VSC4-800 Vertical Shredder

VSC4-800 Vertical Shredder is a vertical shaft design shredding recycling system.

The meaning Number of the type: VSC4-Vertical Shredder -4layers. 800 means the drum diameter (800mm)of the vertical shredder.

You also can choose our different design shredders and crusher according to your capacity and budget, Our technical team will give you the best support and help.

  • It is almost Suitable For Different Recycling Plants And Raw Materials.
  • Certification including CE ISO SGS BV .
  • Output Particles Size is adjustable.
  • Full Production Line Can Be Customized.
Name Vsc4-800 Vertical Shredder
Type Vsc 800
Motor 22kw-37kw
Size 1500mm*800mm*1600mm
Feeding Mouth Size 230*160*1
Lining Plate 28pcs/13kg
Hammer 30pcs/2.53kg
Hammer Shaft 6pcs/2.4kg
Capacity For Small Scrap 300kgph

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This vertical shredder is the smallest model in our factory.

Because the feed port of this machine is relatively small, it is usually only used to deal with some small and light materials,Some materials that can be handled, such as cans and small motors, shredded copper aluminum water tank/radiator, scrap steel after shred, some beer bottle caps, etc. You want to use this machine to handle more materials, please feel free to contact us.

How the VSC4-800 Shredder Structure and works:

Vertical shredder is called a compound crusher for short, it is one of the common equipment in shredding production line and metal shredding production line. The vertical shredder consists of a transmission unit, a spindle, a barrel, an upper cover and a base, etc.

the working pricinple is : motor drives the spindle via a trapezoidal triangle belt, and the spindle is equipped with a hammer head.

We Using All China Brand Parts For Normal Inquiry Of Vertical Shredder,But We Also Can Do All The Parts As You Need.

You Can Take The Following Sheet For Reference Once You Have Details Requirements.

Scrap Metal Recycling Machine Certificate

√ Reliable Quality √ Lower Power Consumption
√ Low Noise √ Higher Output Capacity
√ Siemen/Abb/Weg Motor √ Skf Bearing
√ Schneider Component √ Siemens Plc
√  Guomao Or Tongli (China Top Brand) All Other Customized Parts

Although this equipment is the smallest one in our company, it has different uses, The following video shows the waste radiator recycling by this VSC800 vertical shredder.

More pictures about vc800 vertical shredder are as follows.

VSC800 vertical Shredder VSC800 vertical Shredder

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