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With the development of the world economy, many cans are produced because human pays more and more attention to environmental protection and safety. What you see on the side of the road, no matter it’s the aluminum cans or iron cans, it’s can be recycled, If these can be put in the right place, it will create new profits.

Since the 1990s, countries around the world have paid increasing attention to environmental issues and started to have the concept of environmental recycling. A large number of waste cans were sent to the recyclers.

So, how the waste cans be recycled by the recycler?
Aluminum Cans

Some small factories usually adopt”direct baling”, the waste aluminum cans are packaged directly. And then sell this bale aluminum to the smelting factory.

Aluminum Baler

For large smelters factory, they need to reduce the impurity among the aluminum bale,thus improving the melting ratio, so, they will put an aluminum shredder to reach these two-point.

Till now, There is 6 aluminum melting factory Accept these recycling ways, They said they would save them about $300,000 a year on melting after using this aluminum shredder.

This aluminum shredder is designed as the “Vertical Shaft Design”, This type of design is very important for the aluminum bale, it’s recognized as the Most effective and the most cost-effective equipment. As you can see in the video, The baling aluminum feeding to the vertical shredder by a feeding conveyor, In just a few seconds, the aluminum pieces will be discharged from the discharge port, and through vibration feeder to feed the aluminum to the magnetic drum, then the impurity(Iron) will be removed, then you will get purity aluminum.

Aluminum Shredder

In most factories, the users also choose a rotary screen to remove the aluminum dust, then this type of dust aluminum will be briquetted.

Aluminum Shredder

The internal structure of this vertical shredder is a hammer and rotor disk structure, The inside of the layers of the hammer can be customized, meanwhile, you can adjust the output size according to the hammer quantity because we have a special design on it.

Parameter of this Aluminum shredder :

Model-Full Production Line VSC-1600
Rotor diameter(mm) 1600
Feeding size(mm) 270*400
Output size(mm) ≤200mm
Capacity(tph) 6-8
Power (kw) 315

Details Proposal and Drawing will provide accordingly, above parameter and picture just for reference.
Aluminum Shredder

This structure can also be used for other applications of Scrap metal recycling, such as brass, the radiator, aluminum profiles, cast aluminum. Etc, Because this vertical shredder is the largest type produced by our company, its production capacity is also very huge, each day can reach 200tons raw material accordingly.
The following material is acceptable for this vertical shredder,for more material you are not sure, we welcome your contact.
Aluminum Shredder

For recycling and reuse of cans can not only save aluminum ore but also save 92% of the energy consumed by aluminum smelting, To protect and beautify the earth’s environment has made great contributions. 1 / 4 of the recovered amount is used as the material for making cans, Other recycling cans will be used as raw materials for castings, Used for producing auto parts, motor parts, etc. Another part will be used as a deoxidizer for steel-making.

From waste aluminum cans to the aluminum ingot, or from aluminum ingot to the aluminum cans, it wil not lower the aluminum quality. So we think about the waste aluminum recycling business is much easier than other industries.
Aluminum Ingot

The above vertical aluminum shredder is mainly for large smelting plants, we also have the smaller type aluminum shredder for all recyclers, no matter your raw material is baling type aluminum or just the loose cans, we always can show you the best solution.

Contact me from now on for your coming aluminum recycling business.

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