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We cooperate with over 10 international brands for your steel shredder order with 36 years of experience in your steel shredder manufacturing.

Steel Shredder

Steel Shredder Will Benifit Your Recycling Business

It’s a multifunctional Steel Shredder machine for your business, you feeding steel can include car shell, roof tiles, profiles, baled UBC, even waste organic..

As over 36 years of experience on the steel shredder manufacturers, we cooperate with over 10 international brands for your steel shredder order, from the motor to reducer to the bearing, all we can sure your safety and quality.

The output material size from the steel shredder is adjustable, we can adjust the blade thickness and blade hooks quantity to meet your different requirements. Check more details now.

Scrap Metal Shredder

Scrap Metal Shredder with 20 models for your reference. above one is DS46120, capacity is 5ton per hour for scrap metal.

Hammer Mill Shredder

75kw-350kw hammer mill shredder will help your recycling business.

Horizontal Hammer Mill Shredder

Almost suit for all different scrap metal, the output size we can customize for you.

Aluminum Motor Crusher

For Aluminum type motor crushing, we provide the full production line until you get clean aluminum.

Metal Scrap Recycling Machine

This Metal Scrap Recycling Machine Has Running 13 years  in our area, click me to know more about this machine.

Cast aluminum shredder

Capacity is 5tph with 200kw motor, this running site in our China, it’s running over 11years.

Radiator Recycling Machine

Capacity we provide you from 500kg per hour to 4500kg per hour, and the feeding radiator can be smaller one or in 5m length

Motor Recycling Machine

We provide you the different capacity to meet your budget, just share your requirments.

Rebar Cutting Machine

Capacity from 300kg per hour to 5000kg per hour according to your decision.

Huihe:Your Best Partner for Your Steel Shredder Orders

As a 36 years machine factory from the center of China, We have Rich experience in your steel shredder manufacturing. We’ve got More than 20 national and global patents and CE ISO SGS certifications, we can assure you the superb excellent steel shredder for your industry.

As you see, we also possess a strong and large factory -66000㎡ Standard manufacturing workshop for your steel shredder orders. We always maintain a close relationship with our clients, Because we believe, We can bring you a very good steel shredder for your business.

For almost 36 years, Huihe has continually committed to serving you, not only high-quality steel shredder but also the capability to grow up with you. We have the willingness and the ability to provide more assistance on your way to growth.


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  • Metal Shredder Machine Production Line

    The Production Line Include The Metal Chain Conveyor, The Pre-Pressor, The Hammer Mill, Output Conveyor, Vibration Feeder, Drum Magnetic Separator,Eddy Current Separator, This Machine Suit For All Different Scrap Metal.

  • Aluminum Recycling Machine

    The waste aluminum recycling machine is now installed in a listed company in our city.  and the production capacity is 7-8t per hour.If you need such equipment, please contact me.

  • Magnetic Drum

    The magnetic drum is used for separating all your mixing magnetic materials and non-magnetic material. The normal guss for this type drum is 3000guss, you can show me your details guss needed, as we can do the customized type.

  • Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Line

    A 450kw Motor Scrap Metal Hammer Mill Shredder Production Line As Above, We Matched A Direct Coupler System On This Production Line, This equipment production line we can provide you with customized supporting solutions.

Steel Shredders | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this article, you will learn about everything you want to know about steel shredders.

This article will guide you from the definition, working mechanism, use, cost, delivery, and other features of steel shredders.

Steel shredders are the kind of machines used in scrap metal yards, to reduce the size of your scrap metal to get fine metal pieces.

Steel shredders are critical,  because they produce small-sized transportable high-value raw metal pieces, for the industrial manufacturing of different products.

Let us learn in detail about Steel Shredders.

Steel Shredder

1) What Is A Steel Shredder?

A steel shredder is a machine which tears, cut or hammer any size of metal into small raw pieces, able to transport easily and sell at a high price.

Steel shredders are widely used in scrap yards and industries to produce high-quality raw material to build other things.

