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Scrap Yard Machine

Scrap Yard Machine

Our Scrap Yard Machine is known and it’s widely used in different scrap metal recycling yard , the scrap metal can be car shells, roof tiles steel, metal drums, MSW, RDF,Etc. It can help you to turn to your waste metal into pure ferrous and non-ferrous.

We take pride in our ability to customize our equipment to the exact specifications required, offering complimentary size reduction testing to prove our capabilities to prospective customers. Huihe is fully committed to the development, designing, manufacturing, and researching of various recycling machines.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal to achieve. We promise never to disappoint you while you’re in partnership with us!

Double Shaft Shredder for Roof Tiles

We manufacture double shaft shredders for roof tiles due to this type material is too hard to feed to horizontal shredder, (generally the roof tiles length above 2m above)

MSW Industrial Metal Shredder

All machines we offer, including MSW Industrial Metal Shredder, provide solid Shredding functions, high torque, reliable quality, and durability.

High Strength Industrial Metal Shredder

In Huihe, you can have high strength High Strength Industrial Metal Shredder with extreme torque and excellent crushing/shredding ability. Relevant for metal and plastic sheet waste, electronic scraps, etc.

Small Industrial Metal Shredder

Our Small Industrial Metal Shredder is also applicable for crushing or shredding metal sheet waste, production waste, industrial waste, biogenic waste, etc.

Car Crusher

Our Large Doubel Shaft Car Crusher is accessible in different sizes, applications, and configurations. Custom option is also available at more competitive rates.

SC1690 Hammermill Shredder

Both custom and standard designs for Hammermill Shredder are available for you. We can custom the machine according to your reference.

Radiator Separator

Huihe can produce a Radiator Separator or radiator recycling line in different sizes and designs. It provides satisfying performance and excellent quality.

DS46 Double Shaft Shredder

We manufacture multi-application double shaft shredders using our advanced production line. A hundred stocks are available in the factory, ready to ship anytime.

Aluminum Can Recycling Machine

Consider as top-selling recycling machines in the worldwide market. It is engineered from raw materials to ensure long service life and quality.

Your No.1 Scrap Metal Yard Machine Supplier In China

Whether you’re starting your scrap business or a stable company to boost your brand, you come to the right scrap yard machine supplier. You can choose from our standard or customized machine based on your designs, samples, configurations, and budget.

As your professional manufacturer, here you can also find a comprehensive range of machines for recycling, involving multiple recycling industries such as ferrous metal, nonferrous metals, hazardous waste disposal, plastics, etc.

Please message us for more details. Our service team will provide 24/7 online assistance for you. We are glad to answer your questions and help you skyrocket your business.

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  • Metal Recycling Machine

    Industrial Crushing Machine is heavy-duty recycling or shredder equipment. It can handle all different kind scrap metal you have in your recycling life.

  • Iron Crusher

    Our comprehensive Iron Crusher offers a high-performance and long service life. It is available at a more competitive price.

  • Scrap Metal Crusher

    Scrap metal crusher is a horizontal design which with the bottom screen in it, thus you can through change the screen to adjust the output material size.

  • Recycling Shredder

    Featuring end discs and capped spider furnishes, hydraulic pin pullers, reject doors, heavy-duty self-supporting grates, extended skid base, and vibration isolation packages.

Scrap Yard Machine – An Ultimate FAQ Guide

The usage of scrap yard machines is increasing as environmental preservation has become a primary issue, and resource recycling and processing have been demonstrated to be lucrative.

Scrap yard machines are easy and dependable to manage scrap metals or garbage. These devices demand more space than only the area required to receive and arrange items.

These machines can perform pre-shredding, middle-shredding, impurity removal, and dismantling of various scrap metal and steel materials.
It can refer a hammer shredder scrap yard machine or a pre-shredder scrap yard machine, no matter which type of machine, the final purpose is to help you to recycle all your different waste, turn to the bulk material into small pieces, and sorting out the ferrous and non-ferrous material.
In this article, we mainly refer the pre-shredder scrap yard machine.

Scrap Yard Machine

What Exactly Is A Scrap Yard Machine?

A scrap yard machine is an instrument used to collect trash things from yards that would otherwise be disposed of in a landfill and convert them into scrap that may be recycled. It is used to reduce the size of metal waste in scrap metal recycling.

Using a scrap yard machine to process scrap and increase its value is a highly effective way of obtaining raw materials while saving the environment from damage. You may choose from a variety of scrap yard machines made in China. They can metabolize kilos in a short period.

Scrap yard machines are often used in small trash recycling operations as well as medium and large-scale scrap metal recycling operations, making them perfect for fine-shredding various sorts of garbage.

What Are The Application Fields For A Scrap Yard Machine?

Scrap yard machine machines have the following applications:

  • Smelting of metals
  • Recycling of scrap steel and the
  • Industry of metal recycling
  • Debris disposal from construction and demolition sites
  • Industrial waste disposal

What Is The Operation Principle Of A Scrap Yard Machine?

The scrap yard machine is high-strength alloy steel with excellent wear resistance and strength. The difference in speed between the shafts allows for the three operations of tearing, squeezing, and cutting. Its function is to shred discarded materials into manageable or usable parts.

The design features include a steady discharge, high power, and low noise. The electrical component is controlled by a PLC, which provides for automatic overload protection detection and other functions.

