Small Industrial Radiator Separator- For Separating the Copper & Aluminum

According to recent economic developments, huge amounts of copper and aluminum scrap radiators are being created in various parts of the world as the economy grows.As all the radiator recyclers know, All radiators, regardless of whether they are AC radiators, automobile radiators, or heater radiators, are composed of copper and aluminum, and copper pipes account for more than 50% of the whole volume(weight) of the radiator.

Till now, Some countries still choose to strip copper and aluminum by hand. Such work efficiency is not only low but also has big potential Risk factors.

Because China is full of a huge population, air conditioning is essential for every family as home appliances.After 10 years of use, the air conditioner will be recycled, Because of the huge quantity, we can’t disassemble one by one manually. Therefore, as a manufacturer of waste metal recycling equipment, we have invented the following air conditioning separator, To help all recyclers recycle  Waste air conditioning copper aluminum Radiators at high speed and safety.

Radiator Separator

Radiator Separator

Our waste air conditioning separation equipment has the following advantages and usage:

1 Copper aluminum radiator separator is mainly used to separate copper tube and aluminum foil of abandoned but regular radiator.

2 Normally, The same equipment can handle single-layer and double-layer copper aluminum radiators with three different copper pipe spacing of 19mm, 21mm and 25mm by adjusting the settings.

3 The recycling process of this machine is completed by two machines without other equipment.

4 Radiator Separators have the advantages of fast separation speed, high work efficiency, simple operation and easy maintenance.

Simple Working Processing:

When using the copper aluminum radiator separator, first cut the radiator to the right size (the width is about 30-40cm), and then put the cutted radiator into the feed inlet of the copper aluminum radiator separator to realize automatic discharge

You also need to pay attention to the following when you bought a radiator separator machine:

  1. Iron heads of radiators must be cut off the two sides of radiators;
  2. Radiators must be cut with a band saw according to the width of each Material Inlet;
  3. Radiators that are more than 2 layers must be cut into one layer and two layers with the band saw;
  4. Do not feed radiators into wrong Material Inlets (three inlets each are for 19mm, 21mm, 25mm radiator respective);
  5. This machine is suitable for processing one-layer radiators when it is shipped to customers. When you need to process two-layer radiators, just remove the iron covers from the Lower Blade Roller to expose the blades.
  6. When two-layer radiators are processed, the left side of the radiators shall touch the left side of each Material Inlet, and the first copper pipe in the Upper Layer to the left side of each Material Inlet must be nearer than the first copper pipe in the Lower Layer to the Left Side of each Material Inlet.
  7. For both one-layer and two-layer radiators, the left side of radiators must touch the Guiding Rulers, and are radiators must be fed into Material Inletsalong the guiding rulers.
  8. When radiators are fed into Material Inlets correctly, each Feeding Gear at the Material Inlet must be at the middle of each two copper pipes; or copper pipes and aluminum will not be separated.
  9. Twisted radiators can not be processed.

Radiator Separator

Because the above articles always mention the band saw machine, so, what’s the band saw machine?

– It is cutting equipment. The function is to cut large material to the appropriate size. For copper aluminum radiator, Because copper aluminum separator, there are requirements for the feed size of materials, thus we can cut the material into 40 ~ 60 cm by this band saw machine. The purpose of this operation is to better separate in the next separating work.

Band Saw Machine

Band Saw Machine Features:

1High speed and thin saw blade are adopted, so the saw mouth is smooth, the saw path is narrow and the material is saved

2 Special pulley structure is adopted, with strong self alignment, firm saw mouth and smooth grain passing.

3.The fuselage structure is scientific and reasonable, with excellent bending performance and solid stability.

4. The spindle type design is adopted for the main belt axle core, which has particularly good mechanical performance. There will be no metalThere is no worry about the hidden danger of shaft core fracture due to fatigue

5.The electrical part is simple, safe and reliable, and has high work efficiency.

The machine has the advantages of reasonable design, compact, light-weight, convenient handling, convenient operation, safety and reliability.

From the above description and video, it is not difficult to see that copper aluminum separation is a very easy thing.

After recycling, copper and aluminum can be sold separately to increase revenue.

Radiator Separator

Due to different countries having different requirements for air conditioning on The center distance setting between copper pipe and aluminum pipe, When you decide to produce your radiator separator machine, You can tell me your definite requirements, then we will customize the matched size for you, welcome your contact.

Radiator Separator

Another thing need to be mentioned is: Because the machine is small, it has only a 7KW motor. Therefore, the production capacity is not very high, For people who are not proficient in operating machines, there is a production capacity of about 200 kg per hour. If you need higher capacity equipment, please click me to know more.

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