Steel shredders come in all sizes, shapes, electric consumption, and other features to fulfill your needs.

Steel shredders can be a single shaft for soft metals or a double shaft for rigid material, or a hammer type steel shredder,can have screening machines for separating raw material from waste, or simply a shredder machine just to shred metal; it all depends on your requirements.
As the manufacturer of steel shredder, we have the above three different random models for you to choose from, but in this article, we mainly talk about the double shaft steel shredder.

Steel Shredder

2) How Does A Steel Shredder Work?

The working of steel shredders is simple yet a little tricky. Let us first understand the basic parts of all steel shredders;

  • Feeding system
  • Shredder box
  • Shredder blades or reducing hammers

The feeding system can be a conveyer belt, crane, or human hands, e.t.c. to feed metal into the shredder box for shredding.

Steel Shredder

A shredder box is a container in which shredder blades or hammers are fitted to reduce metal into small pieces. Some shredders are also fitted with a hydraulic press to push material against shredder rotating rotors, such as in single shaft steel shredders.

Shredder blades are rotating lining plates fitted at a precise distance for the required material to be torn, extruded, or sheared by shredder blades.

Hammer steel shredders have hammers fitted on rotating shafts; they work by hammering down required materials until shredded enough to pass through specific holes in the shredder box.

This is the basic machinery and process you can see in all-steel shredders. Other machines are also fitted in a production line to get various shredded metal outputs.

HammerMill Shredder

3) Why Do You Need A Steel Shredder?

In the U.S alone, 62.4 million tons of metals are shredded every year. Shredding metal is a significant and profitable business in this fast-growing industrial world where the demand for raw materials increases every second.

There are three fundamental reasons why steel shredders are used to shred metals into fine raw elements, which are given below;

  • For easy handling of metal
  • For producing raw materials
  • For separating different raw materials

Steel Shredder

For easy handling: Steel shredders are very helpful for processing and transporting scrap metals because small metal pieces require less energy and human resources to process and transport from one place to another.

For producing raw materials: Steel shredders produce highly refined raw materials for the industrial production of products. Non-ferrous materials cover the cost of steel shredders; the rest of the ferrous raw materials can be sold at a high price.

For separation of different raw materials: Steel shredders also come with various machines to separate different kinds of raw materials for recycling and to produce the pure, high-quality raw material.

Overall, metal shredding is a very profitable business.

4) How Do You Use A Steel Shredder?

Steel shredders are fully or partly automated depends upon the size and kind of steel shredder you are using.

You can use any steel shredder using the below steps:

  • Feeding: Feed your material into the shredder box with light and hard material mixed using a crane, conveyer belt, or by hand, depending upon the size of your material and the scale of your project.
  • Output: Select the kind of shredder, size, and speed of shredder according to your material and desired output.
  • Separation: You can further process the shredded output to isolate different raw materials individually using magnets, cleaning, and magnetic separator systems to make pure, high-priced raw material.

You need to select the right speed, capacity, shredding size, separating machines, feeding system, and shredder type according to the materials you are going to process in your steel shredder.

You can contact us to select your steel shredder!

5) How Much Does A Steel Shredder Cost?

Steel shredders come in all sizes, shapes, and kinds for different kinds of shredding materials.

At Huihe, we have 25 different kinds of steel shredders ranging from $20,000 to $400,000. All of them differ from one another at least on these four fundamental characteristics given below:

         Specifications    Your Requirements
     Kind of Shredder  blade shredder or hammer mill shredder  

Let us know

      Kind of Material ● Tin box container

● Aluminum waste

● Iron

● Copper

● Home appliances

● Cars

● Drums

● More




Let us know

            Capacity       0.5 TPH  to  40 TPH             Let us know
              Power       22 KW    to  350 KW             Let us know
      Required Voltage      220V,   60 Hz,  3 phase

380V,   60 Hz,  3 phase

440V,   60 Hz,  3 phase



Let us know

When you have selected your desired steel shredder according to the material and scale of your project, just send us a message, and we can give you a budget-friendly price quote as soon as possible. At the same time, as a buyer, you should also know that the price of the product is consistent with the value as well. Buying a machine is not as simple as buying a toy, So you should know all characteristics of all steel shredder for your good recycling business.