To complete the operation of shredding solid trash, the scrap yard machine typically employs the “shear and cut” approach. The motor drives the reducer via the knife roller shaft to impart torque to the shredding’s movable knife, which hooks the material down.

shreded and pre-screened solids are expelled from the shredder’s bottom. The blade of the opposite roller slashes through solid debris like scissors.
Scrap Yard Machine

What Type Scrap Yard Machine You Have ?

as the scrap yard machine manufacturer, We provide customers with different kinds of recycling machines. Capacity from one ton to 30 tons per hour.
Smaller type DS32 to DS40 Series.

Model DS 40130 DS 40160 DS 3280 DS 32100
Overall Dimension(mm) 3720*2240*2670 4020*2240*2670 3700*1400*2340 3880*1400*2370
 Blade turing diameter Φ284 Φ284 Φ284 Φ284
  Main shaft speed(r/min) 15 15 15 15
     Rotor blade quantity(pcs) 32 32 20 25
    Blade thickness(mm) 40 50 40 40
   Machine power(KW) 37+37 45+45 22+22 37+37

Middle to Largest type DS46-DS64 Series

Model DS 64180 DS 64210 DS 64250 DS 46120 DS 46150
Machine size(mm) 4620*1080*1500 4670*2730*1500 5200*3400*3400 5520*2000*2730 5880*2000*2730
Blade rotation dia. Φ800 Φ800 Φ800 Φ580 Φ580
Main shaft speed(rpm) 7.5 7.5 7.5 11 13
Rotor blade


24 28 33 20 26
Blade thickness(mm) 75 75 75 60 60
Machine power(kw) 55+55 55+55 90+90 75+75 90+90

How Long Does It Take To Produce A Scrap Yard Machine?

Depending on where you live, and when you make your order, you might have a scrap yard machine in a few weeks.

Chinese manufacturers offer a user-friendly website that enables clients worldwide to make purchases from the comfort of their own homes. If you have any inquiries or face any issues, their customer service staff will be happy to help.
Scrap Yard Machine Blade in manfuacturing

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing A Scrap Yard Machine?

Take your time and thoroughly evaluate the following factors before deciding on scrap yard equipment that will match your demands.

Cost of the machine: Examine your budget to determine what you can obtain for your money. There are a variety of economic scrap yard machines available, depending on the size and shape of the machine.

Machine lifespan: Buying equipment that will last a long time is a fantastic way to get a decent return on your investment. It suggests that the scrap yard equipment you’re looking for must be able to withstand impact forces that may lead it to fail.

Machine learning and expertise: Understanding the capabilities and efficiency of the scrap yard equipment that will best meet your needs is preferable. It is also an excellent method to learn about the laws that regulate how the equipment is used in your state. Finally, it would be best if you comprehended how to use the gadget. Most Chinese manufacturers will offer a user handbook describing how to use the scrap yard equipment.

Policies and procedures: Check to see whether you’ll get certified scrap yard equipment to avoid problems with policy enforcers.

The scrap yard equipment from China is ISO certified and OSHA compliant, ensuring the employees’ safety, protection, and health.

Appropriateness: Before purchasing a scrap yard machine, be sure it can manage the scraps you’ll be working with. Always check to see whether the scrap yard equipment of your choice can handle various debris.

Scrap Yard Machine

Can A Scrap Yard Machine Be Customized To Meet The Customer’s Needs?

Manufacturing businesses in China may manufacture a broad choice of customized scrap yard machines based on size, color, style, and other client needs.

A team of highly trained individuals creates scrap yard machine machines using cutting-edge digital technologies to produce high-quality items.

Don’t be concerned if you’re unsure about the aesthetic you want for your design. These manufacturers will give you free samples that may be tailored to your specifications. They will work with you to produce a design that suits your specifications.

How Long Does A Scrap Yard Machine Last?

With proper maintenance, scrap yard equipment may endure for more than ten years. It suggests that scrap yard equipment has a long lifespan when properly maintained and utilized only for the intended purposes.

If you often use scrap yard equipment, keep it in good working order to avoid premature wear and tear.

Typically, scrap yard machines come with an easy-to-follow maintenance guide, so reading the manual will tell you precisely what needs to be checked frequently.

What Are The Risks Of Using A Scrap Yard Machine?

It is obvious that if anything is not handled correctly, it will go wrong, resulting in injuries, A skilled operator who can concentrate on the work is less likely to make mistakes and cause an accident.

Untrained personnel may not understand how to run scrap yard equipment appropriately, risking their and others’ safety

The scrap yard equipment should be used in a well-ventilated area to prevent harm.
Output From the Scrap Yard Machine

Do Chinese Manufacturers Have Dependable Delivery Options For Scrap Yard Machines?

Chinese manufacturers provide both local and global shipping choices for scrap yard machinery.

Clients are anticipated to get their purchases within a few days. There are various distribution sites where local clients may pick up their items for even more convenience. Because these organizations collaborate with the best logistics firms in the world, shipping is done swiftly, so you won’t have to wait long.

Well, above is the general information of our pre-shredder type scrap yard machine, if you want to know more about the hammer type scrap yard machine, please let us know or click to know more.
We welcome your contact for your coming project for the scrap yard machine.

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