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Vertical Shredder

All Type Vertical Shredder To Support Your New Metal Recycling Business.

We offer efficiency, high performance, and durability in every design of our vertical shredder. Our innovative engineering team, expertise, and advanced technology allow us to provide you an efficient vertical shredder.

You can feed all your different scrap metals or hardware to this vertical shredder, no matter which type of material you are going to recycle, you will get the correct and reasonable recycling solutions from Huihe. As a new brand but nearly 40years history machine manufacturing company, we will be your best partner for your new coming recycling business.

Let Huihe support your business from now.

Magnetic Separator MachineV

We provide different gauss magnetic separator machines for our customers, the gauss from 1000gauss to 15000gauss.

Metal chip shredder

The metal chips from the shredder can briquette directly due to very small size output mateiral, the production line include pre-shredder,Metal chip shredder.

Horizontal Hammer Mill Shredder

Almost suit for all different scrap metal, the output size we can customize for you.

Aluminum Motor Crusher

For Aluminum type motor crushing, we provide the full production line until you get clean aluminum.

Metal Scrap Recycling Machine

This Metal Scrap Recycling Machine Has Running 13 years  in our area, click me to know more about this machine.

Cable Granulator

Electric cable wire, copper cable, communication cable, we share you different solutions, you will get clean copper or plastic finally.

Waste shredder

For feeding all your different waste from the trye waste to your waste cars, the Max. feeding port size is 2500mm.

Car Shredder

This machine with 132+132kw motor, it’s the biggest shredder recycling machine in our factory, suitable for all small cars.

1600mm dia drum hammer mill crusher, inside is two-layer structure, first layer for course crushing, then for fine crushing,suitable for

Your Expert Vertical Shredder Factory

Huihe is a professional vertical shredder supplier and we have many kinds of shredders, all the sold shredders with good feedback from our value customers.

All of our products are available with OEM services.You can also send us your details, drawing, or specification for customization. Our engineers will cater to your needs and work closely with you from the beginning until the end.

For this type of vertical shredder, it’s with big feeding mouth and the half-opening maintenance doors, it’s easy for you to feed any type of bulk scrap metal material, or any hardware material, and when you need to do maintenance, this half-opening design will save you many labors.

We welcome all your inquiry for this vertical shredder.

Accessories Equipment Of Vertical Shredder

Vertical Shredder – An Ultimate FAQ Guide


Vertical shredders are important in today’s economy, as many businesses are looking for new ways to manage both residential and industrial waste. By cutting waste materials into smaller pieces and reducing the amount of the materials, these devices assist to decrease transportation and storage costs.

A vertical shredder is also time-saving since it has a substantial capacity that can handle a large quantity of materials.

The vertical shredder has high durability and its unique sound insulation material that minimizes the amount of noise produced during operation. It features an easy-to-separate and-design framework. It is also simple to maintain and clean.

Vertical Shredder

What Is A Vertical Shredder?

Vertical Shredder is a high-speed kind of shredder machine that can handle a wide range of trash and junk, including automobile bodies, rotors, alternators, electric motors, aluminum castings, electronic equipment among others.

To reduce waste materials of any kind to comparatively smaller particles. this machine has hammers, compaction systems, and pressure inputs. In some cases, the shredded materials can be recycled or repurposed after they have been shredded.

Continuous impact, shearing, compression, and friction forces created on the vertical shredder assist in producing evenly shredded materials, which improve post-process conveyance and separation efficiency for eventual recycling.

The Vertical Shredder can manage a wide range of materials, from soft ones to metal waste and concrete blocks; since the huge, high-speed revolving breakers conduct the main shredding action and the grinding performs secondary and tertiary shredding.

The Vertical Shredder’s mechanism is built so that shredded force may be delivered to materials as they descend via gravity.

What Are The Components Of Vertical Shredder?

The parts that make a complete vertical shredder are motor, Driving System,feed hopper, Pre-shredder,hammer rotor,Liner plate,steel shell, hammers, sweeper, discharge opening.


What Are The Functions Of The Main Parts Of The Vertical Shredder  ?

Steel Shell and shell liners: Welded steel plates are used to construct the vertical shredder’s casing, which is strong enough to withstand the tremendous pressures generated during operation.

To prevent leakage, cast steel liners with concave-convex shapes are fastened to the outer shell using bolts. Shell liners and breakers/grinders use pressure, shearing, compressive, and friction forces to shred the materials simultaneously.

Pre-Breakers: Coarsely crushing bulky materials is accomplished by the breakers located in the rotor’s top section. Breaker liners are fastened to the breakers and are easily replaced. They are composed of wear-resistant steel plates.