Steel Shredder

6) Can You Put The Steel Shredder Outside?

Yes, you can put large-scale steel shredders or even small steel shredder in an open environment.

When putting Huge steel shredders in an open environment, there are some guidelines you should follow for the long life of your shredder;

  • Cover steel shredder during heavy rain season
  • You must not put your steel shredder on a wet floor
  • Steel shredders can not be used in a toxic environment
  • Protect electrical boards and wires from direct heat and rain
  • Customize your shredder during manufacturing for an open environment
  • You must not put your steel shredder in an all year long rainy environment
  • Being in an open environment, it is more prone to rust; look for rust periodically and paint any rust part as soon as possible

If you follow these guidelines and maintain your steel shredder periodically, an open environment will not affect the long life of your steel shredder.

Out side Of Steel Shredder

7) How Are Steel Shredders Manufactured?

We are one of China’s top three waste metal recycling processing equipment bases. All Huihe steel shredders are developed based on a mining ore crushing machine from the beginning, All our Huihe steel shredders are manufactured in a 95000 ㎡ huge well-equipped floor space.

All of our 25 different kinds of steel shredders have these manufacturing characteristics in common:

  • All steel shredders pass CE certificates
  • All steel shredders are checked step by step
  • All steel shredders are manufactured from the best alloy
  • All steel shredders are designed specifically for your requirements
  • All 125 workers and 8 technicians provide a summary detail of every shift
  • All steel shredders are tested with your required material
  • All steel shredders are tested for 8 hours before shipping

Steel Shredder under manufacturing (3)

We ensure that all Huihe steel shredders are durable, high-quality, and equipped with cutting-edge technology, fulfilling all your requirements.

8) How Much Electricity Does A Steel Shredder Use?

Electrical consumption of steel shredders depends upon three factors;

  • Power of motors used in steel shredder
  • The gearbox used in the steel shredder
  • Running time of the steel shredder

A motor is the electrical consumption part of a steel shredder, and its power depends upon the size of the steel shredder and the kind of material used in it.

You can see the chart below to calculate your steel shredder electrical consumption;

            Conditions  Electric Consumption
          Motor Power         22 KW to 350 KW More KW, more consumption
             Gearbox      Lower motor RPM and

maintain high Torque

Low RPM, less power used, less electrical consumption
          Running Time          Depends on user More running time, more electrical consumption
             Formula            Electricity used

= Power x running time

Electricity units = KW x hrs


Calculate your own Electrical consumption

9) Which Materials Are Suitable For Steel Shredders?

Steel shredders can shred any kinds of metals in scrap yards and industries ranging from as small as cans size to as large cars size and even more.

A list of materials that can be shredded in steel shredders is given below;

  • Cars
  • Radiators
  • Computers
  • Aluminum waste
  • Tin cans
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Coins
  • V.
  • Washing machines
  • Residential devices
  • Drums
  • Any other waste

Steel shredders will shred and sort out all raw materials and waste separately for selling at a high price and easy transportation.

10) How Are Steel Shredders Environmentally Friendly?

Steel shredders play a critical role in recycling waste products, thus contributing directly to the better of the environment. It benefit the environment in the following ways;

  • Recycle all metal waste, prevent the filling of waste dumps
  • Shred waste into small pieces to save processing cost
  • Produce cheap raw materials from waste for manufacturing of new products
  • Lower the freight cost of raw materials as small pieces are easy to transport, thus saving fuel and prevent pollution
  • Steel shredders are cheap to operate than making raw materials from scratch

Although Steel shredders also use fuel and cause air pollution, it is far less harmful than filling land dumps with waste materials and pollution produced from creating new raw material.

