The Advantage and Disadvantage of Single-Shaft Shredder

After years of development, the shredder technology is much more mature than before. as a shredder manufacturer, we research and produce the different shredders for meeting market requirements, which include the single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder and four shaft shredder,horizontal hammermill shredder and vertical hammermill shredder.
Among them, the single shaft shredder is first invented, so, what are the advantage and disadvantages of it?

The advantage of a single-shaft shredder.

The advantage of a single-shaft shredder is uniform discharge and controllable particle size.

If you need to have a uniform and controllable output particle size, the single-shaft shredding technology is a good choice, and it has great advantages in some material shredding applications. The single-shaft shredder obtains the material with the specified particle size through the screen.

The spindle speed is usually 80-120rpm, and individual materials with high purity (such as RDF) can even run at 350rpm. The single shaft shredder is the ideal technology for processing “clean” solid waste such as RDF, leather cloth, wood, paper, rubber, and even some aluminum metals.
Single Shaft Shredder

The hydraulic system of single shaft shredder

The Single Shaft must be equipped with a pressing device to forcibly “push” the material onto the blade roller, so as to facilitate the cutting of the material by the blade particles.
The diameter of the blade roller is usually between 300-1000mm, and a certain number of square blade particles with a size of 30-110mm are fixed on the blade roller, and form a cooperative shearing effect with the fixed blade fixed on the frame; Large materials will be repeatedly sheared and broken by the blade roller until their size can pass through the screen holes.
Due to the existence of four edges and corners of the blade, the blade can be rotated two to four times until all the edges and corners are worn, and the blade needs to be replaced.

Hydraulic of Single Shaft Shredder

The disadvantage of single shaft shredder

The single shaft shredder also has its limitations,thus it may called a disadvantage.
The blade particles with high hardness and brittleness rotate with the blade roller at high speed. Once they encounter large pieces of metal or unbreakable materials, the blade particles or even the blade shaft may be damaged. In addition, the high-speed rotating blade roller and the material generate heat by friction, which may cause some dry materials to catch fire.
So when you really running a single shaft shredder, you must be very careful if it’s with totally dry material.
Blade of Single Shaft Shredder

The application of the single shaft shredder

Plastics – plastic extrusion, film .
Non-ferrous metals – various non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum
Lumber – wood pallets, logs, wood offcuts, etc.
Paper – document paper, wrapping paper, cardboard, etc.
Cables – Copper, Aluminum and Composite Cables
Chemical fiber – carpet, labor protection clothing, etc.
Sponges – industrial waste
Composites – fiberglass products, automotive windshields, sealants, etc.
Safe Destruction – Imitations (fakes), substandard products, expired items, etc.
Domestic waste – alternative fuel

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