Vertical Double Shaft Shredder
Vertical Double Shaft Shredder Easy Feeding Your Material

1 Material Easy Feeding in.

2 Nearly 40years Machine Manufacturing Experience.

Vertical Double Shaft Shredder

Vertical Double Shaft Shredder

Our vertical double shaft shredder can work for your long material, such as roof tiles longer than 6 meters, or small short materials such as car shells.
For more help of your recycling yard, we also provide related recycling machine such as single shaft shredders, double shaft shredders, horizontal shredder and vertical shredder. 
No matter which type recycling machine you need, don’t hesitate to rely on us.We are a certified vertical double shaft shredder manufacturer and supplier with over 36 years of experience in manufacturing.



We bring you the complete Double Shaft Shredder to fit your applications. Different gearbox and blade type is avaible for this machine.

MSW Shredde

If your projects require an adaptable and flexible MSW water shredder machine, the Huihe MSW Waste Shredder is perfect for you. It has a top-class quality for all your MSW Waste.

Small Industrial Shredder Equipment

Huihe offers different high-class disposal units, including Small Industrial Shredder for agricultural waste or plastic Drum. It is cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Organic Waste Shredder Equipment

We can customize the output size for Organic Waste Shredder based on your specifications. Commonly applicable in the government recycling business.

MSW Industrial Metal Shredder

Our Metal Shredder features low noise, low speed, and ample torque. Standard designs are accessible, and also custom models based on your needs.

Recycling Shredder

Customized solutions for Waste Recycling Shredder are accessible at more competitive prices. It offers stable quality, performance, and reliable quality.

Hydraulic Shredder

This Hydraulic Shredder is the biggest shredder in our factory, the machine by 4x75kw, any type scrap metal shredder can feed to this machine

Hammermill Shredder

The Hammermill Shredder can shred all kinds of scrap metal or hard plastic,or any ferrous material waste. It has reliable quality and good shred performance.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

Huihe is capable of meeting your small to large orders. Waste ALuminum Recycling Machine is a versatile machine where reasonable size variation is acceptable.

Metal Chips Shredder

This metal chip shredder is a Multifunctional shredder. steel chips or aluminum chips or any scrap metal is available for this machine.

Magnetic Separator

Different size Magnetic Separator is provided for your recycling business, the separating rate can reach 99%.

Industrial Dust Collector

For collecting the heavy dust in your recycling yard , we have the 32bags,64bags to 480bags Industrial Dust Collector for your choosing from.

Your Best Partner for the vertical double shaft shredder

If you are looking for the best vertical double shaft shredder and related manufacturer in China? we are the famous producer and manufacturer that ensure significant benefits for your business.

Our vertical double shaft shredder is high-performance, reliable, versatile, safe, and easier to maintain for all types of shredding purposes,especially for your longer material such as 2 meter above. We manufacture robust vertical double shaft shredder designs that provide long-life service in all kinds of applications.

We have had great ability in manufacturing double shaft shredders for nearly 40 years. We produce complete equipment, perfect designing ability, skilled engineering, and more especially manufacturing staff. our vertical double shaft has plenty of sizes and capacities that you can consider for your business demands. You can send your desired materials,and we will buy them locally to test your material before you are buying.


Related Waste Shredder Recycling Production Line

  • Radiator Separator

    We have sold our Radiator Separator to more than 65 countries worldwide—the ideal machine for shredding your waste radiator.

  • Aluminum Recycling Machine

    Offers high toughness in crushing or shredding different materials. Scrap aluminum shredder waste recycling line also provides safety performance.

  • Single Shaft Shredder

    We can customize the machine size depending on your applications and requirements. Single-shaft shredder lines are easy and safe to operate, with high torque and low noise.

  • Shear Shredder

    Our waste-to-energy Shear Shredder line is composed of superior quality materials—a perfect machine for shredding various wastes.

Why we design the vertical double shaft shredder?

This vertical double shaft shredder is mainly used for shredding the  material which longer than 2m,(Because the material that is too long is more difficult to feed from the top of the machine), This vertical double shaft shredder is fed from the side, It is easier for feeding overly long and oversized materials.
Feeding to vertical double shaft Shredder

The output material from the vertical double shaft shredder is adjusted through the blade in the shredder.
Output From vertical double shaft Shredder

This vertical double shaft shredder is also a Multifunctional shredder, it can handle the scrap metal such as refrigerators,car shell etc,and some hard or soft plastic material, According to your material and yard size and your budget, we can design different models matching your recycling yard needs.

vertical double shaft Shredder vertical double shaft Shredder

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