Contact us to place your orders!


11) Does Huihe Test The Steel Shredder When It’s Ready?

Yes, the Huihe test the steel shredders when they are ready. Huihe performs many tests after every step of manufacturing, ensuring no problem occurs from the start.

Before making steel shredders 8 technicians design steel shredders according to your material and project scale requirements, then they instruct 125 workers step by step to manufacture your steel shredder from the best alloy in 40 to 50 days. Every shift submits a detailed summary to ensure no error occurs.

At last, when your steel shredder is finally ready, it goes through the last inspection phase, which is;

  • Your specific material is put in the shredder
  • Shredder is run for 8 hours testing phase

If passed, all-steel shredder parts are tested one by one individually, one last time before packing.

Testing Steel Shredder

12) Why Are Steel Shredders Widely Used In Scrap Yards?

The waste metal recycling industry in the U.S alone is worth $27.8 bn in 2021. Waste scrap yards have all kinds of sizes ranging in all sizes. For example, some scrap yards deal in small-sized mixed ferrous and non-ferrous waste while others deal in large waste such as cars, machines, e.t.c.

So, crushing and separating waste materials in order to get fine high-price raw materials is a complex process, and no other machine can do this better than a steel shredder.

Steel shredders are widely used in waste scrap yards due to the following properties;

  • It’s cheap and easy to operate.
  • It has adjustable output raw material size.
  • The shredder comes in horizontal and vertical settings for different kinds of waste.
  • The shredders come in with blades and hammer shredding options for various materials.
  • Steel shredders can be equipped with metal balers to produce blocks of waste and then cut these blocks with metal shear according to the feeding size of the shredder box.
  • Steel shredders can also separate non-ferrous materials such as plastic, fiber, glass, e.t.c, with an eddy current separator.

13) What Are The Manufacturing Kinds Of Steel Shredders?

There are 25 different steel shredders manufactured at Huihe. All of these kinds are used for various shredding purposes at diverse scales.

Some of the most famous kinds of Huihe steel shredders are given below with their specific features;

Single Shaft steel Shredder ● Use less power

● For soft metals

Double Shaft Steel Shredder ● Use more power

● For rigid metals

Heavy-Duty Steel  Shredder ● Large size

● For cars, Aluminium profiles, copper tube, e.t.c

Horizontal Hammer Steel Shredder ● For scrap metals
Vertical Hammer Steel Shredder ● For scrap metals

● Needs a pre-shredder due to the small inlet size

Steel shredder with Drum Magnetic Separator ● Specific to obtain pure raw metals individually
Motors Steel Shredder ● To get aluminium clean copper from electric motors
Radiators Steel Shredder ● To shred and get pure raw copper from radiators especially

● Capacity 500 kgph to 4500 kgph

Cables Steel Shredder ● Get copper and plastic separator from cables especially

● Capacity 400 kgph to 2000 kgph

Roof Tiles Steel Shredder ● Specific for roof tiles

● Capacity 2 T per hour and customizable

14) What’s The Difference Between A Steel Shredder And Steel Hammer Mill Shredder?

Regular steel shredders and steel hammer mill shredders have all the same equipment except their working mechanism.

The similarities and differences between regular steel shredder and steel hammer steel shredder are given below;

Regular Steel Shredder Steel Hammermill Shredder
  Working mechanism ● Cut

● Extrude

● Tear

● Hammering
       Shredding Parts ● Blades ● Hammers
         Shaft Number ● Single

● Dual

● Single


                 Shape ● Horizontal ● Horizontal

● Vertical

               Capacity ● 0.4TPH to 40 TPH ● 0.4TPH to 40 TPH
            Motor Power ● 22 KW  to 350 KW ● 22 KW  to 350 KW
        Output Shredded

           material size

● Variable ● Variable
        Other separator


● Same separators ● Same separators
                  Uses ● Industries

● Scrap yards

● Small scale projects

● Industries

● Scrap yards

● Small scale projects

15) How Urgent Can We Deliver Steel Shredders For Emergency Orders?