Vertical Shredder

Hammer-rotor: This part is the most important part of the vertical shredder, When the material enters the vertical shredder from the feed inlet, Materials from the upper part of the machine vertically into the high-speed rotating hammers, under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, and another part of the material in the form of an umbrella shunt around the hammer to produce high-speed impact and crushing, the material in each other after the impact, and will be between the hammer and the shell to form a vortex of material repeatedly hit each other, friction and crushing, from the lower straight through the discharge, forming a closed circuit of multiple cycles, controlled by the screening equipment to achieve the required The finished product particle size

Sweepers: Using centrifugal force, the sweepers eject debris that has fallen through the choke rings.

Inside Of Vertical Shredder

 What Are The Key Features Of A Vertical Shredder and Production Line?

1 Multi-Mode Elastic Adjustment Structure, Can Effectively Control The Size Of The Material.

2  Design Special, With Hydraulic Opening Device, Easy To Repair And Replace Parts.

3 Effectively Reduce The Investment Of Equipment, Reduce Consumption.

4 With Rotor Locking Device To Ensure The Safety Of Rotor Replacement Personnel.

5  45 Degrees Feeding Ramp, To Ensure More Convenient Feeding.

6 Coarse And Fine Crushing Are Combined Into One Body, Simplifying The Process.

7  Long Service Life, Low Maintenance Cost.

Vertical Shredder

 What Are The Types Of Vertical Shredder?

Our vertical shredder comes in various model and design that serve the role of efficient waste management reduction in the environment. You may get our vertical shredder in a variety of designs and sizes that help reduce trash effectively.

You can contact us directly to confirm your exactly requirements.

And the general parameter of our vertical shredder as below

Model VSC800 VSC1000 VSC1250 VSC4-1200 VSC4-1600
Overall dimensions 2200x860x1980 2700x1160x2000 2800x1400x2730 3300x4300x5100 4400x2300x6000
Feed size 160×230 270×380 270×400 1100×1200 1100×1600
Cylinder diameter 700 1000 1250 1380 1700
Rotating speed 1300 1170 930 670 548
Number of hammers 30 16 24 24 24
Main machine power 30 55~75 75~110 160~250 250~315

 Is It Possible To Customize Vertical Shredder?

As a vertical shredder manufacturer, Huihe Company deals with a broad variety of customized vertical shredders. Describe your ideal scenario for us to make it a reality in a couple of days.

For your trademark or machine performance changes, our technical team will make it a reality for your business.

Vertical shredders are designed by a group of highly trained experts who use digital technology to produce high-quality products.

If you are unsure about the appearance you want for your design, don’t worry. We provide free examples to our customers that may be tailored to their specific needs.

In addition, we work with you to develop a design that satisfies your needs. Our vertical shredder is designed by a highly-skilled technical team.

Customized Vertical Shredder

 What Are The Benefits Of Using Vertical Shredder?

The benefits that come with our vertical shredder include:

  • Vertical shredders consume less energy since the materials crushed by the breakers fall to the appropriate position for the grinders due to the design of the mechanism. Thus, excessive power is not required to raise the items since natural forces are being used efficiently.
  • Vertical shredders offer beneficial safety precautions because the air flowing out of the machine’s discharge aperture prevents combustible gas from being held within the shredding chamber.

To reduce the risk to the vertical shredder in event of an explosion within, the air is rapidly released from the structure via the release duct. Verified control is made possible by the availability of in-chamber monitoring while the system is running.

  • Particle size adjustment on the vertical shredder allows for efficient sorting. Multiple steps of grinder action are usually required for a vertical shredder to produce consistent particle sizes.

Advantage of recycling

The choking rings also help to reduce your waist size. To properly separate steel, flammable and non-flammable materials, and aluminum, these machines produce the best size distribution possible.

  • Material processing is made possible because of complex shredding forces produced by vertical shredders.

Primary shredding is performed by large, high-speed rotating breakers while secondary and tertiary shredding is performed by grinders. As a result, the machine can accommodate almost any substance you throw at it.

  • Using a vertical shredder gives you access to a highly competent and well-versed method of recycling. As a result, industrial facilities have a wide range of equipment that can manage various types of bulky trash.
  • Vertical shredders offer you more flexibility when it comes to customizing the machine’s functionality. We may alter the machine so that it recycles certain types of trash or is suitable for a variety of other purposes. Please let us know what type of equipment you need, and we will assist you.
  • By processing huge volumes of trash or scrap metal quickly, a vertical shredder saves you money and time. The use of a vertical shredder increases production by speeding up the shredding process and making it more efficient.
  • Waste may be crushed and disintegrated using a vertical shredder to produce more valuable commodities while also preserving the environment.
  • By utilizing a vertical shredder to recycle waste, raw materials may be produced without depleting the earth’s natural resources, reducing strain on them.

