Spare Parts
Customized Spare Parts is Provided

We offer different spare parts of the metal shredder machine and it’s customized type.

Spare Parts of metal shredder

Spare Parts of Metal Shredder

We offer a diverse range of spare parts for different models of metal hammer shredder and shredders, including hammers, lining plates, mesh screens,V- belts, blade and more. We also provide customized series of spare parts for your shredders.

At our company, we understand the essential role that spare parts play in the performance of your  shredder. Therefore, we take pride in providing our customers with a comprehensive range of spare parts with excellent quality.

Feel free to contact us for more information on our  spare partsand customized series of vulnerable parts services. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional services and high-quality products.

Hammer-spare parts

We have always provided hammers with different thicknesses, different widths, different hole diameters, and different weights.Customized products are always available.

Blade Spare Parts

We have always provided the blade with different thicknesses, different hook and different materials. Customized balde are always available.

Screen of metal shredder

Different screen size and shape is provide, generally it include the round and square shape.  It determine the shape and size of the final output material

Flower Hammers

It’s generally in matched the hammers which are in the hammermill shredder.the main purpose is to make the output more beautiful and include the output material density.

liner Plate of the metal shredder

Liner plate which is installed in the wall of the metal shredder, to prevent the high speed rotation material to hit the wall of directly,thus to protect of the metal shredder.

Liner plate of the vertical shredder

Different Liner plate in the vertical shredder, to protect the wall of vertical shredder.


V-Belt used in the different hammermill shredder and’s the connect of the motor with the main shaft/pulley.

PVC Belt

PVC Belt for any light density material, it generally using the production line of radiator recycling or any cable recycling line.

Rubber Belt

Rubber Belt used for any material convey, can be for the feeding conveyor or the output conveyor.

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  • Scrap Metal Shredder

    The Production Line Include The Metal Chain Conveyor, The Pre-Pressor, The Hammer Mill, Output Conveyor, Vibration Feeder, Drum Magnetic Separator, Eddy Current Separator, This Machine Suit For All Different Scrap Metal.

  • Radiator recycling machine (6)

    This Production Line Include Pre-Shredder, Conveyor, Metal Hammer Mill, Drum Magnetic Separator, Vibration Screen, Density Separator, And Dust Collector. Capacity For This Radiator Recycling Line is Around 500kg per hour.

  • Roof Tiles Shredding Line

    This Production Line Is 2T Per Hour For Roof Tiles Steel, We installed This Production Line in 2015 In Malaysia. Through Change The Screen Size, Our Users Also Crush Tin Cans.

  • Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Line

    A 315kw Motor Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Production Line As Above, We Matched A Direct Coupler System On This Production Line And We Installed This Shredder Production Line In South Africa In 2017.

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