Almost 90% of our products are already manufactured, tested and ready to ship. You can order, and we will send you the required steel shredder in safe packing.

You can visit our facility by flying directly to Zhengzhou international airport, and we will pick you up.

In the case of production, it takes around 40 to 50 days to manufacture your steel shredder according to your requirements. If you want it urgently, we can also change our working hours to complete an order on your allocated time.

Once we start manufacturing, we can send you pictures and videos of the assembly every week. We will inspect your steel shredder with your desired materials for 8 hours before shipment to ensure high quality.

Just send us a quote to order your personalized Steel Shredder!
Steel Shredder

16) How Do You Pack A Steel Shredder During Delivery?

We know that you are worried that parts may bend or break during delivery because that is what happens with most products having a large delivery duration.

But do not worry; we at Huihe care about our customers and pack every component with care so that it will not break or bend during delivery.

We at Huihe does the following means to save your Steel shredder during delivery;

  • We pack each part separately
  • We pack all the steel shredders in a plastic packing
  • We pack essential components such as motors in wooden boxes
  • We also enforce all components with iron wire in the shipment container

We also have a 24-hour helpline for our customers if anything happens.

Packing Of Steel Shredder

17) Can You Customize Your Own Steel Shredder?

Steel shredders come in various manufacturing styles such as capacity, shape, motor power, shaft number, gearbox, kind of material, shredding style and other features.

You can customize your required steel shredder from the chart below;

           Characteristics     Your Requirements
        Shredding style   Lining blades or Hammers               Let us know
                 Shape     Vertical or Horizontal               Let us know
         Shaft number            Single or dual               Let us know
             Gear box                Available               Let us know
        Kind of material ● Ferrous

● Non-Ferrous

● Soft or hard

● Other


Let us know

                Capacity        0.5 TPH  to  40 TPH               Let us know
           Motor Power        22 KW  to 350 KW               Let us know
        Separator kind ● Drum Magnetic

● Density

● Eddy current separator

● Screening belt



Let us know

  Usage Environment ● Inside use

● Outside use


Let us know

         Conveyer belt               Available               Let us know
       Other features

Other machines

● Dust Collector

● Metal Baler

● Metal shear machine

● Magnetic system


Let us know

Steel Shredder

18) What Are Import Tariffs On Steel Shredder?

Import duties on steel shredders depend upon the size, capacity, working mechanism, purchase price, power, shape, and other features. And it’s vary from country to country and from time to time. We will provide you with an HS code specific to your steel shredder(generally we using 8479819000 as the machine HS Code), and you can give it to your government to get an exact import fee.

We have a lot of experience in exporting our steel shredder to over 65 countries, and we will help you as best as we can to sort out all messy import problems.


19) How To Order Your Steel Shredders At The Best Price?

Huihe Steel shredders are one of the best available in the market and are also budget-friendly. Ordering personalized Steel Shredders is a straightforward process.

Send us a quote by clicking here, filling at least these requirements in order to get an exact;

  • What materials will you use to shred with Steel Shredder?
  • How much per hour shredding capacity do you want?
  • What is your required voltage for a Steel shredder?
  • What quality of end raw material do you want?
  • What is your budget?

If you are unsure about these questions, you can see heading no 17, ” Can You Customize Your Own Steel Shredder?” for complete understanding.

Then we will reply to you back within 24 hours, discuss further details and provide you with a budget-friendly price.

20) What Other Machines Do We Manufacture At Huihe?

We at Huihe have more than 36 years of shredder manufacturing experience. We have delivered our products to over 65 countries. We have 96000 ㎡ working spaces in which 8 technicians and 125 workers are working tirelessly to bring your shredders and other additional to life.

We at Huihe not only manufacture Steel Shredders but we are also experts in the manufacturing of the following products;

For any questions or inquiries about steel shredders, the Huihe team is here to help – contact us now

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