Vertical Hammer Shredder for Booming Your Recycling Business

A vertical metal shredder, also known as a vertical metal crusher or vertical metal shredding machine, is designed to shred scrap metal into smaller pieces for recycling purposes. This type of machine is generally as the second fine shredding system in the production line if it’s for scrap metal, and if it’s for non-ferrous metal, it generally can put the feeding material directly as the fine shredding.
The usage of this vertical shredder is to process various types of waste metals, including steel, iron, aluminum, copper, and other non-ferrous metals. It is perfect for use in industries such as scrap metal recycling, construction waste recycling, and industrial waste disposal.
Vertical Shredder
It has the following features to boom your recycling business:

1 The vertical hammer shredder production line includes a complete set of equipment, including a feeding conveyor, a vertical shredder, a discharge conveyor, a magnetic conveyor, and a dust collector. Each of these components is designed and manufactured to work seamlessly together to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.
Dust Collector of Vertical Shredder

2 In addition to its efficiency and safety, the vertical metal shredder is also easy to maintain. It requires regular inspection and cleaning to ensure that the shredding hammers remain sharp and in good working condition. The machine can also be customized with additional features, such as dust collection systems, to improve the overall efficiency of the shredding process.

3 The vertical shredder production line is a multi-functional machine that can shred different types of waste metal materials with ease. It is equipped with different types of hammers to ensure accurate and efficient shredding of various metal objects.
Hammers of vertical shredder

4 The product has passed the CE certification, which guarantees the safety, health, and environmental protection of the product, and makes it easier for the customer to import it into their country.

5 the matched magnetic system or related sorting system will ensure you with the high-purity output material.

6 The unique design will be sure you get the different size output material and at different densities (as you need).and high-density output material from the vertical shredder will be much more easier for transportation or storage.

Output from the vertical shredder

So , what’s the working principle of the vertical shredder?
The working principle of the vertical metal shredder is quite simple. The scrap metal is fed into the machine through a hopper located on top of the shredder. As the metal passes through the shredder, it encounters a series of rotating blades or hammers that shred the metal into smaller pieces. The shredded metal pieces then fall through the bottom of the machine onto a conveyor belt or collection bin for transportation to the recycling facility.
Vertical Shredder

Overall, the vertical metal shredder is an essential tool for the recycling industry. It plays a critical role in reducing the amount of scrap metal waste in landfills and conserving natural resources. Whether you are a small scrap metal dealer or a large industrial manufacturer, a vertical metal shredder can help you save time, money, and resources while keeping the environment clean and safe.

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