Vertical Shredder

What Are The Limitations Associated With The Use Of Vertical Shredder?

When utilizing a shredder machine, your trash will be shredded into unrecoverable fragments that can never be reassembled.

Also, if materials or objects are accidentally placed or fall into the machine, they are lost forever since the machine consumes them in a matter of seconds.

What Are The Application Areas For Vertical Shredder?

Vertical shredder is used in a variety of fields as follows;

  • Recycling scrap metals that may include car bodies, aluminium materials like cans, appliances metal turnings among other metallic materials
  • Managing debris from construction and demolition sites
  • Managing bulky wastes, which is essential in keeping the environment clean
  • Managing industrial wastes

Raw Material Feeding to Vertical Shredder

Is It Expensive To Use Or Own A Vertical Shredder?

The cost of vertical shredder varies with the types, sizes and designs, and even specifications for customized ones.  It implies that there are cheap and expensive vertical shredders depending on these factors.

At Huihe Company, Our vertical shredders pricing varies depending on the kind and features as wells. We provide reasonable rates based on these factors. You can even opt for customized machines whose prices would depend on the features you would like us to include.

You only have to submit a request via our webpage and you will get a comprehensive price that covers both domestic and international delivery.

Vertical shredder

Alternatively, you can use a vertical shredder machine through hiring, which might be expensive in the long run compared to when you acquire your own.

If you rely on a vertical shredder for hire, your operations may go behind schedule, causing your project to be postponed. Because you must pay in full for all of the hours you will have the machine even if at some points you do not use it, leasing is more expensive than purchasing one.

The original cost of the equipment may be expensive, but subsequent maintenance expenses will be low, resulting in a strong return on investment.

Why Is A Vertical Shredder Such A Good Choice For Handling Waste Products From Both Homes And Businesses?

The reasons for choosing vertical shredders in managing industrial and domestic wastes include;

  • Vertical shredders make it easier to handle scrap metals and bulky wastes, which help in reducing their volumes and creating working space.
  • Our vertical shredders are easy to use and need little maintenance, as well as little training.
  • Because we offer vertical shredders in a variety of designs and sizes, they are flexible and suitable for a broad range of applications at homes and industries.
  • It help you obtain raw materials without spending much money and time. The smaller sizes of the recycled materials make it easy in making other valuable materials.
  • It’s built with heavy-duty materials that ensure they last longer at the time of service.
  • It’s adjustable into various sizes which gives you the advantage of producing the sizes of raw materials that fits your needs.
  • Our vertical shredders are dependable and convenient in recycling several types of solid wastes.
  • If you are looking machine to help in a conserving environment, you have vertical shredders which can be used to minimize the amount of accumulated wastes from steel mills, refineries among other places.
  • Vertical shredders come in large capacities that vary with the type and design of the machine. This property gives them an efficient way of handling many wastes at a shorter duration.
  • Our vertical shredder guarantees improved efficiency and production, because of its well-designed feature for improved performance because these machines can shred many wastes materials into new raw material.
  • Our vertical shredders come at flexible prices, which allow our customers to select from our wide range of products.

Vertical Shredder Line

What Mode Of Payments Is Acceptable When Purchasing Vertical Shredder?

Our vertical shredder may be purchased using a variety of payment options including TT or LC, . Using easy payment methods that are both cheap and easy to use, customers from all around the globe can pay for their products.

If you have any concerns regarding vertical shredder payments, our sales experts are always happy to help. In the event you run into any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are happy to help. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

What Are The Delivery Options For Vertical Shredder?

Because there are several different models of vertical shredders, Therefore, different models will cause the different weights of products. Generally, the weight of a piece of equipment is about one ton to 25 tons. We usually advise customers to ship by sea. Of course, it may take a long time, but it will save you a lot of expenses.

Because we deal with the world’s best logistics and distribution companies, we can provide our clients all over the globe with the best and most reliable services.

What Are Measures To Observe While Using Vertical Shredder?

Vertical shredders should only be used by skilled operators who know how to maintain the equipment after it has been used.

Also, the environment or workplace should carefully follow the standards of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

A user guide for vertical shredder first-time operators should be used to inform them of the steps to follow. Workers must recall and apply the directions in their respective areas of work to avoid damage or injury.

Make sure the vertical shredder is in good working condition before using it. Always double-check that the machine components are in excellent functioning order and free of defects before using them, and every time follows the manufacturer’s manual.

