as the most competitive, and The one who works the longest.
China’s market began to work with the production of metal shredder equipment in 2005, We are the first batch manufacturer.

From the beginning, Our factory produces only for stone crushers, Our first customer, buy from us The stone crusher as the beginning, and gradually evolved into crushing waste steel.

In the Chinese market, we have a scrap metal shredder that has been running for 15 years.This company now is a listed company in China.
We welcome all your visiting to our factory and visiting this recycling yard.

Scrap Metal Shredder

11  Who Can Operate Scrap Metal Shredder ?

We recommend that the person in charge of operating the metal shredder must have Basic knowledge of machinery.
As a professional manufacturer, we aim to provide you complete support. We have engineers to install your scrap metal on-site. Our scrap metal shredder comes with free spare parts like motor, electrical apparatus, reducer, and more.
If your employees have no professional mechanical operation experience, our technical team will tell you how to operate during the installation process, At the same time, we will provide you with a manual to facilitate your maintenance at any time.

Scrap Metal Shredder

What certificate do you have on the scrap metal shredder?

As the top three scrap metal shredder manufacturers in china,we have76 items domestic patent. And 6 international patents.
At the same time, our products have passed ce certification. And iso45001-iso9001-iso14001.
In the china market, we are the leader of scrap metal shredder manufacturers,at the same time,as the member of china association of materials recycling, member of china steel scrap association,henan steel scrap recycling equipment engineering research center,we have serviced and provided integrated solution to thousand recycling companies and agent,we are willing to provide you with first-class products and services in near future.

Certificate of scrap metal shredder

 How Long Need Your Scrap Metal Shredder Manufacturing?

Because we have many models of scrap metal shredders, We will have some best-selling products in stock.
If the scrap metal shredder production line you require is large and complex, it may take nearly two months of manufacturing time, plus Packaging and Loading and unloading time And transportation time,The whole processing till the scrap metal shredder to your factory will take four months.

Does Outside Temperature Matter When i Choose Scrap Metal Shredder?

Relatively speaking, all scrap metal shredders work outdoors in recycling yards because Scrap metals generally have a huge Quantity.
But if your country is often wet or rainy, you need to cover The main part of the machine and the electric control parts, To prevent Motor or electric control cabinet in wet  resulting to cause the fire or damage.
Scrap Metal Crusher

Can You Send Engineers To Overseas To Install And Commissioning our staff?

For the seller, this is a very basic issues.If we don’t install it, who will install it? Our experienced installation engineers will help you install after they arrive in your  local area, and you need to provide corresponding cooperation personnel to assist. At the same time, we will also train your employees to operate and maintain this scrap metal shredder.
Of course, if you have good installation experience in any scrap metal shredder, so come to get it by yourself.
Installation Of Scrap Metal Shredder

Is it easy to maintain the scrap metal shredder?

Yes,it’s easy.
When you start using the scrap metal shredder, you need to check it every day on Each part,The most important inspection parts are whether the machines and tools are noisy, whether the screws of the machine are loose and whether the lubricating parts of the machine are lubricated enough.

Especially in the screw situation checking,you need check every shift,due to the screw fixing and connection much on your scrap metal shredder.

After the machine is officially running for two weeks, you just need to check your scrap metal shredder every 3-5 days or each week.

Of course, if you usually hear any abnormal noise from the machine, please cut off the power immediately and check it immediately.
Scrap Metal Crusher

How to Get a Suitable Scrap Metal Shredder From You?

As a beginning of scrap metal recyclers, It is difficult to choose a suitable scrap metal shredder because there are thousands types and models of metal shredders on the market.
If you want to choose a suitable scrap metal shredder, you need to tell us Your specific requirements like the following:

1 What are the specific waste materials you want to shred? pictures showing is the best.

2 How much capacity do you want to achieve per hour or per day?
3 Do you have any requirements for discharging material? For example, density and purity.

4 How about the size of your recycling yard? and how many meters you can share with the scrap metal shredder?
5 What is your specific voltage? China industrial voltage is 380V/50HZ/3PH

6 How much is your budget? Please let us know if possible.

When you tell the seller the above questions, the seller can basically choose the most suitable Scrap metal shredder production line for your recycling yard.

Metal Shredder Machine

The above is our general introduction of scrap metal shredder, If you want to know more about the scrap metal shredder,
please feel free to contact us.

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