Universal Machine for Processing Waste Materials-Double Shaft Shredder

A double shaft shredder is a machine that can be used to process any type of waste material, such as scrap metal, plastic, paper, glass, wood, and metal. It is versatile and has proven to be an indispensable tool for many different industries. The machine is composed of various components including the shredding blade, fixing blade,control panel, feeding hopper,blade structure and hydraulic system that work together to shred and reduce waste materials size, making the feeding waste material easier to handle and recycle.

Double Shaft Shredder structure

The different size double shaft shredders, it has a matched feeding material hopper, such the biggest one in our factory, it’s the 2500mm working shredder chamber, that’s means you can put the 2500mm width feeding waste material in(such as the full car shell,or any 2500mm roof tiles steel).

feeding material to Double Shaft Shredder

The size of the shredded materials can be controlled to meet the requirements of different processes. You can control the output size like 100mm in length,70mm in width, or 200mm in length, 30mm in width,etc.the double shaft shredder blade can be adjusted to produce different size shredded particles according to the needs of the industry. In addition, the machine can be referred to using different names, including shredder machine, dual shaft shredder or recycling shredder.

The reason why all waste recycling facilities must have a double shaft shredder is that it simplifies the recycling procedure. It reduces the size of waste materials, making them easier to transport and recycle. Additionally, it saves time and money because the machine can be able to process a large volume of materials quickly.

Quality control is a significant aspect of any manufacturing process, and we ensure that our double shaft shredders are of the best quality. We conduct thorough quality checks on every component of the machine and subject them to rigorous testing before assembling and shipping, so you don’t need have any worried of the quality of double shaft shredder. And in order to keep the machine operating at optimal conditions, regular maintenance and repairs are required. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations when performing maintenance and repairs. Regular maintenance ensures the machine’s longevity and improves reliability.We’ll provide the exact maintenance manual for you for your double shaft shredder.

Overall view of the double shaft shredder

In conclusion, a double shaft shredder is a vital machine in any waste management and recycling process. It is versatile, reliable, and efficient in reducing waste materials, making it easier to transport and recycle. Regular maintenance and quality control ensure it performs as expected. Used properly, it can go a long way in creating a greener and cleaner environment.
Double shaft Shredder

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