Operators should not run a vertical shredder with defective components until it has been fully repaired, no matter how small the issue seems to be. If a manufacturing mistake is discovered, please let us know so that we may fix it or give you a new one, because Huihe Company provides a one-year guarantee.

Make that the machine is switched off and disconnected from the power supply and that it is kept in a dry, dust-free environment. Finally, always clean the vertical shredder before and after each usage.

Vertical Shredder Feeding

What Is The Service Life Of Vertical Shredder?

Vertical shredders from Huihe Company may survive for over ten years with appropriate maintenance.

When maintained properly and only engaged for the intended purpose, vertical shredders have a long lifespan because they are built with high-quality, quality materials that do not easily degrade.

When using a vertical shredder often, and make sure it is properly maintained to avoid rapid wear and tear.

An easy-to-follow maintenance guide is included with our vertical shredder, so you will know exactly what has to be done regularly by reading the manual.

What Are The Risks Related To Using Vertical Shredder?

When things aren’t handled properly, they may go wrong and result in things like injuries or even death in the case of a serious injury. An operator who is skilled and able to concentrate on the job at hand will be less likely to make mistakes and have an accident. Untrained operators may not comprehend how to properly operate a vertical shredder, putting themselves and others in danger.

A vertical shredder may overheat if it is overworked or if the power plug is left connected while the machine not in use.

Because falling materials may cause harm if there is no humble space, the machine should be located in a room with enough working area.

Does The Vertical Shredder Machine Cause Environmental Pollution?

Vertical shredders don’t pollute the environment, but they do aid in the reduction of trash that would otherwise pollute it. In addition to being quiet and producing a minimal amount of dust, this machine’s main components may be recycled to make new materials. The utilization of recycled raw materials reduces pollution by decreasing the need to mine new raw resources for the production of existing natural resources.

It helps avoid environmental deterioration because the buildup of industrial and household wastes, and leftovers that are tossed aside after the shredded materials have been collected may contribute to contamination and degrade the environment.

When diesel fuel is used continuously, it releases a lot of carbon into the atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse impact. As a result, using renewable sources of energy and power is promoted.

Meanwhile ,During the vertical shredder works, there is a mathced dust-collector in the processing line, The dust in the crushing process will be effectively collected during the storage period.So you don’t have to worry about polluting the environment or having a sense of particles, which will cause discomfort to the human body.

Raw Material Feeding to Vertical Shredder

What Processes Involved In Recycling Waste Materials Using Vertical Shredder?

Scrap metals and other trash are gathered and fed into a vertical shredder for shredding. The trash is then reduced in size by the machine so that it may be utilized as a raw material in the production of other goods.

Other products may be made by further processing by heating the particles and then solidified into raw materials.

 What’s the manufacturing time Does Vertical Shredder Order Take To Be Delivered?

We have different stock quantity genearlly. The production time is generally controlled within 20 days. Provided you have put your order, our staff will go to work constructing and setting up your vertical shredder. After everything has been completed, your purchase will be shipped.

Inside Vertical Shredder

What Are The Considerations Before Purchasing A Vertical Shredder?

It’s a good idea to take your leisure and examine the following factors before making a final selection on which vertical shredder to buy.

  • Service life: Purchasing machinery that will last longer is a smart idea if you want to get a solid return on the investment. It means that the vertical shredder you’re looking for must be able to withstand impact forces that may interfere with its operation.

Huihe Company offers vertical shredders that are both robust and cost-effective.

  • Price: Check your budget to see what you can buy for the money you have.

We provide a variety of vertical shredders at reasonable rates that vary determined by the size and design of the equipment. So don’t be concerned about high costs; we have got you covered.

  • Knowledge and information about the machine: It is preferable if you are aware of the power and capacity of the vertical shredder that will best meet your needs. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules that regulate the machine’s usage in your state. Finally, you should know how to operate the device.

We will always supply you with a user booklet that will show you how to operate the vertical shredder.

  • Suitability:Before purchasing a vertical shredder, make sure it is compatible with the kind of waste materials to be shredded, as well as the size and quantity. Always verify whether shredding a big amount of scrap metals and other waste items in one go or batches is feasible.
  • Rules and regulations:Check to see whether you are going to buy a certified vertical shredder so that you do not end up on the wrong side of policy implementers.

All our products, including vertical shredders, are ISO certified and comply with The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) which protects employees’ health, safety, and welfare who are legally present at work.

Vertical shredder

Final Conclusion:

Above is the general information of our vertical shredder. if you have any questions, we welcome your contact.

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