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Different type of shredder hammers is customized.

shredder hammers

Shredder Hammers

When you need the spare parts of the shredder, not matter it’s the shredder hammer or shredder liner plate or the shredder screens, we are your best partner from China for your coming purchase order.

Meanwhile, we not only provide scrap metal shredder’s hammers but also provide the blade in the shaft shredder.

Just need you provide the related drawing or details requirement, you will get a beautiful answer from us.


Shredder Blade

Different Thickness and Size of Shredder Blade is Customized for your Machine.

Shredder Screen

We not only provide the screen for our shredder, we also provide you all different shredder screen.

Shredder Liner Plate

Round and Square shredder liner plate with different size from 10mm to 300mm is provided.

Shredder V-Belt

We customized different rubber shredders-V-Belt for your shredder machine.

SCL600 Hammermill Shredder

This hammer mill shredder is workable for your waste scrap metal such as car shell,roof tile steel, cans ,etc.

Double Shaft Shredder

The double shaft shredder we provide the power from 15+15kw to 132+132kw.

Radiator Recycling Machine

Any type industrial radiator with 3m in length or small home radiator is accepted by this Radiator Recycling Machine

Radiator Separator

The output copper and aluminum with 99.99% purity from this radiator separator.

vertical double shaft Shredder

Vertical Double Shaft Shredder is a special design for the long roof tile steel.

Your Good Choice for the Customized Shredder Hammer

As a 36 years manufacturing factory in the middle of China, We have Rich experience on customized shredder hammers.
With different size and shape of hammers, we can guarantee you the good quality during the casting processing.

We always maintain a close relationship with our customers, Because we believe, We can bring you a very good shredder machine and shredder hammers for your business.

just let us know your details requirements.


Related Shredder Machine

  • Aluminum Can Recycling Shredder

    we provide vertical design Aluminum Recycling Shredder line with large feeding size and pure output aluminum

  • Cast Aluminum shredder

    This 5tph cast aluminum shredder with 200kw motor, we can provide the biggest power with 2000kw.

  • Metal Chips Shredder

    Metal chip shredder is a horizontal type design, which can guarantee the output with uniforom design.

  • Industrial Waste Shredder

    Industrial shredder suitable for the different industrial material such as metal or plastic or other type material.

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